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Kelly. The little engine that could.

Short story By: casinoboss

Kelly happily gives it up to Tommy. He had no idea how old she was, but he knew she was very young, Tiny, curly blonde hair,perky tits and sexy pink lips.And, like the rest of his women, chain smoked, and drank beer from a bottle. She checked all his boxes,and he more than checked all hers. The problem? She was fiance to one of his favorite employees. Would that stop him? Or her? If you have been following Tommy, you already know the answer.

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Tommy and Eva went back in hand in hand and kissed just inside the door and parted ways. Eva went to the kitchen, while Tommy went to the master bath to use the blow dryer on his slacks.

Lola and Eva's eyes met. They paused.. waiting for just the right moment. The kitchen was crowded like most kitchens are during the holidays-everyone munching on Lola's desserts carefully arranged on the breakfast bars counter. Lola's patience was growing thin, so she grabbed her little sisters' hand and led her to Sal's study.

Once inside, Lola pulled the oak pocket doors together turned and said, "Don't...don't tell me you're falling for him." Then reached for her cigarettes on Sal's desk.

Eva replied, "That's crazy. It was just sex."

"Uh huh. That's what I thought at first, too. Now, look at me." She sucked nervously on her cigarette.

"Lola...he's a player honey...haven't you had enough of that type?"

"Apparently not. I don't know what happened. One minute we were fucking our brains out and the next minute I was telling him I loved him. I mean, 'cmon...who does that?"

'Well, he's certainly an easy guy to love...'cept for the fucking around thing. Hey, sis...look, girls like big movie star looking guys. He's sweet, very witty, and charming as hell."

"I told him specifically not to use that charm of his on you. You don't need to be charmed." She stomped across the room.

Eva picked up Lola's cigarettes, lit one, and walked over and sat on the leather oxblood sofa. "I could say the same for you. I'm at least separated. Not that it matters, but I don't have any guilt. You do."

Lola crossed over to her sister with a crystal ashtray, and sat next to her, "You're right. I do feel guilty, and swear I'll never do it again. Then the minute I see him, well, all that shit goes out the window and the next thing you know, I'm sucking his dick like a baby on a bottle. Then, when he cums in my mouth, I swear- I see fireworks. Honest to God, I don't know how he does it."

"Well, for starters, how many men do you know personally can match up to him? Face, body, brains, sexy...how many?"

"None, and I've had plenty to choose from." Lola flicked her ashes in the ashtray still in her hand.

"Right, plus that's some bottle. I took a few sips myself." Then laughed.

Lola laughed and turned to her sister, "I guess we're both sluts, huh?"

"Looks like we made the team. Say, that reminds me..."

Lola dragged on her cigarette, not knowing what was coming. "Of what?"

Eva dragged on her cigarette, "Team...you need to be a team player."

"Gee, I just let you fuck my boyfriend. I consider that being a 'team' player. Don't you?"

"I do and I thank you. That was the first half. Second half is coming up."

"Now what?" Lola stood and walked back to Sal's desk, turned and sat on the edge.

"I'm afraid your boys not done for the night." Eva said painfully.

"I know. Sal told me you're going home with him tonight. I get it. Hey, it's Christmas. Enjoy my boyfriend. What the hell."

Eva didn't know how to say it. "Uhh." She got up from the sofa and walked to her sister and stood calmly in front of her and dropped her eyes. Lola didn't like the slow response. "No. No uhhs. What is it now?"

Her little sister raised her head and looked her in the eyes, "He wants to fuck Kelly."

Lola was surprised, "Kelly? Do I know Kelly?"

"Bobby's fiancé."

"That tiny thing in the black hankie? Hell, she looks twelve. Besides, she seems pretty happy with Bobby. Why would she even think about fucking that up?"

"They have a fight."

Lola dropped her eyes. "I didn't see a fight."

"Oh, it hasn't started yet."

"Eva Marie...how much of that scotch have you had?"

"Not enough, but believe me, give me a few minutes and they'll be fighting."


"Me. I'm going to make a move, and you know how persuasive I can be. She'll get pissed off of course and storm off."


"Tommy." Lola parked her ass in Sal's big oxblood chair, and looked at her sister.

Dragging deep on her Marlboro, Lola asked,"What have you guys been up to?"

Eva explained, "I'm simply running interference for him. That's what team players do."

"Oh God, what is it with this guy? Fucking guy gets more ass now than a toilet seat at 'Hooters'. What the fuck?"

