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AN Education Begins

Short story By: cellissa draylor

story revolves around a twenty two year university studen and her infatuation, eventual full blown lesbian relationship with a woman that she lodges with and a person who is thirty three years her senior

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It felt so wrong, on just about every level, yet here I was transfixed by the event that unfolding, my eyes couldn't tear themselves away, my mind was consumed by the profound sense of knowing I was becoming a voyeur to someone most intimate moments. In the vague daylight that crept through the curtains, her thighs looked like sculptured pieces of porcelain magnificent, their movements were graceful, opening and closing with her legs. Her right hand was on the desk, fingers occasionally clicking, hand moving, adjusting whatever was on the screen in front of her. I couldn't see her right hand, but it didn't take much to work out exactly where it was or what it was doing, not judging from the movements of not just her legs but her entire body.

I could see her chest rising and falling, her angelic body sumptuous, though most of it was obscured by the fading daylight, her long hair cascaded down past the top of the chair which she was sitting in, as a vague whisper of delight sounded from her pursed lips. Looking at her, I couldn't think of a reason why I needed to be here, why I was spying on her, it was wrong, totally wrong, never had I in the past so much as looked at another female in the way I was with her right now, but I couldn't tear my vision from her, it was beguiling, enchanting and totally mesmerising.

I watched as she leaned back in her chair, I thought about ducking down, afraid she might catch my reflection of become aware of my new perversion, but I didn't, needed to see, needed to watch, shuffling herself in the chair, adjusting her position, her eyes continually focusing upon whatever was so engrossing on the computer screen. From the light that the screen emitted the shape of her breast came into view, something which my eyes instantly focused upon. Its shape was full and rounded, but not over large, the way it sat upon her chest, pushed up to a more prominent position, indicated that she wore a bra designed just for that purpose, to accentuate its beauty and let others, like me feast upon its vision.

I could just make out the distant shape of her nipple, pressing against the material, its aroused state heightening the delight and intensity of what I was watching. For a moment I looked at her breast and could almost feel two new sensations engulf me, one of envy, it was such a delightful shape and size, the soft mounds of flesh that rippled with passion, I guessing perhaps at being a size thirty six b, the second emotion was more lustful, I felt my tongue touch the top of my upper lip, as though I was hungry to taste its pleasure, something which was completely new to me, especially giving the massive age difference between me and the woman I was watching. I watched as her left hand moved up her body, cupping the left breast, squeezing it, massaging it, feeling the sensations sink and digest into her body, tormenting herself still further as a moan of pleasure once more escaped her mouth.

The more I watched, the more intense it became, the more personal, and surprisingly for me as well the more turned on sexually I became. I could arousal building within me, the need or compulsion to touch, caress, fondle myself like she was, but I was determined not to, somehow it just didn't seem right, to become so excited by watching the woman that you lodge with enjoying and pleasing herself less than three meters from where you stood. The truth was I was at uni, staying here to avoid the big campus fee's, she was a single woman, who had spent twenty years married and needed an extra income which my lodgings gave her. Whilst I was twenty two, she was closer to fifty five, a more mature, fully developed woman, who it has to be said looked pretty good for her age, not that she was old, but unlike many others she still retained her proportioned figure and could easily be mistaken for someone ten years younger.

To see her fingers spread across the form of her clothed breast, to watch as they massaged and squeezed its shape, seeing her fingers roll, pull, twist the ever growing erect nipple, flooded my mind with questions that I never thought I would be asking myself. I watched as her eyes closed for a moment, she breathed deeply, her body shuddered, the hand that was on the desk, slowly departed, removed and slipping between her legs, there its circular movements only served to heighten the pleasure, something which became apparent, by her increased fondling of her own breast. The slow, almost methodical touching's, the circular movements her hand made upon her breast was now beginning to increase, the singling out of her nipple, the light cresses, no longer light, finger and thumb rolled together, stretching, pulling the hidden stork of her desire, so that her body began to flow with sensations. I watched as her chest continued to rise and fall, her other hand steady, yet assuredly tormenting her feminine mound.

For a moment she stopped, her eyes still closed, though mind now feeding off, digesting the sensations that flowed through her body, composing herself, I saw her smile broadly, as she drew herself up from the chair. Without looking at anything other than the computer screen, I froze as her voice brought me back to the present and with it the realisation that she knew I was watching.

"You don't have to hide your interest you know Suzy" she said in voice that was low, but loud enough for me to hear. A chord of fear struck my body; I froze, paralysed with horror. I could do nothing, I wanted to run, but I wasn't sure what that would achieve, I wanted to pretend my innocence, but I knew also the one thing she demanded was honesty. I watched, trying to make my mind up what to do or so, words now failing me, yet she continued silently, removing the white blouse from her body, displaying her upper body that looked truly sumptuous and pulsating. Her hands slipped beneath the waistline of her long skirt, its elasticated waist, meant it was quickly and easily drawn downwards, displaying her trim firm hips and long gorgeous sun kissed legs.

