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Not a regular night.

Short story By: Callmefelicia

"I look at him, actually look at him and start to consider things. I consider how my friends always tell me to try new things, and how I need to live life to the fullest, and take a chance once in awhile. I stand up, still looking at him and pull my shirt off and stand awkwardly in my bra and jeans."

Skylar Turner, a 22 year old, who is known for being shy, timid, and standoffish is dragged along by her friends to a party at a place she's not familiar with. After standing alone in a corner for several minutes she decides to go wandering around and finds herself in a occupied room. At least by one person. Her night takes a unexpected turn.

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A/N: Hey y'all, well, this is my first attempt at writing a erotic short story, so please don't be mean if it's terrible. I'll definitely try to make it long and descriptive. Just let me know what you think, PLEASE! xx.

Not a regular night.

Well, my name is Skylar. Most people from highschool would remember me as the quiet, awkward girl that didn't (doesn't) have many friends. But...you know I'm perfectly fine with that. It's just who I am. Today, the friends I managed to keep are forcing me to go to some overrated party apparently in the middle of nowhere. I mean...it's not like I had plans, so I might as well give it a shot.

Hours later...

"Skylar....come on, come out so I can tell you how hot you look." My friend Abby calls out to me from my room. I continue to look at myself in the mirror with disgust.

"No! I look like a slut."

"Skylar, seriously. Just show me. We don't have that much time left to get ready you know. The party is in a hour and a half." I sigh dramatically and walk out of the bathroom with a scowl on my face. Abby doesn't notice me as she examines her nails. I cough awkwardly to get her attention. She looks up with her eyebrows raised.

"Sky. Damn. If I was a guy, I'd do you." She smirks at me. I roll my eyes and pick up a pillow and hit her with it.

"I feel like I look like a slut."

"You don't. It's nice to actually see some skin. It's different though. And you could use some color, you're ghostly." I give her a look and rub my arms as if I'm cold.

"You know I don't really tan. You know....fair skin....red hair?" She rolls her eyes at me and slaps me a little on the arm.

"Go finish getting ready so I can take you out and you can be social!" She says over-enthusiastically. I sigh once more and go put on a little makeup and leave my hair down and curly. At it's natural state. It's been about twenty minutes by now, and we're heading to the party. Apparently it's a long drive.

At the party...

Abby left me to "go get a drink" so....now I'm standing alone in some corner pretending to text. After doing that for about ten minutes, I come to the decision that I'm going to go exploring. I start walking around, peaking through doors to see what they lead to. I know it sounds bad since it's not my house...but hey, no one is paying attention and I need something to keep me busy. I come across a bathroom and go in and freshen up then look myself over. Even if I do look like a slut, everything seemed to be decent. I walk out after splashing cold water on my face and neck and bump into someone. I eye the direction they walk in with curiousity and follow them a little until there's two sides of hallways to choose from. I turn down one hall looking behind me, and walk into a random room. I stand there for a moment looking around.

"Why are you in here?" A voice behind me says.

"I...er.....I'm sorry." I say looking down guiltily. I start to walk out of the room, trying to avoid the accusing eyes.

"You can stay if you want. That party is pretty lame. I live here." I look up at the voice and take in the appearance of a guy around my age, maybe a year or two older. I notice that he's in a plaid, button-up shirt and khaki pants and that he seems to be pretty well fit. My eyes travel to his face and take in his caramel complexion and his deep green eyes. He looked like a God. I look away quickly feeling my cheeks heat up and nod a little walking around the room trying to ignore his stare.

"I'm Alex by the way." He says trying to make conversation I assume. I glance at him and try to smile.

"Skylar." I say quietly. I see him move to a chair from the corner of my eye and trip a little gripping onto a cloth on a table that ends up sliding off with glassware, breaking as I fall on my butt making a "oof" noises. He jumps up, and runs to me, lifting me to my feet.

"Oh my god. I'm so sorry. I wasn't watching where I was going. Oh gosh. I'll pay you back for the dishes, I swear. God. I'm such a clutz." I bury my face in my hands and tremble a little with guilt.

"Your hand's cut." Alex says quite frankly.

"What..?" I look at my hand, not sure how I managed to cut myself. He grabs my hand and guides me to the closest bathroom and makes me sit on the counter of the sink as he cleans my hand and bandages. I feel heat in my face but don't say anything until he finishes.

"Thank you..." He nods and inspects his hands. I notice that he has blood on his fingerss.

"I think you're bleeding." I say worriedly. He shakes his head.

"That's your blood." He says, then licks the blood off his finger. My eyes widen and I sit completely still and he looks at me with a straight face. I notice how close he is to me, and I feel my face heating up. His lips brush against mine softly. He pulls away and looks at me and all I can do is look at is his lips. He rubs my cheek softly and I close my eyes leaning my cheek into his hand. I feel him twirl one of my curls around and then his lips brush against mine again. I wrap my arms around him, and he opens my legs with his knee and stands in between my thighs. I know my face is the color of a cherry by now. He nips at my bottom lip making me gasp and takes that as an opportunity to explore my mouth with his tongue. I'm growing hot everywhere. I pull him closer, wrapping my legs around his waist and he growls. His mouth moves to my neck kissing around my collarbone. He nips at it making me moan softly and arch my neck a little. His hands move to my thighs, rubbing them. I'm feeling needy now. His hands run through my thick pile of hair, making me tingle. He then picks me up, by holding onto my butt, my legs still wrapped tightly around his waist. I feel as though I'm a feather.

