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This short story contains EXPLICIT ADULT MATERIAL, and is only intended for readers who are at least 18 years of age. If you are NOT AT LEAST 18 YEARS OF AGE YOU HAVE NO BUSINESS READING THIS STORY and are hereby advised not to read it. Please close this window now and read something else.

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But if you are over 18 years of age your are welcome to read it. It's a short story I wrote for an on-line challenge for a circle of aspiring erotic writers.

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At the stop light Erich impatiently lit another cigarette as he carefully balanced the 400 kilo Honda Gold-Wing between his well-muscled half-naked legs. He wasn't your typical motorcycle kind of guy. Most of his biker friends either had street-racing Kawasakis or Suzukis and wore black leather jumpsuits. The others who had Harley-Davidson or BMW choppers wore leather chaps and black leather jackets with chains that would jingle.

Erich's motorcycle was so big, his buddies joked about it, ridiculing it as "a fat lady two wheels". Typically he wore cut-off jeans that were extra short with a T-shirt, and rode - of all things - barefoot with Dutch style Birkenstock clogs on. If it wasn't for the damn helmet law, he wouldn't have even worn a helmet, but since he was obligated to, he worn an ugly beat-up dirty white open-faced helmet.

"Integrated helmets suck!" he would say. "You can't smoke a damn cigarette with that goddam face shield in your way!"

If his friends didn't know him better, they would have ridiculed him being a queer-arse queen. Not that Erich would have given a damn about that. He could care less about people thought about what he wore when he rode his cycle. Those endless conversations about what men "were supposed to wear" bored him. Besides he had met enough gay guys who especially liked that tight-arsed motorcycle macho-look with heavy silver-studded black patent leather, which was the main reason he didn't like motorcycle clothes.

"Who gives a shit if every girl on dance floor can see you're hung like a bear in black leather trousers?" he would gripe. "If you don't know what to do with it, what's the point?" Erich wore what he felt like, and today it happened to be a loud Hawaiian flower shirt with cut-off jeans.

The signal light turned red-amber before turning green, and he quickly stuck his light in his mouth before stepping on the clutch and throttling the gas. Off to the lake today! It was a sweltering July day, and his roommate Uli, had phoned him earlier to tell Erich enthusiastically how he had arranged a late-afternoon picnic with three or four girls at the lake.

"Come on, Erich! Don't let me down guy! I can't handle four girls all by myself!" Uli cajoled on the phone.

"You're so full of shit, Uli! You can't even handle one all by yourself!" Erich laughed into the phone. "I hope you bring something to eat, because I haven't had anything all day long!"

"Arsehole!" retorted Uli, laughing. "Don't worry about the food!. The girls will bring stuff. Just bring something to drink. You know! Something the girls like drinking. Something sweet, maybe. Oh! And don't forget to bring me ciggies!"

Erich gunned his bike over the grass hill on the little side road to the late, just off the main highway. At the top he could see the magnificent stretch of tranquil blue water reflecting the intense blue of a cloudless European summer day in July. There were no boats on the lake - it was strictly for swimming. The sandy beach end of the lake was sent up like a holiday resort, with a snack bar, changing rooms, showers and a playground for children. It was nearly deserted in the late afternoon. Most of the families with kids had gone home, and except for some teenagers playing volleyball it was pretty much deserted.

But Erich didn't bother even looking for Uli and his girls here. The other end of the lake was a so-called FBC beach, or what was known as a "Free Body Culture" beach in Germany, or a nude beach. Separated from the larger family beach area by a bend in the lake from the area textiles were required, it was sheltered by a sparse copse of Norwegian pine trees. Instead of sand, the smaller beach had gravel and was not as expansive, since great thickets of reeds threatened to crowd out the beach.

Even before Erich parked his cycle, he could hear loud German pop music rumbling from the beach, which could only be coming from Uli's Ghetto-blaster. He shook his head, wondering if Uli only owned one damn music cassette. Every time Erich showed up, the same stupid song was blaring out of those retarded distorted speakers. He parked his bike and took off his helmet, before lighting another cigarette. Opening the bike tail-case he extracted four bottles of semi-sweet red wine he had pulled out of the freezer an hour ago, and two packs of cigarettes. He crossed over the dune hill to the beach, stopping at the top to spot the source of that irritating music. Ah-ha, so there they were!