Eva grinned. "He's a stud. Big, handsome, and bat shit crazy over pussy. Young, old...doesn't matter. As long as their pretty and willing.What else do you need to know? Let it go."

Lola stood and brushed her hands over her silk dress.

"Alright. Do I have a role in this little melodrama Or do I just sit on my hands and watch Bobby run to the bathroom for a good cry while his fiancé spins around on my boyfriend's cock?"

"Damn, Lola...just entertain the troops and I'll make it happen."

"FUCK" Lola slid the doors opened and walked out, leaving Eva to work her magic. It didn't take long.

She leaned back against the door jamb and smoked her cigarette. Bobby caught her from the corner of his eye while he stood helpless by the breakfast bar watching Kelly drive men wild. Her tight ass was trembling as she was making fun of one of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders on TV during a half time show.

All the men within twenty feet, including Sal caught the show.

Bobby didn't like it, but he knew she was young and flirty. That was how she got him. But, he wasn't about to say anything in public, so he moved around the room, ending up right in front of Eva.

Eva spoke first, "Hi handsome.." Bobby looked over his shouder expecting her to be talking to someone else. Bobby was cuter than a speckled pup, and wore his hair like Elvis, spit curl and all. But, Bobby was no swinging bachelor. Oh, he had the face for it, but he was short, around 5'6", and it didn't help his cause being a twenty two year old Iowa farm boy.

"You talking to me?" he asked with his brows lifted tapping at his chest with a finger.

Eva began her act, "Of course. Does that surprise you?"

"Uh, yes ma'am."

She laid her cigarette hand over his shouder and got close to his face. "I bet it doesn't. I bet you know just exactly how handsome and sexy you are."

He glanced around the room. Every man in the room was taller, except Sal, and all wore nicer, more expensive clothes. Most even had professional haircuts at Mr. Rudy's, the local swanky barber shop too swanky to even be called a barber shop. It was "Mr. Rudy's Salon" for discriminating gentlemen was how it was billed in the yellow pages.

"Gosh, ma'am. Thanks, but I uhh..I .well, I better be getting back. Nice talking to you." Bobby tried to turn away, but Eva had a plan and stuck to it. "Whoa there big fella", she said as she kicked off her six inch stilettos, which still didn't get her to his eye level."Come outside with me and let's get some fresh air. It's getting really smoky in here."

She looked around for an ashtray. No need. Bobby scurried to the dining room and grabbed a sterling silver one. (It was actually a candy dish) but he didn't know any better.

He held it for her as she snuffed it out in his hand. His eyes were on her hand, and her eyes were on Kelly who suddenly had a renewed interest in her fiance. Eva grinned and poured it on. (Think Scarlett O'Hara here)."Aren't you just the sweetest thing ever."

Bobby's face turned as red as the shiny red ornament on the Christmas tree next to him.

Eva almost blew it, but pursed her lips to control her giggle. He sat the ashtray down on the drum table and looked at her and gulped, "Uh, thanks. So, outside then?" He poked his elbow out for her to grasp. Eva smiled, and took his arm and glided to the patio.

Now, to the innocent obsever it all looked reasonable enough. To Lola and Tommy, who were now standing next to each other in the kitchen, it looked more like she was leading him than him leading her. Lola looked up at her secret lover, 'I should be pissed at you about this."

He glanced down at her, "About what?"

She quipped, "This thing you and Eva cooked up. It's crazy.I'm tempted to stop it now, before it goes any farther."

"She told you about this?"

"She's my little sister. She tells me everything." She glanced down at his crotch. He lifted her chin and looked her in the eyes, "But, you won't. We made a deal."

Lola nodded, "You're right. I'd like to say something really clever here, like wait until i get your ass home, but...I keep forgetting, we don't live together."

Tommy quipped, "You being married to my boss tends to make that impossible."

Outside on the patio, Eva had retaken her old positon from thirty minutes earlier, and dragged Bobby down next to her. Bashful Bobby unbuttoned his sports coat and draped an arm over the back of the wicker sofa..Eva saw her chance.

"Litte chilly. Mind if I snuggle under your arm hon?" Bobby gulped and said gleefully, "Heck no. Just lean on into me. I'll keep you warm." He adjusted his sports coat and wrapped his lapel around her. "How's that?" he asked proudly with his brows raised.

Eva poured on the honey, "Ohhh, that's just fine sugar. Just fine." She batted her eyes and touched his face, "Aren't you a sweet boy.Why, I'm as warm as melted butter." Bobby's erection tried to bust through his zipper.