My eyes couldn't help but focus on the subtleness of her body, the divine shape, the curves, the beauty of her long legs, the flesh that appeared like silk, the flatness of her stomach, the fullness of her breasts, that were bunch together by the white delicate lace bra, which did have at least some padding, though less than I had suspected. Was I entranced, hypnotised by her, I couldn't say, but I felt compelled to step gingerly in the room, perhaps ashamed at not just being caught, but also knowing that my own body was so aroused. Looking at me with those soft brown eyes, which now I saw in a whole new light, they were sensual, welcoming, beguiling, perhaps even bedroom eyes. She smiled,

"I'm….I'm sorry", I muttered, not really sure if I truly was, or if I was just sorry about being caught.

"For what? She replied in a tone that ebbed and flowed with desire, "Are you sorry for watching or for being turned on, you are turned on aren't you?" she said, looking straight at me in the eyes. I swallowed hard, my body quivered, I could of lied, but I guessed she would have seen straight through it, I nodded, mainly because words were failing me, as my mind leapt into all sorts of convulsions, merging with my imagination, which ran to extreme, from being shouted at and told to leave the house, to becoming a willing supplicant to a mutual pleasure.

For her part she laughed and stepped forwards, her hands resting upon my shoulders, her face close to mine.

"There's no shame in being curious, there's no shame in exploring your sexuality, you just have to be willing", she answered, as she did so, her mouth inched towards mine and she placed a short but emphatic kiss upon my lips. I had expected that I would have stepped back, that I would have fought against her, me, the person who has never even looked at another female, was now standing before a woman twice my age, she very scantily dressed, who had very passionately kissed me full on the lips. I breathed deeply, my lips tingled, my body had a very low, perhaps even distant, tingling, as though something in the yonder had begun to be awakened.

Her smile was broad and lavish, her face full of care and consideration, perhaps understanding, I began to wonder, if this was the reason her marriage had ended, if that at some point in the past she'd grown more towards the female gender of loving than the male. I looked at her, I couldn't say anything, my mouth opened but words just failed to materialise, her hands lifted up towards my face, cupping my cheeks in the hands that a few minutes ago had both caressed and tormented, both her feminine breast and the hotness of her sex. It was something which wasn't lost on me, as she held my face, I could smell the rich aroma of her desire, the fuel of her sexual energy, it seemed to engulf, besiege my nostrils, confound my senses and keep my mind focused on the alluring beauty of enchantment that she was bestowing upon me.

My hands found themselves holding her waist, resting upon the summit of her hips, it seemed almost the natural thing to do, her flesh was so warm, so soft, that occasionally again involuntary that fingers began to lightly stroke, caress its surface. Her smile became even more soft, her face illustrious with delight, her mouth inching towards mine, lips parting and fixating themselves onto mine. I for my part let my tongue slide into her mouth, as she drew me tighter against her, I could feel the swell of her breasts pressing against me, the bra and flesh mixing against the clothing that I wore as our tongues began to dance, cavort and torment each other's oral chamber.

She arched against me, drawing my tongue deeper into her mouth, my hands swept downwards, following the curvature of her gracious body, fingers clamping her ass, as if it was the most natural thing I could ever have done. For a moment we hung there, stuck in that moment, every so often our bodies, pressing, gyrating against the other, me being able to feel not just her breasts, but the heat from her aching sex. Finally after a few minutes that seemed to last an hour, she drew herself off me, though for the moment still held my face, her smile continued to grow, her delight and pleasure pulsing through her, I was totally hypnotised by her, a willing subject who was pliable and wanting to do whatever she desired.

My familiarity with my hands and her body was amazing, instinct had somehow taken over me, as my hands remained lightly on the curving buttocks of her behind, slowly her hands took hold of mine, drawing them from her body, she smiled, released my hands then turned round, asking me to remove her bra. My heart fluttered, my fingers trembled, my mind flooded with a sudden sense of reality, questions of if this right, if I should even be involved with this. Though I never once questioned my sexuality, though did begin to wonder if there had been a hidden bisexual side of me that I never knew existed. Slowly I unhooked the bra, my fingers moving to the tender straps that looped over her shoulders and began to draw them down, until finally she removed the item altogether. I could feel her breath deeply, at more or less the same time that I did. My body was a shimmering wreck of both nerves and excited, that occasionally intermixed with a sense of arousal. I waited with baited breath as she turned to face me and for the first time, I saw her breasts, free of clothing, breasts were undoubtedly one of the most beautiful if not sensual sights that I had seen.

