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Short story By: casinoboss

Tommy gets an unexpected visit from the past. Lois Anderson was his next door neighbor as a kid, and still his mothers best friend. Hmmmm. Whats she doing there? Lets find out...

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Blaze barked at the door. Her normal response, when she hears two knocks. One if the knock was familiar.

Tommy was sitting, on his massive sofa, reading a Danielle Steele novel, and reached down and rubbed her ears, "Good girl...let's go see who it is."

He got to his feet, stretching his 6'5" frame out, then headed for the door, with Blaze at his side. A quick peek through the tiny peep hole made him take a half step back.

Lois Anderson? What the fuck?

He looked at Blaze, "It's ok girl...just an old friend. Go lay down." Blaze turned and half trotted back to her big pillow next to the sofa and plopped down, resting her long snout on her paws.

He pulled the door open and leaned on the knob. "Hi Mrs. Anderson...come in." She took a step in before wrapping her arms around his neck and squeezing him tight. They exchanged cheek kisses and yep, Tommy was already swelling. Why?

Well, Lois Anderson lived right next door for as long as he could remember. In fact, still did live next door, to his parents on Las Palmas Drive in Hollywood. A tall, lean version of Gina Lollobrigida, with full red lips, and tits that he always figured could poke your eye out. She was smoldering hot and oozed sex with each breath she took.

They broke from their embrace as she stepped back and looked him in the eyes, "Still the most handsome young man on earth...It's been so long, honey." Her eyes panned his penthouse, "And it looks like you've done well for yourself," as he held her hand and led her to the sofa, where she sat down and tugged off her gloves. After a cursory look around, she said, "VERY well."

He had resisted the opportunity to sit next to her, knowing that if she gave him even the slightest clue, she'd be on her back with her legs in the air in seconds. So, he opted for his big overstuffed chair directly across from her. That way he could look at her toned legs, and maybe more. Plus, if he did make a sudden lunge for her, which was entirely possible, she'd at least have time to throw a hand up and stop him, something not possible on the sofa.

Besides, he wasn't a kid anymore when lunging at her was always on his mind.

"Yeah, I've caught a few breaks. How did you find me?"

He asked, as he lit a cigarette, then exhaled smoothly.

She reached in her handbag and brought a designer cigarette to her over glossed red lips. She always cocked her head to the side when she lit her cigarettes, and puckered her lips as she dragged.

Today was no different.

Lois Anderson, was most likely the woman, that had given him his smoking fetish, something he discovered as he sped through puberty.Not all women smokers aroused him, but some, like Lois Anderson who possessed dangerously wet looking lips, could make his dick wiggle everytime she took aslow French inhale, or a mind blowing open mouth inhale. The smoke lingered in her open mouth just daring him to come in for a taste.

Smoke seemed to drift around her luscious mouth in those days, and again, today was no different.

She blew her smoke out like she was blowing him a kiss.

"Well, dear..your mother is my best friend, and she told me you were in Biloxi, and you know what a gambler my Tony is, so we flew to New Orleans, rented a car, drove over here..and, well, here we are."

He glanced around," I don't see Mr. Anderson," then noticed her eyes were staring at his bulging crotch. She was in another world.

"Mrs. Anderson."


"Mrs. Anderson?"

Her eyes left his crotch, "Hmm?" then she sucked on her cigarette which wasn't the oral gratification that she wanted, but for now was all she could get.

"Mr. Anderson...your husband. Short guy, bald, a little chubby.Where is he?"

"Oh, he's at your casino. Playing poker. Hopefully, all day."

She French inhaled slowly, dropping her eyes back to his now apparent erection tenting his linen shorts.

Huh? Did he pick up something there? Did she plan on spending the day with him?

He collected himself, "Uhh, well, so you found the casino, but how did you find me? Mom doesn't have my address."

She grinned, "Darlin'...all Tony had to do was ask. Apparently, everyone knows where you live. But, a guy pointed out the window at this place and I knew instantly, that this is exactly the kind of place my Tommy would live. On the beach, tall, and grand...just like you hon."

She dragged on her cigarette, stubbed it out, stood and stepped towards him.

Uh oh.

Mom's best friend? Wow. You're such a pig. But, it's not like you haven't thought about it before. Only since you were thirteen. You'd better make sure you're on the same page here.

"Mrs. Anderson...are you trying to seduce me?"

She got on her knees and reached for his zipper, "I was hoping I wouldn't have to sweetie. I was rather hoping you would seduce me," then reached in and rubbed his cock on top of his underwear.

He leaned back and rested his arms, on the arms of his chair, and replied, "Consider yourself seduced."

"I always knew you had a nice cock. I could tell when you and your brother Danny came over to swim. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to grab you like this and suck on your cock.."

"That makes two of us."

She smiled, unsnapped his shorts and pulled his fly apart. She looked up at him, as he lifted his ass, so she could tug his undewear off. The head of his cock snagged on the waistband and she grinned when she unsnapped it and saw it spring back to him.

Her eyes went to his raging erection and she kissed it softly, marking his cock, with her red lips. Pre cum was already pooling at the tip. She used her thumb to rub it around the rim, getting a small moan, as she began licking it.


She called his name in between licks. He was watching closely, as she rubbed it over her lips.


"How long?"

"Uhh..about eight or nine inches." He replied matter of factly.

She chuckled, with his cock pressed against her cheek, "That's wonderful, but I meant how long have you wanted this? Me, sucking your cock?"

He caressed her lips, "Since the first time I saw your mouth," then leaned over and kissed her softly. They had never kissed, on the mouth before, and even though the kiss was a simple, soft kiss, it stirred them both.

She looked him in the eyes, as he pulled from the kiss, and whispered, "I'm going to take very good care of you today. I've wanted this for years.I did kiss your lips a few times when you were young, but I knew better than to take advantage of you."

"I assure you , I wouldn't have said a peep. And now?

"I'm going to suck you, fuck you, then take a smoke break while you eat me out. How's that sound honey?"

"I hope Mr. Anderson is winning. Winners tend to stay a long, long time."

He stood and reached under her and bundled her in his arms, as they French kissed all the way to the bedroom, where he laid her gently on the bed.

She bit her bottom lip and whispered,"Tommy Castle...are you going to fuck me now?" She then began slipping her clothes off.

He laid beside her, completely naked, with his stiff cock pointing at the ceiling, and answered, "That's quite a question to ask a naked man with a hard on. Especially when you're on your back with your legs open."

She pulled him on top of her and kissed him hard. Their mouths were pressed together until she parted her tasty lips. His tongue wasted no time in exploring her mouth. Something he had wanted to do for years.

Mrs. Anderson reached between her legs and slipped the head of his cock to her warm wet 58 year old pussy.

"Mmmm. You want me, baby?"


"Then tell me as you push your cock in me...Look me in the eyes sweetheart and slam that juicy thing in me."

"I love you!"


"Ohhh my sweetboy. I've dreamed of us fucking for years. Go slow baby, so we can enjoy it..I want to kiss you a millon times today."

So, Tommy and his fantasy of fucking his foxy next door neighbor had finally come true. The moral of the story?

Never quit dreaming...they do come true.


Lois Anderson



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