Bobby gulped, "Uh..gosh Miss Eva, you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen..in person." The farm boy was hooked, now all she had to do was reel him in. She leaned against his arm and turned her face to his craning her neck to get close to his mouth.

Back inside Tommy and Lola were still sparring. "Relax. Maybe nothing will happen."

"I wouldn't count on it. I see smoke coming from your little Tinkerbells ears now."

He countered, "The result of someone blowing smoke in her ear."

"Like you're blowing it up my ass."

"I like your ass." Lola wanted to stay mad at him, but as usual, she couldn't. "You still drive me crazy. You know that.I know you do."

"I told you up front that falling in love with me was a bad idea."

She whispered, "Well, you could help me out, and tell me you love me, too. But, you won't because you're such a shit."

Tommy leaned back, "Hey, the fight's supposed to be between Kelly and Bobby. Not us. Now, calm down."

Back on the patio Eva had her glossy lips just inches from Bobbys. He felt her warm breath on his upper lip. "Are you going to kiss my lips or just stare at them?" Bobby gulped, "Gee, uh...could I?"

Lola was still making her case. "We're not fighting. But, you need to get ready. Tinkerbell is about to blow. Check it out."

Kelly was by the kitchen sink on her tiptoes glaring out the kitchen window. "Son of a bitch!"

She blew. Kelly stormed out of the kitchen, slid the patio doors open and planted her seventy five pounds right in front of the lovebirds, With her hands on her hips she shouted, "Bobby Ray Douglas..what in the fuck are you doin'?"

Lola sat up and let the lapel fall from her shoulder, 'It's my fault dear. I got a little chill, and sweet Bobby was kind enough to offer me his shoulder and jacket. Do let me apologize."

"I'm not looking for an apology from you Miss. I want it from him. Bobby Ray? Do you hear me?"

For the first time in his life, he talked back to a female. "I haven't done anything wrong. So, maybe" His neck stiffened, "...maybe you should be the one apologizing. How about that? He stood and put his hands on his hips defiantly.

Just as Eva scripted it, Kelly burst into tears and ran back inside...straight to 6'5" Tommy.

Eva glanced at the kitchen window and caught Lola's wide smile. Yes, she was pissed at her sister, but marveled at how successful her plan worked and she didn't even have to kiss him.

Now, all she had to do was keep him occupied for a while.

Tommy bundled Kelly in his arms like a package. "It's alright now. I got you."

She glanced around the room and noticed no one was paying attention to them. It was a party, and everyone was in party mode. Smoking, drinking, dancing- a few couples making out.

Kelly took his hand, '"Get me out of here." and led him to the side door through the laundry room where she snatched her coat from the pile on the washer and slipped it on. Smiling, she regripped his hand as they stepped outside, '"Ok, baby.I assume you have a car?" They headed across the grassy yard as Tommy replied, "Fair assumption. It's right over there." He said pointing down the street. Kelly stared at it his little red Porsche. "That..? That's half a car."

"You'll fit nicely in it."

"I fit nicelyeverywhere. But we need to get farther away than the fucking front yard. Isn't the beach just down the street?"

He opened the passenger side door for her, "Yeah, it's five hundred feet that way. But, it's colder than shit."

"Who cares. We're not getting out of the car." Tommy grinned, "We're not? " and walked around to his side and slid in.

Kelly sprang on him instantly and began kissing him wildly. Her mouth tasted like beer and cigarettes, but her lips were full, and tasted sweet. She pulled away gasping, "Start this fucker up and let's get out of here!"

He started his 911 S turbo and whipped a U-turn and sped down to the beach parking lot just across Hwy 90. By the time they got there, she had pulled her tiny dress over her head, and dropped it on the floor by her feet.

Tommy pulled sideways along the sand, still staying on the asphalt and parked the car, leaving it running for the much needed heater.

The moment the car stopped, Kelly reached for his zipper. He put his hand over hers, "Whoa babe. What's the rush?" then lit a cigarette. Kelly snuggled up close to his mouth sucking in his exhale. "The rush? Honey, where I come from we have a saying,'yesterday is too late'. Now, I've wasted two hours trying to figure a way to get you alone.I don't consider that rushed."

"YOU figured?"

"That's right. I knew you wanted me when we shook hands, and you knew I wanted you. I just needed a chance. Your girfriend gave it to me. I took my shot."

