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Raven and Jordan

Short story By: casinoboss

Did Raven know her own sister had slept with her new boyfriend? Does Tommy even know Ravens sister is Jordan, his hooker date from Halloween? MIght be an interesting Christmas. Lets find out.

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It was around noon when he pulled in the circular brick driveway. A stately Georgian house was not what he pictured. Long white staircases were on each side of the giant covered porch held up by four columns. The colonial house sat on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi, and the French Quarter was just to the west and clearly visible. He stepped out of his car, and stood with his hands on his hips.

Could this be the New Orleans home of a stripper? A retired Mississippi State Trooper?

Tommy took the right hand stairs up to the expansive porch that contained terra cotta flower pots overflowing with color, and four big rocking chairs. He rang the doorbell that began chiming slowly. He grinned as the door opened, and shouldn't have been surprised to see a white haired black man in a butler's uniform wearing white gloves.

"Mr. Castle?"


"Come right in. I'm Cecil. The others are in the back" Tommy stepped in and Cecil, the butler shut the door, then whispered, "That's where the good stuff is. No one cooks like Nana Ruby" then smiled and began escorting him through the black and white foyer, around a huge drum table holding an ornate gold vase stuffed with yellow roses. A giant crystal chandelier hung precisely in the center of the room. Tommy glanced around and saw a parlor to his right, with floor to ceiling bookcases stuffed with bound books. The butler led him into the living room where priceless antiques filled the room. There were five sofas, all white, and all with carved wooden arms. The fireplace was massive and he lost count of the stockings hung there.

A small voice came from behind him. He turned and looked down and saw Raven La Porte as he had never imagined. Her hair was up in a French twist, with a small Tierra resting back from her dark bangs. Her earlobes were brightly lit with long, dangling earrings.

Her dress was long, sleeveless and went to her ankles with a slit up the side. It clung to her form showing off a little cleavage and a tight ass. Her pointed toed shoes were white and covered in sparkles. Even in those heels, she was small and looked fragile.

But, as usual, it was her face that knocked him out. Her eyes were still brown, but looked lighter against her smoky eye shadow. Her lashes were luxurious. Her skin glowed a soft golden color, and those lips gave him the beginning of a nice erection. They were two toned this time. The edges of her lips were a dark purple, and the fleshy part was a shade or two lighter. And they were glossy.

He was speechless at first. Could this be the same woman that was with him just last week?

"I've never seen a more beautiful woman in my life. You look amazing." He bent down to kiss her cheek. He said, "Thank you Mr. Castle. You look pretty hot yourself. And my lips are not off limits." She kissed him hard before she let him go. She turned to her left, "Tommy, baby, this is Dixon La Porte, my daddy." Tommy shook hands with the tall muscular man with salt and pepper hair wearing a blue pinstriped double breasted suit. "Nice to meet you Tommy. I've heard a lot about you, son. Thanks, for coming." Tommy acknowledged him, "I hope I don't disappoint you. That report made me sound better than I actually am." Dixon replied, " I understand reports. The facts are usually right, but it's how a man actually works his way through the traffic of life that I pay attention to." Tommy gulped, "Well, I haven't always stayed between the lines."

They began walking as Dixon continued, "That's because the damn things keep moving." Raven was holding his hand firmly, " A great point daddy. For example, Tommy, baby, I think you've met my sister, Jordan." Tommy turned to his left and saw Jordan, his date for the cockfights. Still pictures started popping in his head. A quick snapshot of his cock in her mouth in the back of a limo. Another one as he carried her out of the barn. The look on her face as she cried, or when they kissed. The smile on her face as she climbed in the yellow cab and handed him her card. It all came rushing back to him.

But, this Jordan didn't look like a hooker. The frosting from her black hair was now gone, and it hung ruler straight to her swollen tits. She was wearing a designer dress, sequined, low cut, and long. It was orange in color and sparkled as she stood on her toes to kiss his lips softly. "Tommy, I don't know what to say." He studied her face as she pulled away. Dixon La Porte and some mysterious woman had created two of the most beautiful women on the planet. Jordan was flawless that day. Her head was topped off with a Tierra of its own.

