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Six minutes...they had six minutes.

Short story By: casinoboss

Ivy dragged him to the rear of the elevator as it filled rapidly. Her back was in the corner, as he towered over her with his big body. The crowd settled after cramming him against her. What could they do in a crowded elevator in six minutes..Hmmm.

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"We have six minutes." Ivy said as she unzipped his slacks and reached inside. Tommy glanced around as she reached behind his neck with her free hand, pulling his lips to hers. Thankfully, the crowd was chatty and covered up their kissing sounds.

Ivy wrapped her hand around his thick cock, "Nice, real nice. But, we need hard, too. Let me see what I can do." She squatted in front of him and began kissing his cock. He glanced around and saw a distinguished looking woman with short silver hair, probably late fifties, maybe early sixties smiling at him. He smiled back and looked down feeling his cock swell in Ivy's hot mouth.

Her head was moving in and out, taking it in as far as she could under the circumstances. He caressed her face brushing back her black hair so he could get the visuals in his head. That's what men do-visualize a hot babe sucking on their dick. Ivy was hot, and she was sucking. Man, was she sucking. Her puckered red lips wrapped around the head of his cock while she throttled it between her lips would have made anyman cum. Her lips were tight around his rim as she flicked the tiny hole with the tip of her tongue.

He touched her face as a signal to stand. Ivy stood and glanced under his arms as she hiked up her tight skirt She kissed his mouth hard, then she slipped two fingers in her crotch tugging her panties to the side,, "C'mon hon..three minutes...give it to me."

He pointed his stiff cock to her pussy lips as she raised one leg a little, to make it easier for him. He shoved it in hard, "Ahhhh! " she gasped with his hand covering her mouth. He slipped his hand from her mouth and began kissing her , as he pumped into her wet pussy.

She knew how to fuck! Her vaginal muscles squeezed him, as he pulled back, and released when he shoved forward. Back and forth. Back and forth. Ivy dug her head by his armpit to stifle her heaving breathing.He glanced over at the silver haired woman who had heard Ivy's sexy gasps.

She nodded to him and took the elbow of one of her female co-workers and tugged her to Tommy's back with her, to provide a barrier for him. To give him even more assistance, she began to chat up her co-worker loudly which made the passengers chat louder too. Tommy turned his head to see what all the noise was and caught the silver haired womans eye. A quick wink told him all was ok.

Back to business. He reached under her and took her cheeks in both hands, while Ivy held his face in her hands, staring in his eyes. She pressed her open mouth to his and slid her tongue to the back of his throat, moaning softly.

She tasted tasted like cigarettes and Yoo-Hoo. Her tongue was still buried in his mouth as her first orgasm slammed into her cunt. She squeezed her legs around him dropping one of her expensive high heeled shoes. By then, she could have cared less.

Now, burning with the need to cum again, she had no choice. Ivy climaxed hard this time. So hard, he covered her lips with his hand,which she naturally bit. She laid her head against his chest, as her juices trickled down her legs, her ass still bundled in his hands.

She looked him in the eyes and kissed him softly. Then whispered, "Thank you,"and slid off his huge frame. Being a lady, she tucked his almost flaccid cock back in his slacks and zipped them up.

Her legs were cum streaked so she asked him, "Baby, have you got anything I can clean myself with?" He reached in his top pocket and pulled out his dark blue dress hankie by its pointed tip,"How's this?" Ivy grinned, "My hero..expensive?" He shrugged,"Only about ninety bucks. Well, worth it. Paid hell of a lot more and got a hell of a lot less before." He tapped the face of his Rolex Daytone, "Made it in six minutes, too."

She stood on her toes and kissed him, thenreached down swiping her legs, mopping up their mixed juices from her calves,"I've read your stories on line. Theydon't lie. You're irresistable, baby."

She stood up and held his hankie between two fingers, "What do I do with this?"

"Just slip in my my pants pocket. I promise to retire it with honors when I get home."

"Where's home?"

"In my heart."

The silver haired woman was touched and held her hand over her lips. She had heard every word, despite them whispering. She squatted down as the elevator dinged on 84 and picked up Ivys' shoe. She stood and tapped him on the shoulder, "I think this belongs to your young lady."

He smiled as he took it from her, then handed it to Ivy who slipped it on, and thanked the lady before stepping out on 84..

She turned and blew him a kiss, "Bye Tommy." and the doors closed.

He straightened his tie, as the silver haired lady said, "You're a nice man. What now?"

As he touched her face, he replied,"Darlin... I have no idea. But, something will come up."


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