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thinking about you, too

Short story By: casinoboss

A few days ago, Tommy left a message here for one of his fans..trying to get her to reveal herself. This is her graphic response. Let's listen.

Submitted:Mar 17, 2012    Reads: 1,899    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   

I don't know how you do it, but you've done it again. My panties are soaked, plus I made a mess on my new sofa. But, you already knew that, because what you said was going to happen, is exactly what happened. (except for my dog snatching up my soaked panties and running out of the house and down the street) That's ok. They only costs $38 bucks at Victoria's Secret.

But, tonight it will be different. Last time, you caught me off guard. This time, I am prepared my darling. I have laid two large trash bags end to end, and then carefully placed a nice comfy beach towel,that I picked up this morning at Wal-Mart, and spread it over the Hefty bags.

Actually, I had to turn it over, because I can't do this properly, staring at a great white open mouthed shark between my legs. I really do want to be eaten, but not by a fucking shark!

Ok, why don't we get started hon? Yeh, I can call you hon, now... I'm so glad you figured it out. Somehow, because I know that you know, it has liberated me. I feel so much better not having to repress my feelings about us. Yeh, we're an us now, huh? I bet your other readers wonder about us. They all know you hon, your profile was very clear.

Nice pic of you there, too. All slumped down in that gold chair, with your Yankee cap on very calm, cool, and collected. But, what really gets me, are your eyes. Half closed, looking all mysterious- like you're waiting to see what happens next.

Would it surprise you to know I get myself off staring at that picture? Well, I do hon. I'm staring at it now. I have it as my screensaver, and I have a nice big screen. All I have to do is glance to my left and there you are, less than two feet away resting on my glass coffee table.

I usually start by visualizing I'm standing in front of you, in that chair. I know now what you're looking at. You're looking at me. Do you like what I'm wearing just for you? Good. Most men like black lingerie. Hey, I set up the cd changer for us. That way, I can just click the remote to the next song...sorta helps with the mood and tempo. Shit like that. Oh, I also splurged for some champagne. You seem to talk about that a lot. Well, ok..it's not Dom Perignon...but it is pretty good. I've already had a couple of small glasses.

Oh, and smoking. I know you like sexy women smokers, so after being off of them for five weeks and three days, I just said 'fuck it', and started smoking again. Hey, I'm just trying to 'keep it real' like that judge says on American Idol.

Ok, all set. I have your sexy pic on screen and I'm sipping the champagne. I'm lighting my Marlboro Light 100's...isn't that right? Was it the regular or the 100's hon? I'm French inhaling for you baby. Mmm. That first shot catches you off guard, huh!? Yeh, it did, but boy, did it feel good curling over my glossy lips. Hey, wait. Fuck! Just a sec hon. I forgot to put on my lip gloss.

Ok, I'm back. Man, my lips are so wet and slippery. I used the strawberry tonight. Not bad. I'm taking another drag, as I step towards you. I see you moving your hands towards your zipper. Don't. I'll do it. I see you looking at my hands. You watch my right hand slip to my pussy, as I nibble on my bottom lip. Now, my left hand goes to my left nipple. Do you like this baby? Me, too. I love this song for us right now. Endless love...mmm. Perfect.

I'm walking towards you now, as I untie the little string, sending my sheer black top to the floor. I'm stopping now just in front of you. I'm cupping them with both hands, like I'm weighing them. mmm. Nice and heavy, Full and round. I'll mash them together now so I can lick my nipples. Actually, they're long enough to suck. Smack!

Man, that felt so fucking good. Did you like that baby? Looks like you did!

I just put my cigarette with it's red stained tip in the ashtray next to you. I'm on my knees now and spreading your knees wide, so I can crawl between your legs. I need some room. It's pretty fucking hard, to position myself, so that I can pull your zipper pull down with my teeth. I'm taking the shiny pull between my teeth now and simply turn my head to the right and there it goes.These must be expensive slacks. The pull slid down really easy. I'm undoing the clasp on the waist band now, and folding your fly open.

Well, hello there...mmmm. Baby, your cock needs to get out of there, and God only knows, it's trying. Lift your ass just a bit so I can slip your shorts and underwear off.mmmmm

That's better. Oh, shit. What a cock! Nice and thick. You said it wasn't long though. Baby, you fibbed. This is long. Look, I have both hands around it, like a baseball grip and they're nowhere near the head. I'll just lean down and kiss it a few times. mmm. It smells fresh. Did you just take a shower?

Oh, you want to play with my pussy, while I suck your cock? mmmm. Well, that certainly feels nice, mmmm. Yes, yes hon....go on...slip a couple of fingers in...mmmm, yeah, now I'm puttng your cock in my mouth....do you feel me baby? Go on, squeeze your cock for me..

Oh, fuck me Yeah, like that. My head is bobbing up and down on your big cock. It tastes so good. I just clicked the cd thingy to Steppenwolf...Man, he doesn't need to tell me to get my motor running. I'm way ahead of him. Are you keeping up hon?

Oh, shit ...oh shit...faster baby, faster....'c'mon now....let's take it home!!

I picture you in my head, jerking off in a flurry....I know my hand is soaked and I can't go any faster. I'm almost there baby...I'm stiffening my legs...ahhhhh.Oh God....my spine is tingling, my legs are quivering...ready baby? Ready? NOW!!!

Oh, God, Oh God.....ohhhh....fuck ...fuck ,fuck, fuck.....your cock squirted everywhere.

I saw it in my head.

Let's share a cigarette and glass of champagne. After that, let's go to bed. Let's just fuck all night. The kids are asleep, and tomorrow's Sunday, so we can sleep in...ok.

Oh, baby...make this real for me. I know who you are.


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