Never without the right words, he grinned, "How about Merry Christmas?" That broke the ice that was forming. They all went to the kitchen from there, Raven holding Tommy's hand firmly. Suddenly, the room was full of people. The men were handsome, the women outrageously gorgeous. These were all cousins, Aunts, Uncles, nephews of Dixons, nieces, and a round black woman with short, snow white hair was hovering over a stove, drying her hands on an apron that was precariously hanging around her round belly.

Raven pulled him to her, " Baby, this is Nana Ruby. My best friend in the world, and my nana. Nana, this is my boyfriend, Thomas Castle." Tommy stuck his hand out. Nana slapped it away and tugged him to her. "Tommy Castle. We hug here. Especially on Jesus birthday." She hugged him hard against her round belly. Then she held him away with both hands, "You do believe in baby Jesus, don't you Tommy?" He reached up and touched the old woman's face. "If I didn't, I do now Nana Ruby. You're beautiful...inside and out." Raven squeezed his hand as her eyes filled with tears. She let go of it to dab her eyes. Nana Ruby looked down, "Don't cry little one. He's everything you said he was and much more." She bent over and kissed Raven on the forehead. "Now, hush this up, or I just might take him away from you." She turned to him, "How would you like that Tommy boy?"

"Sounds just fine. Lead the way." Nana laughed out loud, "I'll lead you to the dinner table. That's where I do my best work, now. But, there was a time..." Raven grabbed Tommy's hand, "Ok, Nana. That's enough now. He gets the picture. You were a wild one." She whispered to him, "She said she was the first colored showgirl in the quarter. I think Hoover was President." He replied, "Must have been a toddler. That was sixty years ago. Maybe more."

They all took their seats at the longest dinner table Tommy had ever sat at. Raven sat next to him and kept her hand on him at all times. His arm, his thigh, even after dinner her arm was draped over the back of his chair. This was 1992, not 1922, so the men lit their cigars at the table, and the women that smoked, lit up ,too. Fortunately the ceilings were tall so the smoke didn't hover over them.

George, the butler and several more servants came in with desserts. The hot apple pie topped with real vanilla ice cream seemed to be the favorite. Tommy spoon fed Raven as her sister looked on. Jordan had a date, too. A tall skinny kid that was some kind of basketball star at Tulane. Name was Pete. Clearly, he was just a date. They never held hands, never kissed, barely even spoke to each other in his presence. He learned later that he was just a lonely kid that had no place to go at Christmas. He blew his last hundred bucks on a piece of ass, and the piece of ass was now feeling sorry for him.

After dessert and more cigarettes, Raven took Tommy's hand and led him out back to the gardens. They sat on the concrete benches that fronted a small pond that had a waterfall feature. He reached in his pocket and pulled out a small box. She kissed him passionately with ample tongue. "You didn't need to get me anything baby. Just being here was enough."

He grinned at her, "Ok, I'll be right back. Maybe Nana will like it." He faked standing and she tugged him back down. "Let's see if she likes it first. If she does, then you can get one for her." He handed the velvet box to her as she gazed in his eyes. It felt nice to her. "Like the box." She looked down as she opened it slowly. She covered her mouth with her hand as she stared at the 24 carat gold locket. "Oh, baby, it's stunning. Thank you so much." She reached behind his head and caressed the nape of his neck as she explored his mouth once again with her sweet, apple pie tongue.

Tommy was hard as a rock, but this wasn't the time or place for any kind of sex. He told her to open the locket. She opened it and gasped again. "Damn it. You just love seeing me cry don't you?" Inside the locket was an inscription. "Beginnings. Love, Tommy. 12-25-92", along with a tiny picture of them that a passerby took of them on her sailboat.

