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The time had come for Tommy to meet his online lover. Would it be everything he expected or so much more?

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At Last...our love has come along.

It was shortly after midnight and Tommy was at the Las Vegas International Airport waiting for Marnette Meyer, a blonde bombshell he'd recently met online.

Not completely certain if that was really her in her on screen profile, he was forced to check out every blonde that was coming down the escalator. Naturally, that was no easy feat since Las Vegas was the blonde chick magnet of the world.

He assumed that after a 15 hour flight from South Africa, she would be the blonde that looked drowsy and disheveled.

But, that was not Marnette Meyer.

As a business professional, she was always immaculately groomed and impeccably dressed.

Tonight was no different.

Tommy stood with his hands on his hips and stared up the escalator as the flight from Johannesburg deplaned.

At 6'5", he could see clearly over the tops of the shuffling crowd of tourists that had been flown in to Sin City for the Memorial Day weekend.

As the crowd moved away from him slowly, his eyes focused on a small blonde with big tits riding down to the street level he was on.

Even from a distance, he knew instantly that it was her. She had sent him a couple of videos that assured him she was a real person and not some 14 year old posing as an adult.

With shoulder length blonde hair, big brown eyes, and lips that always looked kissable, Marnette saw him and smiled. That was the same smile that made him abandon the no contact face to face rule that he established for himself after the last on line romance skidded off course.

She nibbled at her bottom lip in anticipation of this moment.

The escalator wasn't moving fast enough to suit her, so she started running down the last few steps before they disappeared into the floor.


The crowd all turned to the noise and saw her with her arms hooked around his neck, her legs wrapped around his calves.

They kissed like lovers do. Long, hot and passionate.

"Oh, baby..is this really you? You're so much bigger in person!"

She slid off him and held his hands.

"Oh, it's me all right...how was your flight?" He asked as they stood a few feet apart still holding hands.

"Ok, it was ok. We need to fuck now."

Marnette had read all his stories on line and knew he was into casual encounters and public sex had never bothered him before. Plus, she had been fingering herself for hours just preparing for this moment.

Without a word, he whipped her around to the other side of the gift shop where there was a huge brick planter. It wasn't totally out of view from the crowd, but close enough.

He pinned her against the wall as she opened her legs and wrapped them around his ass. Her lips pressed hard against his as his tongue slipped in her mouth. His big right hand found her left tit and squeezed it.

But, this wasn't the time or place for foreplay.

Suspended in air against the wall, she reached down and pulled her panties to one side so he could ram his big cock in.

"Fuck me, baby!"

In their many conversations, he knew her pussy was small and it might be painful, but he was more turned on by her than he realized.

One hard thrust broke through her pussy lips and she gasped, "FUCK!"

His thick cock filled her small pussy as she moaned into his neck. He held her ass in his hands and began fucking her against the wall.

Totally in the moment, she said, "I can't believe this is happening!"

He replied, "Believe it" as he bounced her in his hands up and down his swollen cock.

"Oh God...oh...Tommy....baby.." she frowned and tensed as her orgasm shuddered her legs.

She had never been a squirter, but for some reason, her cum spewed from her pussy as he ran his cock in and out her.

"Oh Tommy...oh shit...I can't help it!"

She squeezed her muscles around his cock hard and squirted again.

With one final thrust, he splashed his hot cum inside her.

"You like this, baby?" he asked as he felt her go limp in his hands.

"Oh my God...Yes, baby...what a wonderful hello!"

They kissed hard...so hard they were breathless as the kiss broke free.

Marnette loosened her legs as he withdrew his cock and she slid down him until her feet hit the marble floors.

He lifted her chin and asked, "Are you ok, baby?" then lit a cigarette.

As she gazed up at him, she answered, "Oh, yeah babe...I'm more than ok."

She tossed her hair and tousled it with her hands as he zipped his slacks up.

"I think the ladies room is around the corner. Would you like to freshen up?" He asked while staring at the cum streaking down her left leg.

"Nope, I'm perfectly fine." Then reached down and collected the thick gobs from her leg and sucked it from her fingers.

"Mmm.That's all the freshening up I need, baby. Take me home."

They held hands as the skycap collected her bags and they both knew that this was just the beginning.

Tommy wrapped his arm around her and escorted her to the curb with the skycap following.

Marnette smiled and said, "Of course you have a limo. I hadn't thought of that. Any more surprises for me?"

He grinned and said, "See for yourself." then opened the rear door.

She leaned down to slide in and saw young Kelly leaning back against the seat with her legs wide open.

Well, she was surprised, but not shocked as she slid in next to the hot teen with curly blonde hair.

Tommy slid in next to her as the two girls kissed hello. He knew that Marnette had a secret crush on Kelly after reading about her in some of his stories.

Kelly slid to the carpeted floor, and draped Marnette's legs over her shoulders and began eating her pussy slowly. She leaned against his shoulder and said, "This is perfect. I'm so in love with you. Will you join us please?"

Tommy said to the driver as the privacy curtain raised, "Jackson, drive slow.."


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