"Am I light?" I ask, my voice cracking a little. He gives me a odd look then laughs to himself a little.

"Yes. Very." I look away licking my bottom lip and gripping onto his shoulders. We enter a room that I assumed to be a guest room and he sits me on the bed. I begin to realize how unlike myself I'm acting and wonder if it's from anything I consumed in the day.

"I'm not going to force you to have sex with me just so you know," He says sitting beside me looking at me. I look at him questionably.

"It's written all over your face." Alex says in a knowing voice. I look at him, actually look at him and start considering things. I consider how my friends always tell me to try new things, and how I need to live life to the fullest, and take a chance once in awhile. I stand up, still looking at him and pull my shirt off and stand awkwardly in my bra and jeans. He looks at only my face and stands walking close to me and pulls me to his body. His hands run across my shoulder blades, down to my lower back, and slide back up to the clasp of my bra. He fumbles with it for a few seconds, then unsnaps it. He stands back, and I turn away and let it slide off, falling to the floor. Only showing him my back. Neither of us speak. Just stand there in silence. Breathing. Living in the moment. I feel his breath on my neck and then his lips laying soft butterfly-like kisses against my skin giving me a chill. I lean my back against his chest and his arms wrap around me. His fingers stroke my stomach while his mouth licks, sucks, kisses, and nips at my neck and the top of my shoulder. One of his hands slowly rises to my breasts and he cups one; his other hand does the same. My breathing is irregular now. He turns me around to face him and pulls off his shirt. My hands instinctively reach out to touch his hard, sculpted chest. He watchs my face then pulls me close to him again, making our chests press against eachother. He starts walking forward, making me go backward until I fall onto the bed. He then looks down at me with a predator look on his face making me flush. I scoot to the front of the bed and he sort of crawls on the bed, toward me, and opens my legs again with his body this time. He kisses around my belly button, licking a little making me gasp and arch my lower back. His mouth makes a path of kisses upward to my breasts and then his tongue circles around my nipples, taking turns to give attention to them. I'm panting and squirming, until his mouth closes over a nipple, sucking on it, and pulling it with his teeth making me cry out in pleasure from the sensation. His fingers moves to my other nipple, rolling it against his thumb and tugging on it a little. My eyes are closed at this point and one hand is on the back of his head, pressing his mouth closer to me. When his mouth and finger stop I let out a frustrated noice and open my eyes looking at him. He sits up on his knees andhis hand moves to the button of my jeans, and looks at me waiting for a rejection, but when I say nothing he unbuttons my jeans and pulls them off of me. Now I lay only in white, cotton panties. He looks me over, and rubs his hand across my stomach.

"You're beautiful." I look away shyly, and a finger brushes against my panties making me jerk. His hands move to the buckle of his jeans and he undoes it and pulls them off. I see his full length outlined in his boxer-briefs and try not to gawk. He moves in between my legs, his mouth especially close to my most intimate part. He kisses my inner thigh making me squirm and breath heavily. He grabs ahold of me by the hips, stilling me, and licks my panties directly where my slit would be. I cry out and buck my hips wildly. He continues this for awhile, making my panties soaked with his saliva and my juices. He pulls my panties off and looks at my second set of lips hungrily. When his mouth crashes onto my pussy I cry out and buck my hips against his face and press onto the back of his head. He flicks my clit with his tongue making me shake. I feel myself coming close when he stops to take off his boxers. I stare at his manhood, waiting for him to enter me. He licks his lips and gives me a sly look and rubs the head of his manhood against my slit. I let out a frustrated moan.

"Tell me what you want." My mouth drops, thinking he's kidding. And just shake my head, and wait for him to enter me. When he looks at me expectantly I say, "You're not serious are you? You should know what I want..." I say wearily. He rubs the head against my slit again, making me moan again.

"Tell me." I sigh and look the other way.

"You," He makes a coughing noise. I scowl.

"In me..." He then thrusts in me making me cry out from his size and pleasure. He makes long strokes, filling me up. My head is spinning. My legs are wrapped around him, and my nails are digging in his back now, and we're both moving in a steady pace. Both of us making almost animalistic moans. After awhile he flips me over, ontop of him and says, "Ride me." I slowly sit on him, both of us grunting a little, and start moving up and down on him. After feverishly bouncing on him, I start to slow down and his hands move onto my hips. He makes me still and thrusts into me, hitting my spot several times. I start tightening my walls, and begin to practically scream until he stops again, still halfway in me, with a devilish look on his face.

"Beg for me." He says.

"No." I try forcing him deeper in me, but can't because of his grip. I sigh dramatically.


"Please..." I say and try forcing him deeper in me again. I manage to move some on him, making both of us moan.

"Please what?" I shoot him a annoyed look.

"You're pushing it." He starts to pull out of me, until I blurt out, "Please fuck me" making him thrust as deep and hard in me as he can. I can feel him throbbing in me, so I grip onto him with my inner wall and scratch at his chest. We finally reach our peak, climaxing together in a bundle of shouts and throaty moans then both manage to fall asleep.


Another A/N: So, I know this is super long, it took FOREVER. Hopefully you guys enjoy it. Just, please, please tell me what you think, like it, message me, become a fan, anything! xx.


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