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Christmas Eve with Sal and Lola.

Short story By: casinoboss

Lola sacrifices her little sister to Tommy.

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In this chapter, Tommy is alone Christmas eve when his boss, Sal Conte calls Tommy at his penthouse and invites him to join him and Lola (Sal's wife and Tommy's secret lover) at their home for a little impromtu Christmas party with thirty or forty employees from the Paradise Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi where they were both casino bosses.Tommy thought for a minute. How could he? Then Sal baited him with a twenty something bombshell named Eva. Unfortunately, Eva was Lola's sister. Wow! How was this going to play out?

It was Christmas eve, and Raven was in New Orleans, and he was already wishing he had gone with her.

His big German Shepard- Blaze needed to go out, So, he got up and got her leash and took her out back to the modest grassy lawn..

He ran through his mental rolodex searching for a companion for the evening. Seems they all had husbands or boyfriends, or both. Funny, he couldn't think of one really single woman in town that might be alone tonight.

Blaze did her business and Tommy picked it up with his white Wal-Mart bag and tossed it in the dumpster.

When he got back to 801 the phone was ringing off the wall


"What are you doing?" Sal...his boss. Damn.

"Blaze had to take shit, so we went outside for a few minutes...what's up?"

"It's Christmas Eve dummy." Tommy sat on his white sectional and patted it for Blaze to come and sit with him.

"I heard."

"Well, get your ass over here."

"What's going on?"

"Well, from here, it looks like a Christmas party." The music in the background didn't sound like Christmas music. Voices were in the background, too. Female voices.

"Who's there?"

"You mean besides your best friend and his wife? Well, a lot of casino employees are here. Some of your favorites cocktail girls, Dee, Jackie, Rita, and on and on. Oh, and somebody special. Wait till you see this motherfucker."

"Who is it?"

"Lola's sister."

"Her sister's married."

"Not for long. Her old man ran off with some sweet young thing. I figure she's looking for a revenge fuck. She's hotter than hell and is waiting for you...and only you. So drop your cock and grab your socks ." Tommy thought about it for a minute. What would Lola think about that. Since they had been fucking for three months regularly, what would she do? Seemed dangerous. Right down his alley.

"Alright, alright...be right there."

He turned to Blaze, "Want to go to a party girl?"

Blaze dropped her head and went to her bed.

"Ok, I'm going without you...might get lucky."

He parked his new 911 turbo Porsche a half block away, lit a cigarette and thought briefly about turning around and going home. He always trusted his instincts and should. They were usually spot on. Right now, his instincts told him there was trouble inside.

The night was unseasonably chilly as he rolled out of his Porsche, so he turned his jacket collar up to block the wind, and reluctantly trudged down the street to Sal's front door.

There was the expected loud music, Rod Stewart, and apparently the crowd was engaging in a little sing a- long.

If you think I'm sexy and you really want me...come on baby, let me know...

Shit. He was feeling sexy, but standing on his secret lovers front porch, knowing she was just inside and he couldn't have her, pissed him off.

He stood there for a minute. Sal said Jackie, Dee, even the always stunning Miss Florida, Rita was in there. He had bedded them all, some more than others. Now, Lola's sister?

Then he flipped his cigarette in the planter where Lola's pink tipped butts already lived, folded his jacket collar down and rang the bell.

Apparently, Dee was closest to the door and flung it open. "Tommy!" followed by a quick kiss on the lips, then Jackie, a nicer kiss and wet of course. He worked his way through the living room, shaking hands with the men, and kissing most of the women. Rita approached from his left, a cigarette in one hand, a drink in the other. She held his face between her filled hands and kissed his mouth. "Hi baby. Merry Christmas." Rita was the first black Miss Florida and drop dead gorgeous. She was not only one of Tommy's employees, she was one of his frequent lovers.

Tommy was everyone's favorite boss. Men and women, especially the women.