While Uli was in the midst of laughing and telling his group of girls some story, Erich took a minute to appreciate the group of naked women. One of them was Ruthie, Uli's latest girlfriend. Just a little podgy about the waist, he conceded she had the biggest tits he had ever seen! The aureoles around her nipples were the size of mouths of coffee cups; the nipples themselves were about the size of un-shelled peanuts, and by the look of it as a smile curled to his lips, just as hard today.

Ruthie's other three girlfriends were a bit more slender. One was blonde, while the other two were brunettes, all with short hair. They were all deliciously pink-pale in colour, he thought, noticing that they obviously did not frequent nude beaches. In comparison Uli's skin was a golden pale colour, while Erich was as bronze as any native from the Mediterranean. He smiled at the reddening blush of the blonde girl's breasts. They were already starting to turn colour from the merciless sun. 'Ouch! That is going to hurt later!' he thought smiling wickedly. Ruthie spotted Erich at the top of the hill and waved to him, her naked ample breasts swaying as she did. He smiled and sauntered down to the place on the beach where they had spread out a couple of blankets to sit on.

"Your music sucks, Uli! Can you get that thing of yours to play radio?" he gripped.

"Well kiss my arse, honey! Did you remember to bring tobacco?" Uli replied candidly.

"Yes, sweetheart! I hope you made lunch!" he quipped sarcastically as he threw a pouch of shag tobacco Uli's way.

"That is not my métier", he answered glibly before introducing his best friend. "Girls, this is my roommate Erich. He is not really queer; he just likes to pretend…" he said, starting to giggle.

"Uli, go do us all a big favour, and run off and get your ass stuffed", Erich snapped, as he shed his t-shirt in the hot July sun, to exposed a sun-kissed torso with rippling abs.

After slipping off his clogs, he turned his attention to the women. "And what did you girls bring to eat?" he asked as charmingly as possible.

"Sandwiches and potato salad", Ruthie volunteered generously. "Would you like some?"

"Thought you never ask", he said smiling with bright white teeth, as he slipped off his shorts. Ruthie got him a plate of food, and suppressed a smile at Erich's more muscular compact form, admiring his seamless bronze summer colour. She would have traded Erich for Uli in a New York minute. Although Uli was slim, well-built and youthful, Erich had that more mature male form which only results from years of work building house scaffolding. In comparison, Uli seemed almost effeminate.

Gentlemen-like he opened the wine and poured the ladies glasses, bantering about local gossip he had heard. He ate what Ruthie gave him, idly wondering if he had met the other girls before in one of the local dance establishments. Strange how difficult it was to recognise someone when they no longer wore clothes! He laughed silently at himself as he tried to concentrate on their faces, but was constantly distracted by their pouting young breasts. Thank God for sunglasses, so his stares would not be so obvious! He drank another glass of wine, and finally gave up trying to remember if he had met them before or not, deciding probably not. They were not much of conversationalists, and despite they had found the courage to join in mixed company at a nude beach, they seemed unusually shy and tight-lipped. None of them would take the bait to engage in flirtatious conversation. He sarcastically began to wonder how the feathers would fly if their mothers' knew they were here now.

'Oh, well' he sighed as boredom seeped in, and lazily gazed about the lake. No swimmers splashed about breaking the smooth blue July sky surface of the quiet lake. In fact there were nearly no other people at the beach, let alone in the water - save for one nude girl with long dirty blonde hair quietly napping on a double-sized air mattress on the lake.

When he saw her he did a double-take, slowly sliding down his sunglasses from his nose to squint in the sun to take a better look at her. She was not tall, since she fit just like a child on the large plastic double bed, floating idly in the late afternoon sun. The better part of her seemed to consist mostly of long slender gold-coloured legs, whose colour was seamless as the ended in small round apple-shaped arse. She lay on her belly, with her delicate head turned to one side over folded arms as she soaked in the late afternoon sun. Partially wet dark blonde hair streaked by the sunlight cascaded over her shoulders.

All at once he envied her, napping on the lake. It suddenly occurred that he would like to do nothing better himself. He felt tired, and didn't at all feel like keeping up a dragging conversation with young girls who thought going to the nude beach was more like a game of truth or dare than a relaxing afternoon at the lake.

"I'm going for a swim. It's hot", he announced, not even listening to what Ruthie was telling him the whole time, and simply stood up and walked away rudely, down to the water towards the girl floating on the huge air mattress. As he splashed into the water, the refreshing coolness invigorated him a bit, before he finally took the plunge and swam out toward s the deeper end part of the water, near where the girl on the mattress was snoozing.