After the water works stopped, and he hooked the chain around her neck holding the locket on, they kissed again passionately. She pulled from the kiss, "If you don't fuck me in the next two minutes, my little pussy is going to explode." He looked her in the eyes, " Damn, I'd hate that. Where do we go?"

She looked around; the gardens were swarming with people. "There. Over there." She pointed at the barn hidden from the gardens around the side yard. She grabbed his hand and dragged him through the side yard, stopping to kiss a few times along the way. They slid the giant doors open and went inside. It was dark except for a trickle of sun light streaming from a side window. He frowned, "Smells like horseshit in here." She was bent over pulling down her panties, "Duly noted Mr. Castle. It's a fucking horse barn. Now, we can't lay around in here and I'm ready. So, slip that baby in me and fuck me, and don't forget to cum in me. That's almost the best part. Now, come on." She hiked up her dress, grabbed the rail in front of her used to tie horses to, and guided him in.

"Harder baby, I won't break. Harder." He pounded into her violently. The locket danced between her tits. Her scream when she came probably sent ripples over the silent pond. It was that intense.

Suddenly, Jordan appeared at the entrance to the bar. holding a couple of blankets. Raven was tugging her panties up and asked, "What's up sis?"

Jordan smiled as she slid the barn door shut and walked to them."Looks like Tommy's up, sugar." Raven turned to him and looked down at his fully erect penis pointing straight up. "Damn baby...didn't you cum?"

He replied, "Some...not all." She leaned against him and took his cock in her hand,"Well, we can't have that now can we?" She began rubbing it as Jordan walked closer to them. He turned hs head and saw the lust in her eyes

"Raven, hang on honey. I have blankets..why don't I just spread them out and maybe, if you don't mind, I can just lay here with you guys and watch. Would that be ok?" Jordan began unfolding the first blanket as Raven looked up at Tommy. "What about it baby? Ok with you?"

He replied, "Sure, what the hell." Jordan was already naked and lying on the blanket when they turned to answer.

Raven let go off Tommy's cock and walked over to her sister and got down on her knees in front of her. Tommy unsnapped his slacks and dropped them to the ground and kicked them off his feet. Then he undressed quickly as Raven and her sister talked things over. Once naked, he walked to them with his stiff cock pointing skyward, and kneeled down next to Raven.

"What's the deal?"

Raven replied, 'The deal is, since you guys didn't have any sex on your one and only date, I figure you're both owed something. So,I'll set back and watch you guys fuck around for a few minutes before I jump in. How's that?"

Tommy smiled, "I should say no here, right? I mean, you and I are sorta .well....together."

"Right..and we'll still be together when we're finished up here.Now, you know how I feel about incest, so don't think Jordan and I are going to do anything but kiss.We've kissed a million times, so it's no big deal, but I'm betting that you're going to be ok with it..right?"

He grinned, "I'll be just fine. I'm dying to see that."

He laid on his back as Jordan rolled over and began kissing him passionately as Raven undressed. Then Jordan mounted him taking in his big cock easily. She rocked her hips and moaned as he squeezed her big tits. Jordan, being a professional rode him hard for a few minutes, with her jet black hair whipping around her face.

Raven lay next to him playing with her pussy as he fucked her sister. Jordan began her first orgasm and Raven sat up and took her face in her hands and kissed her sister hard. They pulled their wet lips off each other and Raven whispered, "Cum baby...cum for us..soak his cock." Jordan pulled her sisters mouth back on hers and rushed her tongue down Raven's throat as she came hard.

Tommy felt Jordans juices covering his balls so he arched his back getting ready to cum. Jordan of course sensed it and slipped off him and went down and grabbed his cock holding it to her and her sisters lips slurping thick gobs of cum from his squirting cock. The sisters kissed passionately as Tommy played with their tits.

They dropped to his mouth and shared kisses with him, and each other.

He was in Heaven, and within minutes he was fucking Raven doggy stlye while her sister kissed her.

He reflected on his Christmas with The Goddess and her hooker sister on his ride back to Biloxi.

And smiled. Wouldn't you?


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