Then came Bobby with a tiny female in tow. " Boss, this is my fiancé Kelly, Kelly this is my boss, the famous Tommy Castle." The childlike fiancé of his number one floorboss craned her neck and held her hand out, "Tommy Castle. Wow, I've heard a lot about you Mr. Castle. Seems my future husband thinks you're a rock star or something. Now, I see why." Then turned to Bobby, " Boy, baby, you're right. He's a big dude." Then she released Tommy's hand from the embarrassingly long handshake, and winked.

Not much shocked Tommy, but this little spinner was a shock. The look in her eyes, and her massaging his hand during their contact told him she was doable. From Bobby's description, he pictured a tight collared Baptist, that wouldn't say shit if she had a mouthful. Kinda like those perky tour guides at Disneyland.

In reality, Kelly was smoking hot, with long curly blonde hair, sexy green eyes and delicious looking red lips. She wore a tiny black dress that barely covered her bubble ass, or her perky round tits, and if she were to sit down, her pussy would probably be on display. She looked too young to smoke, but she did. Long, slow french inhales one after the other.

Tommy made a mental note to keep a keen eye on her, not that he would do anything. Bobby was a good guy and his friend. But, he did imagine her mounted on him spinning around like a top, smoke pouring from her red lips like a locomotive.

Someone in the crowd grabbed his hand and tugged him around the corner into the empty hall. She shoved him against the wall and kissed him hard. Lola's tongue tasted like Tequila and cigarettes. "God, I've missed you." Then rubbed her orange lips across his. "Miss me?"

"Always miss you...but we need to cool it. Where's dipshit?"

"Last time I saw him he was in the family room drooling." Lola was rubbing his slacks with the flat of her hand.

He reached behind her and rubbed her ass over her skin tight dress. "Over?"

Lola pressed her lips to his, " My sister Eva. The one that covers for me when I'm with you. She lives in Mobile. Remember?"

He pulled his head back. " Then what's she doing here?"

"Sal invited her. Her husband left her. She originally said no, until he told her you might be here. She's pretty fucking hot.." Lola gave him a tiny suck on the neck.

"Hotter than you?" his eyebrows raised.

"Apparently. Younger, too." Lola nibbled his ear arousing him instantly. Factually, Eva was 26.

"Are you giving me the green light?" Lola replied, "I'd say yellow. Baby, I know you. Just take it easy. She's vulnerable right now and a sure thing. So, ease off on the charm shit."

"Your confusing me. What are you saying? "

"I'm saying that she came here to meet you; to be with you thanks to Sal. What was I supposed to say? No, my sister can't come and fuck my boyfriend? So, you don't need to romance her. She knows exactly who you are, and what you're packing under those slacks. That's what she needs. She doesn't need to get her head all fucked up thinking you're the fucking answer to her prayers. Got it?

"Got it. This, I've got to see."

She groaned mournfully, "Oh, fuck me...ok, come on." She took his hand and led him to the family room.

Sal was sitting on an ottoman. "Hey, here's our boy now!" He stood and walked to Tommy and shook hands as Sal gave Tommy a quick kiss on the cheek. He had never done anything like that before, so Tommy attributed it to the party atmosphere and scotch. Sal was no drinker.

He turned Tommy by the shoulders, letting his eyes pan the room, then stopped him, letting Tommy's eyes lock on her.

Sexy? Check. Staggeringly beautiful? Check. His knees did feel a little shaky. Remember, this man was born and raised in Hollywood where beautiful women were common. He had grown up with them, dated them, and bedded more than his share.

But, nothing compared to what was sitting casually less than fifteen feet away. He stepped to one side and her eyes followed. Then with his Hollywood experienced eyes, he took a wide shot of the scene. A few people moved in and out of the scene, talking, laughing, drinks in hand.

But their eyes never left each other; his head moved from side to side to make sure they didn't lose eye contact. Now, with no one between them, he zoomed in on her slowly, like the cameraman shooting Scarlett on the steps of Tara.

