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She knocked lightly and when I opened the door I could barely control myself. Her hair was still wet from the shower and she didn't bother to brush it out. She was dressed in what to me looked like pajamas, very sexy pajamas; short, short silky shorts and a matching top and no bra. Her breasts filled out the top and jiggled with every movement of her body

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There she was once again as I mounted the last step to my second floor apartment…the fat chick with an attitude that lived across the breezeway from me. The attitude was the look she always seemed to have on her face when I saw her and she didn't see me looking at her. It wasn't directed at me personally because when I smiled and said hello to her I was always met with a coy smile and a warm greeting which made my groins start to rumble and my dick slowly start to harden. I suspect she was a dominant woman who ran the show with her old man, but like all women she wanted someone to take charge and dominate her and run the show in the bedroom…her attitude contributed a sexual edge and energy to her persona and would come in nicely when I was pushing her head down between my legs and teaching her how to suck on a raging cock, or when I had her big tits pushed up hard against my bed stand while I rammed my cock deep inside her soft, warm pussy.

Her breasts were huge and always screaming to bust free from whatever she was wearing, including the bra she had to wear in public so as not to reveal her slutty side, that side of her personality that loved the looks men gave when they were seducing her with their eyes. Today she wore a one piece read dress with a low neckline and was mid-thigh in length, just enough to get a healthy glimpse of those luscious, milky white tits, and make me want to pull up her dress the six inches that would be separating my mouth from that sweet tasting pussy had I been kneeling in front of her. The back of the dress hung beautifully off her wide hips and hugged her big beautiful ass in the most alluring way. Big women seem to radiate sexuality…maybe because they don't get enough from the men in their life or maybe they really enjoy the feel of a cock in their mouth and between their legs, or a combination of both. She had mid-length blonde hair and I was already fantasizing about grabbing hold of it and pushing her head up and down on my bulging cock which I suspect she will do quite willingly once she realizes I'm n charge and she has to do as I tell her.

I asked what she was up to and she told me she had just returned from dropping her husband off at the airport because he had to fly to Miami for a week of job training related to his 'geek' IT job. My mind started racing and my cock started aching. She had given me the occasional glance that made me wonder and fantasize about her on a regular basis. I asked if she would like to join me for a glass of wine since it was Friday and the week was over, but mostly because her old man was gone and I wasn't one to pass up on an opportunity - that last part I left out but her look and lack of hesitation in her response told me she knew what I was thinking. She told me she wanted to take a quick shower and take care of a few things and would be over in a bit…I went from half erect to fully erect in three seconds and told her I would see her shortly…I figured I would take a quick shower myself to intensify the feeling once we were naked and fucking like a couple of rabbits generating more sweat to be showered off later.

I was in my blue Nike gym shorts and going commando for the evening. I love the feel of my cock being unencumbered, but mostly I want her to have easy access to it once she's got that buzz on from the wine, and the craving between her legs becomes too much for her to control. She knocked lightly and when I opened the door I could barely control myself. Her hair was still wet from the shower and she didn't bother to brush it out. She was dressed in what to me looked like pajamas, very sexy pajamas; short, short silky shorts and a matching top and no bra. Her breasts filled out the top and jiggled with every movement of her body.

I poured us a glass of white zinfandel and I toasted "here's to Friday nights and beautiful women" and she added to my toasts "and husbands in Miami"...ahhh, the old 'fuck me' toast. We drank and I reached around her waist and pulled her against me feeling the softness of her breasts against my chest and pushing my throbbing cock between her legs. She let out a low "mmmmmm...that feels sooo good" and whispered in my ear "are you going to fuck me tonight, every night while my husband is gone?" I responded that I was going to fuck her all night and all day while he was gone. I told her "i'm going to fuck you in every hole and in every position we can think of for the next week." I took her hand and placed it on my cock and told her "stroke my cock and don't stop until I say so, or until you need to put it in your mouth." She was obedient and moaned hungrily "mmmmmmmm...it's so hard, it feels sooo good, I can't wait to have it in my mouth and pussy, I haven't had a hard cock in so long, fuck me right now." I reached up and grabbed hold of her wet hair, yanked her head back slightly and told her "I'll fuck you when I'm ready to fuck you" and reached down between her legs, inside her panties, and slid two of my fingers deep into her pussy and told her "this pussy is mine tonight and tomorrow, and every other day, and I'll fuck it when ever I want to - you understand me my little slut?" She groaned out "yes, I understand, I'll do what you want, I promise" She groaned some more as I added a third finger inside her and probed her deep and fast, rubbing my fingers over every inch of her now throbbing and dripping wet pussy. She kept rubbing my cock and begging "put this in my pussy pleeeeease, fuck me pleeeease, I need your cock inside me sooooo bad, ooohhhhhhhh." The harder I probed her with my fingers the wetter and weaker she got.

Finally, I forced her down on her knees, took my cock in my hand and demanded "open your mouth my little cock loving slut" and she complied with little resistance until I shoved all 8 inches of it in with one thrust, forcing her to gag and pull back, a little of my cum dripping from her lower lip and the head of my cock. I grabbed hold of her hair with both of my hands and felt her resist as she anticipated the length of my throbbing prick penetrating her mouth again..."open your mouth and take it all the way like you want it" I commanded which she immediately responded to. This time she didn't gag as she let it slide along her tongue and opened her throat to let it enter her mouth to its full length. I slowly slid my engorged erection in and out of her mouth to its full length, over, and over, and over...slowly fucking her mouth and listening to her slurp it and moan "mmmmmmm, more, give it to me, fuck my mouth with your cock". She deep throated it over and over, playing with my balls as she moaned while she ate me with a ravenous appetite. My cock was tingling with the most incredible sensation as her eyes and mouth consumed it hungrily while she told me "I love your cock in my mouth mmmmm, it's so fucking hard, fuck my mouth deep, mmmmm, I want to take all your cum down my throat, mmmmmmmm, fuck my mouth like my husband never could, give me what he can't, give me what I need so desperately and what I want sooo badly, mmmmmmm"

Her enjoyment sent me over the edge and my cum began oozing out in slow waves of immense pleasure that wracked my body. I still held her head with both my hands as I forced my cock all the way in her mouth and I could see my cum dripping out around the corners of her mouth as she swallowed my load in its entirety and with even greater enthusiasm telling me "yes, yes, cum, cum, cum in my mouth, mmmmmmm. Let me swallow every drop of you, give it to me, more, more, more, mmmmmm." When I was completely drained she kept deep throating me and cleaning the cum off my cock with her tongue and lips like a thirsty cat licking up spilled milk..."I love your cock in my mouth. I love being your little whore and you can do anything, anything you want to do to me whenever you want to..."


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