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The Stunning Mrs. Sands

Short story By: casinoboss

Tags: Niece, Daughter, Mom, Sex

It was my birthday and I got much more than I deserved!

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Hollywood, California

June 14, 2004


It was my birthday and Peggy Sands was under my desk performing as good a blow job as she could at the ripe old age of 20.

Peggy was my latest steno girl and the daughter of my boss, the legendary Harrison Sands, a pioneer in the field of tabloid journalism. Mr. Sands newest endeavor was a tidy little rag called, Exposed, and lived fully up to its name. Countless marriages were destroyed and reputations ruined needlessly simply because he knew that where there was smoke, there was fire. The added benefit of course was that it paid big bucks reporting on other peoples private lives.

Invasion of privacy issues were giggled at in the courts so Harrison Sands made a fortune.

My intercom buzzed as Peggy slurped on my cock so I calmly punched the button.

"Yes Heidi?" I leaned forward and whispered into the high tech grey phone on my desk.

"Mrs. Sands to see you, sir."


"Offer her coffee, tell her I'm ..." I held my hand over the receiver and looked down at Peggy who was mopping up. "just about finished with my report on that Sachs matter and I'll be ready in..." Peggy wiped her red lips and held up two fingers. "two minutes." Then she hopped in my lap for a quick, but very steamy make out session before exiting out the side door of my office.

I was a semi big shot by then with a corner office overlooking Sunset Blvd. on the fifth floor of the Sands Building next to the Playboy Club. My office was mostly for show and unlike my previous offices that had my files in cardboard boxes arranged against the wall, this office had cherry cabinetry and a cherry desk about the size of a full size bed.

The furnishings were all high end and I even had a fireplace and a huge Persian rug in front of it with stories of its own to tell.

It also had a private bath and sauna large enough for myself and uh...my help.

I slipped my white shirt off and took a fresh one from the cardboard box from the cleaners that I kept in my bottom right drawer. A quick wipe and swipe in the fancy bath, a splash of Fendi, and I was good to go.

I punched my intercom button as I slipped on my blue blazer and asked Heidi to send in Mrs. Sands.

Heidi opened the door still hanging on the knob and announced, "Mrs. Sands for you, Mr. Carr."

Alexis Sands stepped in on my soft mauve carpet and said, "Hello Garrett darling. Happy Birthday."

Heidi winked as she shut the door. Damn, young Heidi was quite a dish. My cock was inside her just about an hour ago.

I adjusted my cufflinks nervously as I stared at Mrs. Sands shiny crimson mouth. The same mouth that was the source of many of my late night crazy fantasies. I swallowed and grinned, "Thanks so much Mrs. Sands. Please...have a seat" my hand swung in the direction of one of two wing back chairs in front of my desk.

"Thank you darling."

Mrs. Sands sat and crossed her 55 year old legs revealing her stockings and garter belt. My cock perked right up.

"So dear, how are you liking your new position as Managing Editor? Word on the street is we're lucky to have you." I had heard the word too, followed by such words as; uncaring,unprincipled, uncouth, and un-likeable. Hollywood really was a small town and everyone that mattered knew everyone else's business that mattered as well.

Personally, I didn't see myself checking all those boxes, but self examination was not my forte. I had a job to do and I did it. The salary and perks were worth a few disgruntled movie stars.

But, I was no fool.

"I'm liking it just fine Mrs. S...just fine. I'd say I'm the lucky one here."

"Call me Alex when we're alone dear. And light me." A cigarette appeared at her shiny orange mouth as she handed me her 24 carat gold Dunhill.

I took the lighter and pushed the electronic button as she puckered her cheeks as she inhaled. My cock did a quick twitch as the smoke ran over her lips and into her nostrils.

As I handed her back her lighter she put her hand on mine and said, "Keep it sweetie. It's one of your birthday gifts from me. It's inscribed darling."

I turned it over and read the inscription. 'All you have to do is ask the wrong question the right way' followed by 'Love, AS 6-14-2004' My mind went blank for a moment. Was she flirting with me anonymously? What would be her motivation? The word on the street was that she didn't play. I knew for a fact that everyone from bull-fighters to movie stars had all tried and failed.

While I was spacing out, I apparently missed the door locking and stripping. There stood Alexis Sands in most of her glory save the panties, garter belt and black stockings. A cigarette dangled from her sexy mouth as she stood like a pin up girl with one hand on the door frame to the bathroom and the other rubbing her sensational c cups. The sexiest double drag on a hands free cigarette I'd ever seen soiled my brand new birthday boxers given to me first thing this morning by Heidi.

She removed her gold hoop earrings and said softly,"Come here Garrett."

I stood and pulled the flap for my zipper giving my smashed cock head some relief before strolling over to my bosses wife, and mother of my latest conquest, the adorable Peggy.

Alexis took her cigarette from her orange lips and put her hand behind my neck teasing the nape softly with her orange fingernails.

"Kiss me baby."

I leaned to her smoky lips and teased them with the tip of my tongue before her lips parted. We instantly were in each others mouth licking feverishly. Alexis had the hottest mouth this side of Hell and her tongue tasted of Jack Daniels and Virginia Slims.

