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A personal fanatsy

Short story By: cellissa draylor

This probably isnt going to be the best piece of writing I have ever done, I struggled with this, simply because i thought I would try and put something pewrsonal to myself up for a change.
A fantasy that revolves around one woman, who doesn't know, probably never will. I would be grateful of any feedback, especially how it could be improved lust at some point took over as you will see from reading it lol

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Why is it, the simplest thought about her, leaves me breathless? And why am I always filled with such guilt over it, at work she drives me crazy, she's everywhere it seems, even when she isn't there, her image constantly lodges itself in my mind, refusing to go away, distracting me from the work, which she then complains either isn't good enough or there's a distinct lack of it. I can't really tell her she's the reason why, from the intoxicating smell of her perfume to visionary beauty of her looks, everything about her plays constantly on my mind and even now whilst I'm at home, she's here lodged inside me, struggling to infect my imagination and ignite the hidden desires that I have for her.

My imagination is strong, will is slowly being eroded, restraint crumbling, as I sit at home I can smell the odour of perfume it's an impossibility but it is there distinct, sensual and sweet, engulfing my nostrils consuming my thoughts, weakening my resolve still further. I have always had a strong sex life, often its unfulfilled by a male, perhaps that's why in my mind I have turned to her, her beauty is insane, her voice ripples with velvet tones that are alluring. Perhaps also, because she is a woman, she'd understand how the cravings within me work, how they long to be satisfied devoured and feasted upon.

The constant sexual thoughts of her are driving my body wild; I can feel the tingling's of desire being ignited, the longing for her touch, and the undivided requirement of her total attention gracing my body. I can see those long manicured fingers of hers, the nails an inch long in size, pristinely looked after, and shaped to the finest degree. Her low cut, tight top that displays the swell of her feminine charms off so vividly, its tight, figure hugging design, accentuating their shape, the bra beneath adding a push up value that makes the vision almost heavenly.

Oh how I have longed to place my head between her chest, to rest my face upon those sensuous pillows, to lavish oral praises upon them, kiss, lick every inch of their flawless beauty. I can almost feel my tongue gliding over them, lips moulding to their shape, as I bequeath a sumptuous embrace that is loaded with erotic desires and lust. I would feast upon her nipple, licking, kissing, sucking on its beauty, feeling it become engorged and erect in my mouth, my teeth would lightly tug at its erectness, biting softly as my tongue flicked, cavorted and danced over it.

Instinctively my hands began unfasten the thick dressing towelling dressing gown that I wore, a hand sliding under its now open flaps, fingers searching out my breasts, fingers lightly running over their mounds, fingers slipping around the ever growing erect nipple, touching squeezing, pressing the breast, so that the nipple is squashed between two fingers and lightly pulled. Breathing deeply, I could almost imagine her, my fantasy being there, her hands touching, her fingers drawing the nipple between them and pulling its erectness, making it become more and more erect. I thoughts about you massaging both, to feel my nipple pressing against your palm as you your hand and fingers touched, caressed its sensitive surface.

How nice it would of felt to have your tongue float over its surface or your lips closing around them, a mouth yearning full of desire, bequeathing and imposing sensual embraces upon each nipple in turn, instilling a surge of erotic pleasure into a very willing body. I imagine my finger being your tongue, flicking over the nub of my nipple, trailing, swirling around its dark flesh base, my nail scraping over it, like your teeth would bite and gently be nipping at it. Shudders of pleasure surged through me, my eyes closed my chest heaved as your mouth paid homage to my aching breasts, swapping between them, letting your tongue run and swirl down my chest as you changed bosoms.

Sensations swam through my body, nerve ends became alive, and not just around the usual sensual parts, I could feel the tingle of desire beginning from my neck through to my legs, the inside of my thighs buzzing with a thousand erotic pulses, the moistness of my sex increasing, the heat of my body rising, as still my hand, your mouth sensually continued to assault my breasts. To have your long finger nails scraping down the length and tracing the shape of my entire breast, to feel the wake of sensations, the slight pain that ignited renewed euphoria, the throbbing of my nipple as once more your nail returned to its stork like being, pinching, nipping at its base, causing shudders of delight to traverse through my body.

