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First Opportunity

Short story By: CapoMike

The sea breeze would penetrate the light cloth so she could feel almost naked and her nipples would protrude for him to see her desire and vulnerability.

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When he picked her up at the airport and their eyes met, he could see the nervousness in hers, and she could see the self-confidence in his. She is young, 21 or 22, not much older. He is not 21 or 22, just older. He joked and made light of everyday things as they waited for her bag, and walked to his truck. She was quiet, but he didn't seem to mind as he drove along making note of the beautiful day and how nice the beach was this time of year. When they entered the hotel room he set her bag off to the side and called her to the balcony overlooking the beach; she stood there enjoying the light breeze and warm sun while he went and poured a glass of wine for them. The wine was chilled and sweet on her tongue and melted her nervousness away. As they talked he would gently touch her arm, her shoulder, or gently brush against her as he kidded her about her cute nose or complimented on her youthful beauty. He was so confident and at ease with himself that he made her feel at ease also. She began fantasizing about putting her hand between his legs and rubbing his cock hard before kneeling and pulling his shorts down so she could deep throat him and feel his hardness in her mouth when she heard him say "go freshen up and we'll take a walk on the beach." Her face went flush and her heart raced as she snapped back to reality and wondered if he knew how close he was to having her right then, but in a way she was glad because she was still a bit nervous.

In the bathroom she removed her bra and changed her top to a more revealing white cotton pullover that accentuated her tits and allowed her nipples to breathe. Her shorts were also of light cloth and tight enough to show the shapeliness of her ass and just a hint of the contours of her pussy. The sea breeze would penetrate the light cloth so she could feel almost naked and her nipples would protrude for him to see her desire and vulnerability. From the moment she stepped out of the bathroom his gaze at her changed…he could see more clearly the firmness of her breasts, the white, soft smoothness of her legs that ended with a beautiful ass. The loosely fitting running shorts he was wearing did little to hide his erection and they both knew what the other was thinking. His mind temporarily drifted…she is spread eagle on the bed just feet away, and he is exploring the softness and pureness of her pussy with his tongue and lips, while running his hands along her thighs, under her ass, and up around her waist to her milky white soft tits - pinching them as he feels her hips grinding against his mouth that is devouring her pussy; the taste of her virgin cum on his tongue…he is snapped back to reality when he hears her say "let's go" as she opens the room door and waits for him to follow her.

The walk on the beach is relaxing and get to know each other a better before stopping for a lite lunch at a little fruit and wine stand. He hand feeds her pieces of assorted melons, and red and white grapes making sure to allow his fingers to put the fruit on her tongue and removing them slowly, brushing them against her lips while she sucks on them gently. He can tell she is nervous, but he sees a sexual hunger in her eyes, an animal waiting to be released. Her second glass of wine has washed away the last trace of nervousness and now all she feels is an overwhelming desire to be naked and have him take her for the first time, experiencing that unknown pleasure of a man inside her, a pleasure that has been buried inside her for too long…now she only wants him buried inside her for the next couple of days. It is not long before they agree to return to the hotel…

As soon as the door closes behind them they embrace and explore each other's mouth with deep passionate kissing. His hands are under her blouse in seconds and she melts to his touch as he removes her cotton blouse and feverishly caresses her breasts and kneads her nipples. She can feel the warmth between her legs as her pussy begins to moisten from his touch. They make their way towards the bed and he reaches to pull her shorts and panties off, but she pulls away slightly and in one motion kneels down, pulls his shorts down around his ankles, and runs her hands up along his thighs and brings her mouth up to his raging cock…she looks up into his eyes and can see his expectation as she takes him into her mouth. His cock swells to the warmness of her mouth and she looks up again to see his eyes raised to the ceiling and hears a loud "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" escape his lips as she pushes her mouth along the length of his shaft. Unlike her ex-boyfriend, he has a thick hard cock and she can't take it all because she has had very little experience, but she knows to cup his balls and stroke him as she opens her mouth over his cock, puts it in as far as she can and then closes down on it and lets it slowly slide out between her lips and repeats this again, and again, and again. His hands cup the back of her head and he pulls it towards him while moving his hips forward, fucking her mouth at just the right pace and just deep enough so she can take it and enjoy it…"you will take it all before the weekend is over" he tells her confidently and she is anxious to be able to please him this way.