"I'm assuming you're not pissed at Bobby for being with Eva?"

"Fuck no. He's a sweetie, but he's too shy to make a move."

"But, Eva's not."

"I don't give a shit. Tonight, if she wants him, she can have him. But, he'll never leave me. Want to know why?" She leaned to his fingers and sucked hard on his cigarette.

"Hanging on every word Princess."

She exhaled in his mouth while unbuttoning his shirt, "Cause I'm a great pieceof ass. I mean...look at me. Don't tell me your dick didn't wiggle when we shook hands."

'"Damn, I do like confidence in a woman. But, it has me a bit curious."

She took the cigarette from his fingers and dragged deep, "About?"

"Do you know how old I am?"

"42, 43 in June. I know everything about you, remember?"

"And you're how old?"

"18..last week. All legal.So?"

"And how old is your daddy?"

"He's 36. My mom is 40. My cup size is a B, I'm 4'9",and I weigh 73 pounds. My pussy is tight, my mouth is warm, my ass isn't virgin, and I give the best blowjobs ever. Anything else?"

"Nice resume."

She unzipped his slacks and pulled his stiff cock out. Her tiny hand didn't even go halfway around it. "Damn baby. I'm going to have to think about this. This is bigger than I expected."

Tommy unsnapped his waistband and pulled his fly open all the way giving his crotch some breathing room." Well, what did you expect?"

Kelly grinned, "A penis. Bobby has a penis."

"I had a penis once. I was ten. And Bobby isn't 6'5".

"Man, I'll say. I can't wait to suck it...will it fit? My mouth is sorta small."

"I'm counting on it. It's been in smaller."

"That's encouraging." He reclined his seat and lay almost flat. Kelly leaned down and went right to work. She massaged his big balls while licking and sucking the head of his cock.

"Somebody beat me to it. Your cock has pink lipstick on it, cherry flavored I think. I also notice the smell of pussy, and it's not mine."

"Yeah, I got a little lucky earler."

"Uh huh. Well, that's good. I like my men warmed up for me." She started stroking him." I can't wait to taste it. Can you cum more than once?"

"If properly motivated. Why?"

"I want you to cum in my mouth first. Then we fuck and hopefully you can cum in my little cunt, too.Ok?"

"Ok, I'll do my best.

"Me, too." Kelly leaned over and began. She kissed it, licked it, sucked it, and slurped it as she stroked his thick cock.

Suddenly, her legs began to tremble. Her hand stopped for an instant . She held her breath and squeezed an orgasm out for herself. Her juices ran to the crack of her ass and ducked in. "Oh shit...that wasn't supposed to happen."

"I'd like a taste." Tommy said. Kelly grinned devilishly, "Ooooo. My baby wants to taste me?" She reached between her legs and scooped up a spoonfull, "Open wide honey!" Tommy opened his mouth and watched her hold her hand over his mouth and turn it sideways pouring it straight in his mouth. Kelly gasped, "Fuck! You turn me on. I see my baby likes nasty sex, huh?"

"I like all sex, unless it involves hardware, sharp objects, or hairy legs."

Kelly continued stroking him, and laid her head back to the tip of his cock. She spit on it getting it slick for her tiny hands that were now slipping up and down furiously, Her grip was firm catching his wide rim around the tip with every stroke. Faster, and faster she stroked as pre cum trickled from it, ony to be slurped up by her red lips. "Yes,, yes...oh feed me daddy..daddy please!" Tommy's cock squirted like a water hose and Kelly squealed with delight as she swallowed the first few shots. Then held it in her hand and pointed it at her face. Mouth open, eyes open, each stroke produced another thick squirt to her face. She giggled as she moved her head from side to side spraying her face with his hot cum. " Ahhhh.." Her tongue slipped around her mouth savoring every drop.

"This what you want baby? A tender young slut sucking your cum from your cock? I know it is. Have I made your dreams come true?" Then she rubbed it on her face, and kissed the head passionately.

He carrassed her face, "You certainly have. Anything else?"

"Oh, yeah. We're just warming up sugar. First, I need a cigarette, then after that...I'll let you fuck my little cunt. Sound good?"

He reached between her legs and played with her pussy, slipping a finger in...barely. "Sounds impossible." then lit her cigarette.

Kelly dragged deep, then exhaled through the side of her mouth,

"It's not inpossible, but you'll see...it's tighter than any pussy you've ever been in. Merry Christmas baby."

continued in chapter two.


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