She wore a long sequined silver gown slit up one side. Picture the dress Marilyn wore when she sang to JFK. Ample soft white cleavage left little to the imagination. Her legs were crossed , swinging her sequined Gucci stilettos casually.

A tighter shot caught the shimmer from her lips, he was certain he saw them twinkle. Bright red lipstick covered her rich full lips. A little dimple just under her perfect nose. They looked so wet, he thought if he touched them with his finger he would surely see ripples. Dark brown eyes featured ridiculously long eye lashes, a smoky eye shadow and perfectly arched brows.

She looked comfortable leaning back in Sal's overstuffed easy chair with a drink in one hand, (looked like Sal's scotch), and a cork filtered cigarette in the other. Her glossy pink lips had made their mark on the filter.

Hersequined skull cap with sequined strands framing her face. Damn, she was gorgeous.

Suddenly, as he zoomed in tight on her mouth, she touched her tongue to her bottom lip, wiggled it slightly, then put the cigarette in between those perfect lips and sucked it. The tip turned red as she took a long, slow drag. Smoke crawled over those wet lips seeking her nostrils. It looked like she had a mouthful of white cotton candy. Then just as the thick smoke reached her nostrils, she tilted her head back and summoned it back in her mouth, then puckered those delicious looking lips and blew a perfect cone shaped batch of smoke to her right. She was stunning and her eyes dropped to his crotch.

Tommy felt his erection pushing against his zipper.

"Well, buddy, this is Eva, Lola's sister. Eva, this is Tommy Castle." Tommy grinned at her as he took a step towards her.

She calmly stubbed out her cigarette, took her last sip of scotch, set her glass on the side table and stood. The sequined dress fit her form perfectly. She touched her bottom lip with her tongue again, and started towards him. For a woman that had been married for years, she hadn't lost her groove.

She reached out her hand for his. They stared in each other's eyes before they spoke. "Hi Tommy. I've heard about you." Tommy was worried about what she would say next, and she saw it in his eyes. "From Sal." She turned to Sal, "You said he was handsome." She craned her neck looking up at Tommy. "You didn't say anything about him being so tall."

Sal smiled, "Must have slipped my mind. I mean, he's not that tall. Besides, you know what they say, 'big hands, big feet, big disappointment'." That brought a mixed reaction of laughs and boos. The boos were of course from Dee, Rita, and Jackie. A grimace from Lola. "Sal, cool it. Be a good boy and get Tommy a beer." The crowd groaned as Sal headed for the kitchen.

Tommy still had her hand in his, "Hello, Eva, nice to finally meet you" and pulled her to him for a little hug. She felt comfortable with her head buried in his chest. "You smell nice." He ran his hand down her exposed back, "You do, too" Sal tapped him on his shoulder, "Here ya go pal. Eva, honey, Need a refill?" She turned her head to him, "Yes, please." Sal grinned and went to the liquor cabinet while Tommy and Eva walked to the enclosed patio just off the den , and paused in front of the wicker sofa. He unbuttoned his single button sports coat, and said, " Let's sit for a few minutes and talk. It's pretty noisy in there." She sat on the padded canvas sofa, and replied, "I know. My ears need a rest. Loud music can be a turn off sometimes. Nights like this, I'd prefer something a little more mellow." He nodded as he lit a cigarette. "I know exactly what you mean."

Sal came out and handed her a glass of scotch. "No soda babe. Ran out. Can you handle it neat?" She took the drink from him, "I can handle anything. Neat is fine." Sal grinned, "Listen, if you guys decide you want some alone time..." Tommy interrupted, "We'll go to my place" then looked at her. "Right, his place would be better. "

Sal stood up, "Good enough. Just make sure you get back here by noon. Lola would shit if you missed her fucking extravagant Christmas dinner. Hey, maybe you'd like to come, too buddy?" Tommy grinned, he already had a date with Raven for Christmas dinner. "I'd love to, but have plans. But, thanks." Sal nodded and left.