He pulls her up off her knees and slides his hands along her ass as he removes her shorts and panties. He tells her "my turn" as he sits her on the edge of the bed, spreads her legs wide and runs his tongue along the inside of her thighs, kissing them, and moving his hands up along her ass, his tongue randomly prodding her clit as he moves from one thigh to the other. Then, suddenly, she feels his tongue along her entire pussy and he engulfs it with his mouth, sliding his tongue inside her, along the walls of her clit, and sucking her pussy like a man possessed. The waves of pleasure roll across her body, and she reaches down to pull his face deeper between her legs and grinds his face as his tongue and mouth explore and lick and nibble every inch of her now cum soaked virgin pussy. He is relentless! Even as she bucks wildly he maintains a firm hold of her legs as his lips, tongue, and teeth massage her clit while her body convulses and her hands clench the bed sheets as her orgasm, her first true orgasm she now realizes, washes over her, one pulsating waver after another…even when she thinks it is over his mouth and tongue keep working between her legs until he feels her body tighten up again and he nibbles her clit harder and lets his tongue dance all over it as his mouth explores her and he savors the taste of her cum…his cock hard and ready to enter her pussy, to take her virginity, and to make her scream in erotic pleasure.

Her pussy is well lubricated with her own juices and his saliva as he rubs the head of his cock gently along her clit, while massaging it with his fingers, letting her cum moisten his rock hard erection. She is his first virgin, and he wants it to last and be pleasurable for her. He tells her "take my cock in your hand and rub it on your pussy" as he reaches up and kisses her on her lips and neck. He takes her hands in his and pins them to the bed while his tongue explores her body, finding her soft white breasts with the nipples fully erect. He sucks on them gently, and then harder as she responds to his tongue. He feels her hand around his shaft, stroking his cock, as she moves it along her pussy and he tells her "slide me inside you, let me enter you, feel my cock as it rubs along your pussy while penetrating you." She puts the head of his cock inside her and moans, he pushes himself inside her slightly and she moans deeper, he pulls out, and she pulls him back in, lifting her hips to push her tight pussy towards him. She wants him all the way inside her, she wants to feel the full length of this incredibly hard cock deep inside her so she can grind him against her pussy. As his hardness penetrates her further, she begins to feel the discomfort of his stiffness and length as it forces her pussy to expand to accept his full girth. It hurts, but she wants it, she wants him, she wants his hardness inside her, she is ready to finally feel a man between her legs fucking her. She is wet and he is slow and patient…in and out as he penetrates her slowly and passionately. She feels the length of him penetrate deeper with each thrust, each push bringing the length of his hardness deeper inside her, and she spreads her legs wider and reaches down and grabs his ass and pulls him towards her and tells him "now, push it in me all the way, take me, I want it deep, fuck me deep, I want your cock in me as deep as it will go, fuck me!!" and he gently but forcefully pushes himself between her legs and she screams a mixture of pain and pleasure as she feels the full length of him inside her. She wraps her legs around his and grinds her pussy against his groin and feels another orgasm arise as he begins to pull out and thrust himself inside her with a slow rhythmic motion, enjoying the tightness of her pussy walls rubbing along his cock, and hearing her moan with pleasure as she savors her first cock, her first fuck, her first experience of having a man between her legs…he kissed her, massaged her beautiful tits, and slid his cock in and out of her for the better part of an hour before exploding inside her as she lay there physically spent from her third orgasm…they lay there naked, sticky with sweat and cum, and she whispered in his ear…"fuck me some more"


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