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Shopping With Karla

Short story By: Celeste Neumann


This short story contains EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL, and is only intended for readers who are at least 18 years of age. If you are NOT AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS READING THIS STORY and are hereby advised not to read it. Please close this window now and read something else.

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But if you are over 18 years of age your are welcome to read it. It's a short story about a quicky in a department store - based on a true story I picked up in a bar conversation.

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Michael knew he was charlatan, but he just didn't give a damn. For years now he and Detlev had been pulling this stunt off successfully and it had always worked.

'It probably always will', he mused idly as he strolled through the downtown pedestrian shopping zone in Frankfurt together with this girl he met last week, named Karla. He smiled brightly at her, wondering how long it would take this time before she felt the irresistible urge to "save him".

The trick always worked up to the point when they found out that he and Detlev only pretended to be a gay couple. Then it was game-over. Naturally, it was not exactly the way someone was supposed to develop any kind of lasting relationship. No relationship ever survives if its abased on a lie. But as far as Detlev and Michael were concerned, there was no better dirty trick in the book to get laid, except maybe, to go on holiday to Mallorca and wait until the women lost all of their inhibitions with alcohol. It wasn't half as fun, though.

For the past three years, Michael and Detlev had gone out to bars posing as a gay couple, where they knew women co-workers congregated after work. Naturally, they had spent time perfecting their "act" for those stereo-typical idiosyncrasies that most hetero women thought all homosexual men had. They had even gone so far as to visit gay bars to "study" their subjects. Surprised how few stereo-types they actually found there, they were too shocked to discover the differences between "normal" men and "gay" men were diminishingly small. No matter. Detlev insisted that they needed to act like "typical queer-arse gays", if they were to gain any kind of sympathy from women they were stalking.

It was a relatively simple game. They came into the bar swishing their hips as if they were bitchy fashion models walking down the catwalk, gushing over the restaurant or bar décor and gourmet gossip in loud theatrical voices in an exaggerated feminine manner. That was their début. It usually rewarded them with the desired attention they needed. The next thing was to walk audaciously up to a group of women co-workers and demand to know where one of them bought that stunning dress, piece of jewellery, or had their hair done. Michael and Detlev discovered through trial and error this trick never worked with mixed company. Other men didn't often like sharing the attention of their female colleagues with gay men, and real gay men saw through the theatrics. No, it only worked with a group of women.

The demanding question was the bait that usually worked. For some reason, women never had the heart to tell an "obviously" gay man to go mind his own business and get lost, whereas even the most polite straight men were often rudely told to leave them alone, even if only they asked something as innocuous as the time of day.

Michael and Detlef used this opening question, emitted like a clear command, as an unspoken invitation to pull up chairs and engage in conversation. Detlev called it the "cheekiness-ratio": 10% cunning and 90% pretend-queer bullshit. Worked like a charm for them, since they were hardly ever turned down, just like when pushy mothers-in-law foisted their company upon their relatives could ever "make" them leave. With the proper combination of charm, wittiness and exaggeration it never failed. Many young women seemed to form some sort of pity and sympathy for gay men that they couldn't spare for straight men. Michael thought it was only because they didn't view gay men as sexually intimidating. Once engaged in conversation with a round of sympathetic working girls, it was a piece of cake to find a woman who would try to "save" him from his fate of never having been loved by a woman.

That's how Michael had met Karla last week. He and Detlev were strolling down the Fressgasse in Frankfurt when they both heard the sound of women's laughter causing them to both stop and turn around look to see who was laughing. Quickly the two men looked at each other and grinned, before they walked with swaying hips over to sidewalk table containing about 8-10 lovely young female bank employees having after-work cocktails.

Since both men subscribed a couple of prominent fashion magazines, they were up-to-date about the latest women's fashions, celebrity gossip and whatever the female Zeitgeist was into at the moment. Michael had been holding a monologue about swimwear, when Karla mentioned she was interested in buying a new bikini for herself. The polite (and apparently harmless) gay man that he was, he promptly offered to help her choose a new garment and insisted she couldn't do without his expert advice. Having impressed all of her co-workers with his impeccable fashion knowledge, they all confirmed his decision, urging her to say yes.

Michael smiled when she laughed and did say 'yes' without hesitation. Karla was fantastic! Shoulder-length tawny brown hair and light brown eyes. He delighted at the slight crème-gold colour of her skin contrasting her conservative white business blouse, now slightly un-buttoned in the warm early evening after work, exposing the cleavage of two shapely breasts. He imaged for a fleeting moment how they might be resting in his open palms. The satisfying thought was confirmed with an concurring movement in his trousers.