Eva took his cigarette from him and puckered her lips as she drew smoke in her mouth. Then a sip of scotch, then another drag. Tommy was sitting at an angle with his arm over the back of the sofa holding his beer with the other hand. She took the beer from him and wrapped her lips around the tip and sucked some in her smoky mouth. Then exhaled as she swallowed. He grinned at her, "A multi- tasker. I've never seen anyone drink a beer chaser after scotch. Especially with a mouth full of smoke. Nice. Anymore surprises?"

Eva dragged again, "You know why I'm here" then leaned against him. Tommy looked down at her snuggled under his arm. "I do. Your husband ran off with a teenager, and now you're looking to get a taste of revenge. I get it."

She leaned forward and turned to him, "Lola said you were a smart boy. Now, when do I get it?"

As far as he was concerned, there wasn't any hurry. She was his for the taking, and would still be his a couple hours from then, too. And by now, we all know that Tommy is well known as a big time player, and there were plenty of toys inside. "It's a party. We've already established that we're going home together, so let's go back in and party." She was no dummy.

"She also told me you had zipper problems. Just save something for me. I assume it's ok for me to play, too?" It was time to put some kind of plan into action. Tommy was no dummy, either. He took a drag from his cigarette.

"Someone got your eye?"

"I'd say more like someone's got yours.But, her boyfriends kinda cute, so I'll distract him and you can play with her."


"That tiny little blonde thing in the skin tight black dress. What was her name?"

"Kelly? That's Bobby's fiancé. He's my friend, and my best employee. I couldn't do that to him."

"I'll do it to him, you take care of Miss Kelly. She hasn't taken her eyes off of you since you came through the door. So, there's no seduction necessary baby. Just take her hand and lead her away. She'll go with you. I got your back sugar." Eva lay back against his arm and began rubbing his thigh.

"Sounds easy enough. Now, what about Lola?"

"Who?" Rubbing his thigh had her distracted. His erection was tenting his slacks.

Uncomfortably he replied, "Uhh, your sister. Lola?"

"Ohh, Lola. Right. She'll be ok. She expects you to fuck me...everyone does. It's a party, remember?"

"I guarantee you, she doesn't expect me to fuck anyone else. Just the thought of you and I fucking is making her nuts already. Fucking Kelly won't sit so well with her." Eva put her lips to the cigarette between his fingers and dragged on it.

"I'll take care of Lola. She knows it will take the suspicion off you and her." Then exhaled softly.


"Biloxi's a small town, honey. People hear things."


"Not Sal. He's too busy fucking around in New Orleans anyway. But, these casino people inside? They're pretty street smart. They all see the way you guys look at each other, and that little thing you guys did in the hall didn't help matters."

"You saw that? How?"

"The mirror. Remember, the mirror? The same one you used when you and her first got together?" Clearly, Lola had disclosed everything about their first time together.

"I remember. Now, you sure you have no problem having sex with your sister's boyfriend?"

"Some. But, I asked her, and she told me that she had no right to say who you could or couldn't fuck, so...here we are."

"Not exactly a green light though. But, here we are is right. So, let's figure we'll get out of here about ...say eleven?"

Lola glanced at her watch. "Ok, that gives us a little over two hours to party. Then..we go to your place and fuck all night."

"Works for me. Let's go." He started to stand, but she pulled him back.

"Right after you kiss me. I can't believe you haven't kissed me already." She hiked up her dress and swung around and sat on his swollen crotch. Then took his face between her hands and cruised her wet lips over his before she slipped her tongue in his mouth. Her tongue went to the bottom of his mouth and rolled around lovingly. It was a slow dreamy kind of kiss...just like she wanted...needed. He pulled back first.

"Don't get me all cranked up. Lola will look right at my crotch when we walk in." She kissed him again softly, "Anything?" He tasted her lips again. "What do you think? You're sitting on it."

