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Tommys Voicemail

Short story By: casinoboss

Lola is all alone at 3:30 am. A little drunk, slightly pissed, and very horny. Plus, she misses her lover...not her husband.

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Ring. Ring. Ring.

Hi. It's Tommy. You know what to do. Do it.

Hi baby. It's Lola. Well, I'm sitting here alone in the dark. Sal called about two am and said some bullshit thing about his car conking out. A brand new Jag?? Come on. He went to New Orleans for a meeting with his mob friends, so I'm sure they had 'entertainment'. He's probably fucking that Vicky girl that works for Tony. I think she's a teenager from Phoenix. I found a card in his dresser drawer under his socks. You know one of those cutesy tihngs? Signed, love, Vicky. What an asshole.

Anyway, where the fuck are you? I haven't seen you or heard from you in days. Now what's up? (Sounds of ice clinking in a glass from the dispenser on the refrigerator door were recorded here followed by a pouring sound) Ahhh. I needed a drink. Anyway, I'm wondering if I did something to piss you off. It wasn't easy handing you my little sister Christmas eve, but I did it. Sure, I didn't have a choice. It was a party, and with a house full of guests, and my husband standing right there, well what was I supposed to do?

That was a tough night.

Then to top it off, after you fucked Eva, she told me you wanted that Kelly girl, so I agreed to that, too. I know she's over 18 Tommy, but the girl looks like she's 12...I can't believe you left with her, or she left with you. Did you take her to your penthouse and fuck her in our bed? Tell me you didn't.. (gulping sounds...probably Jack Daniels....her favorite) Ahh, well, it doesn't matter does it? This is the way you said you wanted things. You want to be free to fuck anyoneyou want, anytime you want . Ok, I agreed.

What else can I do? I'm married.

Where Tommy? Where are we going baby? Is this my life now? Just sit around and wait for you for hours just to spend thirty minutes with you in private?

God, I sound pathetic, huh? I love you and you know it, but you won't tell me you love me. Why baby? I need the words. I let you get away with murder. How much pussy do you need? I know you're fucking those cocktail girls at work two at a tme. Plus, that fucking bombshell Dallas Raines that you brought with you from Vegas. I'm not really into women, but if she hit on me, i might take the bait.

Damn, she's stunning. I've never done that before. I did kiss Ginger... you know the girl that was in the Miss America Pageant with me when I was Miss Nevada and she was Miss Calfornia? Damn, she was hot. But, she wanted to do more than kiss, and made no bones about it. The kissng was fabulous, and she got me fired up in a flash, but when she started feeling me up over my bra, I panicked and ran away.Hell, we were just kids. 19, I think. ( short pause and gulp) I could sure use her now.

Where are you? I'm so fucking horny. Sal hasn't touched me since Christmas, and that wasn't much. Good old three minute Sal. How's he keeping up with a teenager? She probably just blows the lazy fuck anyway.

(hissing sounds from a butane lighter and a deep inhale record here) He says I'm crazy .He's right. I am crazy...crazy about you, and even crazier for staying with him.

Hey, how long does this damn thing record? I haven't heard any beeps. I must be crazy talking to a plastic box that was probably made by the lowest bidder.

That Raven girl? She's unbelievably beautiful, too. Another knockout that loves your big ass. Apparently the only woman in Biloxi that your charm hasn't worked on is that Alexis Champion lady. Again, a stunner. What happened there? She sees you and runs the other way. Sal said she was pissed at you, but Raven said she wasn't pissed, just scared. What makes her afraid of you? God knows you're the gentlest, big guy in the world.

I lit a couple of candles before I called thinking we could at least have phone sex. I love your low, sweet sexy voice in my ear. And I know you like me whispering. Oh shit, I'm horny. Let me refill my glass and grab a cigarette.. (clink clink, clink...pours, lighter hisses, she drags deep, then sighs) Ahhhhh. Fuck, fuck, fuck, cock ,pussy, cum, blowjob, cunt, juicy, dripping, cocksucker, motherfucker, (She giggles) Wasn't that fun?! I must have just wanted to hear myself cuss. Play this back for me next time I'm at your place. I''ve never heard myself on tape. Might be fun.

I know I'm sounding crazy. But, I'm alright. (Long pause as she takes several slow drags from her cigarette, clearly thinking))

Oh Tommy, that's a lie baby. I'm never alright when you're not with me. I miss you so much. I crave your voice in my ear, in person is better, but right now, hey, I'd take it over the phone. You've gotten me off more than once that way. PIck up!

