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A bithday present

Short story By: cellissa draylor

based around a loving lesbian couple, one of whom is celebrating a birthday, the other is planning a present that neither will forgot and a journey into a fantasy of sensual delight

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A soft rasping knock on the door signalled that it was time for tonight to begin, I glanced towards you and smiled, this was the moment when you became a true lover. My eyes danced over your slim body, spread eagled on the bed, wrists and ankles tied to the bed posts with only the finest silks, just like the blindfold that covered your eyes. Other than a six strap traditional suspender and seamed silk stockings you were naked, a vision of beauty waiting, wanting and expectant of something just not knowing what.

Moving towards the door, my manicured fingers clasped the cold metal handle and the door slowly began to open and my first real glimpse of your present was established. There she stood a beautiful, if not entrancing young woman, I guessed she was in her very early twenties, she had long blonde hair that cascaded downwards to her shoulder blades, eyes that were blue and vibrantly alive with the sensual pleasure of her offer. She stood tall, her height significantly improved by the five inch red heeled shoes that she wore, her long slender legs clothed in black sumptuous nylon. Her slim curvy body was encased by a tight red figure hugging dress, the neckline of which plunged downwards offering a tantalising, teasing glimpse of the breasts which no doubt you tonight would enjoy kissing, licking and caressing.

I held one finger up to my lips, signalling her to be silent, as my eyes cast briefly back to you, a gesture of what tonight was really about. I could hear you breathing, deep almost sighing noises filled with anticipation and a little nervousness. I could imagine the sensations that afflicted you, the thoughts that traversed through your head, how your body tingled, how your feminine mound must have slightly tingled, knowing only tonight was going to be a sexual adventure that you wouldn't forget.

Taking the hand of this young beauty, a smile crossed my face with devilish delight, I whispered to her, so that only she could hear that I was going to stay, to watch and observe. I had spent nearly two weeks looking for a lady such as this, a lady of beauty, elegance and experience, if not the consummate professional. She for her part nodded and said nothing, my hand held hers, only as a guiding movement; fearful that such high heels would lead to an accident which none of us really needed.

Guiding her to the bed's edge, our footsteps almost silent upon the deep carpeted floor, you hearing nothing, your mind and sense of hearing straining under the pressure to find capture the slightest noise that could give you an indication of what was to come. I watched as this sensual stranger sat upon the beds edge, a smile crept across her face, one that clearly displayed her enjoyment at the site that greeted her. Her eyes scanned longingly at your body, looking at its slanderous form, seeing the curves of your body, the gentle contours of it shape, studying it with an avid, almost enchanting delight.

Her long nails touched the surface of your thighs, descending down, you breathed deeply, a shudder traversed through your body, the soft, scraping sensations flooding through you as the nails swirled, lingered around one spot for a few seconds, letting those feelings sink deep into your body, before her hand lifted off and moved towards your head. There you felt her hand now slide under the rear of your head, did you think she was going to remove the blindfold, your body tensed for a moment, as if preparing itself for the moment when you saw what was going to happen and the moment when you would see what your birthday present really was. Her fingers though, instead of entwining themselves in the blindfold, missed that and she lifted your head up slightly, gathering her own long hair up into a a single strand so as not to let it brush against you, as she leaned forward and down to meet your face.

Extending her tongue out, she let its very tip trace the outline of your gorgeous silken cushioned lips, her wet tongue moistening your lips and leaving behind a wake of tantalising desire. Instinctively almost your own lips parted, your mouth yearning for a kiss, I wonder if you thought of me, she of course obliged without hesitation and soon her lips were locked onto yours in a smouldering embrace that saw her tongue plunge into the warmth and wetness of your oral chamber. I smiled as I watched the growing kiss begin, the lavishness of the embrace, the sucking upon her tongue, the mashing of lip gloss against lip-gloss, mouths entwining as passions' rose. I could sense the arousal between the two of you, the desire that was being instilled into you, softly I nodded as I stepped to one side, near to your head, close enough to touch if I so desired, there I lowered myself into the leather arm chair, poised to watch tonight's one off entertainment.

