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Models in love

Short story By: casinoboss

A Vogue model and a Harley Davidson model explore their sexual feelings for each other on rainy afternoon in a New Orleans penthouse.

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A love story.

Hotel heiress and business tycoon , Jilly Jillson, was relaxing on her overstuffed sofa, reading a love story about two women.

It was a strange choice of books to read today, since her 22 year old friend, and sex kittenTawny Beaudreau, had chosen this rainy day to visit Jill,y in her luxurious penthouse at the Banks.

The "Banks" were luxury high rise apartments, and Jilly has owned the complex, that perched on the banks of the Mississippi, in the notorious French Quarter, for years.

There were rumors floating around that Jilly was 'mobbed' up, since she had once dated Carmine Torrelli, the acting boss of the Louisiana mob, and that's where she got her money and considerable power.

But, she ignored the gossip on the street knowing nothing could be further from the truth. Her money was old Southern money earned , invested , and saved over five generations. Truthfully, Carmine needed her a lot more than she needed him.

Jilly was smoking a cigarette, and enjoying it with a glass of wine, as she read her book and fantasized about young Tawny who was asleep in her lap. Off in a fantasy of her own, Tawny slowly turned on her side, and slipped an arm behind Jilly's smooth back and hugged her exposed tummy close to her face.

Jilly held her breath, as the rhythm of her heart changed rapidly. Why?

Simple. She loved Tawny and had since she was a toddler. Tawny's prostitute mother, Rose was an off and on friend of Jilly's, and when Tawny was born, it didn't take long for Rose to hit the road. Since Tawny's father was a Louisiana State Trooper, and worked the night shift, he turned to the then twenty year old Jilly Beeker to help him look after the tiny bronze skinned baby; hence the name Tawny.

Since Rose had abandoned her, and little Tawny had no other females to watch over her, Jilly accepted the role reluctantly because she had a life of her own back then. She was having a difficult time trying to get her modeling career off the ground, and between that, and acting classes, her plate was pretty full.

But, little Tawny was just about the cutest little baby Jilly had ever seen, and melted her heart from day one. Cute little pouty lips, a button nose, and big brown eyes were enough to warm even the coldest heart; something Jilly had been accused of possessing more than once.

So, they had history.

Jilly had changed Tawny's shitty diapers, bathed her, fed her, and even tried to breast feed her a few times, which was certainly impossible, but Tawny enjoyed suckling Jilly's perky nipples, so she just kept rocking her to sleep, with one of her nipples stuck in Tawny's little mouth.

Fast forward to today.

Naturally, they were very close, and still kissed each other on the lip,s when they said their hellos and goodbyes. Simple smooches really, with no sexual overtones at all. And, they always held hands when strolling through the mall at River Walk, and were considered by most (not all) to just be very close friends, since most locals knew the history.

But, today was different.

Jilly herself had often thought about a moment like this, with the little stunner with long curly black hair, dark eyes and smoky plum lips lying in her lap.

Tawny was now a model herself, thanks to Jilly who secured a very lucrative deal with Harley-Davidson, to do their print ads and billboards. So, everyone knew the smoking hot little girl lying on the seat of a Harley resting her head on the handlebars was indeed, Tawny Beaudreau.

Today, Jilly slipped her glasses off ,closed her book, and set it on the side table.

She dragged on her fresh cigarette and dropped her eyes to the Raven haired nymphet, with her lips just inches from her own flat tummy. She felt a strange stirring between her legs, as she pictured Tawny's shiny plum lips wrapped around her nipples again. Those were no toddler lips anymore. They were small, because Tawny was small, just barely over 5'.

But, they were plump and fleshy, and very experienced.

Jilly had always wondered what they really felt like after one of those simple greeting or goodbye kisses. The same kisses that usually inspired her to go home and quickly masturbate.

Did Tawny feel the same way?

Well, it had never come up, but to Jilly, who thought of herself as her mother, it was taboo, even in decadent New Orleans.

But, she had no clue that Tawny harbored no such notions of it being taboo. She had other ideas because she loved Jilly and quit thinking of her as 'fill in mother' years ago. She too, had masturbated thinking of the sexpot known as the 'barracuda' frequently.

Yes, Jilly was a barracuda, when it came to business and men, but to Tawny, Jilly Jillson was a Vogue cover girl, and supermodel extraordinaire. She also thought Jilly to bemost beautiful forty year old female on the planet.

With long, silky golden hair, captivating green eyes, and lustful glossy 'kiss me' lips packaged on a tall, slender frame carrying C ups, an ironing board tummy, and rock hard bubble butt, Jilly Jillson was some package.

Tawny sometimes worked as a stripper at the 'Gentlemen Club' on Bourbon Street, much to Jilly's chagrin, and was used to kissing beautiful women, and occasionally had sex with her co stars in real life.

