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Daytime Drama II

Short story By: CapoMike

She lathers herself up, massaging her larger than average breasts...still firm and soft to her touch...she kneads her nipples as she lifts one leg to the tub edge to allow the water greater access to her pussy, already beginning to ooze.

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She crawls out of her bed just after 5:30am, tired, anticipating the days routine. Next to her a man sleeps, connected to her by a couple of kids and a piece of paper that keeps her imprisoned in her emotionless state with only her kids to give her a sense of purpose.

It seems not so long ago that most mornings she would be brought to consciousness by his probing fingers between her legs, gently massaging her clit while rubbing his early morning erection between the cheeks of her ass. Her arousal in the mornings is intense, and he could bring her to orgasm within minutes of penetrating her from behind and driving his throbbing cock deep inside her while fingering her clit. She had to bury her face in the pillow as she orgasmed so the children would not think mommy was being murdered...she loved having orgasms when no one was around so she could let her pleasure course through her body and scream from her lips with abandon, caring not who heard her or what they thought.

Nowadays he barely noticed her. Sure, she had put on some weight and gotten a bit lazy with her appearance, but who was she trying to impress? She was still young and her sexual appetite intense. She had some doubts about her physical appearance and often wondered if men looked at her and fantasized about being with her. Society places so much emphasis on physical beauty, but she understands that it is passion that makes a woman attractive. What good is beauty and a drop dead body if a woman has no passion? If she doesn't reveal her animal instinct in the bedroom? If she is not willing to do to a man what he enjoys and how to touch her to make her body quiver, or buck her hips when he is ravishing her pussy with his mouth. She knows she can please any man, but finding a man who wants to please her -therein lies the challenge. It's not like she can spread her legs for every guy she is attracted to or who claims he is god's gift to women only to find out he's a one stroke strikeout...she cannot risk her reputation or the stability of her children's home, but she wants more than a dildo, her fingers, and other assorted objects that have been poor substitutes.

It's earlier than she usually gets up so she goes to the bathroom, locks the door and turns on the shower. She touches the water with her fingertips to get it just the way she enjoys it when lust is making her nipples hard and her pussy tingle. She unstraps her ratty robe and lets it fall to the tiled floor. She steps into the shower and the feel of the water pressure against her nipples immediately stirs a groan deep in her throat. She spreads her legs slightly and the warm water follows the path of least resistance and flows between her legs, gently tickling her clit. She lathers herself up, massaging her larger than average breasts...still firm and soft to her touch...she kneads her nipples as she lifts one leg to the tub edge to allow the water greater access to her pussy, already beginning to ooze. She moves her right hand along her stomach and slides it down between her legs...the middle finger finding her clit and the index and ring finger sliding along so that her entire pussy is being massaged. She pinches her nipple while rubbing her clit and inserting two, and then all three fingers between her legs increasing the pressure and the pace faster than she likes, but someone is bound to wake up soon and she doesn't want to be disturbed. Her hand engulfs her entire pussy as she rubs furiously, sliding her fingers inside her with greater force and frequency. Her body is reverberating with pure sexual pleasure as her moans grow deeper and faster...her breathing is coming in gasps as she feels the warmth of her cum on her fingertips...faster, faster, harder, and harder with circular motions she furiously rubs her clit as it swells with her approaching orgasm...both hands are now between her legs and she can't get enough of her fingers inside her, rubbing herself with a selfish hunger for her orgasm to explode...she is gasping and no longer conscious of breathing as her body convulses with the explosion between her legs...her knees buckle, orgasm rolls through her entire body and pulls her eyes close as though she were dozing off and entering a dream of the rawest pleasure...her orgasm makes its slow, deliberate way through her body, rippling from her pussy through her entire consciousness...it slowly abates, and the warm water brings her pleasure to a slow end...she kneels down to rest and the day is looking much better than just a few short minutes ago...


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