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Jesus Saves...

Short story By: casinoboss

Dina needed something. Her life was empty, as well as her dance card. She needed a man in her life. New Orleans was full of men. Why couldn't she find just one? Maybe she does.

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Ah, the first day of spring, and while the flowers were blooming, and the birds were singing, Dina Adams was sitting all alone at a sidewalk café.

Why was this 23 year old, with the face of a cover girl, the body of a porn star, and the mind of an intellectual, alone on this beautiful spring morning?

She was wondering the same thing. It certainly wasn't her looks, she had that covered. Her clothes perhaps? She only wore designer clothes. Jewelry? Tiffany's of course. Shoes? Gucci and Ferragamo exclusively.

It had to be something that kept driving men away. She was suddenly on a bad string of first dates. From movie stars to construction workers, she had been through dozens the last few months.

Not usually big on self-examination, she decided today was the perfect day to do some soul searching…hence the atmosphere of a sidewalk café near a lovely park along the Mississippi River called Café du Monde. Like most folks around New Orleans, she ordered coffee and beignets made famous here, and lit a cigarette. She blew a perfect cone shaped stream over her shoulder right into the crotch of a well-dressed man that was simply standing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The smoke washed over his crotch and raced up to his face forcing a cough.

"Oh, God…I'm so sorry…I didn't realize anyone was there." She said as she fanned the smoke with her napkin.

The man looked down at her, "It's fine, hon..I smoke, too. Consider me one of the few that doesn't mind second hand smoke." He looked closer at her mouth covered with creamy pink lipstick that appeared wet. "Especially…when it comes from lips like yours!"

She turned her eyes up at him. His smile was perfect, and damn if his teeth didn't sparkle! Her heart picked up its pace as she scanned his face for imperfections. Nothing?

Big, piercing blue eyes, perfect man brows, long eyelashes, modest nose, full lips, and a strong dimpled chin. Matching dimples showed on his cheeks with every smile.

Fuck! What a hunk! And that body! Hmm. Fuckers probably married.

The hunk spoke, "Mind if I sit down?" and Dina nodded, and took notice of his massive arms that stretched his at least, XXX golf shirt sleeves to the max. She couldn't help but notice his tattoos on each arm. A realistic cobra ran down his right arm with it open mouth on the back of his hand. The other arm sported a screaming eagle with outstretched wings that looked like it started somewhere up his arm under his shirt and was dive bombing to this elbow. When he moved, his tattoos moved with such animation they looked real.

His bulge in his crotch signaled he most assuredly was well endowed. Her surveillance complete, she was finally able to have another drag of her cigarette before putting it out.

For some reason, she lit another one quickly, and failed to notice he had leaned to her with a cigarette in his mouth expecting a light. She closed her Dunhill and started to put it back in her handbag when he said, "Uhh, sorry…but these damn things aren't much good if you don't light 'em."

She looked up and gasped, "Oh shit..I'm so sorry." The held the flame of her lighter under the tip. He noticed her hand shaking, and reached up and steadied it with his. Her eyes stared at his rich, full lips and pictured them sucking on her nipples. The cigarette lighting now complete, she failed to withdraw her hand, enjoying his light touch on her so much she sorta zoned out.

"Uhh..Miss.." No response. "Miss!" She snapped out of it, "Yes?"

"Thanks for the light, hon. You can put your hand down now, unless you're signaling someone ."

She tilted her head quizzically like puppies do when they don't understand a command.

"Huh? What?"

He laughed, and stuck his hand out, " Jeff."

Still not quite with the program, once again she said something dumb, "Hmm?" and failed to shake his hand.

He politely brushed his hands together brushing off nothing, but her.

Beautiful? Check. Doable? Check. But, this girl has the brains of a fucking turnip.

He slid his metal chair back, making a scraping noise along the concrete like fingernails on a blackboard.

"Sorry to interrupt you. Clearly, you don't want company." He started to stand when she put her hand on his, "Please...please don't leave. I want your …company…very much. I'm sorry for being such an idiot."

Her plea seemed legit, but he had a track record with women that wasn't very impressive, either.

He made a move back, and she tapped his hand, "Please..stay with me." She surprised herself at how desperate that must have sounded, "If you want to…I mean."

Ok, she'd now made it clear to him that she was certifiable.

He leaned back and folded his arms over his chest. Could those powerful arms look any bigger?

"You know pretty girl…we've been around each other for less than three minutes and you have apologized to me three times. Even with my bad math, that's one a minute. Coffee and beignets takes about twenty minutes to do properly, and I don't believe I could take another twenty minutes of that!"

Dina sobbed into her napkin.

"Oh, shit…Honey, I was just playing…what's wrong?" He asked as he touched her elbow lightly.

She looked up at him with watery eyes, "I'm a failure. I'm 23 years old and have absolutely nothing going in my life...nothing!"

Jeff leaned forward and shook her arm, "Hey..now stop that. You're young, you're beautiful, and I'm sure much smarter than you've displayed so far here with me…So calm down, honey…Everything's going to be ok. I'm here, now."

