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Sex Before Seminars

Short story By: CapoMike

It was a small hotel just outside of the city where I was giving my Friday morning seminar...She hesitated, but I saw the look in her face that told me she enjoyed the attention and wanted some more...On the elevator I stood very close, almost touching, her smell in my nostrils, my erection ever so slightly rubbing against her...

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It was a small hotel just outside of the city where I was giving my Friday morning seminar. It was one of those mid-size places - it was very cozy. The bed was big, king size to accommodate my 6' plus frame, and wide enough to eliminate any possibility of me ending up on the floor during the night.

I tossed my bag on the bed and jumped in the shower to wash off the three hour drive I just made, and to look presentable in public when I went out to grab some dinner. I was dressed in khaki pants, a non-descript light brown shirt and my favorite beige suede shoes. A bit much for dinner, but one never knows when an interested woman will give you that look, the look that causes a rush of sexual energy coursing through your body when the look is from a woman who has be sexually neglected for a very long time.

Nice clothes and a confident attitude will always attract a certain kind of woman; the kind that appreciates a man who cares about his appearance; the kind who hasn't had such a man pay her much attention for a very long time; a woman wanting to know if she is still desirable, if she still has the beauty and sexuality to make a man crave her, to want to explore every inch of her body with his hands, his lips, his tongue...when she sees this passion in his eyes she is done for because she will know he is not looking for a quick fuck, but a prolonged, intense session of two people pleasuring one another in every possible way for hours on end....a sexual experience she has fantasized about for years.

I decided to eat in the hotel lounge since the atmosphere was quiet with low lighting and nice jazz playing in the background. Just as I was finishing my dinner a woman approached the entrance to the lounge and stopped as though she was uncertain whether to proceed or turn back to wherever she came from. I immediately got up, went to the bar and told the bartender that her drink was on me if she came in and ordered. As I returned to my seat I flashed her an innocent smile in the hopes a friendly face would lure her in...she smiled back and approached the bar. When she got her glass of wine she turned to me to acknowledge my act and I motioned her to join me.

She hesitated, but I saw the look in her face that told me she enjoyed the attention and wanted some more. She was shorter than me, but not by much. She was slightly overweight, but she carried it in a very sensual way...you could tell she had an awareness about her sexuality just by the way she walked. Her calf's were thick and very shapely and I fantasized about the shape of her legs above the knee which were hidden by the silky skirt that hugged her incredible hips. I imagined my hand slowly moving along the inside of her thigh, listening to her moan as she slowly spread her legs apart ever so slightly to allow my prowling hands to explore her further. Her blouse was loose fitting and I could just barely make out the contour of her breasts...they were large, firm, and moved almost imperceptibly as she made her way towards me. I was fully aroused as she slid into the seat across from me - the scent of her perfume hit my nostrils causing me to lose my composure ever so slightly, but she didn't notice. We introduced ourselves and I noticed her nervousness as she spoke...was it the arousal of knowing that shortly she would have what she has longed for...or was it the tingling sensation she was experiencing as she felt the moisture between her legs and her mind wandered to the thought of being naked and having me between her legs, slowly sliding into her, feeling the weight of my body against her bare breasts while my tongue explored her neck, and my lips gently touched hers. I know it was these thoughts that had me fully erect and pulsating harder than I ever had before...the passion oozed from her and she sensed how badly I wanted her.

When she finished her wine, I offered her another one from the bottle I had in my room. Her acceptance was quick, quicker than she meant it to be, but we both knew why. As we left the lounge I took every opportunity to gently touch her arm or her lower back as I guided her out of the lounge towards the elevator. On the elevator I stood very close, almost touching, her smell in my nostrils, my erection ever so slightly rubbing against her...she pushed against me ever so slightly to let me know she felt it and that she wanted more of it...we said nothing, enjoying the arousal of the moment...I imagined my tongue exploring her pussy and I could almost smell her excitement.

When the room door closed behind me she had her back to me so I reached out and grabbed her by the arms and gently pulled her hard against me so my fully erect cock was pressed against her ass. She pushed back hard as my hands slid down her arms, my mouth and tongue explored her neck and I inhaled her scent and my hands slid around and I passionately fondled her breasts while gently pinching her nipples. She reached behind her and hungrily rubbed my cock through my pants... We moved towards the bed as I unbuttoned her blouse and she undid my belt and zipper and my pants fell to the floor. Her hand slid down and took my cock and stroked it hard, then gently, than hard again as I peeled her blouse off to reveal the soft white skin of her breasts. I kissed them and bit her nipples which made her wince with pleasure bordering on pain...the harder I nibbled the louder she moaned and flinched. My shirt was off and her skirt slid over her hips with ease. Before I knew it she was on her knees and taking the head of my cock in her mouth...licking it, tasting it, savoring the feel of it on her lips, and taking it deeper with each stroke. I could feel the warmth of her mouth as she consumed the entire length of my shaft over and over...she was hungry, passionate, and longing to have a hard cock sliding between her lips, along her tongue, and touching the back of her throat. She enjoyed the feeling of me deep in her mouth and she moaned with pleasure each time I slid in and out, my cock glistening with her saliva and a taste of my cum that made her smile.

Finally, I stood her up and slowly slid her panties off. She was clean shaven and my heart raced as the smell of her pussy reached my nose and I began kissing her clit gently, and then with greater, and greater passion as I could taste her cum and feel the wetness that had been building. My tongue explored every inch of her soft, wet, oozing pussy and I took all of her in my mouth and savored her taste and the moaning that was coming louder and deeper. I found her spot and nibbled on it, using my tongue and teeth to manipulate it as I listened to her moaning increase and feeling her body starting to convulse. I pulled her pussy towards me and licked and nibbled her harder, and harder, faster, and faster until her moans became screams and she grasped the headboard with her hands and her body arched up as the moans and screams increased, her body electrified as I manipulated her sweet tasting pussy with my mouth and probed her with my fingers...fucking her with my mouth and fingers and tongue. She had lost control and she was bucking and moaning uncontrollably...she had abandoned her body to me and I consumed her pussy with my mouth relentlessly.

I pushed her down on the bed and forced her legs apart so she was spread eagle before me...her pussy completely vulnerable to my raging hard cock. I ran my tongue along her body, up to her tits and bit and nibbled on her nipples, and then slid up to her neck and lips, kissing her passionately as my hand guided my rock hard cock to her clit. I teased her by rubbing it all around and pushing the head in ever so slightly before pulling it out which caused her to want me more. She reached down and grabbed my cock to slide it between her legs out of sexual hunger and being deprived for so long. I teased her some more and just as she reached down again I shoved my raging cock hard into her. As she responded with a loud groan I forced my self deep inside her, pushing with all my force so my cock was buried deeper and deeper with every push...she grabbed my ass and pulled me hard against her trying to get me deeper inside her. I grinded her hard and told her how much I wanted to fuck her, how hard she had made me, and that I was going to fuck her all night long until her pussy was aching. I fucked her with long deliberate strokes...pulling almost all the way out and them ramming my cock deep inside her, over, and over, and over, listening to her groans each time I pounded her pussy and each time she felt the full length of my shaft being buried between her legs...she surrendered her body to me completely...she had lost control and knew she was mine to do whatever I wanted to do to her. Her pussy was incredible and her passion was intense and she orgasmed within minutes of my cock entering her...she had been deprived so long, she had missed having a loving cock between her legs, and having a man fuck her with such passion made her feel once again like the sensual and beautiful woman she was...fortunately the night was young because she had years of sexual deprivation to make up for and my cock was still hungry for her...


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