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Kelly gets her girl...

Short story By: casinoboss

Tags: Sex, Bisexual, Tits


Kelly is just playing on the beach in front of Tommy's penthouse. Suddenly, she feels someones watching her...another woman? Maybe another girfriend of his?

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It was a hot summer day in Biloxi, and Lola was relaxing on a beach towel at Mississippi Beach across from Tommy's luxury penthouse.

The voluptuous Mrs. Conte was peering over her sunglasses watching people play in the splashing Gulf when her eyes caught Kelly, the child like bombshell that seduced Tommy six months ago. Hmm. Wasn't Kelly married now, to that little guy, Bobby something from Iowa?

What's she doing here? Specifically, what's the doing across the street from Tommy's place?

Lola lit a cigarette and watched the smoke blow sideways from her puckered orange lips from the ever present beach winds. She pushed her big sunglasses down the bridge of her nose.

A closer look revealed it was her.

Kelly, the tiny childlike bombshell that managed to seduce Tommy at the annual Conte Christmas party. Lola had plans for him that night, until Kelly put him in her cross hairs. Cunt.

Now, six months later, here she was,splashing along the shore with..wait....was that Blaze? Tommy's big German Shepard?

Well, fuck me...that is her and that is Blaze...Now, what the fuck is going on?

Lola folded her knees under her chin and dragged slowly on her cigarette and continued watching the tiny Kelly romp in the surf.

Damn, that little bitch is hot. Hmm. I thought she was a gymnast. I never saw a gymnast with tits like that!

Kelly stopped suddenly, feeling that someone was watching her. Lola slid her sunglasses back up her nose and turned her head the other way, as Kelly held a hand over her eyebrows shielding the hot sun and scanned the horizon.

Some bodies out there..

Blaze stopped, and tossed her snout in the air...then headed straight for Lola at a gallop!

Hah..it's that Lola lady, again...What the fuck is she doing across from Tommy's?

Kelly reluctantly ran after Blaze and slid to a stop in front of Lola, who was already getting French kissed by the gender bending Blaze.

"Hey!" Kelly said with a giant grin.

"Hey yourself!" returned Lola while she stuck her cigarette in the sand, leaving the orange stained tip out like the warning buoy that was rocking around off shore.

"Mind if we join you?" Kelly assumed as she sat in the sand and crossed her legs.

"Please do. I thought that was you. Nice to see you, again Kelly."

Hmm. "Nice to see you, too...Mrs. Conte. What brings you down this far? I mean, the beach is just across the street from your house. Same beach, same Gulf of Mexico..."

Lola held a fresh cigarette between her shiny white teeth and lit it. "Oh, I came to see Tommy."

"Well, he's not here. But, I'm going back now, so if you want to come along..." She held the tiny gold key to Tommy's penthouse, and dangled it in front of Lola's face.

Lola slid her glasses back down her nose, "You have a key to Tommy's?" then nervously sucked hard on her cigarette.

"I have his key, his dog, and at least for another 3 days, I have him, too." Kelly pulled the cigarette from Lola's always luscious lips and dragged on it, exhaling through her tiny nose before handing it back.

"I see...Maybe I'll just catch him later. But, thanks, hon."

Kelly, the preachers daughter, and now Tommy's little slut replied, "Fuck that. C'mon honey. He's right up there on his terrace. I just came down 'cause Blaze had to go potties, and the waves looked so inviting, we just had to get wet!"

Yeah, c'mon momma...I've wanted to fuck you since the night we met! Tommy won't be home until dark...I am such a slut!

"Well, ok...but just for a few minutes." Lola stuck her fresh cigarette in the sand next to the other one. Ass up.

Hmm. A threesome? Oh, please God...Just this once, let my dreams come true. I want to fuck this little cunt so bad.

Kelly sprang to her feet, and pulled the aging thirty one year old former Miss Nevada to her feet. Their hands remained clasped as they struggled though the deep sand with Blaze by Kelly's side.

That hand holding assured them they were going to do something later. It wasn't actually hand holding. It was more like hand massaging. Both girls squeezed and caressed each others hand, while making meaningless conversation, but they both knew what was really happening. A panties check here would have confirmed they were both getting wet.

Blaze blocked them from the busy Beach Blvd traffic, as the anxious, but not yet lovers continued to squeeze hands. Lola felt like a whale next to Kelly. Over a foot taller, and probably thirty pounds heavier, Lola was almost embarrassed to be seen with this child like woman in public.

But, Kelly was no child, and certainly other than looking childlike from a distance, even her Barbie doll ponytail couldn't hide the fact that she was smokin hot. Rich full red lips were planted just under her slender nose, which lived between the biggest, bluest eyes that Lola had ever seen.

She could hardly wait to see those blue eyes looking up at her from inside her own thighs.