The imposing desire to have a hand pressed against my panty covered sex was intense, compelling and for a moment I resisted, instead letting my mind continue the dream of your hands slowly massaging my breasts, bunching them together, letting my body digest every sensual ambush of delight that the touch was imposing upon me. Deeper and deeper breaths were made, my chest rising higher, as my body slouched in the chair, I could feel my legs open involuntary, waiting, my sex throbbing, hoping, demanding to be caressed, to feel a finger pressing against its moistened, warm and yearn full surface, to have the flimsy almost transparent material of my panties, pressed against and into its flesh fold, to feel the lips parts and the desire being feed.

I could feel your kisses upon my neck, your tongue roaming, as your hands continued to molest and fondle my breasts, deep resonating embraces, lips meshing together being dragged over hyper sensitive skin. Your perfume odour consuming my sense of smell as my body shuddered from the effects. Fingers that continued to focus upon the erect nub of my nipple, drawing out and extracting every sensation, soft tugs, pulls, tweaks that rippled through my form with an avid delight. Nerve ends that continued to stand proud, passing their illustrious sensations onto the next like some delicious, alluring and sensual plague

My right hand skims down my body, fingertips trailing over the supple hot flesh, beads of sweat form upon the surface of my navel as I close my eyes and digest the insane beauty of long nails scraping erotically against naked flesh. My mind is consumed by passion, my imagination over whelmed by the thoughts of her, lurid entrancing, hypnotic sinful desires, that have invoked a passion within me, that I cannot resist. I feel the delicate waistband of my panties, for a moment I contemplate how easy it would be to simply slip underneath them and tease myself to the conclusion, but I want the desire, the fantasy of her to last longer, become more intense, feel the real passion and lust collide as she was here, she was the one doing this to me.

I breathe deeply, a single finger nail scratches at the entrance of my clothed sex, I feel the warmth moistness beneath my finger, the fabric hot sticky. With barely any pressure attached the fingertip runs up and down, its speed teasingly slow so the sensations that it causes floods and consumes me totally. I arch up slightly as a wave of pure self-indulgence washes over me, desire and lust, mixed with the fantasy land of what I am creating, imagining her finger pressing so tentatively upon the crotch of my panties inflaming the sensual organ beneath with untold desire.

"it's been so long since a lovers hand has pressed there" I would think, feeling the nail scrap up and down once more, I could imagine a kiss upon my lips, the hunger of a loving sexual partner who like me desires and understand the need for more than just simple sex. Swirling at the summit, the finger moves across, four fingernails now scrap hard at my left inner thigh lighting up my body with a sudden devastating delight that causes a chorus of pleasure to my lips, a second hand presses against the inner right thigh, eight fingers scrapping against the warmth of my satin naked flesh, journey up to where the panties begin, each nail leaving behind a blazing intensity of desire that causes my legs to feel weak and so vibrantly alive with sensations.

I know I will have finger marks on my thighs, I don't care, if my lover was here, she could nibble at my thighs, to increase the sensations, my body would be there to serve her desires, to be a receptacle of her untold, unspent desire and lust. I breathe deeply, my chest rises significant, lustful intent swoons over me in abundance, my visions becomes nothing more than a lurid mist, as once more my left hand begins to slowly molest the gusset of my panties, a single finger pressing down on the material, feeling the warmth and moistness, the mashing of my own arousal fluid, becoming entangled in the super fine transparent nylon of my knickers. Flesh against flesh, in between is sandwiched material, being pressed into the fold of my most intimate sexual organ, I can almost feel my lover applying a soft soulful kiss, her bottom lip being dragged over the wet fabric, embracing my aching sex in a sumptuous kiss that shudders and send sparks of lust cascading and rippling through my entire and demanding body.