"Feels good from here. I can pull my panties to the side. You want it now? I'll do it right here. I'm not shy." Tommy flashed on Lola's exact words when they pulled over on I-10 last month.

"I want it all the time. But, I can see inside, so I'm betting everyone can see us out here."

"Then...how's that song go? Give 'em something to talk about?"

"Let's stick with Plan A for now." Eva calmly reached down and unzipped his zipper, slid her hand inside and pulled his raging cock out. She leaned down and flopped it to her lips and began kissing it, then licked the tip,the rim. Tommy sat back and said, "Maybe I didn't explain Plan A properly!" as her head bobbed up and downslowly accompanied by soft moans.

She held him in her hand and looked up at him, "Shhh" then rubbed his head against her wet lips. "Plans change. Now, hush and let me take care of you. Your balls are full. Don't cheat me." Tommy leaned back and enjoyed the show but, glanced back inside only to find Lola watching the same show from the kitchen window. Fortunately, she smiled and nodded.

Eva sensed something had changed. He felt reluctant at first, but suddenly he was into it. Thinking it was her that had him so excited- not knowing Lola had given him the 'go' sign behind her back. Now,his hands were on her head forcing her down harder and faster.

She pulled him from her lips and licked him, then said, "You want to fuck my mouth baby?"

Tommy grinned, "I thought I was."

"You can go deeper. I have no gag reflex."

His cock banged the back of her throat as he moaned urgently. "mmm" then it slipped down her throat. "MMMMM !!" vibrated against his swollen shaft.She swallowed his cock and moved her head slowly up and down allowing the rim of his cock to catch in the back of her throat. Eva picked up the pace, slamming his cock in to the hilt every stroke. Her nose was stuffed in his soft brown pubic hair, and even that made her wild.

She gasped as she came up for air, and said, "Inside me baby. In my pussy." Then sat up and reached down and slid her panties to one side and mounted him right there. "Ohh shit, you feel so good in me." Eva began bouncing on his lap, faster and faster. She interlocked her fingers behind his neck and leaned back and rode him hard.

Sal glanced out the patio doors and saw what was happening, and pulled the drapes shut.

Eva was fucking at warp speed now, as Tommy kept his back arched , impaling her on his thick cock.

She went to his mouth again and kissed him hard. Urgent, rushed, wet kisses made his cock wiggle inside her. It was time. Eva sensed it, "Do it baby. Do it. Shoot that hot cum deep in my pussy!"

Tommy squirted before she finished her last word. Eva joined him flooding his lap with her juices. She quivered in his lap and leaned in to his face, "That was amazing. I haven't had sex in months, and the last orgasm was six weeks ago. Six weeks! Do you believe it? I don't. Man, this was great."

She slipped off him and tucked his cock in, then stood up, glancing at his slacks. "Sorry about that. I think I saw a blow dryer in the master bath."

Tommy held his chin to his chest as he zipped his $125 dollar slacks up. "Now back to the plan. What's next"

"Well, let's see. How long does it take to recharge your battery?"

"A full charge? Maybe fifteen minutes. But, I can make do with five."

Eva pulled a Marlboro Light from his pocket and lit it herself, then spewed the smoke out the side of her mouth, "Ok, in fifteen minutes, grab that Kelly girl and go do your thing." He stood and looked down at her,"Just like that? Grab her and drag her away like a caveman?" then smiled. She wrapped her arms around his waist, "Just like that...yes, don't worry. She'll go with you gladly." He draped his arms over her shoulders as they chatted calmly about the plan.

"And we know this how?"

"She'll be crying. Crying girls are hungry for some dick."

"Really? Why would she cry?"

"Her and Bobby will have afight."


"What else? Me, of course. Don't worry. Like I said sugar. Eva has your back."

Next chapter continued in "Kelly..the little locomotive that could."


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