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The Stunning Replacement

Short story By: casinoboss

My secretary was leaving and I needed a replacement soon.A replacement for her would have to have it all. She would have to be perfect...and she was.

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The Garrett Carr Files

Case # 2678

The Stunning Replacement



I hated to see Amber go.

Amber Reynolds was only twenty five and after working for me for the past four years, well she made the list of the top five women in my wide but shallow world.

A statuesque beauty with perky tits, lean legs, and ample ass, Amber fit the bill when I first interviewed her right after she graduated from UNLV.

Oh, she was academically sound, but it was her willingness to do whatever was necessary to make her employer (me) happy that sealed the deal.

Coffee? Amber had it ready and handed it to me when I stepped in the door of Swank, Inc. every morning at 9:05. My hours were 9-5 but as a lifelong non conformist, I made sure I was never there at 9 am. Five minutes late wasn't enough to be noticed, and I was good enough at my job that no one would have said shit to me anyway.

Amber took care of scheduling my appointments, arranging the right tables in the right restaurants, for the right customers, and made certain that there were never any glitches.

Add to that, she took care of my dry cleaning, called my grocery list to my housekeeper, shopped for gifts for friends, customers, and family.

And then there were the late nights at the office.

Damn. Amber was second to none in the sex department. An adventurous lover, a serial risk taker with few boundaries, and as hot and horny as any man could dream of. My young secretary had it all.

The warmest, softest,wettest, and most delicious lips I had ever kissed always got my motor running. I enjoyed her choice of soft blouses that showed off her long nipples that seemed to always be rock hard. Legs that shone bronze under even the worst lights, an ass you could strike a match on, and a flat tummy with no stretch marks.

Her blow jobs were sensational, her fucking ranked right up there, and her slutty attitude in bed was unbelievable.

"There's absolutely nothing I will not do for you Garrett...nothing. If you want it, just tell Amber and it's yours."

Yep, Amber was all that.

If I wanted it, she made sure I got it. From a hard to find Rolex to a front row seat at Yankee Stadium; from hard to find Russian pussy to young starlets or models...Amber delivered.

Imagine how I felt when she gave me her notice last month.

"I'm sorry baby, but it's an opportunity I can't pass up."

Well, she was right .

CNN had offered her a position and that meant mainstream to my bilingual administrative assistant. Mainstream meant respectability while Swank, Inc meant porn.

Today is the day scheduled for interviews for her position. Many of the applicants were sent in by Amber so it should be an interesting day.

"Your ten o'clock is here Mr. C...ready baby?" Amber grinned as she peeked in the door and nibbled on her sexy lower lip.

Naturally, I shot her the finger which only prompted her to giggle and mouth, "anytime!". Damn, I'm gonna miss her.

My ten o'clock was a shapely redhead named Ginger. Ginger had it going on for sure, with high cheek bones and glossy orange lips, but she was a bit of a geek. Maybe it was the black horn rim glasses, or the skirt that suggested there was more to see, but there was something wrong with the package.

Ginger didn't make the cut.

Constance was my 10:40 and she was exactly what you would think a Constance would look like. Stern, cold, efficient, and totally secure with her fistful of degrees from some really elite schools. Unfortunately, I didn't need someone that was smarter than me, and couldn't imagine her getting me coffee much less fucking me for fun, so Constance didn't make team Garret either.

The next four were disasters, too.

Finally, Amber came in and shut the door leaning her back against it.

"Baby...what's up? You've turned down everyone so far. What's the problem?"

I sat up and lit a cigarette and replied, "None of them are you. Find me someone just like you. You know what I like. No more geeks or librarians. I want smart, sexy, beautiful, and someone that knows her way around an office. Can you do that?"

Amber slipped over the top of my desk and opened her legs.

"I think I can honey. I have just what you're looking for and she'll be here after lunch. Until then, I think I have just what you need."

I leaned forward as she dropped her legs over my shoulders and reached behind my head drawing my mouth to her warm pussy.

My mouth covered her pussy so I could lick and drink her sweet cum. My reward came quickly as Amber gushed deep in my mouth. I loved swallowing her cum and she was always grateful. in return, she sucked my cock until I shot my warm load down her throat.

We stepped naked into my private bathroom and showered together as we made out hot enough to get my cock hard again. Amber leaned to the edge of the marble bench and reached back and opened her ass for me. I lubed her with my AXE body wash and slid my thick cock in her ass slowly. It rejected it at first, but after some gentle coaxing, her ass relaxed and my thick cock squeezed in deep.

With one hand on her hip, I reached around and under for some clit rubbing. She was dripping juice already and it began to flow faster when I picked up the pace. My big balls slapped her tiny ass with each punishing stroke.

"Oh Fuck baby! Do it!"

My cock erupted inside her ass and filled it. Cum oozed from her warm hole and ran down her legs. She stood and turned to me and kissed me so hard it brought blood.