Karla wanted to go on Saturday, but Michael talked her out of it. Instead, he insisted she should take Monday off. On Saturdays the pedestrian zone and the stores were hopeless overcrowded he cautioned. His real motive was that most of the retail clerks took Mondays off, so the chances of the store interrupting his attempts to get closer to Karla were diminishing.

It was unseasonably hot on the Zeil Mile, the pedestrian shopping zone in downtown Frankfurt on Monday mid-morning. Karla wore a peach-coloured midriff top tied around her neck, and a short white Italian-length skirt, which ended at mid-thigh. He enjoyed the light crème-gold colour of her skin which came from being kissed by the sun for a couple of weeks. Michael stopped suddenly seemingly to tie his shoe, but it was only to take a good long look at those long slim smooth legs disappearing below the skirt into the most promising tight little heart-shaped arse he had seen in ages. Fortunately, he was dressed in looser khaki causal trousers, which didn't reveal how much he was idly wondering what those legs felt like wrapped around his hips and tight her arse really was.
It was time to drop the hint, Michael thought, and suggested that they go to a coffee bar first. Sipping their Viennese melanges in an island café in the middle of nearly deserted pedestrian zone, he looked forlornly in the distance sighing melancholically.

"Is there something wrong?" Karla asked, immediately concerned how her otherwise so cheerful companion suddenly seemed so glum.
"No… it's just that… oh, never mind!" he replied with mock bitterness.

"Oh, you can tell me!" she nearly begged. Karla found it such a shame. Such a nice, considerate and shamelessly attractive man going to waste on other men! She was wondering what woman wouldn't kill to get her hooks in him.

Michael sighed dramatically again. "I don't know… it's just that… well, I don't know if I should tell you. I don't think you would understand" he replied dejectedly, and waited for his cue.

"Oh, that's okay. We can talk about it if you want to. I'm a pretty good listener", she volunteered.

"Well… I don't know. I mean I don't know how you feel about… men like me…" he drifted off.

"What? You mean about gay men?" she replied, smiling. He pretended to be chagrined.

"You don't have to be ashamed. You can tell me", she encouraged, clasping his hand re-assuredly. Her crème-coloured slender fingers were perfect, as he groaned inwardly at the thought of having them firmly enclosing his blood-gorged cock that was invisibly swelling in anticipation against his trousers. Thank God that the café table served as a make-shift barrier for betraying his true intentions!

Inwardly he grinned, thinking, 'Good girl! You'd have to be stupider than a piece of toast if those obvious gay theatrics didn't give you the hint!'. Instead he only said, "Oh, it's that obvious I'm gay?" he asked with mock embarrassment.

"Michael… how can I tell you … there are just some things straight men don't do…" she said and blushed slightly, lost for explanations.
The slight blush triggered a vision of her face being the same exact colour in the midst of arousal, and sparked the further interest in his trousers. He prayed that he wouldn't have to wait all day to find out what colour her face would have while she was sucking his cock.

"Can I make a confession to you and you promise not to tell?" he implored, taking advantage of her gentle touch, and enclosing her small hand his. It felt like a small delicate bird trapped inside of the heat of his own hands. She nodded smiling her consent.

"It's Detlev", he started.

"Oh… I thought you two were a happy couple", she said.

"Yeah, but I don't know… I mean … he is my first real boyfriend, and I just don't know. We don't get along like we used to, and I am beginning to wonder…" he deliberately trailed off.

"Wonder what?" she chirped up.

"Well…" He looked away feigning embarrassment. "You know… I no longer really certain if I'm really gay", he looked up hopefully at her. This was the turning point. The really street-smart ones see through this, but the ones that want to seduce or be seduced go further.
"Oh…" she said looking surprised and taken aback. His heart skipped a beat. Would it work?

"You mean that you think you're not gay?" she asked incredulously.

"Well, I'm pretty sure I am… it's just that it doesn't really feel right with Detlev anymore. We argue all the time and I've thought a lot about breaking up with him. We just don't really get along like we used to. He seduced me when I was 17 and we've been together since then. But lately I've been wondering…" he trailed of again, and curled his hand to a fist biting his knuckles pensively as he stared wordlessly at the table, praying silently, 'Please, please ask! I am dying to fuck you so very badly!'

"What?" she asked curiously.

