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Tags: Bar, Sex, Erotic

Read if you want to know

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Grace looked at herself in the mirrior. She looked superb. Today was her first time going in a bar without any friends or family and she could go because she turned 19. She was wearing a mini skirt with a tank top. Her makeup looked good. Taking her car keys and locking the door behind Grace went to her car and drove to the bar. She parked her car as she went went inside the bar. There were lots of people, mostly drunk. Grace took a deep breath and went to where the bartender was serving drinks. She sat on the stool and looked up at him. He was tall maybe "5-9" and she could see the muscles bulging behind his shirt. He was sexy in a dark- dangerous way. He looked in his twenties maybe 24 or 25.

"Can I have a tequila please." Grace said to the bartender. He looked at her and Grace notice that he had the greenest eyes she had ever seen. His eyes moved to her lips. It lingered there but then moved down to her breasts. His eyes stayed there for some time and Grace felt her nipples hardened. When he saw that he looked at her face, his face was expresisonless and hard, so she couldn't tell what he was thinking.

"Aren't you too young for a tequila." he asked in his sexy deep voice and he had a hint of british accent.

"Oh, umm, then I , uh, don't know what else to order." Grace said and felt her face flush.

"Have a beer." he said and moved to the fridge pouring Grace some beer and then handing it to her.

"Oh thank you." She said in a polite voice. " I am Grace."

"SO." he said and moved to the next coustmor sitting beside her. She blinked at him. Oh well she won't let him ruin her night. So Grace turned to person sitting next her . He was in his 40's for sure and drunk too.

" A cold beer for me and the pretty lady beside me." he said smiling at her. He was creepy and Grace didn't liked him at all.

"Oh no thank you." She said trying not be rude. " I already have some."

"It's okay honey have another one." the old man said and put his hand on her thigh, squeezing almost pinching. " Don't worry i'll also pay for it."

Suddenly Grace was so scared and didn't know what to do so she turned away a little. The old man laughed an evil laugh. He moved closer to her and started rubbing her thing. Oh God! What should she do? Grace thought and looked at the sexy bartender who was looking at her. She was shaking and she wanted him to help her, but she didn't know what to say. She just continued to stare at him.

"Let's go dance baby." the ugly guy said to Grace and started pulling her.

"No stop please, let go." Grace said panicking.

"Let her go Carl." the sexy bartender said. " She's already taken."

"Ha, she'a not taken Brent, you are just making it up. Let's go." the ugly guy said and started pulling her again.

"No, no, please, please let go, please." She was on the verge of cryin.

"Let her go." She heard the sexy bartender, Brent was his name say in a voice that made Cark drop his hands.

"Well she's not taken, then why can't I take her." he said in his drunk voice.

"Yeah well, she's mine." Brent said and Grace gasped. She was his. The thought mad her excited and wet.

"Oh shit really, man i'm sorry." Carl said and literally ran out of the room. Brent jumped over the table and went to Grace.

"You okay." he asked and Grace nodded tears gathering in her eyes

"Hey, hey Grace don't cry." Brent said and took her hand. He led her to the back of the bar and up the stairs into a room. Grace noticed that it was a bedroom. It had a queen size bed with black silk sheets on it and that was it.

"Listen." Brent said to her. "You take some rest here okay. Then you can leave." With that said he turned but Grace grasped his arm.

"Please don't go." she whispered to Brent. " Please stay with me. I am really scared." Brent turned and looked at her.

"Look Grace if I stay here, then i don't know what will...... happen." Brent said but Grace just shook her head. She was really scared and she wanted him to stay with her.

"Please I beg you." She said and then she started crying. Oh god she couldn't believe she was crying. Brent didn't say anything just took her in his arms. Grace was so shocked that she stopped crying and looked up at him.

"I told you it wouldn't be good for me to stay here." he growled and picked her up and tossed her on the bed. She barely had time to blink before he streached out on top of her. pinning her to the mattress. He looked at her lips before he lowered his head..

"I need you." he groaned against her lips. " I need you so much."

Grace wasn't exactly sure what he meant by that only that she wanted to give him everything. She wanted to strip naked and fling herself wide for Brent. She wanted him to ravish her.

"Yes." She panted. " Please take me."

His chest rumbled witha growl like she have never heard before. As before, a rush of hot wetness escaped her sex. She reached for him then, her hands shakin, a small moan on her lips.

"Not yet." Brent pushed her hands back to thte bed. "Wait baby. Let me touch you. If you get hose hot little hands on me first, I'm gong to lose control and fuck you until neither or us has the strength to worry foreplay. Just lie there, just for a bit."

