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It was supposed to be a surprise visit to my girlfriend that worked as a phone sex operator. The surprise was on me.

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Booth nine




"Mr. Carr?" The soft voice of my secretary Amber came crackling through my Speakerphone.

"Yes?" I answered as I looked down at Sunset Boulevard three floors below.

"Uh, you need anything?" Amber was a sex addict and a grade A piece of ass, but I had already fucked her during lunch, and she blew me during her afternoon break, and let's face it...I was ready for something fresh.

"No. I'm good. What's left on my calendar today?"

"Uh, well...it's Macy's birthday and you did say to remind you not to forget."

"Ok, thanks Amber. Anything else?"

"Uhm, if you don't need me, I'd like to leave a little early. I need to get ready for that thing in Hollywood."

That thing in Hollywood was the Golden Globes Awards where young hot pussy like Amber's sold for thousands just to be seen on the arm of some old fart that couldn't get it up with a fucking crane. Amber's silver Porsche 911 Carrera attested to her escorting skills.

"Sure hon. You run along and have fun tonight."

"Thanks Mr. Carr. Say, after that thing, and you're finished with Macy..."

My little fuck bunny never quits.

"Call first Amber."

"Of course...bye Mr. C."

I pushed away from my desk and walked to the door to take a peek as Amber sashayed to the glass doors of "EXPOSED! " where I was once again hired to dig up dirt on celebrities and write about them in the most salacious way possible. " EXPOSED! " was the leader in its field and was the only smut rag available in full color with a glossy finish. Hence the $6.95 price tag even at Wal-Mart.

Amber's ass swung left and right as she baby stepped in her 6" stilettos to the elevator before turning and blowing me a kiss.

Damn. My cock was pushing against my zipper just from that little episode. I needed to get laid and fast, and I knew just where I could make that happen. The answer was just three blocks down Sunset where my sweetheart Macy Alexander worked as a phone sex o operators.

Let me tell you about Macy. The word statuesque comes to mind. Tall, big tits, flat tummy, perfect ass, long reddish hair that draped her narrow shoulders elegantly, and the sexiest green eyes I'd ever seen. Add to that, she had her own website, worked as a Dominatrix in her off hours, was bi sexual, and the single best fuck in LA County...as everyone knew that had paid well for her services. And she was mine.

The walk down Sunset in late afternoons was always fun. Tourists gathered around vendors selling maps to movie stars homes, musicians loading and unloading their gear in front of the many recording studios that line the 'street of dreams', and the assortment of high end call girls were always a treat.

A screaming teen ran up to me as she pointed across the street at a billboard.

"You...you're that guy!"

I should explain. In the crazy world of LA, everyone in media has a damn billboard. News anchors, weather men, sports announcers, radio and television talk show hosts, and field reporters like myself clutter up the scenery along the most famous strip in the world. My recent claim to fame was my discovery that there was a casino/brothel operating over in Beverly Hills in one of those giant English Tudor mansions. Shocking!

Anyway, the gist of it was that it was operated by a big time movie producer that had more money than God and the brains of a green bean. Risk taker? Nah. The man just enjoyed dancing with the devil. Unfortunately, this time the devil bit him in the ass.

"Yep, that's me" I answered as I signed her soiled Burger King napkin as she leaned her back to me so I could use her back as a desk.

Afterwards, she ran down the street screaming at her Goth buddies that she "got that dude's" autograph. Hmm. That dude. Well, maybe I wasn't big in the Goth world, but I was damn popular with the boys in blue. My little expose made me a guest of LA County while the lawyers scrambled to get me out. Their bone of contention was that I should have reported my findings to the authorities instead of writing it up for a buck a word. Not bad dough actually, and the bonus was I managed to get a great piece of ass comped by the casino manager. All in all, a very good night and a great story.

I walked past The Playboy Club and grinned since I still had my key, but that's another story.

The doorman at "Celestial " greeted me and escorted me to the elevator. I slipped him a ten as the doors closed. I glanced at the gold mirrored walls and checked my tie, brushed my lapels, and noticed cherry lip gloss on my collar. Amber. That girl wore more lip gloss than anyone I'd ever seen. Now, normally when man is headed to see his lady and notices lip gloss on his collar, he'd panic and try rubbing it off furiously. But, my lady could care less. That was the great thing about our relationship. We had no restrictions.

True, we were a couple and everyone knew it, but neither of us were worth a shit at monogamy, so we accepted each other as is.Naturally, the 'love' word had never been used so that made it easier to stray. It's that love stuff that can strangle even the best of relationships, and boy did I learn that the hard way.

The elevator doors crept open and I stepped out onto the black marble floor emblazoned with the word, "Celestial, Inc " which I thought was a classy touch for a phone sex operation. A matronly lady in her fifties greeted me and escorted me down a long hall before opening the door to operations. A single red light with the words "ON AIR" fluttered overhead as I stepped into the dark world of live audio sex. If you've never been to one of those places...well, it's not for the faint hearted. I glanced over my shoulder as my escort held up nine fingers meaning Macy was in booth nine.

I smiled as the matronly lady suddenly looked very hot. I wondered why I hadn't noticed that before? The answer was easy after I thought about it. Outside in her world, she looked like any other office worker. A smart business suit, hair tastefully done, perfectly respectful. But, once inside the sex room, well...something about that look on her face and the way she folded her arms under her tits made her very sexy and she knew it as she nibbled her bottom lip and winked at me as the door eased shut. Hmm.