The sensual-ness of the kiss was only broken when she, the stranger reluctantly drew her mouth from yours, glancing at me, smiling intently, her glossy eyes were filled with desire, as she turned her attention back to your almost naked form. For a moment her eyes looked longingly at the mounds of your satin chest, the flesh of your responsive bosoms, how sumptuous they appeared, two mounds of flesh waiting, pleading to be fondled, by mouth or fingers, the erectness of their summit a testament to the desire that stalked your body.

Slowly I watched as her head descended downwards, her lips parting, mouth opening, tongue extending, the very tip of it, lightly lapping at the very tip of your nipple, her touch so light that its caresses felt like that of a feather. Your chest rose dramatically, as her lips closed around the nipple itself, drawing it inside the warmth wetness of her mouth, her tongue, free to torment, to swirl, to flick the ever growing sensitive bud of your nipple. I could hear the first murmurings of delight escape from your mouth, the sigh of growing desire and unfulfilled satisfaction. A kiss that lavished a thousand growing sensations upon you, an embrace that infested you passion and desire, a surging heat swelling up within your body as your breast began to come so vibrantly alive.

I watched with a voyeuristic delight that I didn't honestly know I had, I could feel my own body responding, feelings gathering inside me, tempting me to stray my hand down between my legs and inside my own panties. I continued to watch as this stranger swapped breasts and continued to make oral love to your delectable bosom, your body continued to yearn, to gather the passion and amass the desire that swarmed within you. With pure concentration on your face, your muscles tense, unable to do the one thing that both mind and body wanted, which was to indulge yourself or cradle the lover who was so sumptuously paying homage to your torso.

Deep erotic kisses between your heaving bosoms now sent shiver through your body, every so often you would lightly wrestle against the silken restraints that were holding you in place, perhaps getting lost in throng of the moment and forgetting that you tied, restrained spread eagled against the bed. I watched how she kissed you, how her tongue ran between your aching breasts, how it swept across your soft sensuous flesh, how her mouth still lingered at times on each of the breasts, her head rising and falling as you breathed so deeply. She looked at me and smiled, softly nodding, before resuming her deep emphatic kisses upon your pillows of desire, now I smiled as for the first time, you felt a second pair of hands touch your body, this time, drawing the blindfold off from your eyes, allowing you to see me and then realise, that it wasn't me who was sumptuously kissing your breasts.

Your face for a moment seemed stunned, looking at me, whilst your body was being bathed in resoundingly erotic kisses, your breasts aching, and nipples so stiff and erect that they pulsed with sensitivity. Slowly you raised your head upwards and looked at this stranger, this beauty that was lavishing such delights upon you, I smiled moved my head towards you and whispered. "I told you, that you were in for something different", I said

"Kiss me" you say in a voice that was shallow quiet, but filled with the stimulation of desire. Slowly I move my head towards yours, our mouths entwine, kissing exuberantly all the while the strangers lips suck, lick and kiss the surface of your breasts.

I feel a shudder of delight traverse through, pleasure swarming, your kiss increasing in desire, the second woman, your present, using her teeth nibbles at the base of your nipple, her teeth grating, pulling its sensitive surface. I hear the muffled whelp of desire, it echoes down into my body, as your mouth lavishly explodes into a rabid burst of sensual, provocative kissing.

I draw my mouth from yours and smile gleefully, I look towards the woman who is seducing you nod softly and take my seat back in the chair, watching the unfolding spectacle begin once more. With drawing her mouth from your breasts, she smiled almost lovingly at you, as her face ascended to meet yours once more, again she kissed you with as much passion and desire as her mouth had shown whilst sensually assaulting your nipples, this time though it was more than just a simple kiss, her long fingernails scrapped against the flesh of your inner thigh. The shudder and spasm of delight that whipped through you was almost electrifying, her nails ascending, swirling, and moving towards the yearning moistness of your sexual treasure. I could see the tensing of your muscles, the passion leaping from her mouth to yours and then back to hers, each time being magnified a hundred fold, I watched as a single fingernail pressed lightly against the lips of your sex, how it's very tip glided upwards, careful not to stray into the moistness but wanting to send pulses of eroctisms rippling and rampaging through your body.

