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Not good at summaries so u just have to read it

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"Hey mom." I said dropping my back-pack on the floor as I came from school.
"Hey Arista, how was school." My mom asked me. She was watching T.V.
"Fine, you know how grade 12 is. Too much homework." I said as I went on the computer to check my emails. I only got 2 emails and they were facebook emails so I signed out and went to the kitchen too find some food.
"Arista, listen, your dad, your cousin Tina and I are going to this party today, so Ron is coming to stay with you till we come back." My mom said and I froze. Ron is coming to STAY with me. Well stay with me until my parents come back home. OH M Y GOD! Ron is my brother-in-law, my HOT brother-in-law and I have this tinny-tiny crush on him. Oh who am I kidding? I have this huge crush on him.
"Oh," I said my hear racing. "And when are you coming back."
"Maybe at 11:00 or 12:00. I don't know." She said as she turned off the T.V." I am going upstairs 'key. I should start getting ready. Your dad and your cousin will be here in an hour or so with Ron." She said and went upstairs leaving me with my mouth hanging open. OMG! Ron is going to be here in an hour and I look like an idiot. So I also went upstairs to my room. Good thing about my room is that on the door it has a lock. So I locked my door and opened my drawer. I love clothes just like every other girl. I took out my favorite sweat pants and shirt. I only wore this pair once and everybody told me I look hot, super hot in them. I took of my clothes and stared in the mirror in front of me. My body was superb. I had flat stomach which doesn't get bigger if I eat fries, chocolate or anything junky.. Then I looked at me underwear and bra. They were plain white. BLAH. So I went to my drawer and took out my new bra and thong set and they were lacy. I brought the pair a week ago just tot try it on but didn't get any chance to be them but today I did so I am going to wear them. After I was done dressing up I took out the curler and curled my hair, applied a little make-up on and then I was ready. I unlocked my door and went downstairs. After half an hour my mom came downstairs. She looked really beautiful in her dress and the fact she was only 33. Yeah that's right my mom's only 33. She had me when she was 15 which makes me 18.
"You look gorgeous." I told to her as she did a little twirl.
"Thank you." She said with a smile the size of New-York. I smiled back at her happy to see her happy. Just then I heard the car outside, my heart skipped a beat.
"Oh finally they are here." My mom said as the doorbell rang. I barely heard her. She went to open the door.
"Hey, sexy." My dad said as he came inside, my cousin right behind him.
"Hey dad." I said and kissed him on the cheek. "Hey Tina."
"Hey Arista, you look gorgeous." Tina said and hugged me.
"So do you." I said hugging her back. Just then Ron walked in and I lost my breath. He looked drop-dead gorgeous in his jeans that were actually low riding and his shirt which showed his hot biceps.
"Hey Arista." he said in his sexy deep voice.
"Hey Ron." I said feeling my cheeks warming up. We looked at each other and I felt something hot, something sexual between us.
God how would it feel if his dick was filling my pus--------
Okay I need to stop thinking that.
"Okay, you ready to go." Tina asked my parents.
Oh yeah." they said at the same time.
"Alryt then off we go." she said and kissed Ron on his lips. I felt so jealous. I wanted to kiss those lips.
"Bye Arista take care baby." my mom said and hugged me.
"Sure mom have fun." I said saluting them.
"Bye Ron." Tina said and then they all left leaving me and my Hot brother-in-law all alone.
"So." Ron said and I looked at him. "What do you want to do." he asked. I shrugged and went to the living room, Ron right behind me. I picked the remote and turned on the T.V>.
"How is school?" Ron asked me as he sat on the sofa with his legs wide open. I shrugged again and beside him.
"Are you going to answer or not." he asked and laughed
"School is fine." I said smiling." So what do you want to watch?"
"What do you have." he asked.
"Umm I don't know, everything, nothing." I said and he laughed.
"What." I asked looking at him. His hair was rumpled ad if he just woke up.
"Nothing." he said
"Well what do you usually watch?" I asked Ron.
"Oh porn with Tina." he said looking me in the eye.
"Okay I SO don't need to know that." I said wrinkling my nose.
"What the fact I watch porn with Tina or the fact that I watch Porn at all." he asked me and I was having hard time breathing.
"Wellll." I said. "Both, I think."
"Why what's wrong with watching porn." he asked laughing.
"My sweet, cute, sexy brother-in-law there is nothing wrong with watching porn it's just you shouldn't talk about it with me." I told him
"Why." Ron asked me. "Why shouldn't I talk about it with you? Don't you watch it?"
"Ughhhh." I said putting my face in my hands. ."Why do you want to talk bout porn? There's nothing special about it."
"Yes there is, lots and lots of sex." He said and sighed.
"Riiiiiight! All they do is having sex." I said. I was really enjoying our talk. It was turning me on.