He breathed a sigh of relief, which seemed like reluctance to her. "Well, I was beginning to wonder if I'm not really gay, because you know… I've never really been with a woman. Oh, I had the usual kissing and petting episodes in school with girls, but I have never really slept with a girl, you know." He glanced up at her furtively to judge her reaction and say confusion and indecision. 'Okay', he thought, 'Time to water it down for the moment.'

"Well, maybe I don't really need a girlfriend. I think I am just getting fed up with Detlev. He is so inconsiderate about my feelings. He is a horrible flirt, you know! Every time we go out, he winds up flirting with some other man, and he just doesn't care about how I feel! It hurts so much when he cheats on me! You know what I mean? I just want to find someone who cares about my feelings for a change!" he emphasised, and let mock tears swell up in his eyes.
In sympathy, Karla patted his hand, and clasped it again with that warm grip that made his balls secretly ache in anticipation. "Yeah, I know exactly how you feel. I'm just like you! I still want to find a man who can make feel like I'm loved."

'YES!' he triumphed as he gave her a genuine smile he hoped would seem more like sympathetic re-assurance rather than the triumphant feeling he was really experiencing. He changed the subject and made small talk until he paid for their coffee and they left for the department store where Karla wanted to try on swimwear.

When they got on to second floor and arrived into the beachwear section, Michael was already scoping the floor to find out how many clerks were milling about. He couldn't believe his luck! There were only two women serving the only cash register in sight on the far side of the floor. Other than a couple of customers checking out and one or two elderly women shopping for clothes on the other side of the floor the store seem practically vacant. The women's beachwear section was completely deserted.

Karla had take no notice of this whatsoever. She was attempting to concentrate on choosing an appropriate colour between a bright turquoise and a hot-pink bikini, yet finding herself unable to concentrate, because she found herself wondering what kind of unusual lover Michael might have made. Now that the possibility he might not be gay had arisen, she felt confused, yet unable to stop thinking about how great he looked in his pale blue French-cut cotton dress shirt, which decently exposed the virile strength of his chest on this warm pre-summer day. Idly she wondered if he would have ever become gay in the first place if he had had the right girlfriend before he met Detlev. She chided herself for thinking about his masculine hips and absently shook her head. Turning sharply, she was about call him to come over to take a look at the swimsuits she had selected, when she startled to find him standing only inches behind her. She caught and suppressed a cry of surprise in her throat.

"Oh Michael! Sorry, I didn't see you…" not finishing the sentence as she was suddenly distracted, becoming aware of the scent of his light, yet potent aftershave. She blushed at the sudden un-anticipated urge of desire, wondering if the flush of warmth she felt was her own or emanated from the heat his body seemed to radiate.

"Pardon?" he asked with a slow smile and feigned innocence.

"Umm… ugh… these ugh suits… ugh… I was wondering… um what you think of the colours", she stammered in her embarrassment.

He stared relentlessly into her blushing face with unwavering pale blue eyes for an infinitely long moment - long enough to allow the colour of her face to warm his stiffening cock, before snapping out of his reverie and replying, "Oh! The colours! Yes, well… very bright, don't you think?"

"Yes… well, I … I mean I … well tell me what you … ugh … think", she stammered nervously.

"Well, I can't tell you much of anything until you try them on. Swimwear only has an impact when it's on the person wearing it. On the hanger it's unimaginable what it looks like", he replied with a calmness he wasn't feeling.

"Yeah… um… okay… I guess I'll try them on", she replied awkwardly, looking around for the changing booth section - anything not to have to get lost in those charming penetrating eyes! What was wrong with her? Was she falling for a gay man now? What would he think if he knew what she was feeling?

He watched her stalk off in her humility towards the changing room. Glancing at his watch, he wondered where they might go so they could get out of here and be alone together. Must be those spring feelings he thought. It seemed like ages since the last time he felt this horny. Nervously he paced outside the changing booths, waiting for her to change and ask him to come pass his judgement. The anticipation was driving him mad. Finally he grew impatient, poked his head around the corner of the changing booth room. It appeared deserted. Nervously he cleared his throat nervously and called down the hall.

"Karla?!" he called. No answer. He wondered in which booth she was.

"Karla!" he called again.

"Yeah?" came the disappointed reply from the last booth on the left.

Quickly he looked back out on the sales floor to see if anyone was even near the beachwear section. Still no one. He suppressed a feral smile as he walked towards the booth where he thought she was in. Sure enough, through the space where the clothe curtain did not fully cover the length of the door frame, he could see her fidgeting with the bikini bra in the mirror.

