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I'll never give you up-Lola

Short story By: casinoboss

Later in the day, Tommy and Lola go across the street to the beach. At dusk, he lights a fire in the firepit and they lay on a blanket and make love until they're exhaused. What conclusions had they come to?

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They kissed a few times before they followed through with her plan and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon across the street on the beach.

Lola looked amazing in her white bikini, and knew it.

She brought her Polaroid and teased him with poses all afternoon. From the standard one of a woman on her knees tossing her red hair back, to the more flirtatious woman leaning forward showing off her full cleavage with puckered red lips...even a few pictures of her smoking. From long French inhales, to snaps-from open mouth inhales to open mouth exhales where the smoke just eased out of her wide open mouth...All done with glossy red lips. Lola gave him everything he wanted.

Fortunately, the beach wasn't crowded, because they didn't wait until dark for their sex. Tommy learned that a blowjob wasn't a blowjob unless Lola Conte was the woman giving it.

She truly had no boundaries; even fucking him in the Gulf wasn't an issue -even with a few swimmers bobbing nearby.

Her time with him meant something to her, and she was relentless, daring, and really was more woman than he expected. She did warn him that she could be needy.

After the sun went down, he started a fire in the fire pit, and they exchanged life stories.

They weren't just fuck buddies anymore. Somehow during the mix of drinking, smoking, crazy sex, and opening up their checkered past to one another, they had rapidly become best friends.

Tommy learned that Lolita Carmen Vasquez was actually Puerto Rican. The daughter of an American diplomat of Spanish heritage , and a gorgeous Puerto Rican woman named Carmen Montoya. Her father was older, and had been married before, producing her sister Eva that lived in Mobile. Familiar story. Carmen was Mr. Vasquez' administrative assistant, and well, you can fill in the blanks.

So, instead of Lola being Italian as he originally thought, she was in fact, Spanish, which cleared up for him why she spoke such perfect Spanish. She also spoke perfect Italian and a little French.

Lola was educated at Princeton, and earned a degree in, get ready for this; Forensic Anthropology. In other words, she wanted to be an Egyptologist. Right. A busty , fiery red head, with huge tits and tight ass (Think Joan from Mad Men.) dreamed of crawling around under the desert floor shoveling, and picking her way through sand and scorpions hoping to find a sliver of bone.

You really can't judge a book by its cover.

Her IQ was higher than Tommy's, (170) and after the family moved to Las Vega, she was accepted at UNLV for post graduate work in Egyptian history. She received her Master's and then fate threw her a curve. Her father passed away suddenly, leaving them nothing but a mountain of gambling debts mostly to some very seedy characters.

Naturally, his modest insurance policy left just a few bucks after his burial, so Lola had to go to work. She had a mother and little sister to support. They were forced from their big mansion off Oakley Drive and into a two bedroom apartment on Sahara. Her Corvette, and the family Lincoln were gone, too.

Even though she had won the title of Miss Nevada two years before, she was yesterday's news.

Guess where she finally got hired? Yep, the Frontier Hotel, and Gambling Hall. Her boss? Salvatore Conte. The rest is as they say, history.

Now, she was having a torrid affair with one of her husband's closest friends, and co-workers.

But, even after just a few hours, she knew it was more than an affair to her. Like the women before her that thought he might just be another distraction from their loveless lives, she found out quickly how disarming he was.

But, Tommy knew he could never be serious with a married woman. If she cheated on her husband with him, wouldn't she cheat on him with the next Tommy Castle, too?

Tommy remembered something his beautiful mother said to him when he walked in on her and a family friend when he was eleven. Emily slipped on her robe and took Tommy to the living room. "A man needs to tend his own garden Tommy. If he doesn't, well, somebody else will."

Obviously, Sal wasn't tending his garden.

It troubled Tommy. He didn't need a best friend. He just wanted reliable sex.

As they walked hand in hand back to her place around ten thirty that night he said to her, "We might have fucked up here."

Lola knew exactly what he meant, but wanted to hear him say it. "How's that baby?"

After they crossed Beach Blvd. they stopped in the Holiday Inn's parking lot on the corner where he replied, "You know this turned out to be more than sex, don't you?" She got on her toes and kissed him, "I sure do...so?"

"So, how do we make it work?"

She pulled him close and wrapped her arms around his waist, "That's my job, baby. I'm the one that's married here. You just keep on living your life the way you want, and I'll make it work. Don't worry...I don't want a divorce, and don't need one to be with you. I'm a pretty clever girl and you have nothing to worry about. I can handle Sal, besides, unless we do something crazy, he'll never know."

Tommy wasn't so sure about that. " But..." Lola put her fingers to his lips, "Shhh...I'll make it work." Then kissed him hard right there on the street corner as traffic whizzed by.

The kiss told him a few things about Lola Conte. First, she wasn't afraid to be seen kissing him in public, something he was sure could bite him in the ass.

Second, her sexual appetite was insatiable, and her life before him was shit.

It also convinced him that she was bold, daring, and was sort of an adrenaline junkie who thrived on the rush that secret affairs often give.

Now, the right thing to do at this point would be to just walk away. They both got what they wanted, so thanks and goodbye, right?

Wrong. As everyone knows by now, Tommy always chooses door number two...the one with the donkey behind it.

Then again, what red blooded man could walk away from a Miss Nevada? Smoking hot, killer body, nasty in bed; basically everything a man could want. Plus, she was the kind that you really could take home to mother. Simple, unassuming, very bright, and always smiling.

Don't men really want a lady in public and a slut in the bedroom? Meet Lola Conte.

Tommy was smitten with his bosses wife. Granted, not one of his better decisions, but as they say, decisions are made with the small head, and not the big one. Cue the music. Simply Irresistible.

Lola was Delilah to his Samson.

And like Samson, he found himself spell bound by this the rose lipped maiden. It was in that moment that he knew that she wasn't the only one that had to make it work.

He wasn't about to walk away.

Hopefully he won't bring the house down with him like Samson had done.


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