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Lunchtime Pleasure

Short story By: CapoMike

As I pulled into the parking spot just across from her ground floor apartment my mind was already imagining her naked, soft brown skin, and how intense my desire was just at the thought of the passion we both enjoyed whenever we were together in the quiet of her room, alone, our physical pleasure blotting out the room, the house, the neighbors, the world…lost in lust and a complete absence of guilt

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As I pulled into the parking spot just across from her ground floor apartment my mind was already imagining her naked, soft brown skin, and how intense my desire was just at the thought of the passion we both enjoyed whenever we were together in the quiet of her room, alone, our physical pleasure blotting out the room, the house, the neighbors, the world…lost in lust and a complete absence of guilt…two sweaty bodies rubbing, hands groping and massaging, fingers prying and exploring every opening…both bodies craving the touch and feel of one another…

I could hardly wait the few minutes it would be before she was lying in her bed naked, with her legs spread wide, her hands moving slowly along the inside of her thighs and gently across her pussy, as she looked at me with those pleading eyes begging me to take her as I did every day during my lunch hour, an hour that almost always lasted for two.

It was an intense ritual that seemed to get stronger each time we were physically connected in all our nakedness, enjoying the rawness of our passion…fucking like two primitive animals, dripping in sweat with her warm cum covering the length of my shaft as my cock thrusts into the depths of her pussy making her moan as she pushes her pussy hard against me to force my cock deep inside her…the feel of me grinding her and pushing myself deep inside her with all my strength makes her lose control…she moans and begs me to push harder, and harder as her orgasm begins to build as she feels the hardness of my cock so deep inside her…

My heart is racing as I knock on her door…I am fully erect and my urge to feel her mouth sliding hungrily up and down the length of my rock hard shaft is all consuming…the door opens. She is wearing a white cotton t-shirt that is long enough so I can't tell if she is wearing panties…her breasts are small, but her nipples are erect and show through the shirt…I take hold of each nipple with my thumb and forefinger and begin pinching and kneading them and her body responds as a sigh escapes her lips. She pushes me against the closed door and immediately sinks to her knees. She unbuckles my belt and slowly unzips my pants as she looks up at me with those hungry eyes knowing how much her passion and her hunger for my cock in her mouth excites me. She takes me in her mouth with such pleasure and passion that I am brought to the brink of orgasm almost immediately…she alternates between stroking my hard cock and sliding her mouth over the entire length of it…slowly and deliberately as she savors the feel of me in her mouth…her sexual desire is intense, her need to have a man in her mouth and between her legs every day brings pleasure beyond understanding.

I pull her up from her knees and she resists because she doesn't want to stop…she loves the feel of me in her mouth. She pulls off her t-shirt as I lift her up and she wraps her legs around my waist. My mouth is hungry for her tits…I kiss and lick them and suck on her fully erect nipples…first one and then the other as I walk her towards the bed room...her nipples are super sensitive and when I bite on them she winces in pleasure bordering on pain…I know just how hard to bite and pinch them to get the right response. I like that I can control her pleasure with my mouth…first bringing her to the height of arousal and then letting her calm down, only to forcefully push her to the brink of pleasurable pain by biting on one nipple while squeezing the other with my fingers…she is an animal of pure sexual desire when her orgasm is creeping between her legs, when her cum is beginning to ooze from her pussy, and she is almost crying for me to fuck her, to through her down and shove my cock deep inside her.

I gently throw her down on the bed, place one hand on each thigh and spread her legs apart…her pussy is glistening with cum. I kiss and run my tongue along the inside of her thighs allowing my tongue to gently slide across her pussy to taste her, and to tease her clit, enticing her, and to feel her hips arching up, trying to force her pussy into my mouth which I want so bad, but I prolong her pleasure by denying her what she wants…she will wait until I decide to fuck her with my tongue, to kiss and nibble her pussy to orgasm. Her skin is soft and silky and my tongue slides over her thighs, back and forth, each time spending more time letting my tongue lick at her clit and dart inside her…I lick her pussy from bottom to top, ending each lick by engulfing her entire clit between my lips and gently sucking on it which drives her crazy. Her hips respond in perfect rhythm to the hunger of my mouth…she knows I love to have her pussy in my mouth as much as she savors my cock in hers…we are oral addicts and can spend an hour or more performing oral sex on one another

Her pussy is dripping with cum as I raise my body and run my tongue along her stomach, nibbling hard on both her tits, sliding up to tease her neck, and gently but firmly shoving my cock into her pussy while her body convulses with the initial surge of pleasure that accompanies the feeling of a rock hard shaft sliding deep inside her…as my cock reaches its deepest penetration we push our bodies hard against one another and kiss deeply and passionately as she grinds her pussy against me and screams as she cums the first time, and nothing exists in the world except us, our unbridled passion, and an orgasmic oneness only a good fuck can bring on…we stare into each other's eyes and our lips gently touch, not kissing, but letting the passion pass between our lips and makes its way through our bodies.

I slowly begin thrusting myself in and out of her, rising up on my knees to watch as my cock slides in and out of her beautiful pussy. It has very little hair and her clit is barely visible except as my cock pulls out and then slides deeply back in. I pin her arms to the bed as I watch her face and listen to her moan as I pump her faster and faster, shoving myself deeper inside her and with more force. With each thrusts she tells me 'more', 'more', and pleads with me to fuck her and to go deeper and faster…I roll her on her side and she raises her leg so I can fuck her pussy and she can feel my body against her ass as I pound her harder and harder until I roll her completely on her stomach and I am mounting her from behind. She raises her ass to give me full access and I pound her ass cheeks as my cock rapidly surges into her pussy which is again dripping with cum…running down the inside of her thigh

As my energy leaves me she takes over and pushes me down on the bed and straddles me. She reaches down and kisses me deep as her hand finds my pulsating engorged cock and guides it into her dripping pussy. She closes her eyes and moans loudly as she lowers her pussy on it and it sinks deep into her. The warmth and wetness of her pussy causes my body to buck and convulse uncontrollably and I can't seem to get deep enough inside her to satisfy my passion which has taken over my body.

She rises to her knees and begins to ride me, her hands on my chest to balance herself as she raises her body up and then down looking for the rhythm she loves. Her eyes closed, her back arched, she lifts her body up and down, and rotates forward and back as the tip of my cock reaches for the depths of her tight wet pussy. Her breathing gets heavy, her rhythm gets steady, and I know to be still as she rides me harder and faster, grinding her pussy hard against me as her moans turn to low groans, and her groans turn to heavy breathing and screams of her growing orgasm…as my cock penetrates her faster and harder and deeper her pussy gets wetter and wetter…her screams get louder and louder until she grabs a pillow and covers her face while she screams at the top of her lungs as my cock enters her over and over again at an incredibly fast rate making her body shiver uncontrollably and scream as her orgasm convulses through her body…she falls on top of me, soaking wet, physically spent and unable to move as her orgasm has depleted her physical energy…she demands I not move or speak while her orgasm runs its course…I lay there wondering if the neighbors have heard her screams and what they must think? Is someone being murdered or just fucked to death…


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