'Good God!' he thought, 'Her tits are even more perfect than I imagined!' She was attempted to balance her well-formed breasts, which were the size of ripe oranges in the skimpy bikini bra. Because it was cooler in the store than outside, the buds of her breasts stood erect at attention, pressing defiantly against the thin ultra-smooth micro-fabric textile. The bikini panties fit like a hand in a glove, exposing the wonderful satiny cheeks of her heart-shaped arse, but the bra was a size too small, and she was struggling with the bulging breast demanding to escape the meagre confines of the hot-pink warning triangles preventing him from seeing their true perfection.

"Is everything all right?" he asked, hoping his voice wouldn't sound as ragged as he felt.

She looked up and found him peeping at her through the empty space next to the curtain. Suddenly she turned, and drew the curtain aside, still fidgeting with the bra strings.

"I don't know. It seems like it just won't fit! The bottoms are okay, but I don't understand why the top won't fit! What do you think?" she complained pouting her disappointment.

He smiled and said, "Hmm… let me have a look! Turn around!" he commanded. He couldn't believe it when she obeyed him without protest, and felt his blood pound as she pirouetted to flash that gorgeous arse of hers again.

She turned and looked up in his face expectantly. She was right. The bikini bra was lopsided, and was threatening to expose one of those impudent pouting overly-ripe nipples to the general public. He frowned, saying, "Just let me have a look…" and proceeded to pull at the strings on her bikini bra, and to his pleasure nearly let first the one and then almost the other escape.

"Hmm… This calls for being a bit devious. Obviously the bottoms fit like a charm. The colour is perfect! It's definitely you! You almost look like Halle Berry in that James Bond film. But I do think the top is just a tad too small. No problem. We'll just exchange the top with a size bigger and it will be perfect! Now don't go away. You can take that one off, and I shall bring you a bigger one. Stay right here, and I'll be back in a moment."

He went off to find the next larger size, again checking that the floor section was just as deserted as before. "God, I think I love Mondays!" he muttered realising that no one had even taken notice that he had gone in and out of women's changing room. Hopefully it would stay that way for a few moments more!
When he came back to the changing booth, a thrill coursed through him to spy her through the curtain space to see she was waiting for him bare-breasted. His eyes widened at the sight of those lovely proud buds in a lovely dusty rose colour staring back at him in the reflection of the mirror, before he looked up to see Karla's eyes staring back into his. He didn't look away as he wordless handed her the larger bikini bra through the curtain space.

Without looking away from his eyes, she took it from him. For an infinitely long moment she stared back at him in the mirror reflection. She flushed noticeably. She must have seen the desire in his eyes, which an instant later seemed to be reflected in her own. Unexpectedly she turned and drew back the curtain, standing before him unabashed with the bikini bra hanging limply at her side in her hand.
"Do you want me Michael?" she asked in an unexpected husky voice.

He couldn't find his voice, as his eyes roamed the length of her face, her proud breasts and the flat length of her belly down to wear bright pink bikini panties covered the source of her essence of sex.

He nodded, before tentatively reaching out to touch her breast, almost reverently, fearing this might all be just fantasy and not really happening to him. She didn't cringe when he did. Instead she gasped, arching her back to tip the defiant breast up towards his face.

Lightly he stroked that pouting bud with his thumb, which rewarded him with another gasp as she opened her mouth and closed her eyes. Gently he pushed her back into the changing booth, and quickly drew the curtain, before turning back to allow his mouth to descend on the bud, now harder than the other from his teasing thumb.

Karla released a soft quiet moan as his hungry mouth began to suck on her nipple, as he pushed her back against the cool glass of the mirror. His allowed his other thumb to rub the other nipple hard. Releasing her breast from his administering lips he whispered with ragged breaths in her ear, "Karla, I don't really know what's happening to me, but I just know that I want you, and I want you here and now!"

She looked into his face with a sultry look, her lids half open and full of lust, before she whispered, "Yes".

Michael drew a breath before he kissed her deeply, trusting his demanding tongue into her mouth to taste the remnants of the Viennese melange mingling with the essence of her. Her teeth nibbled at his thrusting tongue, sending wild shocks of lightening through his body, making his cock grow rock-hard. In near desperation he rubbed her tits to make the nipples match the hardness he felt in his cock, feeling pleasure when she began to moan.
"Quiet, baby! We have to keep quiet, or we'll get in a lot of trouble before we've even started. Oh, God! I am so hot to have you now", he said as his hands ran the length of her near naked body, touching, stroking and rubbing.

