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Daytime Drama V

Short story By: CapoMike

Tags: Sex, Control, Power, Fun

She steps out of the shower still tingling from the kitchen table fuck a few short minutes ago. She is elated, a sense of joy and happiness consumes her as she relives the feeling of Mike’s rock hard cock between her legs. She’s not sure if it was the physical act or the hunger with which he looked at her, kissed her, and smelled her like an animal in heat, or a combination of both.

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She steps out of the shower still tingling from the kitchen table fuck a few short minutes ago. She is elated, a sense of joy and happiness consumes her as she relives the feeling of Mike's rock hard cock between her legs. She's not sure if it was the physical act or the hunger with which he looked at her, kissed her, and smelled her like an animal in heat, or a combination of both. All she knew was that she felt wanted, needed, desired, and she didn't give a shit if it was purely physical, since at this point in her life it's all she was craving - a man inside her, fucking her with every ounce of his energy.

She made her way downstairs and figured she'd wash those dishes to take her mind off him, when she heard a barely perceptible tapping at the door, she pivoted and stepped to the door and opened it…his hand grabbed her wrist firmly, but not forcibly, he pulled her by the wrist up the stairs and suddenly she felt nervous about his intentions. He looked more serious, more focused and determined in his actions than before.

He led her into her bedroom and grabbed her by her shoulder length hair and pulled her head back. His hands groped hungrily at her breasts, and her robe was off in seconds. His hands continued from one soft, milky white breasts to the other, reaching down with his mouth to suck quickly on one fully erect nipple and then the other and repeated this over and over again…her pussy was oozing cum as he pushed her down on the bed, stripped his pants off to reveal that beautiful, smooth, perfectly straight cock whose thickness was such a tight fit in her pussy. He got up on the bed and positioned his cock even with her mouth and said "open your mouth", she hesitated slightly and he said "open your mouth and take my shaft between those hungry lips of yours". She obeyed and choked slightly as she felt the hardness against her tongue and the inside of her cheeks, and knew she was going to gag once it touched the back of her throat - she did, but he pulled back and as his cock was leaving her mouth she wanted it back in - deeper this time, and he obliged, asking her "you like that? You like the feel of my cock in your mouth?" and before she could grunt her response he said "I know you do, you love having me in your mouth, feeling my hardness, tasting the cum as it seeps out" She did, more than he could know. She would suck him and swallow every ounce of his cum if he wanted, but she didn't let on - she wanted him inside her again. He held the back of her head with one hand while he rhythmically fucked her mouth, while fucking her with the fingers of his other hand. He knew her pussy better than she did it seemed…he could find her spot immediately and manipulated it to miniature orgasms like a pro. With his throbbing cocking sliding in and out of her mouth, and his fingers doing the same to her pussy she was in sexual heaven as she relinquished control of her body to him…to let him take and possess her sexually and giving up control was orgasmic all by itself, and he knew how to control her.

No sooner did she realize this then he told her "get up and kneel up against the headboard facing the wall" and she obeyed. She sensed he got something from his pants on the floor and knew what it was immediately when he grabbed her wrist, stretched her arm to its full length and secured her wrist to the headboard's wrought iron frame with a plastic tie strap, the kind the police use to arrest people, the kind you don't get out of…her heart raced and her nervousness returned, but her pussy involuntarily oozed more cum as he grabbed her other arm and did the same. Her mind was racing, her kids get home in a couple of hours, her husband shortly after that, what has she gotten herself into…her heart pounds, but her pussy still oozes…giving up control may not have been such a good idea???

Suddenly, his hands grab her by the hips and he pulls her slightly away from the headboard, and reaches between her legs and forces them apart. He grabs her again by the hair and bites her neck hard, and then the other side, and then her shoulders…she feels his teeth dig into her flesh and she bristles between pain and pleasure. He seems to have lost control and tells her "my cock has been screaming for your pussy since I left and I knew I had to fuck you again, and again" All she could do was whimper and moan her pleasure as his hands ran up and down her legs, her thighs, her pussy, her tits, all the while kissing and biting her like an animal. She can feel her orgasm building as she feels the head of his cock sliding the length of her clit, teasing her with entry and then pulling back. She can tell he is having difficulty controlling himself and in a flash she feels the entire length of his pulsating cock being rammed inside her and she feels the weight of his body slam hard against her ass and she screams "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" as he pulls it completely out and slams it a second time, the full length and with greater force pounding into her, and a third time even harder, and a fourth time harder and she begins to scream "fuck me, fuck me, hard, hard, harder, more, more, ummmmmmmmmmm, I want your cock, moooore…" He yanks her head back and continues biting, and kissing, and groping her tits as his cock's thickness spreads the walls of her pussy and his pace quickens as she continues gasping for air begging "fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…yeah, more, yes, harder, faster…" As his rhythm increases and the force of his thrusts become increasing harder each time her orgasm rolls through her body like a tsunami, a massive body tremor, and a dozen aftershocks as his thrusts continue with their force as he empties himself inside her once again. They kneel there momentarily, his cock still hard and still sliding in and out of her, her pussy still dripping…he kisses her deeply on her mouth, her neck, nibbles on her shoulder and whispers in her ear "we must do this again, and again, and…"


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