(gulp) Ahhh....How long does this thing record anyway? (inhales with a tiny hiccup) Oh, I already said that. I must be drunk...al little drunk. (A long inhale records)

Hey !...I got an idea. I've never heard myself having sex on tape , either. Hmmm. Would you like that sweetheart? I know you would. You like fucking me. Maybe this will inspire you to call me. I'm taking the cordless to the couch now. (Pause)

Ok, I'm lying on my back ... (sighs) pinching my right nipple with my right hand. (sighs) mmmm. It feels good. My long nipple is beginning to swell. I'm taking my hand from my nipple now,and slowly dragging my fingernails down my side. Ohhh. It tingles. mmmm. I'm dragging my hand across my tummy (sighs) and down to the waist band of my soft red panties. Now, I've slipped my thumb in the waist tband and pulling them down. I see my shaved pussy and I'm dragging my fingers to it slowly. mmmm. I'm softly caressing my mound. Wow. I'm at my pussy lips now, spreading them. Damn, they're slippery! I must be excited. mmmm.

I'm slipping my middle finger in a little..oooooo. I'm touching my clit, now. mmmm. I have to cradle the phone against my neck if I'm going to do this right.(the sounds of the phone being jostled about record here) ok, that's better. I slipped two fingers in my cunt now. Ohhh... and I'm fingering myself really good for you (squish, squish) mmmm. I'm pulling them out to brush across my clit. Ohhh...It feels so good Tommy, my Tommy, my sweet lover...this is all for you sweetheart. mmmm. I'm imagining you eating me out. Your hands pushing against my soft, silky thighs...your tongue lapping at my pussy lips. I love it when you do that. mmmm

Your tongue dives inside now, slurping up my sweet juices. You're such a bad boy. Ohhh. I can actually feel your warm tongue exploring my cunt. mmmm. You like that baby? Tasting me like this? I'll taste it for you. I'm pulling both fingers out now and putting them to my sexy pink lips. Ohhh. I'm rubbing my pussy juices over them. Ohhh. So good, baby. What did you say?You want to fuck me now?

Ok, come on up. You're between my knees now, pushing my knees apart real wide.mmmm I take your sweet cock in my right hand and place it between my pussy lips...Ohhh. Now, push..push baby. OHHH SHIT! That's it ! (Sighs heavily) That's it baby. (She's whispering now) Nice and slow..we're moving as one now. You're kissing me with your tongue in my mouth . I love kissing you like this. mmmm Oh, God. You've reached under my ass... holding my cheeks in both hands. I love that. No man has ever done that to me before. Just you..Just you baby, with those big powerful hands. Ohh. That's right. Squeeze 'em. Ohhh. Nice Go ahead, squeeze harder. I'm rubbing my swollen clit baby..brushing against it just like your thick cock does when you fuck me. (she cries out) .Ohh God. Fuck me baby! Yes, like that.

We've picked up the pace baby. Ohhh. Fast, so fast.

I love it when you get on your knees and throw my ankles over your right shoulder, and fuck the shit out of me. Yeah, just like that. I see your face now baby as you pump your big cock in me. Fuck, you're beautiful baby. So beautiful. You're pressing down against my knees making my legs stiff as they rest on your shoulders. So good. Your eyes are only half open now as you push and pull your big cock in and out of me taking nice long strokes. I feel every inch of you. Every delicious inch. Your thick cock has my clit red and swollen. mmmm Your tan six pack abs are shiny. Are you sweating baby? I am. i like it when your sweat falls on my tits. Wow.

My two fingers are brushing my clit hard and fast now baby. Are you keeping up? Let's do it. Let's cum together. Just like we do in real life. I love you Tommy. Come on baby. FUCK ME! Pound that big cock up my cunt! Yeah, like that. Harder, harder baby. Ohhhhh. (her breath sounds muffled, and heavy...the phone must have slipped closer to her lips, the only sound was of wind)

She whispered, Fuck me, fuck me, (then shouted) FUCK ME !!(Squishing sounds and a long pause) TOMMY! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Oh God, Oh God...so... fucking great. You're so fucking great. (heavy breathing and a pause)) How...do.you do....that to me? (she giggles) Am I fucked up or what? I'm soaked. I have cum running down my ass crack straight to my asshole. I'm such a slut. Your slut.

Strange, huh? First it was in me dying to get out, then it got out, and dives back in. Hell, I don't blame it. It's strange world out here.

I'm going to have to flip the sofa cushion over. Fuckers drenched.

I need a cigarette.I need a cigarette bad.

Baby, it's five am now. If Sal's not home by now, he won't be here untill after lunch. So, when you get this, just come on over.

I'll be waiting.


Kate , the preachers wife was lying in Tommy's lap as they listened to Lola get herself off. He looked down at her, "What are you thinking?"

She said to him, "I want whatever that was she was drinking, and I want you to fuck me just like THAT!"

The preachers wife slid from his lap as he stood and picked her up. " You're learning."

"Yes, Mr. Castle.I'm learning."


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