I could feel an aching in my body, a desire not just to touch, but to embrace them, to feel my lips encompass the nipple, to let my tongue dart around and over the erectness of their summit, I wasn't sure whether she read my mind or not, but her hands wound their way behind my head and she drew me towards the soft, alluring delight of her feminine swell. As my head drew closer to her heaving chest, my mouth opened, her hands released their grip and my slow oral molestations were free to be my own. Deep resonating kisses began at the summit of the left breast, my bottom lip touching, caressing the commencement of the fleshy slop, my tongue flitting, skimming over the flesh as my top lip finally closed around.

I felt her body shudder, her head extend backwards, her muscles relax, in my mind I could see her eyes closing as she swooned from the pleasure. Slow methodical embraces, range and swept across the very edges of her breast gradually moving downwards to the fleshy cushion. Kiss after kiss, touching every inch of her desires, tongue teasing, licking, leaving a trail of sensitivity behind. She arched her back again as the pulse of desires swept through her, her breast drawing further into my mouth as my tongue continued its mesmeric swirling, descending down to the nipple, my mouth paying particular homage to its beauty, lips encompassing it all, drawing it into my mouth, suckling upon its tenderness are throbbing beauty. I could feel its erectness in my mouth, feel it pulse as my lips muzzled upon it, as my tongue danced, swirled around it, bestowing unrivalled passion within her, so much so that a tiny audible moan of delight escaped from her mouth once more. Sweeping across, to the right between her breasts, my tongue rose and fell, my face pressing against the silken flesh, making sure every inch of her womanly chest was orally pleased, before switching my attention to the other right breast. I could feel the pounding of her heart, the thumping of desire that built up within her, it was contagious, as if seeping from her to me, the difference between the sexes was unmistakable, males had harsh flesh, often hair that would choke and strangle the sensations what little there is, but on a woman, it was feeding from the silken pasture of pure passion, where you could feel the tension, see the responses, of how the internal body coped and desired more. From the base of her nipple to the beginning of her chest, my tongue rose and descended, swirling, wanting to instil more and more passion into her body, lips bequeathed a thousand kisses, all of which perfectly slow, perfectly laid end with desire, that one hoped would sink into her body and confound her desire still further.

From her breasts I rose upwards, my lips kissing slowly the surface of her upper chest, until I reached her sumptuous and tempting neck, there I lingered, without a thought about what I was doing, it felt right, it felt natural regardless of what gender my lover was or of the age difference. Kisses that reigned down upon the necks surface were intense, as I reached her ear, drawing it into my mouth, letting my tongue once more swirl, feel the indentation of how it was made, of its surface, and nibbling suggestively upon her lobe. I could feel the surge of dramatic desire rise within her, the urge of sexual heat buzz through her body, she drew me away, looked at me with a certain breathless, but passionate look and smiled gently. Her hands made light work or removing my flimsy top, unlike her I wore no bra, she studied my small breasts, the erectness of the nipple, clearly visible to see and was matched only by the heat and desire that surge between my legs.

She kissed me exuberantly, as she did so, her hands swept downwards, seeping under the waist band of my knee length skirt searching perhaps for knickers/panties that I didn't wear. Her hand stroked the inside of thighs, nails scrapping around the flesh, my body pulsed and exploded, my kissing flared to a whole new passion driven level. My hands clamped her head, as desire and tingles swept and consumed me, my sex throbbed and buzzed, vibrating a million times a second as her tormenting continued. I could feel myself becoming more moister down there, my body lost in the throng of bliss, my eyes closed and myself moaning into her, something which she like a true enchantress found absolutely delightful.

I hadn't been prepared for this, the feelings sensations that consumed me, she a female lover tormenting, arousing me, wanting my body, extracting its juices. I shuddered as two of her fingers delved into the moistness of my sex, her palm pressed against the clit, causing more than a simple ripple of delight to begin to build and consume me. I felt it began in my stomach, I could feel the movements of her fingers inside me, the pressure against the erectness of my clit as my body began to voluntarily gyrate and buck, pleasure swooned over me, like a veil of consuming mist, every inch of my body desired to feel her, to have continue to extract the nectar of my desire.

My kisses became wilder, as the lust began to build, the sensation in my stomach fanned out, spreading like a virus of delightful content into something that was all body wide overriding. Suddenly her hand movements altered, no longer were they slow, now they increased in speed and became a lot more harsher if not precise, she was guiding me, if not driving me to the edge of desire, plunging my body into a whirlwind of lustful intent, I could feel it, the sensations consuming me, building, bubbling within me, my hands held tighter her face as her fingers searched, moved teased and delved deep into my fleshy fold of pure sexual treasure, every movement they made within me, sent spasms of pleasure rippling through me, echoing and gaining in strength from nerve ends that were vibrantly alive and pulsating with pure unadulterated delight.


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