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The Three Sisters & The Devil

Short story By: Celeste Neumann

The story of 3 sisters and the devil, based on an unpublished German folktale

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altThe Three Proud Sisters of Dreistelz

In the Kuppenrhoen, the part of the Rhoen, which has peaked mountain tops, there is one hilltop named the "Dreistelz", or "The Three Proud Ones", and it alludes to an old tale about three very wicked witches. This is their tale:

Long ago in the Rhön, before Christianity was enforced by the Holy Roman Emperor, the people worshiped different Gods. One of the most powerful of these Gods was one called "Thaiden", a God that the Christian monks later called "the Devil", which is where we eventually got our word for "Devil" in English.

Thaiden was a powerful God, both strong and wise. He was not a particularly handsome God, however, but he made up it for because Thaiden knew the ways of women. That was something the monks did not care for at all, because they did not like the way women threw themselves to the feet of this God, and offered themselves up for his pleasure. Perhaps they did not like because they were envious, and declared Thaiden evil and all of the women who worshipped him witches. They warned the people of the Rhön not to bow down to Thaiden, making them fear losing their souls to Him forever like those wicked witches already had.

The most devote worshippers of Thaiden, they say, were three sisters who lived at the bottom of the "Dreistelz" hill. Whether they were sisters of blood or sisters of love no one knows; only that they served Thaiden faithfully by offering him their hearts, minds and bodies upon the moon-lit Sabbaths. Thaiden adored these three sisters, making them his favourites and rewarding them with pleasure and beauty, protecting their village from plague and intruders, and blessing the village farmers with rich crops and fat cattle.

Thaiden was also the protector of the wild huntsmen, who always offered their first kill for the God's pleasure. The huntsmen were faithful to their God, because he rewarded them with plenty of game, and enough fur to see to their needs through the winter. One day, he asked them to come to the Dreistelz and build a palace of pleasure for his favourites, where the God could enjoy these sisters whenever he chose, and not have to wait for the full moon. As a reward he promised to allow the huntsmen the privilege of taking his favourites at his bidding, while he watched and took his pleasure in it, for as a God, he was not able to touch women as men do.

The huntsmen laboured night and day to complete their God's will, and when it was finished, Thaiden reigned upon his throne and watched his favourites reward the most diligent of his huntsmen, taking pleasure in their sighs, moans and cries of ecstasy. His favourites worshipped him all the more, for now they could share Thaiden's pleasure both in the spirit and the body.

Thaiden, pleased with himself, spoke, "You shall know this pleasure all of your days, my lovelies, until you die, and then you shall be mine alone. All I ask in return is that you serve me all of your days faithfully."

They fell to their knees bowing down and declared, "We would have served you faithfully, Lord and Master, even if you never had built us such a fine house. Surely you know our love was yours long before this house was built. Take our lives now, that we might be yours alone, for we love you more than our pleasure with the huntsmen." That made Thaiden's chest swelled with pride for he adored his favourites, but might have been better if the God had taken them to him on that day.

A short time later the God grew displeased with those monks, who were spreading the word of the Christian God. He would have struck them down if their God had not been protecting them. Realizing he must use cunning to woo the hearts of men and women back to his favour, he employed a favourite servant as a priest, to remind the people of his benevolence and to put fear into the hearts of the meddlesome priests.

Unfortunately a bolt of lightening dashed his plans when his faithful servant turned to ash. Now he was losing more of his faithful who turned to the God of those foolish monks. There must be a way to turn them back to him, and stop people from cursing his name. Then he remembered his favourites, and how men would always prefer the God who blessed them with pleasure rather than turn to a God who torment them with guilt.

He returned to his palace to his favourites, who fell down before their beloved Herr und Gebieter in their natural beauty. After stroking them until they cried out his name in lust, he spoke to them. "My lovelies, I cannot bear any longer how these monks corrupt the hearts of my people. I need you to help them remember that I am their benefactor and care for them, like I care for you. Will you not assist me?"

"O, Lord and Master!", they cried, "Tell us what we can do to please you."

"What you have always done, my lovelies. Show them pleasure, like you have shown me, so they will remember me that I am not the God of pain. Make them cry out my name in pleasure, and this will please me greatly. Best it would be, if you were to turn the hearts of these meddlesome monks. When I hear them call out my name in pleasure, then you will have pleased me, my lovelies."

The sisters were loyal, and while Thaiden sat upon his throne, many came to the three proud and beautiful women to be turned away from guilt and back to pleasure while Thaiden watched. Pleased of their progress, the God became distracted with other Godly affairs and left them to their own devices. Sad, that Thaiden chose to do that, for the women, now missing the adoration of their God began to grow too proud and believed their ability to drive men senseless with pleasure men was their own doing, and not a power lent to them through Thaiden.

