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The limo ride down Broadway..

Short story By: casinoboss

Tags: Sex, Suck, Limo, Mature

This is part two of the heiress, which continued from six minutes,which continued from the elevator.

In this chapter Tommy discovers that Jane Wyndam inherited Wyndam House from her deceased father, and runs it with ease. Tommy is her newest best selling author, and she has just left her office with him after a steamy sex session in her office. Now, they head for lunch in her black stretch limo. It's just supposed to be lunch, and some planning for a world tour. It ends up being more. Much more.Lets take a limo ride.

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Jane sat close to Tommy, in the back seat of the darkened limo, with her arm tucked through his. She turned her head to him and kissed his lips softly, then said, "You ok?"

"Sure, why wouldn't I be? I'm in the back of a stretch limo snuggled up with a stunning woman. A woman that has defended me twice today, and it's only noon." He put a cigarette in his lips and Jane offered him a light, from her solid gold Dunhill. He looked in her eyes and steadied her hand with his. He dragged on it and exhaled quickly, "Looks like I should ask you the same question...so, are you ok?"

She took the cigarette, from his lips and drew smoke in her mouth, and replied on her exhale, "More than ok. I'm just a bit shaken, by the way, my day has turned out, and like you said, it's just noon!" Then kissed him again, as she handed his cigarette back to him.

"Crazy, huh?" He bundled her in his arms, so she could lay on his shoulder. Which she wasted no time in doing. She looked up at him. "Not crazy for you...remember, I've read everything you've ever written. But, absolutely crazy for me. This is not normally who I am..believe me."

"I surprised you?" Cars came creeping by trying to catch a glimpse through the dark glass windows.

"I surprised ME, my darling. I can't seem to stop shaking." He kissed her forehead. Even that excited her. He then said, "Why would you be shaking?" She took the cigarette back and sucked it hard. Her glossy plum lips wrapped tightly around the filter. Again, she spoke during her exhale. "I am not a fast mover. I don't date, but I do get asked out often. My husband passed away four years ago, and you're the first men I've slept with since his passing. "

"I didn't know. I'm sorry for your loss. Why don't you date? You're gorgeous. You should get out...hit Broadway, see some shows, have dinner with wealthy men, do the Tango, take a walk in Central Park...eat a Nahan's Hot Dog..."

"If you're asking dear, I accept. Sounds fun. But, you didn't mention sex...why is that?"

"I don't want you having sex with other men." She reached behind his head and pulled his mouth to hers. His warm breath on her upper lips made her tingle. She pulled back slightly from his lips, and whispered,"You're driving me wild. Are you sure you want to eat?"

He hit the button for the divider to go up, as she called out to te driver, "Douglas, drive around Central Park until we lower this...will you dear?"

"Yes, Mrs. Wyndam."

Once again, he unbuttoned her blouse, as she unbuckled hisbelt. They piled their clotheson the seat, that ran long ways down the side, and once again, Jane dragged hard on his cigarette, "I suppose you'll be writing about this someday?" then stubbed it out in the tiny limo ashtray.

"Anybody can slap a few words on paper. But, if you want to be a story teller, you need a good story first." Jane laid her naked body across his lap and massaged his cock. "Then let's not cheat our readers dear. Let's give them a good story. In fact, let's give them a great story." She began licking his cock, like an ice cream cone. He brushed her hairback from her face. "Have something great in mind?" She took him in her mouth and slowly went up and down on him, licking his thick shaft with every stroke. She sucked him, as his fingers stimulated her clit.

He could tell he was pleasing her both ways, as her sucking intensified and she bucked against his hand. "mmmm...I'm ready...please darling...I can't wait much longer."

He began fucking her mouth hard. Jane moaned continuously, as she began jerking him off, while he was still in her mouth. Suddenly, his warm cum started emptying in her mouth, which made her own orgasm slam into her pussy, with its full force. Jane exploded with pleassure all over his hand and her thighs. He noticed her neck movement, indicating she was swallowing . Several gulps later, she pulled him from her mouth and licked her plum lips."Ahhhhhhh, so sweet...so unbelievably sweet." He pulled his soaked fingers from her pussy and slipped them in his mouth and pulled them out slowly like a popsicle stick.

"Ok, well...that was just wonderful. Do you think darling, it's book worthy?" Jane said, as she reached for her cigarettes. He took them from her and put them back on the other seat. "Not yet...we have more to do."

Janes eyebrows went up, "WE do?" His answer came quickly. The next thing she knew, they were lying with their heads at each others feet. It felt natural to her, as she rolled on top of him, and began giving him a blowjob, while he slurped on her dripping pussy. She orgasmed first, right after he spread her cheeks apart and lapped at her cunt. She held his cock by her parted lips and gasped and cried out, as more pussy juice emptied from her."Ohhhh Tommy!" she cried as his cock spurted on her plum lips. "Ohh yes baby..my sweet baby..." He couldn't see, with her ass in his face, but he heard her moans and slurps, as sherubbed his warm cock on her face.

Mrs. Jane Wyndam and Tommy went at it for hours. Love hungry and sex starved, Jane must have declared her love for him a hundred times and kissed him a thousand.

"My darling...I've never felt so loved, so sexy, so loved.." He interupted her thank you speech,"You said that. Loved...You said it twice."

"I did, didn't I? I'm sorry. I must have been trying to say I'm crazy...I am...don't you think? I mean, I'm Chairwoman of a dozen charities and events here in Manhattan. I'm supposed to be refined and dignified. One day with you and I'm a total slut. I'm coated in sticky stuff.." She licked it from her fingers, "And apparently like it."

Suddenly, the limo crawled to the curb. Jane looked puzzled, "What's happened now dear? Why are we stopped?"

Tommy lit a fresh cigarette and handed it to her, "Here, you're going to need this."

She dragged on it making the tip glow red, "Thank you . I love smoking and God knows I need it. But, why are we stopped my darling?"

Tommy grinned, " We're out of gas, hon. See? That's Douglas walking down the street with a gas can."

"Oh fuck me! Now what do we do?" Jane shocked herself saying 'fuck'. She slapped her hand over her mouth, then turned her face to his.He took her hand away, so he could her smoky mouth, "Oh, we'll think of something." Jane cracked her window, " My God, baby...It's night time. Isn't that Tiffany's?"

He peeked through the crack, "Sure looks lke it...Why?"

"Get dressed dear. We're going shopping!"


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