So, her mind was always on sex. A hot female was always in her cross hairs, and today her target wasJilly.

Jilly didn't budge when Tawny opened her eyes and planted a long, warm kiss on Jilly's flat tummy, then said, "Hi."

Jilly replied, "Hi"

"Whatcha doin?"

"Nothing. Just enjoying a glass of wine and a cigarette. Want some?"

Tawny grinned and sat up one one elbow as Jilly held the wine glass to her lips and tilted it back, virtually pouring in Tawny's mouth.

She gulped a couple of times then pushed the glass away, and took Jilly's cigarette from her fingers, and sucked on it hard with her puckered lip , hollowing her cheeks. "Ahhhh nice..." Smoke poured from her mouth like a fog.

She reached behind Jilly's neck and tugged her, "Kiss me." It sounded innocent enough, but something in Tawny's eyes said something different.

Both cautious and excited, Jilly leaned to Tawny's lips for what in her mind would be something soft, sweet, and simple. And it started that way with her lips pressed against Tawny's softly. It was a nice dreamy little kiss that suddenly turned into something else. Tawny grabbed Jilly's pony tail and wrapped it around her hand. Then held it against the back of Jilly's head so Jilly couldn't pull away, forcing the kiss to linger, and linger. They exchanged moans, and touched each other's face lovingly. Then Jilly pulled out of the long kiss and asked, "Tawny honey, what are we doing?"

"I'm not sure. Do you like it? It felt like you did."

Jilly drew on her cigarette, "Oh baby, of course I like it. I love it. But, you need to stop now sweetheart before ..."

"Before I go too far?"

"Before we go too far." Tawny pulled Jilly's cigarette hand to her lips and sucked the warm smoke deep.

Jilly watched the smoke curl over Tawny's plum lips, "Oh God...please don't do that. You know it makes me crazy."

Instead of backing off, young Tawny pulled Jilly's face down to hers, and let some smoke slip onto her's lips. Before Jilly could react, Tawny covered her sexy mouth with her own, and exhaled while her tongue slipped in Jilly's mouth. Their tongues met in a smoky dark space, and poked at one another.

Tawny pulled from the kiss and scrambled to her knees while Jilly opened her legs slightly. Tawny scooted in between Jilly's legs , still on her knees, then took Jilly's face between her hands and began kissing her wet lips over and over.

Jilly pulled her head back,"Baby, let's stop."

Tawny answered, "No, not this time Jilly. I know we kiss all the time, but it's never enough. I want more." She slipped her top off, unhooked her bra, and dropped her shoulders allowing the bra to fall in their laps.

"Baby, please don't do this." Jilly cried, "Please."

Tawny responded by teasing Jilly's lips with her warm tongue. Then said curtly, "Jilly Jillson. I see how you look at me. I might be wrong about you, but I don't think so. You want me as much as I want you. Don't tell me you don't want this."

Jilly was powerless over the much younger, much sexier Tawny, and began smothering her with kisses, then gasped in Tawny's ear, "I DO want this. I've wanted exactly this for a long time. But, it feels so wrong."

"Then we'll have to make it feel right. Tawny stood and tugged her Daisy Dukes off, then slipped her thumbs in the waistband at her hips and dragged her bikini panties off. With her hands on her hips, and her long black hair falling over one shoulder, Tawny said,"Well?"

Jilly sat up and slipped her little half shirt off over her head, released her tits from captivity, and tossed her bra over the back of the sofa. She stubbed out her cigarette without ever taking her eyes from Tawny's. Their breathing had quickened as fantasies were quickly being realized.

Tawny stepped to her and pulled Jilly's baggy shorts off, then her expensive Victoria's Secret panties. Jilly's heart was racing and almost stopped when Tawny tilted her head up to Jilly's right nipple and began sucking it, "mmmmm. I remember you. It looks like you remember me, too."

Jilly pulled her tight to her tit, "Yes, my darling...Ohh God....you used to suck on it for hours," then ran the backs of her fingernails across Tawny's ass. "I'm almost ashamed to admit how wonderful this feels. Better than my dreams."

Tawny's lips popped off Jilly's nipple and went right to her lips. They hugged tightly as they shared a long, hard French kiss, that left saliva stringers when the kiss broke free. Tawny slurped them up and said, "Honey, in your dreams, what happens next?"

Jilly smiled and raised her eyebrows."We go to bed."

Tawny returned with her low, sultry voice, "And fuck all night?" then dropped her eyes

"Why stop at all night?" Jilly lifted Tawny's chin,"You want forever, baby?"

Jilly nodded as she nibbled on her bottom lip, "I want forever."

"You got it. I love you Jilly...always have. Take me to bed."

Jilly took her hand, and the best friends walked casually to the bedroom. There was no rush now.

They had forever.


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