For a moment you struggled against the restraints that held you place, your chest heaved, legs flinch and tensed, as the stranger began to softly, erotically kiss your neck, letting her tongue swirl over the flesh, moving towards the ear lobe, one of the most sensitive parts of your entire body. To have her tongue roaming, sliding, and delving into your ear, whilst her fingernail softly scrapped at the lips of your vagina was earth shattering to you, you body pulsed, vibrated with euphoric delight, and convulsions surged through your form with the intensity of the national grid.

Two finger nails now ran up the lips of your moist, aroused and aching sex, teasing slowly the sensation that continued to grown until the finally came to rest on the hood, there slight pressure was applied, pressing down, small circular movements by a single finger, sparking into life yet more delightful convulsions for your body to cope with. Her mouth never stopped languishing deep oral embraces upon your neck, neither did the warmth wetness of her tongue cease from its unfailing desire to caress every part of the neck where her lips had been.

Your face was a picture of concentration, eyes closed, mind focused, trying to calm the sensations of a raging inferno that exploded within you, your body was vibrantly alive, pulsating, aching, yearning, nerve ends hungered for more of this sensuous addiction, feeding its desire at the cost of a body that was now showing the first glistening beads of perspiration caused through the passion. Deep breathing, nipples that ached, a thundering heart all not helping to ease the surge of passion or the growing desire within you.

With the sensations growing, expanding within you, the lover, for a moment drew a temporary halt to her tender molestations of your body, looking at you she smiled, almost gleefully, the wrecked, agonised face of lust a testament to her work, to her erotic embraces upon you. Glancing at me she winked, an act that you were meant to see, an act that no doubt you were curious about, as your eyes shifted towards me. As your eyes briefly focused on me, she moved from her position on the bed, walking around its side and foot towards myself, where she turned to face you, I slowly stood up, my fingers holding the delicate little zipper which ran down the centre of her dress's back and slowly I began to descend it downwards, loosening the material so that its teasingly began to slip off her body and revealed more of this paid, yet gorgeous woman for your eyes.

Your eyes watched as slowly, she began to de-cloth herself, her sumptuous nakedness available for your perusal, digestion, which you took every moment of to gaze and look at. I saw the tip of your tongue, moisten the upper lip of your mouth, hunger and lust still surging within you and now her vision of beauty made her look more like a meal of pure unadulterated lustful sin, something which you sorely needed and required.

From the back view her nakedness looked tantalising, the compulsion to touch, to slip my hands between her legs, and allow a finger to caress that shaven feminine mound, and watch, feel her shudder was almost an insane and utterly tempting. She looked around as if reading my thoughts and smiled, sitting herself upon the beds edge, legs apart, the lips of her pussy open, the fleshy, moistness of the sensitive skin inside, so tempting, so appealing. Sat close to where your shoulder is stretched out, you can feel the outline of her backside pressed up against you. Her devilish smile tells you everything of the tormentation which she plans to instil upon you, the kinkiness of her thoughts and the wondrous nature of her mind.

Looking back at me, she smiled, "Lick Me", she said sternly, her right hand moving down to the shaven, sexual treasure, fingers running up between the lips, parting them and displaying the fleshy, sensitive folds of pure satin lustfulness. For my part I had no idea that was coming, but I glanced at you and smiled, the thought that I was going to taste her before you was and you bound to the bed as you were, unable to join, to masturbate or have any other enjoyment that being expected to watch and be turned on, pleased me massively.

Slowly I kneelt between her long, my face close to her, as her fingers stopped, hands moved away, I could smell the arousal that was locked inside her, the juices, shimmered the flesh so soft that I could feel my own sex moisten with the pleasure. Moving my head into her legs, the smell was intoxicating and enchanting, the closer I got, the deeper its odour sank, consuming my senses, flooding my mind and heightening the wetness between my legs. A slow delicate kiss was placed upon the crest of her sex, my lips curling around it, my tongue, pressing, hooking under and into the moistness. A shudder of delight pasted through her, not only could I feel it, but I knew you could also. She breathed deeply; her eyes looked at you, locked onto your eyes, holding you in her stare, as my tongue began to slide up and down the fleshy folds of hot wetness.