She wrapped her long legs around me and we fucked again hard.

Afterwards, we slipped from the shower and dried each other and Amber went to my mini bar and grabbed a beer and my Marlboros.

We shared both for a few minutes, then she left and returned to her perch outside my office door.

Damn. I'm sure gonna miss that girl.

Around 1:30 PM, Amber buzzed me on the intercom.

"Your 1:30 is here hon. Ready"

I thought I was.

The door swung open slowly, almost in slow motion. It was then I saw her. Tall, elegant, high cheekbones, smoky eyes, and pouty lips. Dressed in Prada and wearing Jimmy Choo stilettos, my 1:30 had my full attention.

I stood and motioned for her to have a seat in one of the wing back chairs in front of my desk. That assured me a nice look at her long legs if she were to cross them.

She did.

"So you're the infamous Garrett Carr huh?" The sultry voice only enhanced her 'come fuck me' look.

"I'm Garrett Carr alright. Don't know about the infamous part."

My hands were steady as I opened the folder containing her resume. Impressive. A BS in Business Administration from UCLA, a licensed CPA, and a licensed real estate agent, Miss 1:30, Georgia Reynolds had it going on.

Georgia smiled as she reached in her purse.

"Mind if I smoke?"

Now who smokes during a job interview? Only someone with extreme confidence.

Since I am a total non conformist and purveyor of all things off the charts, Miss Georgia Reynolds was checking my boxes quickly.

"Actually, Miss Reynolds, I prefer smoking women. So, please...allow me."

I held my Dunhill under the tip of her Silk 120 and watched it fire up. Smoke shot from her lips down the barrel and washed over her glossy lips. Wow!

"Thanks sugar. And it's not Miss. It's Mrs."

I love married women. So far, she was perfect.

"Okay Mrs. Reynolds. I assume your husband knows there will be late nights here since we are in the news business?"

"My husband is in the import/export business. He's out of town a lot, so that's not a problem. I enjoy late nights at the office myself. Don't you just love it when the office staff is gone and the building is quiet? The only sounds are the office machines soft hum. I do. I find those times to be so relaxing...don't you?"

My cock was aching to get out and play.

I stood and walked around my desk and sat on the edge facing her.

Georgia then surprised me by taking the tip of my tie and pulling on it, drawing my face to hers slowly.

Our tongues touched first, as smoke rolled from her open mouth. My cock twitched instantly as I tasted her warm smoky mouth. I felt my zipper being pulled down which made my cock spring right out. She wasted no time in kissing it before sucking on it softly.

"Mmm. Damn. Your cock is delicious baby. I bet your cum is sweet, too!"

A dollop of pre-cum hung from her lower lip.

I raised her chin with my forefinger and said, "I'd love to fuck your mouth."

"My mouth could use a good fucking. Be my guest baby."

Georgia slid her chair closer and grabbed my ass and began pulling me deeper and deeper. I held the back of her head and fucked her pretty mouth hard.

Harder and harder, faster and faster; the interview was going well!

Suddenly, I noticed fluids dripping from her chair to my tile floor. She was gushing as she sucked my cock. I'd never had that experience before and it was all I could do to hold off till she was through with her orgasm.

I found myself fucking her throat as she came violently and gagged. The whole thing was so exciting, I couldn't stop. Her red lips wrapped around my cock tight as I dumped load after load of warm cum down her throat.

After swallowing, she opened her mouth to show me the residueof cum behind her teeth. Damn. This woman was so fucking hot, even hotter than Amber.

I lifted her by her elbows and kissed her like I'd never see her again. My cum oozed from her mouth to mineand she loved that I took it all and swallowed for her.

I lifted her Prada skirt and slipped my still hard cock to her dripping pussy. She draped her arms around my neck as we continued kissing. Then she lifted her right foot to my desk top and my cock slid right in. We began fucking slowly while we kissed. The sensations were incredible.

"Fuck me baby. Fuck me all you want!"

Georgia and I fucked the rest of the afternoon.

When the office closed at 5:oo PM. It emptied quickly. The only sounds were the office machines soft whines and her gentle whispers.

"Do I get the job baby?"

I outlined her lips with the tip of my tongue and replied, "You had the job from the first minute I saw you."

A smile spread across her face.

"Amber said all I had to do was please you and the job was mine."

"You know Amber?" I asked as our lips touched softly.

"She's my daughter."

It was then I knew I had been set up. I should be mad, but Georgia was such a surprise and the sex was off the charts so I simply smiled and said, "I do love Amber. She's quite a girl."

"Oh, you'll love her mother too darlin...I think you'll find I'm quite a woman." Georgia then kissed me softly over and over as she rubbed the outside of my slacks with the palm of her hand.

"I can see that. You do have everything I'm looking for. Do you type?"

"No...is typing required?"




























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