The light changed and Blaze led the way, looking both ways before stepping onto the asphalt. Once inside the luxurious Towers complex, they shuffled across the marble floors shined to a high gloss, and straight into the private elevator that would take them to Heaven.

Or, to be more exact, suite 801, the home of the hunk of the Gulf Coast. Mr. Thomas Garrett Castle, our 6'5", 210 pound Hercules of a man that had movie star looks, and a cock to match.

Inside the bronzed mirrored elevator, it didn't take long before Kelly made her move. She let go of Lola's sweaty hand, stood on her tiptoes, then held Lola's face between her hands,and kissed her lips softly a few times. Measuring kisses, designed to get a reaction.

The reaction she got wasn't exactly what she had anticipated as she released Lola's face, and slid back down her bombshell body.

Lola simply responded by saying, "Mmm. That was nice, hon. Thanks."

The elevator doors opened right in Tommy's living room, and Blaze began bouncing around, apparently expecting a treat for escorting the ladies across the busy street that ran just below the terrace.

"Ok, baby...c'mon...momma will get you a cookie!" Kelly said as she clapped her hands and headed for the gourmet kitchen.

Hmm. Clearly, this little girl had not only the key to Tommy's penthouse, she clearly was no stranger here, and had the lay of the luxury pad down nicely.

Lola had been here dozens of times herself, but still didn't know her way around the 5,800 square foot bachelor pad very well. She only knew the living room, kitchen, bedroom and master bath. God only knows how many other rooms were in there, or what was in them.

Kelly dropped a cookie in Blazes' mouth, grabbed two beers from the glass sub zero refrigerator, and casually walked back into the sunken living room where Lola was standing in front of his 16' white sofa.

She sat the beer bottles on coasters on the glass coffee table and said, "I'll be right back, sweetie. I'm just going to grab some towels so we don't get sand on his sofa. He'd be pissed about that." then scurried to the linen closet around the corner.

Where's Tommy? I really want a threesome..but if he's not here, well...I'll just have to fuck this little kid by myself! I'm such a slut!

Kelly pulled a pile of large black bath towels from the hall closet, thinking how sexy their naked bodies would contrast against them.

Hmm. What do I do now? I told her he was here. Hey, maybe he left a note! I really want to fuck this bitch!

She grabbed the note pad from the hall table that he kept next to the phone, and scribbled his 'explanation'.

"Playing golf with the guys...see you around six, babe..TC"

Kelly smiled at her deception and casually walked back to the living room, and the stunning Mrs. Conte.

"Shit, hon..He went golfing."

Lola smiled, and wonderedjust who was the real seductress now?

The girls carefully spread the towels out, each knowing, or at least hoping they were on the same page. Not quite sure, Lola sat at the far end of the sofa, and folded her long legs under her, then lit a cigarette.

Kelly watched as the smoke created a fog around Lola's orange lips, making the scene look Heavenly somehow. She walked along the front of the sofa, and stopped by Lola's knees that were sticking out over the sofas edge. She took Lola's cigarette with her tiny fingers and dragged on it a few times,triple pumping her lungs full of smoke.

She bent down and pulled Lola's head up by her chin, then cruised her wet lips with hers,spilling smoke over their lips as they tongue kissed playfully.

Looking in Lola's eyes, Kelly moaned, then asked, "Do you want me, momma?" a sexy, but polite reference to the age difference, even though Lola was clearly NOT old enough to be her mother.

Lola exhaled the smoke that Kelly had let her have from her mouth and replied, "I'm thinking about it...just give me a minute."

Kelly turnedthe cigarette backwards in her hand, and stuck the filter tip back in Lola's glossy orange lips. Then backed away a few feet, and sat on the sofa where she took a few swigs of cold beer.

She glanced down the sofa at Lola who was dragging pensively on her cigarette. Kelly stood, and reached behind her, and tugged the string that held her bikini top,letting it float to the floor.

Lola stared at Kelly's perfect tits, with small pink areolas, and dark pink nipples. Kelly then wet her fingers and began twisting them a she moaned softly.

Lola dragged hard, then stubbed out her cigarette in the glass ashtray. She took a swig of beer, exhaling her smoke into the bottle, and leaned back against the arm of the sofa.

Kelly took that as a very sexy sign, so she hooked her thumbs in the sides of her bikini , and dragged it over her knees, then kicked them off with her feet. Then she got back on the sofa on her knees, and leaned back supporting herself with one hand as she arched her back, and rubbed her pussy right in front of Lola.

The arching and rubbing went on for a few minutes getting them both supercharged for some smoking hot sex.

Kelly figured Lola's minute was up. "Well, do you want some of this young, wet, pretty pussy or not, momma?"

Lola hooked her thumbs in her straps and dragged them down, revealing her own deadly weapons.Nothing deadlier than a pair of loaded 38's.

"Oh, fuck yeah, baby...come to momma!"



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