She moaned in my mouth as I picked her up and carried her over the Persian rug and laid her on the Italian sofa. Once again she dragged heavily as she lifted her right leg for me to unclasp her garter belt and roll down her black stocking. A task I completed in short order.

Next came her left leg which I kissed admirably as I rolled the stocking down. You know, roll, kiss, roll, kiss..the standard way that hot lovers woo their women. Not my first rodeo.

Alexis then arched her back so I could pull down her black lace panties and garter belt simultaneously.

Then I saw it. Cue the music.

A perfectly landscaped pussy that was neither waxed or shaved. It had been scissor cut to about an inch, and smelled like a pussy. A bit of an odor from her sweating, but nothing offensive. No crazy feminine hygiene spray that usually smelled like my mother's greenhouse.

I eased my tongue to her shiny slit as I used my thumbs to rub her butterfly lips.

The taste was a mix of tart and sweet. The texture was thin and slippery.

The words, "Oh Garrett...yes, do it!" were to be expected from most of my playmates, but not from multi million dollar pussies like Alexis Sands.

Being a loyal employee and lifelong player with zero scruples when it came to a dalliance with a married woman, I dragged my tongue up and down her slit like a cat. Juices were already beginning to trickle as I pulled her lips back tight and licked her hot hole.

"Ahhhh...yes, yes, yes baby!"

Suddenly, she reached between us and massaged my anxious cock that already had a wet head as her tongue found the back of my throat. After rubbing my pre-cum around the rim with her thumb, she looked down and smiled at me.

My tongue lapped harder as she begin to drizzle in my mouth.

"Come up here and smoke with me."

I had smoked before and after sex, but never during. It sounded interesting, so I shimmied up her flat tummy and clamped my mouth on hers so she could exhale in it.

My cock twitched as I took the warm smoke from her mouth.

"Go blow it in my pussy baby"

I didn't waste any time sliding back down to her pussy which she now had wide open with two of her orange tipped fingers.

She let out a soft moan as I blew the warm smoke inside her wet hole. The reaction was swift as she spurted on my chin. Then another spurt when I wet my finger and slipped it her ass gently.


Alexis cried and squirmed as I overheated her already warm ass. I pushed it in hard then withdrew it slowly. Than rammed it in up to my knuckle. That filled my mouth!

"I need you inside me now!"

Once again I slipped over her now sweaty stomach and punched my cock to her dripping pussy. The 55 year old threw her hips at mine really hard and my cock slipped in like we had done this a million times. My hands mashed her tits as we locked our wide open mouths again. The kissing and fucking began slowly as we moaned in one another's mouth.

I felt her sweaty legs wrap around my ass as she began to match my quickening pace.

Alexis fucked like a porn star as she cried, "Yeah, baby..fuck my pussy! Do it! Fuck my wet cunt!"

I got to my knees and dragged both her legs over my right shoulder which made her pussy extra tight. I looked down and watched her pinch her nipples and toss her head wildly from side to side.

She screamed, "Faster, faster baby...we're so close!"

My hips went into overdrive as I began pumping in and out of her as hard and fast as I could.

I recognized that frown on her face and the tensing of her legs as she held her breath and squeezed out a gushing orgasm!

My own growl echoed around the room as I dumped my hot cum as deep as I could.

I eased her quivering legs from my shoulder and lay on top of her.

Alexis had a strong fast heartbeat that matched mine.

I kissed her grin as she said, "Happy Birthday baby."

The room was silent as we shared soft kisses for a few minutes.

I helped her to the shower where we lathered each other and enjoyed another round of hot sex.

Alexis freshened her make up and redressed and slipped out the same side door as her daughter had used just over an hour earlier.

I managed to blow dry my hair, and redress before cleaning up the mess that hot sex had made on the sofa.

There was a banging on my office door as I recognized the voice of Mr. Sands.


I quickly disposed of the soggy paper towels and looked around for anything that might give away what had happened between myself and his wife.

It was a good thing I bothered to look. Alexis had dropped her gold hoop earrings in the crack of the cushions on the sofa. I snatched them up and slipped them in my pocket as I stepped to the door.

My hand shook as I turned the lock in the doorknob. I patted my hair and put on a smile and swung the door open.

Mr. Sands stepped in and stared at me for a tense moment. I saw my career flushing down the toilet as we stood in silence. In the last five hours, I had fucked his niece Heidi, his daughter Peggy, and his wife Alexis!

I fidgeted with my shirt sleeves as I waited to hear I was fired.

But, to my surprise the words that came out with a big smile weren't you're fired!

Mr. Sands shook my hand and said, "Happy Birthday Garrett. Here's a little something from Alexis and I."

I looked over his shoulder at Alexis Sands who was nibbling on her bottom lip as he handed me an envelope.

A quick wink later she said, "Yes, happy birthday Garrett. Did you make a wish or are you too old now to not believe in such things ?"

I grinned and said, "I sure did. I believe wishes can come true. In fact, one already has."




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