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A three way tryst at the movies was perfect on a hot day.

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Hollywood was experiencing another heat wave , and the afternoon heat and another argument with my girlfriend Paula had my blood boiling.

Same old argument.

"When are we getting married?"

Okay, I had promised that when I returned from the service we would get married right away. It had only been few months (actually 10) so what was the problem?

The problem was Paula's mother.

Oh, she wasn't against the marriage and certainly wasn't against me...unless it was in bed.

That's right. Vanessa Hamilton and I were lovers and had been since I graduated from high school. My last night in the States wasn't with my fiance; it was with her mother.

Now hold on. Vanessa was no housewife with curlers and a flannel nightie.

A statuesque 5'10", with knockers that entered the room before she did, an ironing board flat tummy, a solid bubble butt, and long flaming red hair that fell wistfully over one shoulder, Vanessa was an instant hard on every time I saw her.

A former Playboy bunny, Vanessa had the striking features one would expect. A flawless complexion except for one tiny little 'beauty mark' just over her blood red lips, large almond shaped eyes, and perfectly arched eyebrows set off by ridiculously long eyelashes (not fake) and there you have my dream girl.

I often thought she looked like one of those bombshell pinup tattoos that simply walked off some sailors forearm.

Add to that, the way she smoked was always a turn on. Long French inhales, quick snaps, or sultry open mouth inhales that made her mouth look like it was full of cotton candy. Since I liked cotton candy, I never failed to lick the inside of her smoky mouth as the smoke washed over our faces.

Our first sexual encounter came shortly after she witnessed Paula and I making out by one of the Grecian statues that graced the lush grounds of their Beverly Hills mansion. I caught her out of the corner of my eye as she rubbed between her legs and gasped as she came in her hand. Afterwards, she raised her fingers to her lips and licked her fingers clean while grinning at me.

I fucked her hard twenty minutes later after saying goodnight to Paula.

Vanessa was 37. I was 17.

The hardest part of deployment wasn't leaving Paula...it was leaving Vanessa. My taste for older women became legendary after Vanessa showed me how to fuck like a porn-star. I was soon fucking all my friends moms thanks to Vanessa's testimonials to her bridge club friends.

So, on that hot afternoon as I strolled down Hollywood Boulevard in search of some place cool while my Corvette was being serviced at Hollywood Sports Cars, I found myself in front of the Pantages Theater. The early Oscar ceremonies were held there back in the fifties and early sixties, and I knew the theater well. It was normally cold enough to hang sides of beef.

I bought a ticket and scampered in wiping my brow with the sleeve of my t-shirt. Once inside, I bought a tub of buttered popcorn and a small coke and went inside the dark theater. I sat about half way down on the right hand side and began munching as the film started.

Since cooling off was my motive, I hadn't paid particular attention to the movie title, but quickly learned it was a psychological thriller called, "Diabolique", a rather dark and erotic film of two women trying to kill their older lover so they could take over his bar/brothel where they were gainfully employed.

Naturally, the two women were lovers and that was apparent in the opening scene when a series of stills flashed across the screen of arms, legs, pussies, deep wet kisses and s bucket load of lip gloss that had my cock lap dancing from the get go.

Imagine my angst when I was forced to draw my knees in to let two women scrunch through the narrow space between my knees and the backs of the seats in front of me.

They plopped down next to me just as I heard a gasp and caught a glimpse of Sharon Stone's eyelashes fluttering like she was passing out in ecstasy.


I leaned back against the tall seat and pouted as my cock deflated. What timing!

About ten minutes in, and two almost hard ons later, I glanced to my right at the two women that had caught my attention by their moans as they made out like they were in the backseat of their daddy's station wagon at the drive in movies.

Clearly, they could care less that they were not.

My cock scooted down my thigh and swelled at the action next to me. I had to touch it. I ran my thumb up and down its length under the texture of my jeans. Damn, it felt so good, I wanted to pull it through my fly and play with it.

A quick glance around the theater to assure myself I was not being watched as my right hand slipped to my crotch. As slowly and smoothly as I could, I un-zipped my jeans and pulled my throbbing cock out. It felt warm and thick, and I could feel the big veins straining with blood pumping up my now stiff prick.

My fingers were coated with butter, so the sensation was almost overwhelming. A dollop of pre cum had pooled at the tip and before I could rub it in, the lady to my right had it in her warm mouth sucking like a vampire that needed blood!

My left hand went to the back of her head and rode as she bobbed up and down hungrily. I looked at her young lover, a hottie with over glossed orange lips that was busy fingering herself and licking her lips.

I reached across the back of my cock-suckers seat to the young girls mouth. She grabbed it quickly as I rubbed her pouty lips and began sucking it in perfect time with her bent over counterpart. With one hand on mine ramming my thumb in and out her very hot mouth, and her other hand buried in her young cunt, she climaxed big time all over herself and her $16 dollar seat!

My cock was ready to explode as the older hottie had caved in her cheeks to drain my aching balls. The orange lipped teen stood and stepped over the back of her seat and came to me with dazed eyes. She bent to me and ran her tongue down my throat and fucked it silly.

The sensations had my cock spurting like a water hose that someone dropped. It was relentless as it shot ropes of my thick white cream all over my lap lover. The teen then tossed one leg over my seat and shoved her dripping cunt to my anxious mouth. I ate her pussy with a vengeance as her partner slurped and licked me clean.

My mouth was suddenly full of her warm juices as she trembled and grabbed the back of my seat.

The teen grabbed her lover and kissed her hard. I saw my cum swapping from one mouth to the other and that got me rock hard again.

The teen stepped over the back of my seat and impaled herself with my thick oozing cock. I held her hips and bounced her up and down as I glanced at the screen and saw Sharon Stone and her young lover standing by a pool covered in green slime and leaves.

She then smiled at the sexy brunette and said, "It's over."

My lovers left without saying a word so I zipped up my jeans and walked out smiling.

Why wouldn't I?

Vanessa was meeting me later at The Roosevelt Hotel across the street.

Hmm. Should I tell her this story?

Nah. I don't think so.





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