She nervously puffed on her cigarette, dropping ashes on his Cobra. "It is? You are?"

He brushed her ashes from his arm and laughed. "Well, as long as you don't smoke, we should be ok."

A glance down at his arm as he brushed it told her this was one of the good guys

She laughed and said, "I'm sor…" he put his finger over her lips. "Shhh. I got it…Now, since you seem intent on punishing me for something…can I at least get your name for the records…in case this turns out poorly…for me that is?"

That was the icebreaker, "My name is Adams. Dina Adams."

"You a James Bond fan Dina? Dina Adams?"

Confused by his analogy, "What?"

He smiled that big sparkly smile, "Bond. James Bond."

"Oh, hell..yes, I do love you Mr. Bond"

Now he looked confused, "Uhh..Dina..Honey, I'm not Mr. Bond…at least I don't think so."

She dropped her head, "Fuck..I'm sor…" He pursed his lips and gave her a stern look.

She laughed. He laughed and the day once again stumbled to its feet.

They laughed a lot as they swapped life stories. His: A former time Secret Service Agent assigned to unnamed Congressman, that resigned to go solo for a couple of years, protecting celebrities before he decided to open his own security company called 'VIP Security Services" based out of LA. Think , 'Kevin Costner" and ' The Bodyguard" here.

Hers: A fashion model for Vogue, lipstick model for Revlon, and occasionally trotted around at the fights with those giant cards announcing the next round.

An unlikely pairing for sure.

Jeff was one of those guys that made charming look easy. Her heart raced every time he tapped the edges of her lips with his napkin. Beignets make a mess with that powdered sugar, and we have already established how clutzy she was around him, knocking over his coffee twice while gesturing wildly with her hands!

But, Jeff, the charmer just laughed it off.

They eventually left, hand in hand, with her free hand tucked in the bend of his elbow.

Somehow, maybe it was the setting as they strolled through the grounds at Jackson Square, or maybe it was just New Orleans, but whatever it was, pulled them into the little garden on the west side of St Louis cathedral, where Dina shoved the 6'4" hunk up to a tree.

In seconds, she had climbed up his big frame, wrapped her right leg around his ass, while he bundled her ass in his hands. Their first kiss wasn't soft and sweet, or warm and gentle.

It was if they had sucked in all the air around them preparing for the kiss of lifetime. They went right at each other with their mouths wide open like the Cobra, and Screaming Eagle on his arms.

The kiss was long, strong, and bordered on violent, when they finally pulled from one another.

Dina unzipped his $250 slacks and took his rock hard cock between her legs.

"Now?...here?" he asked.

"Yes, baby..right here, right now..I need to get fucked!"

"Hmm. My lucky day." He said before kissing her hard, slipping his tongue as deep as it would go, while she slipped her panties to the side with her thumb.

His cock nudged against her wet pussy, before she wiggled slightly to get him lined up. Then he gave her a hard thrust as she dropped down on him gasping for breath as his thick cock brushed over her throbbing clit…

"Ohhh Goddd…baby..you feel so fucking good in me…The biggest cock I've ever had!"

She kissed and sucked his neck, then his chin, and nibbled on his bottom lip as she bounced up and down on his stiff nine incher, with his hands holding her cheeks.

Jeff loved the young girl's mouth, and kissed it over and over with his experienced 40 year old tongue.

He began lifting her by her ass, up and down on his cock, using her instead of his hand to jack off. He was so big and strong, she felt weightless to him as he used her cunt mercilessly.

"Baby, I'm so close.." She moaned.

Growling softly he replied, "Ready when you are sugar!"

They were fucking so hard and fast, they hadn't noticed the leaves falling around them.

Suddenly, her nipples got rock hard, and she got that tingling sensation just below her kidneys, only matched by the tingling running up her legs. The two met inside her pussy like a lightning bolt!

"JEFF!" she screamed as her cunt flushed her translucent cum all over him, which inspired him to growl, "DINA!" and shot a steady stream of cum to the back of her hot cunt. Then another shot. Then another.

The mix started running down the crack of her ass, and the smooth landscape of his big balls.

AS it dripped from them ,he kissed her so hard, she thought she tasted blood. It excited her to the point of bouncing up and down on his cock again as they deep kissed really hard. This was dirty , nasty hot sex with their spent cum flying off his cock and out of her cunt until they came hard again!

Cum just squirted out from the edges of her pussy around his thick cock.

He held her as she lay back still latched to him with her arms outstretched, like Lance Armstrong does when he crosses the finish line.

Dina's eyes fluttered as her long hair fell to the ground, her legs spread far apart letting her cunt drain their mixed cum to the grassy lawn.

When she opened them, her eyes went to the giant sculpture of Jesus next to the St. Louis Cathedral with his arms outstretched like hers.

The look on his face comforted her. It was like he was saying, "It's ok."

The message inscribed at the base of the statue hit her hard.

It simply said, "Jesus Saves"

Dina wept.


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