A few steps in and I could already hear the action. The booths were all partitioned off and the walls were carpeted to keep the sounds from bouncing around the room. The floor was carpeted as well to keep the click clicking of high heels from carrying into someone's fantasy in Idaho. These kind of operations take some skill in setting up. This particular phone sex room had been done very tastefully and featured two rows of booths; one on my right and one on my left. The aisle was about ten feet wide and had a few tables placed end to end with an assortment of sex toys, whips, clips and believe it or not, several bowls of fresh fruit.

Fresh fruit was necessary in the phone sex industry as it provides some delightful sound effects for the ladies to use and enjoy. I'll let you think about that. Let's just say nothing matches an orange for delivering squirting sounds at just the right moment.

I heard the softest, sweetest voice off to my right and glanced over and saw a bald man with a white beard cooing softly to some jerk off about how beautiful the callers cock was and how wonderful it tasted. Naturally, the caller assumed that the bearded man was some hot juicy barely legal teen since that was what the man had asked for when he called in. There's a lesson there if anyone cares.

Just across the aisle was that barely legal teen whimpering how much she loved 'daddy' and his enormous cock was the only one she craved. 'Daddy' of course was the caller.

I walked softly carrying some red roses I bought from one of those vendors on Sunset and those operators that saw them in my hand all gave me a thumbs up! Apparently everyone knew it was Macy's birthday and assumed that I was her 'special guy'. Macy was funny that way. Not once did I ever hear her call me her boyfriend. Not once did I ever hear her tell anyone she loved me. Point in fact: we weren't in love. We weren't boyfriend and girlfriend, at least not in the exclusive sense. The divorce statistics are very high in the sex industry and Macy was well aware of the dangers of love in the real world.

As I approached booth nine (they are numbered overhead) I heard the distinct voice of the birthday girl.

"Yes baby. This is all for you. Everything I do, I do for you. You're my 'special guy' and I appreciate you calling me daily for our little sex chats. You're not fucking any of those tramps in Houston with that stunning cock of yours are you? Domdonna wouldn't like that honey. That cock is MINE! Whack, whack...she had slapped the palm of her hand with a plastic ruler to make her point. She glanced up and saw me and grinned. I held the red roses out and she thumped her chest with her hand.That was as close to 'I love you' as she had ever gotten and at that moment, I really think she did. But, her caller had paid $2.99 per minute for her attention and he was going to get it. I looked at the meter (there's a time meter just over the telephone console) and the Houston dude was already in sixteen minutes and still hadn't gotten off. Good phone sex operators know how to bring a man to the edge then back him off so the meter keeps running.

I leaned against the carpeted booth and watched the queen of audio sex perform for 'Greg', a 30 something law student at Rice University. There was a computer screen in front of her that had all his info including his name in giant letters. Nothing worse than screaming the wrong name to someone that was in the throes of passion. Macy skillfully guided the future Perry Mason through a mutual masturbation session and I must admit, even I got hard. Of course, I had the advantage over Greg. Macy was six feet from me not 1800 miles.

Macy motioned for me to come to her. She now had her heels up on the console, her knees dropped to the side and was fingering herself for the crotch mike positioned between her thighs. I bent down and kissed her warm wet lips as she moaned in my mouth which clearly excited Greg since he assumed she was kissing him. She hit the caller button and removed her headset so I could hear what she was hearing.

Clearly, Greg had oiled up as I could hear him stroking feverishly. Macy took my hand and placed it on her mound as I unzipped. I felt her warm smooth pussy as it began to trickle. My hard on popped in her hand and she took it to her lips immediately. I unbuckled my Gucci belt and dropped my slacks to my shoes as she licked my shaft up and down marking my cock with her cherry lip gloss.

I bent to her mouth as she had my precum residue on her lips and licked it from her as I swiftly drove two fingers deep inside her throbbing pussy. The squishing sounds and her very audible moan had Greg slapping his johnson furiously. Macy then leaned to my stiff cock and slipped it deep in her mouth while I finger fucked her to the pace set by Greg, giving him the sense that it was he that was causing her such pleasure.

Suddenly, I felt Macy tighten around my fingers, watched her legs stiffen across the console while she let loose the longest, wettest orgasm I'd seen in years. I grabbed the back of her head with my free hand and fucked her mouth as hard as I could. She made no attempt to push my hand back or pull back from the forceful thrusts I was delivering to her hot slippery mouth. Instead, she reached around and dug her nails into my ass and pulled me even tighter against her lips. My cock was now in up to the hilt and well down her throat as it started spurting my hot cream. I watched her eye lashes flutter as one hot shot after another coated her throat. I saw her neck muscles relax as she began begin milking my stiff cock savoring my cream like mothers milk.

Greg joined in with an ear shattering grunt and growl that made the other operators stop for a moment thinking someone had had a coronary.

Macy then pulled my cock from her lips and sprayed the last of my cum on her tits just after I yanked her top down. I lapped it from her tits first then went right to her dangerously sexy mouth. It would be fair to say that one single kiss was one of the longest I had ever enjoyed. We sucked each others tongues without ever taking them from the insides of our mouths. It was like fucking and in perfect unison.

The whole room had gone into the heavy breathing mode and Macy and I giggled as she pulled her top up, then my slacks. Greg was panting like a tiger but clearly happy. I glanced at his meter. Sixty four minutes!

Macy said a sexy goodbye to Greg who tossed in another fifty bucks as a tip, and Macy turned her equipment off and left booth nine with me hand in hand.

Actually, I felt pretty damn special to not only witness but participate with a pro like Macy doing her thing.

Maybe I was more than her special guy now. If not, well....it's still early and there's always Amber.











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