Now I can't help but slip my hand inside my panties, my right hand journeys up towards my breast, where it begins once more to massage, fondle its shape and eroticness. Fingers under the fabric, pressing down on the very hood of my warm, aroused sex, swirling, teasing, touching the flesh that is so primed with longing, sliding downwards, following the contours of my aching quim, the central finger, parting the lips of my pulsating sex. I shudder with pleasure, my legs open further, my body yearning, my mind demanding, I think of how it would feel to have her mouth there, her tongue, sliding between my sexual lips, but at this moment her hand is enough, to know that she is finally touching me, caressing the part that no woman has touched for over two years. My right hand continues to lightly massage my breast, thumb and forefinger rolling, pulling at the erect nub of my nipple, the sensations that flow both my breast and my sex is intense, two sensations of erotic value fanning out, consuming me and meeting in the middle of my body, merging together and becoming one massive, prolific and intense feeling, is beyond description.

A single finger that now penetrates the slit of my desire, a nail that goes deep into the luscious folds of sensitive flesh, that is running up and down and back up, hooking under the hood of my sexual treasure, feeding, nurturing the sensations and toying with the clit that almost stands proudly with excitement. I sigh deeply, my body is becoming a wreck of emotion, aches and lustful sensations swirl and mix, collide and cajole together, my body needs to feel my lovers finger delve deeper, to become more penetrative, and set the fluid of my lust free and release the pent up desire which is bubbling in a vacuum inside me. Her finger swirls upon the hood of my sex, pressing hard into the sensations of desire, sliding in and out, swirling, making circular motions, as my hips begin to buckle, gyrate and buck to desire that is primed within me. My body needs more power, more pressure, the orgasm within me is growing, its insatiable appetite expanding, consuming me, as I moan and groan with delight. Harder, faster my fingers work, shuddering minor explosion spark within me, my sexual treasure tingling with a vibrancy that it hasn't seen in a long time, its pleasure heightened by the fact that my lover has her hand down my panties.

A single finger swirls rapidly around where my clit is, its speed gaining, the juices flowing, the aroma of my desire filling the room, the air hot and sweaty, tension consumed and replaced by an electrification of unspent sexual energy. I groan loudly, I can feel the welling pressure of sexual fulfilment edging near, the tension of my muscles, the pit of my stomach contorting, my sex is alive a vibrating, buzzing orifice of sexual delight and still the finger swirl. There is no tenderness now, just a rampant lustful desire to fulfil the urges that have consumed my body, my backside raises itself off the chair, my feet clamping the floor, pressure reaching a boiling factor, and that is driving me insane. I want to scream to shout her name, to have her mouth lavishly consuming mine as her fingers set my body blaze, I want her to whisper dirty things in my ears, tell m her filthiest thoughts as she grinds her fingers against my clit, extracting the orgasm that shudders, surges and bubbles with devastating force. I feel the tension building, the desire climaxing, I know its coming, I want to tell her to do it harder, to be more forceful and let her fingers tear at the pleasure that is finally opened.

The orgasm sweeps through me, muscles spasm, and desire explodes, juices erupt, hot thick fluid escaping from my most intimate part, spraying her fingers and my body convulses and heaves dramatically. I scream in pleasure, I can't help it; my body is hot, soaked from the heat of passion, sweaty and gleaming in the light of the room. My sex tingles, vibrates, pulses and throbs, my panties soaked with the effort of lust, I pant but continue to let the molestations persist, my sex throbbing mercilessly as wave after wave or cataclysmic desire throngs through me until I can handle no more and withdraw the fingers that have both tormented and stimulated me into such a hot frenzied desire. I lick each finger clean, tasting the result of my fantasy, sucking, cleansing the juices of passion until my taste buds are overwhelmed. I am totally and utterly exhausted, my heaving chest and throbbing body a testament to the fantasy which I wish would become so real, I breath slowly, trying to compose myself, to calm my thundering pulse down and ease the throbbing of everything else, my limbs are jolted by pulses of electrical charges as I sit back close my eyes and feel all the sensations, letting them sink down into my body, into my muscles and slowly begin to embrace the tiredness of pure erotic sleep.


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