He gasped as he felt her fumble at his trousers, deftly opening his belt and unzipping them, while he kissed and gently bit her neck and collar bone. When her warm hand finally enclosed his swollen cock, he nearly moaned aloud and spilled his seed right then and there. Instead he sucked on her breasts again, rubbing their tips hard with his unmerciful tongue.

Karla had her eyes closed in pleasure and was biting her lip to keep from moaning her pleasure, but Michael could hear the guttural whimpering sounds she was suppressing through her body. They were no different from his own, as she deftly was stroking his over-swollen cock and rubbing the head gently with her thumb until a thick bead of pre-cum oozed forth. He groaned quietly with his mouth sucking her breast as she spread it all over the head.
His hand travelled down to her bikini panties to push with his fingers inside to find her treasure. And when he found her nearly dripping in wet anticipation, his cock twitched against her firm grip that was now pulling his shaft with practiced paced strokes.

Breaking his mouth off from her breast, he impatiently kneeled to rapidly roll the panties down over thighs and past her knees, taking them off and casting it carelessly in the corner, before he plunged his face against the pulsating nest between her legs, spreading her legs impatiently and prying them apart with his chin. He had to taste her!

With his tongue he began to stroke her nether lips, sucking at her nectar, which tasted of exotic sparkling wine and unripe strawberries. Karla tousled his hair and continued to bite her lip as she desperately tried not to scream her pleasure as she quivered against the glass mirror. His hands stroked the length of her thighs and tickled the backs of her knees, which trembled, as his tongue made slow swirling motions against the tip of her clit.
When he began to suck on it, alternately with thrusting his tongue into her warm wet pussy, he knew she was reaching her climax. She fidgeted and struggled like a bird wanting to escape. His hands became gentler, yet firmly held her in place.

"Come for me Karla" he whispered. "Let your pleasure escape, love", he coaxed, before thrusting his tongue deeper into her warm pussy in rapid hard even strokes. He felt her become increasingly tense, yet he continued to thrust only faster with his tongue, before he felt the lips of her pussy finally contract and suck his tongue in deep inside as they continued to contract in the violent wave of her orgasm.

She was near collapsing, as she suppressed her moans of pleasure. "Oh my God!" she whispered, as he held her up against the mirror. He wiped his wet face against the nest of her crotch before kissing his way up her body.

"Come, you absolutely gorgeous woman! Can you take just a bit more pleasure?" he whispered against her ear nuzzling her neck before kissing her mouth again to share with her the essence of her taste, letting her tongue lap the juice of her love from his own.

She murmured her consent and he quickly turned her around, guiding her arms above her head against the mirror. From behind her, he moulded his body against hers and kissed her spine lovingly, as he teased her clit with his fingers, making her pussy begin to weep once again.

When she was nearly dripping, he gently made her bend over then aligned his swollen cock to plunge into her from behind. The manner in which the smooth wet walls of her pussy expanded then re-tightened against his throbbing cock was almost enough to make him shoot his cum then and there. Gasping he began to slide in out of her slowly, and revelled in the sight of watching the pleasure on her face as her tits smacked in rhythm with his strokes against the mirror.
He plunged in to the hilt, before he leaned over to whisper in her ear, "Karla baby, I want you to cum with me. Cum with my beautiful lover!" and gently kissed her spine. He paused to gently reach down to enclose her smaller delicate hand in his before guiding to her clit. There he guided its rhythm to match his slower strokes of his cock plunging in and out of her pussy.

"Yes, that's right, lover. Release your pleasure and match me", he encouraged before he went back to moving inside her. He knew when she had found the perfect rhythm, for her warm swallowing walls of her pussy began to contract slowly.

Feeling the slow pull of her pussy on his thick cock only increased his urgency. Grasping her hips firmly, he now began furiously to fuck her hard. With all the strength he had in his hips he slapped incessantly against her hot arse cheeks, as she matched his strokes rubbing her clit. She braced herself with one arm against the wall of the changing booth, as he rammed his cock into her depths faster and harder than before, causing her tits to slap against the glass of the mirror.

Suddenly he felt her cum as she mewed a stifled moan and felt her pussy contract tightly around his raging cock. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" he growled before he plunged his cock into the depths of her pussy again, and finally spewed the pulsating load of his cum into her depths in uncontrollable spasms.

Their bodies shook and shivered for a moment, before Michael realised how tightly he was gripping Karla. Catching their breaths, he loosened his grip and kissed her spine again before letting his limp cock slip out.

Turning around he smiled in her face before kissing her, and telling her, "If I had known that making love to a woman would have been like that, I would never let Detlev touch me", he lied kissing her gently.


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