My mouth pressed, kissed lavishly, drawing the lips of her willing sex, into my oral chamber, her eyes closed, her chest heaved, one of her hands held my head, pressing me tight against her, whilst the other looped round and began to fumble around the erectness of your breast. Holding me tight against her, she didn't want to waste time, her body feeling as though it demanded fulfilment, my tongue delved deeper into the moistness, searching for the nub of her clit, finding it and immediately assaulting it, flicking, circling it, raising the passion and desire within her. Her fingers squeezed and pulled the erectness of your nipple, twisting it between them, pain and delight slammed together in crescendo of lust, as your body ached once more. Deeper into her sex, my tongue pressed, my nose up against the hood of her sex, squashed tight, her aroma flooding through me, consuming and over powering every other sense that I had. I could feel the ache, the tingle of her sex growing, I could feel her pulse racing, her body tensing, yet still she held me there, extracting the maximum pleasure, delighting if not relishing in the building euphoria of what her body was instilling into her.

We could both hear the murmurs of her own pleasure, you could feel the aggression of it, whilst I felt the pressure of it building within her, her fluid was gaining, the arousal juices beginning to flow more constantly, as my face pressed deeper into her, my tongue becoming more and more intense. My own body yearning for the desire that I was inflicting upon her, in return her whole hand was now squashing, squeezing, pulling and twisting your entire breast, your nipple a beacon of unsatisfied desired, pulsing vibrantly.

Just as I thought the delight was going to get to much for her, she pushed me away smiled and looked at your, "Now your turn", she mused in a voice that was overcome with desire. I stepped back, returning to my chair, my own legs instinctively without thinking about it, remaining opened and my hand slipping beneath the thin, transparent nylon panties that I wore. I observed as she straddled your face, lower herself down, so that firstly you could smell the scent of her aroma, then secondly, after a few short minutes, as her sex was lowered down, she began to drag it over your mouth, telling you to lick it, suck it, eat her, do everything to make her cum.

There was no second invite required, your mouth went to work with devilish intent, lips, tongue chompsing at her soaking sex, tongue delving into the flesh where only a few seconds ago mine had be. She dragging herself back and forth, spreading the lips of her pussy so that it never just touched your mouth but also encompassed your nose. Deeper and deeper she wanted you to delve, her hands holding, cradling her head as she brought you into the sensual act, wanting to feel your tongue slide in and out, swirl around inside her most intimate and sensual part of her body. Her head was thrown back as a wave of pleasure surged through her, her juices erupting, flowing from within her, into your mouth, and over your face. Shudder after shudder, tighter and tighter she held you, pressing you into the act so that not a single ounce of her precious fluid was wasted and missed its target be it inside your mouth or over your face, before she drew herself off your face and moved down your body.

For my part I was compelled to moved towards you, to cleanse your face of her spent hotness, to taste the pleasure that would of otherwise gone to waste. My tongue dragging itself over and your mouth, swirling across your cheeks, forehead, till every part of it had being drawn up and was inside my own mouth, then I moved towards your own mouth and lavishly kissed, embraced you, swapping her climatic juices from me to you. As we kissed so lavishly and forcefully, she wasted no other time in placing her face between your splayed open leg, a finger delving inside your hotness, a tongue, running up the folds of flesh.

You cooed into my mouth with pleasure, your body shook violently, as her finger delved deeper into the abyss of your pleasure spot, her mouth working, lips enveloping, tongue licking. Me kissing lavishly, my hands holding your cheeks, tongues wildly exploring each other's oral chamber as she worked furiously, rampantly, heightening up the tension and desire within in, so that there was no time to relax. Your hips began to gyrate, to convulse as her mouth and finger worked flawlessly together, finger fucking you with rampant, almost viscous delight, pausing only to let her mouth heighten the desire and to let her tongue devour your aching sex. Your embraces exploded with rampant lust, your body ached, convulsed, twisted and turned, jolting against the restraints that held you in place, a body that was exploding with desire, sexual energy being spewed, juices erupting with the force of a volcano, squirting into her willing and welcome mouth as our mouths locked in soulful, destructive embrace that almost seemed to make time stop.


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