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I'm thinking about you...

Short story By: casinoboss

Tommy sends a message to his fans...Is it you he's thinking of? Maybe you'll figure it out if you read....I'm thinking about you...

Submitted:Mar 16, 2012    Reads: 1,447    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

I'm thinking about you...again. I see your comments on here, and can tell by the tone of your writing...you think about me, too. Right?

I wonder how long we're going to do this? I write a story-you comment; You write a story-I comment.

You and I both know don't we? Yeh,I know who you are.I know you won't Facebook me because you are afraid of revealing yourself...It's ok. I get it.

I keep reading your profile over and over. I find you so exciting. But, why do you hide behind avatars?

Maybe if I give you a reason, you'll come out of the shadows. You already know I'm handsome and rich. Ok, I'm a little older, but those extra years have served me well, and made me a perfect candidate to teach you things about sex and love that you can learn right now, from me, and not have to wait years to find out how to please a man..Then there's the rejections, the unrequited love, the fears...

No, let's not think about those things. I'm not going to reject you, and your love will definitely be returned....No fears baby..

Now, just lay back and think of us...all alone, maybe on a sandy beach under a full moon.

I like to lay on my back like this and have you lay on my arm with your lips near my neck. I like your warm breath against it, too. Then when you kiss my neck softly, it always sends tingles down my spine. I want more, soI turn to your glossy lips and taste them. Your breath on my upper lip has swollen my cock quickly. Do you see it? Yes, you see it as you drag your forefinger around my left nipple and start sliding it down over my tanned six pack. Your breath quickens as your fingers feel the ridges in my stomach -the results of years of going to the gym...preparing myself for you.

I hear your breathing...sounds shallow and quick. Are you touching yourself? Yes, I thought so. Me, too. I just can't help it. I'm arching my back now soI can slip my Calvins off.

Oh, man, my cock just sprang up as soon as my underwear passed my rim. I'm taking it in my hand now...my right hand, and squeezing it slowly.

Fuck, my cock feels warm tonight. Thick and warm. mmmm. I'm gently squeezing it now. Are rubbing your mound outside your panties? Just slide them down...around your knees. That's far enough. Now, drop your knees to the side and watch your panties stretch between them. Did you moan?

I heard a moan. Now, just tease your pussy. Drag the backs of your fingernails across your mound..feel the faint soft hairs. Doesn't that make you crazy? Your pussy wants something in it! Go ahead, slip just your middle finger inside for now. We'll save your forefinger for later.

Man, this has me hard as a rock. I'm slowly stroking it now. Remember how Kelly, the little slut likes to spit on my cock so she can jack me off without hurting me? Do that for me, baby. Just spit on the head and rub it around. Get it nice and slippery because in a few minutes, my right hand will be a blur. You're younger than me so you shouldn't have any trouble keeping up with my pace. mmmm.

Doesn't this feel good? Is your pussy starting to leak? My cock sure is. I have pre cum dripping off the head already. See what you do to me? Let's pick it up honey...that's right. I can hear the squishing sounds.mmmmm. Damn, I'm so fucking horny for you. Kiss me. Kiss me hard. Press your lips against mine and part your lips. Ohh God. Your tongue is down inside my mouth now rolling around.

I like it when you pull back and suck my tongue. Does it remind you of sucking my cock? That's what it reminds me of. I like kissing your wet lips while pinching your nipples. Did that hurt? You flinched a little. It didn't? Good, I really would be upset if I hurt you. What's that? It's ok to hurt you? No, baby...I couldn't. But, I must confess, a nice firm smack or two on a womans' ass does excite me.

Let's go, baby. Faster now. Ok, now you can use that forefinger. Just keep fucking yourself with your middle finger and slip your forefinger to your clit. Ahhh. yeah, just like that. I love this mutual masturbation thing. You watch me manhandle my big cock, and I watch you ramming your fingers in your cunt. Wow, this is hot!

Let's go baby. My balls are tightening. Faster, babe. Hard, fast, fucking is the way men like to finish. Nice and strong. Almost...

Now slam your fingers in as hard as you can!! Hard and FAST! Yes, yes baby.I feel you tensing up...I know you're gasping...so am I! My hand is a blur...Oh God...

Here we go now...just a few more strokes!

There!!! Yes, yes, yes...Oh shit, you're still squirting. Get on your knees and put your pussy on my mouth. Yeh, just press it tight against my mouth and hold your lips back...stretch them back and go ahead...cum in my mouth for me. mmmmm. I feel your legs quivering as you dump your juices down my throat. You're looking down at me and you can tell I'm drinking you...Slurp.

Wait!...quick, laydown on your back and open that pretty mouth. Take my cock to your lips and jack me off the rest of the way...MMMMMMM. Damn baby... You drive me wild. Your tongue licking my warm cumfrom your lips is crazy!Yeah, rub the head over your face...just like that. Oh, fuck. Fuck baby. You're so good to me.

Did you make a mess? I sure did. I spurted almost to the bookcase, and more than once.

Wow...nothing better than a powerful orgasm to say goodnight to. If I just knew who you were.


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