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The Heiress..

Short story By: casinoboss

At Wyndam House, Jane takes Tommy to her office and shuts the door. She leans back against it and starts slowly unbuttoning her blouse. He stares in her ice blue eyes and does the same. She glances at his tented crotch and instantly feels moist. It's been a while for Jane. She walked towards him as she worked her way down her blouse one button at a time. The sexual tension was thick...she smelled it...he smelled it. Let's take a peek inside...

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Jane made her way to Tommy, as he unbuttoned his last shirt leaving his blue dress shirt hanging open. He started to take it off , but Jane stopped him. "Let me." He grinned with that ever so sexy grin of his, the one where his eyes close part way, as the edges of his mouth turns up slightly...just enough for his dimples to appear.

She slipped both hands under his shirt and raised them to his neck, stopping for a moment to caress it with her thumbs. The slid her hands sideways dropping his shirt to the marble floor. His bare chest looked amazing. Just the right amount of chest hair- soft and faint. Small nipples, and big pecs made her sigh.

They stood silent for a moment.

Tommy saw her heart beating under her silk blouse. "My turn," he said, as he opened her blouse wide and dropped it. Jane watched it float to the floor, then looked him in the eyes.. "I'm 55." Tommy smiled, "Perfect. I prefer older women," then held her face between his hands and kissed her plum lips softly.

"More, please," she said, as she leaned to him pressing her moist lips on his, while unbuckling his belt. She unsnapped his slacks and unzipped them leting them hit the floor; allwithout pulling out of the kiss. He reached behind her and unzipped her skirt and pulled it open. It, too , fell to the floor. The kiss broke free, and she looked down at his erection poking hard against his Calvins.

"You have no idea how that effects me...just knowing I've done that to you makes my knees weak." He touched her face, "they're about to get a whole lot weaker." Then pulled her open mouth to his. The heavy breathing was instant on her part, gasping between long, french kisses, "Tommy...Tommy," then pulled him to her sofa, a few feet away. She laid down on the leather sofa and arched her back so he could slip her Victoria's Secret panties off, as she unsnapped her bra from the front.

Tommy dropped her panties on the floor, as Jane slipped her bra off and tossed it. She tugged his underwear down and he stepped out of them with his cock dancing around her lips. She took him in her right hand, as she turned on her side and leaned on her left elbow. It felt good in her hand. Warm and thick . A dark blue vein showed the way to the base of his shaft. She started there.

First, a few kisses, just a few before her tongue began lapping around the base. He caressed her soft silver hair as she moaned. She slowly ran her warm tongue up the full eight inches, before she slipped it between her glossy plum lips. "MMmmmm. " She slipped her mouth down, just over the rim and suckled it. He touched her upper lip, where it touched his cock and ran his thumb across it. She moaned again , "MMMM" before dropping her head, taking it in as far as she could. Her head moved up and down slowly, as she massaged his balls, all the while moaning.

She loved the taste, the smell, the different textures of his cock. She pulled him from her mouth and laid on her back, tossing one leg up on the sofa back. He knelt between her legs and pushed his stiff cock to her pussy, as she spread her lips with both hands. A few wiggles later, he slowly pushed inside her. She responded, "Ohhh yes."

He held himself on his elbows, as he began slowly pushing and pulling. Her response was immediate , as she matched his rhythm. He went to her long nipples for a suck, first left, then right. Back and forth, as her hips urged him now. " Kiss me.." She held the nape of his neck, as he kissed her deep, and wet. Her tongue rolled over his, under his, and explored the walls of his mouth, as he picked up the pace.

She was breathless, as she whispered, "I need to ...need to."


"YES!" Her first orgasm, incited by a man in years, was overwhelming. She tensed, held her breath, and squeezed it out flooding them both. "Oh my Goddd..Oh my Goddddd!!!" Jane poured herself on him....for him, inspiring him to reciprocate. He kissed her mouth hard, and with great passion, he squirted deep inside her. She cried, "Ohhh MY Goddddd!!!" and returned the hot kiss, with trembling lips.

"OOooooo," she cried, as their juices trickled down her crack and slipped into her ass. He stayed inside her, kissing her softly over and over. 'That was so good, Mrs. Wyndam...so good" Then he propped up on his elbows and stared in her sexy blue eyes.

She grinned at him ,"You really are a scoundrel...just like in your books.. Probably why I'm so crazy about you." He slipped out of her and got to his knees, "You're crazy about me?" then slid off the sofa and stood up. His erection now going down slowly.

"Of course. Surely, you don't think I do this with all of my authors..do you?"

He slipped on his underwear, "No, of course not. But, crazy about me- just surprised me."

"Well, darling...Don't look so surprised. I'm not just your biggest fan, I'm a woman."

"You're some woman. Gorgeous, sexy, very fit, and a great fuck."

Jane sat up and reached for her handbag, on the side table, drawing it in her lap. She reached in and pulled out her plum lipstick. "Darling...is this alright? Or would you prefer another color on me? I do read your books, and know you prefer different colors on different women, pink for blondes, orange for red heads, and blood red for brunettes."

He smiled at her, "ALL of them go with silver babe. But, let's stick with the plum, it suits you. It will remind me of our first time. As a fan, you now I'm a push over for sentimental shit like that." He tucked in his shirt tail and pulled his cigarettes from his pocket and shook one out for her. She pulled it out eloquently, after applying her glossy plum lipstick, then slipped it between her lips to meet the flame from his Bic.

Smoke poured from her nose, as she double pumped, before finally inhaling. "I love sentimental shit."

"Then you must love me!"

"Oh, I do darling. I really do. Loved you for months." Jane slipped her bra and panties on and stood in front of him, as he stood with his mouth open, "There you go again. Don't look surprised. Don't all the women in your stories fall in love with you?"

"Just the lucky ones." He said with a grin. "What's next?"

She tugged on her skirt, "Hand me my blouse, dear." Tommy picked it up from the floor and handed it to her. As she slipped it on she replied, "Tavern on the Green for lunch, then you take it from there." He stepped to her and buttoned her blouse. "You said something about a world tour?"

Jane adjusted the collar of her blouse, "Yes, dear...where would you like to go first?"

"Far...far, far away."

She french inhaled, in front of his mouth, before kissing him hard. Then took his face in her hands. "I'll arrange it."


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