His splashing did not go unheard, and as he swam near the air mattress, an emerald eye from under the mane of blonde hair slid open to stare at him. The colour made him catch his breath, as brown eyes stared for a long moment back into the single green one. For a moment, Erich tread water and said nothing before gathering his courage and flashing his white smile.

"Hi! I have a silly question", he ventured.

"Ask!" came the quiet reply, with a slight thin-lipped smile. She hadn't moved.

"I just saw you, and thought how nice it might be to take a nap in the sun and float around on the lake. Can I borrow your air mattress for an hour?" he asked boldly, hoping it sounded polite. Suddenly he felt a bit embarrassed, thinking his question came off sounding like an eight year old begging some other child to lend him their toy.

"No" came the equally quiet prompt answer. His face lost its smile at the disappointment and chagrin. 'Stupid question!' he chastised himself. 'Shit! What were you thinking?!' came his inner self-reprimanding voice.

"But you can share it with me", she added, stretching a bit, lifting her head and rolling to one side. The air mattress groaned as her skin squeaked against the surface. His look was immediately distracted form her face to move down her body to view small ripe breasts the size of large golden apples, a smooth belly and a small triangle of delicate dark blonde curls the same colour as her long hair between her legs.

A small smile curled on her lips as she watched him stare at her body. For a moment he continued to tread water and say nothing, unable to make up his mind what to do. She was a like a vision of Venus on the water, but he had no real desire for a romantic encounter today. He really did feel dead tired, and he wasn't really the kind of man that liked brief encounters with perfect strangers. Besides bold, confident women made him feel nervous and uncertain.

A long moment of silence ensued, which actually helped him to answer, "Okay". She did not begin to chatter or nervously talk about everything under the sun like a high-strung schoolgirl might have done. She waited patiently for his answer, no matter what it might be.

Slowly he tread near to her air mattress and pushed himself upon it in one smooth motion, leaving a sheet of water to sudden run down his torso as he struggled to get on the mattress without tipping it, while she helped him to balance laughing lightly. He found himself smiling, and laughing in return. It was nearly infectious.

"If we paddle over to the reeds over there, it will be a bit warmer there and not so draughty", she suggested pointing towards the side of the lake. Erich's look didn't quite follow where she was pointing, but instead was distracted for a moment by the erect nipples of her coffee crème coloured breasts before looking up to where she was pointing. She cocked her head questioningly.

"Okay" he agreed, and they both lay down on the plastic raft, to kick and paddle their way over to the reeds.

They laboured helplessly for about five minutes before they reached the reeds. During this time, Erich was trying to think of what he could say to her that wouldn't sound like a cliché. His first thought was to ask her if she came here often, but he thought better of it, chiding himself for such a stupid question. Obviously she did, or else she would have never had such a gorgeous skin colour.

Instead he settled for: "Is this lake one of your favourite places to go swimming?" Not original, but better than the standard question.

"Sometimes. It's usually too crowded", she simply answered. He waited to see if she would volunteer more information, but she didn't. The conversation was awkward, and he wasn't sure what he should say so he wouldn't sound like a jerk.

When the reached the reeds, he had given up trying to think of things to say, and decided maybe taking a short nap would be better than saying something stupid. Wordlessly they stretched out one the large air mattress on their backs.

Erich decided he wouldn't try to flirt anymore. It was something courteous person didn't do at a nude beach, since it would be breaking an unspoken taboo, violating the austere politeness codex of the "Free Body Culture". He lay a careless arm over his eyes to shield out the sun, enjoying its warmth.

Immediately his thoughts drifted off in the late afternoon heat, as he completely relaxed. He almost began to dream, were it not for the fact that the girl shifted on the mattress, which rocked on the water as she did. She was quiet again, and he drifted off back to sleep.

He felt he was dreaming of kissing the strange girl's breasts; of how it seemed almost too real to be a dream, feeling his lazy cock grow hard, despite the sun doing its magic to prevent this. The hardness irritated, and the pressure of it awoke him. Desperately he hoped his cock would not betray his dreams, as he felt his heart thudding, hesitating to jostle the air mattress by lifting his head. Forcing himself to relax, he hoped his hard-on would quickly go away before it became an embarrassment.

Suddenly he felt a small cool hand clasp his half-hardened cock, sending a shocking and unexpected chill down his spine. His heart began to thud anew as it became apparent this was no dream. He held his breath as delicate fingers firmly held his shaft and began to slowly pump the other skin gently. Instantly the blood returned to engorge his cock to its former rigidness.