One day while Thaiden was away on other business, the three sisters lounged in Thaiden's palace in robes of red silk, brought to them from kings who had grown addicted to their skills, and boasted of their abilities.

"The wild huntsmen are such simpletons", the eldest said. "All I have to do is to bear my breasts and he mumbles 'Thaiden' and spills his seed like some silly wild boar all over the floor."

The other two laughed, and the middle one interjected, "That is nothing! The prince from the south spills his after a mere kiss. I have to struggle to have him blurt 'Thaiden' before he does that! Our Master must be bored with them. What pleasure can He have they utter His name before their cocks even touch our lips?"

"Oh, don't you love it when you have one of those silly monks before you, and they call upon their God until they push their cock all the way in and then they call out 'Thaiden' like a curse?" asked the elder again.

The laughed in chorus again.

"Yes, but we know it's not Thaiden making them lose their seed so early, sister. I've done it from simply whispering in their ears how I shall devour their cocks", the middle sister countered.

The younger sister admonished, "It is not proper to speak like this about our Master!"

"What does that have to do with our Master? Men are men, sister. When their lust overpowers them they will call out the name of their own mothers, if you use your power over them properly."

The sister frowned. "But it is not our power. It is the power lent to us by our Master."

"Ha! It is the power of women, I tell you. Our Master only taught us how to use it. But it is still our power. If we want to, we can make men cry out anything we wish for our own pleasure. That has nothing to do with our Master", the eldest argued.

"Do not speak so disrespectfully about our Master like that in His house. You will bring His wrath down upon all of us."

"Oh, sister, you are so naïve about your own power. I will show you that we are just as powerful as our Master. The next one who comes in this house, he will not cry out 'Thaiden' in his lust, but on that accursed nameless God!"

"No! Don't even think of that! He will curse us all!" the youngest wailed.

The eldest scoffed. "You have no idea! Thaiden depends upon our pleasure just as much as any man, and you are too naïve to see it. I will show you how powerful we are."

No amount of pleading of the youngest sister could hold her other two sisters back from proving their point. That evening the next pair of huntsmen cane to take their pleasure. The two eldest sisters disrobed and rode astride them, waiting until they were about to cum in their lust and call out Thaiden's name. But just before the women pulled away from them, covering the mouths of the huntsmen, and whispering in their ears, "Call out the nameless God, if you love me. Call it out in your lust. Call it out for me, that you show me how much pleasure I bring you."

And so they did. When they came they called out to the nameless God before they spilled their seed.

At the sound of hearing the nameless God uttered in His house, Thaiden appeared instantly, both angry and displeased. The three sisters screamed and threw themselves down upon to their knees in fear and shame before their Lord and Master.

"How does it come to pass that the name of that accursed nameless God is called out in pleasure in my house?" he demanded.

The sisters did not dare to speak. The huntsmen grabbed their clothing, and attempted to hide.

"You! Wild Huntsman!" he forced one huntsman from fleeing, bringing him up to stare in Thaiden's angry countenance. "Why do you call out the name of that nameless God of guilt and shame in my house?"

"Be-be-because your woman who pleasured me made me, Lord", he stammered. The dropped the huntsman, who burned and turned to ash the spot, and spoke to his favourites.

"Is what he said true?"

The sisters quivered in fright and dared not speak.

"I asked a question!" he demanded.

Only the youngest dared to speak. "Lord and Master, I begged my sisters not to do this, but they said the power to utter Your Name or that of another God was the power of women."

The other sisters began to cry, and begged Thaiden for His forgiveness.

"For you three, I had this palace built. For your pleasure, and my own. And how do you reward me? By thinking you own the power I only lent you. Now I will show you who is the powerful one. All of you, my lovelies. I will take back your beauty, and you will know no more pleasure. Not from me; not from anyone."

"Have mercy, Master!" the youngest begged. "I did none of these things and have served you faithfully! Please show mercy upon us."

Thaiden considered. "Yes, but you knew what your sisters intended, and still you did not call upon me. For that you shall suffer too, but I will pardon you all under one condition: the day men no longer cry out to the nameless God in their lust is the day I will restore you all to your former beauty."

And with that Thaiden turned the three proud sisters into pillars of black basalt on top of the Dreistelz, and destroyed His palace of pleasure. Today you can hear the sisters wail their sorrow when the winds blow over the High Rhön, and where untold pleasure was known there is but a swamp. And still when young girls misbehave they are reminded, "Just you remember what happened to the three proud sisters!"


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