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In the many daydreams i have of me and my boyfriend, this would be one of them. I intentionally left the looks and names of the characters to be determined by the readers to possibly create more...Erotic, experiences for you guys. ;) Please,like/fan/comment on what you think of it, every piece of feedback is appreciated.

Submitted:Feb 20, 2013    Reads: 1,317    Comments: 6    Likes: 1   

We kiss as his hands begin to waunder.

"Mmm" I groan as they reach up my shirt to my breasts, i lean back on my satin pillows and he crawls up me. slipping my shirt off he kisses down my chest, inbetween my breasts and down to my belly button then back up to my mouth, i squirm, wanting more. He sits up and takes his shirt off then lays back down on top of me Ooh your skin is so soft,i think. We kiss again, a long loving kiss that makes my belly cramp "I love you" i whisper to him.

"I love you too" he says as he kisses me again, deeper this time. His fingers undo the button on my pants and pull them down, "oh" i moan silently. When he gets my pants off he stands and takes off his own, I lay on my side and watchSo sexy...Ismirk. When he's done he sits down next to me on my red satin sheets and traces his fingers down the side of my body to my legs, he closes his eyes briefly and rolls me on to my back and crawls up my body, kissing me gently, lovingly, he lays down letting me feel his erection bump against my sex. I feel the little wet spot grow in my panties, his hand some how managed to unclasp my bra and toss it to the floor leaving my breasts exposed. His soft lips kiss down my neck and on to my left breast, he licks around my nipple and breast cupping the other with his other hand, my breath hitches and i close my eyes, focusing on the pleasure. I moan slightly as his mouth navigates to the other breast his tounge circling my nipple. He kisses trail back down my belly and on to my sex, He hesitates to pull down my blue panties but after i lift up my bottom he peels them off and leaves them on the floor next to the bed. He slips in his middle finger and rubs it right where it feels good, and i let out a moan, my eyes are closed but i can tell that he's making that sexy smirk. He takes off his briefs and tosses them on the floor then i hear the rip of foil and he crawls back on top of me and i begin to breathe faster as i feel him poking me, right in that spot. Then i hear the rip of foil and he crawls back up on top of me, i begin to breathe faster as i feel him poking me right in that spot. then he slowly slides in the hole and he gently enters and moves in slowly. I meet his hips with mine the best i can as he thrusts in and out.

Rolling onto his back he pulls me on top of him it's deeper this way,i moan, he thrusts fast, making me bounce on him and he kisses down my neck, i try to kiss him, but can't so i close my eyes and breathe as i begin my release.By thrusting up and holding me there he makes me orgasm more intensly, then i feel him flinch and i feel the warm ooze. He lifts me up by my shoulderslooking at me but i fall to the side of him out of breath. "You ok?" he asks taking me in his arms,
"yeah" i reply quietly curling up in his chest. He lets me go for a second to take off the condom, ties it closed and tosses it in the garbage. When he returns by my side i curl up again and place my hand where his heart is. "i love you" he says, smiling. "I love you too" i say and kiss his chest lightly, he kisses my forehead, hugs me tight, and we fall asleep together.


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