"I need to touch you." The words sounder torn from her though she did what he asked.

"And I need you to touch me. Just not yet." Brent admitted. He moved back as his eyes going over the sight of her. The lace bra did nothing to her her tight nipples. Her flat abdomen, the white silk of thing, the material damp enought to outline the soft curves of her pussy. He breathed out ad he realized that beneath the silk lay bare flesh.

"Do you shace?" he jerked his boots off, unable to look away.

"No wax." She said. He tore his shirt, then his belt before jerking the snaps of his jeans apart. His dick was killing him.

"I am going to eat that pretty pussy." he whispered as he removed his jeans and boxers. He wrapped his fingers around his erection, He had never been this hard and hot in his life. He quickly grabbed his jeans and took out a condom.

"I am protected and I am clean." She said. Brent's cock jerked at the soft sound of her voice, the knowledge that he could sink into her bare, feel her touching him. He shook his head.

"No one cabe sure baby. come on touch me now."

She was rising, sitting before him, face leve with the length of his cock. She covered the head of his erection with his tounge.

"Grace." His hands moved dto her hair. " Baby this is not a good idea."

"Hmm." Grace hummed around the sensetive flesh as he lips opened, her mouth sinking over him. He couldn't keep from moving against her from watching his flesh slide from her lips before pushing back and then sinking back again.

"Enough." He pulled back. He pushed her back to the bed and ripped her thong. "Fuck you are hot." He groaned as she cried out. His fingers were sliding thorugh the wet slit between her things, his thumb rubbing over her clit.

"I need you now." She was shaking

"Just a little bit more baby. Just lay back and let it feel good." His head neared the soaked curves of her pussy. His wicked smile was followed by a puff of air over the swollen clit, He eyes closed, her strenght drained.

"That's a good girl." He groaned as her thighs fell open farther. Brent's tounge worked slowly it's way through the slit as his fingers parted the plump lips.

"So sweet and bare." he groaned. " I love your naked pussy Grace."

Gasping Grace felt her hands gripping his hair. His lips moved back to her clit, a finger tested the entrance to her pussy, worked in, cattased and stroked.

"Brent..." her scream was strangled. "for god's sake please..................." Another finger joined the first. His lips covered her clitoris drawaing it in his mouth. He sucked at it as he felt herself fly higher. Her oragasm slammed her, so intense and extreme. He kept on sucking her pussy until it was clean. Bren't growled ad he moved to her her then, his thighs parting her father. the head of his cock seprating the fold of her pussy.

"look at me."

He stared down at her ad he slapped a condom in her hand.

Put. It. On.

"You don't need-----"

"Now!" his hands gripped her thighs. Grace swallowed tightly, her fingers were trembling. She needed him, her pussy burned, hurt. Her fingers were shaking so bad she could barely fit it over the damp head.

"I can't." It slipped moved , slid.

"Put the damned thing on Grace." his body jerked.

"Fuck it." She threw the condom, lifted her hips until the head pressed against the entrance of her cunt. "Fuck me. I told you, you don't need the son of a bit-------"

The invasion- it strecthed her and destroyed her.

Grace heard herself screaming Brent's name. Her legs wrapped around his plunging hips. He was jackhammering his cock inside her pussy. Grace knew she'll be sore later but she didn't care. Her body jerked as he next hit her and she cried out at the feel of his semen rushing through her.

When it was all done Brent collapsed on her, and she welcomed his weight.

"That was the best fuck i ever had." He rasped in her ear.

"Same here." She said and buried her face in his neck. Brent easied out of her and for the first time Grace felt how big his dick was. She cried out as he pulled himself out of her snug pussy. Brent looked down at his cock which was covered in blood.

"You are a virgin." he rasped

"Not anymore." Grace looked at him smiling.

"Why, why did you do that." he asked

"Because the first time I saw you I knew you were someone special." She said. Brent looked at her in awe.

"Go out for some coffee with me." He asked her

"Okay." She replied and looked at him properly. His lips were swollen from her kisses. He had a great chest which was covered with sweat from there love making and he didn;t have a speck of hair on his chest. Grace looked down and felt her cheeks burn. His cock was still half-aroused plus it was so bug atleast 12 inches and then she wanted to do it all over again.

"How about twomorrow at 6." He asked as he came on top of her again.

"Yes." She said as he began easing inside her tight pussy again.

"Good." He said and they did it all over again.


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