"Ohhhhh…" he moaned quietly as he felt wet full lips enclose about his cock's head. Her tongue slowly ran the length of the head, as she gently suckled on it, before razing her teeth around the sulcus, before continuing to lick the head furrow from base to eye. It was perfect bliss and pure torture, as the pressure continued to build in his balls. As he contracted his abdomen muscles his cock stood upright, pulling against the inside of her cheek. She sighed a chuckle as she began to move her mouth in that sweet rhythm, going down on his thickly swollen cock. With each bob of her head the raft rocked gently, the motion adding to this rare summer pleasure.

Erich could feel that it would not be much longer before he would shoot her mouth full of boiling cum, and thought it would be pity if he couldn't share this secret moment of pleasure, now too aroused to bother if anyone was observing them from the shore or not. He carefully sat up, and gently lifted her lovely face from his throbbing cock, before slowly kissing her, savouring the taste of her tongue mixing with his pre-cum.

Glancing over her shoulder he could see they were in the thickest part of reeds, and safe for the moment from hungry eyes, which might feed upon their stolen summer tryst. Again he kissed her, holding her closer to feel her warm breasts against his tight chest, as he carefully lay her back to the middle of the air mattress, taking great care not to upset it and send them both tumbling into the water.

She lay back and gazed up into his face, sultry green eyes full of desire, and gently stroked the nape of his neck before he hungrily placed wet warm kisses down her throat, over her collar bone to gently suck on her nipples, each in turn. The sun had transformed them from apples to sweet, over-ripe peaches warmed by the sun, and the taste of them, caused his over-hardened cock to ooze to relieve some of its overly tight pressure.

Carefully he rolled on top of her, gently parting her thighs with his knee to lie with his rigid velvety shaft pulsating on her mons, dripping with anticipation. Reaching down with one hand he parted her nether lips to see if she was as ready as he felt, and was rewarded with the warm rich silky texture of her own wanting moisture. As he suckled at her breast, he teased by gently sliding two fingers into her, and smiled against her breast as she gently moaned her pleasure.

Undaunted he rapidly began to move his fingers in and out of her sheath, which rewarded him with a virtual flood of her silky love juices of anticipation. Lifting his head, he steadied himself on his elbow, before reaching down to guide his impatient shaft into her tunnel of love, catching his breath as it slipped inside her like a soaped hand into a rubber glove. The walls of her sheath expanded, adjusted and re-contracted to gently hold his overloaded cock deep inside her. The pressure was almost more than he could bear.

Carefully he began to slide outside of her, testing if the raft would withstand the motions of passion. In reaction, she wrapped her long slender legs around his hips, hooking her ankles behind his naked powerful arse cheeks, and pulled him to plunge back deep inside of her, whimpering as he re-filled her to the hilt. He judged she was more than ready, and slide back out again, only to have her lift her hips, and pull him back in. Noting that the raft was stable enough for their love making, he began to move more rapidly, as she whimpered her pleasure. Encouraged, he picked up speed and began to pound inside her, resting on his hands, as he slapped his hips against her perfectly round arse.

Like a tree igniting from a blast of summer lightening, the spark of desire enflamed them both, as he furiously began to fuck her, pounding against her harder and faster, breathing raggedly as his cock willed him to do. The girl was near cumming, as she begged him to give her more, harder, deeper and faster. Erich complied to her commands as best he could, feverously fucking her as fast and hard as he could. She cried and moaned, but he paid no heed if anyone one saw or heard them now, lost as he was in the passion of the moment, feeling the heat of his cum about to explode from him.

The girl issued a deep throaty cry before he felt the walls of her pussy suddenly contract and expand in what could only be a wave of sheer bliss as she orgasmed violently, clutching to him, as her pussy throbbed in heated passion around his thick cock. A moment later, he plunged a finally time inside of her depths and felt his cum shoot like torrent flood from his balls deep into her still contracting depths. Erich moaned his bliss before collapsing, letting his head fall on her shoulder.

The ripples on the lake subsided as they both regained their ragged breath in unison. After a moment of stillness, Erich raised his head and whispered gently, "That was better than taking a snooze."

"Yeah, I thought so too. I thought you would be that good, when I first laid eyes on you, but I wanted to be sure", she said, smiling.

He laughed, and was going to give her a snappy reply, but suddenly thought better of it, smiling sheepishly, before saying, "God, I am such a jerk! I didn't ask your name. I'm so sorry. What's your name?"

"Suzy", she answered simply.

"Suzy? Suzy what? Surely you have a surname!" he demanded.

She smiled, and simply answered, "Suzy with the air mattress."


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