"Have you ever watched it." he asked me and me shooked my head. "That's why you don't know anything about it."
"Oh well I don't care." I said and turned off the T.V. "You want something to eat."
"No I am good."
"Okay." We sat there in silence for sometimes.
"You look really tense." I asked breaking the silence. He DID looked really tense.
"Yeah I am a little." He said running his hand through is already rumpled hair.
"Why don't you and Tina have enough sex?" I teased and Ron laughed.
"Nahh that's not it. It's just too much paperwork."
"So you do have lots and lots of sex." I teased again..
"Nope, not anymore." He said and looked and me.
"What." I asked totally shocked. "What do you mean by not anymore?" But Ron just shrugged. Poor Baby.
"Here let me give you a massage." I said taking Ron's wide shoulders and moving him so his back was to me.
"Would it be easier if I take off my shirt." he asked. I swallowed. Why am I even sweating? It's not like I haven't seen Ron's bare back before.
"Uh, yeah that umm would be easier thanks." I said my voice squeaking a little. So Ron took of his shirt. Oh Lord, my mouth was watering at the sight of his naked back plus he had a tattoo of a Dragon on his back. Isn't that so cool. I wanted to lick every inch of it. I cleared my throat before putting my hands on his shoulders. His skin was smooth but it was hard at the same time. I started massaging and Ron moaned.
"That feels awesome Arista." He murmured.
"Thanks." I said glad that he enjoyed it. I kept on massaging his shoulders till they weren't tense anymore I looked at the space between his shoulder and neck. It was tempting me to bite it. I really wanted to bite it. OH HELL with it I thought and leaned over and bit his shoulder blade. I heard his sharp intake of breath.
"Arista." He moaned
"Hmm." I hummed and licked the sting away before moving back. Ron turned around and looked me. His eyes were the color of emerald and they were shining. I looked down at his 8 pack abs. And there wasn't a peck of hair on his chest. His skin really was smooth. I reached out and touched his 8 pack. Ohhh It was hard.
"Wow." I whispered.
"You like 'em." Rom asked putting his hand on mine. I nodded. Ron lifted his hand and I trailed mine down south. I stopped at his belly button. I was cute and then I trailed my hand down and stopped.
"Oh my." I breathed out. He had an erection. I looked up at him and blushed. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter. His erection looked so big. I wondered what sized his cock was. Would it be average or bigger?
"What are you thinking about?" Ron asked me softly.
"Huh, oh, uh, I, uh." I couldn't just say I was thinking bout the size of his cock.
"C'mon Arista tell me what are you thinking?" he asked me and leaned in. I looked in his eyes and said
"I want to see your cock." He gasped then smiled.
"We playing a dirty game here baby." He said.
"What do you mean?" I asked him licking my dry lips.
"Well if you really want to see my cock you've to take off one piece of your clothing." He told me with a smirk on his face.
"But, I ……"
"Uh-uh-uh." He said shaking his head. "If you really want to see my cock you do what say." I really wanted to see his cock but then I have to remove my clothing's too. Oh well! I thought there is nobody at home except for me and Rom. I knew he was expecting me to take of my sweat shirt but I didn't take it off instead I took off my sweat pants. I smiled to myself when I saw the shock on Ron's face. I know he was looking at my too-small thing.
"Oh wow." He said still looking at the thong that was covering my pussy.
"Okay now take off you pants." I told hi. I was so eager to see his dick I couldn't even wait.
"What's the hurry, babe" he said and pulled me into his lap.
"Hey." I said and gasped when Ron's hand touched my pussy through the fabric.
"Your pussy's wet." He growled in my ear.
"Yeah so." I whispered and he chuckled.
"So that's really good." He said kissing my neck, then moved to my throat.
"Ron." I sighed. His hand was stroking my pussy through my thong.
"You know how long I've waited to do this Arista.' Ron said taking my hair and pulling my face back. "I wanted to fuck that juicy cunt of yours from the moment I saw you."
"I want to fuck you too Ron." I whispered fiercely and buried my face in his neck.
"Look at me you bitch." He said pulling my hair again. "Listen to me. I am going to fuck that sweet pussy until you are so sore that you won't be able to walk for days."
"Yes, oh yes Ron yes." I said. Ron's couldn't wait anymore so he took off my sweat-shirt too. This left me in my bra and thong
"Lay on you stomach and stick your ass out." Ron told me and I did that. When my ass was sticking out I felt Ron's hand and then SMACK!
"AHH." I cried out
"You like that don't you." He said to me and then spanked me again.
"Yes, more Ron I want more." I yelled. He repeated the procedure five more times before ripping off my thong.
"Oh look at that cherry red ass." Ron said and smacked me lightly. It felt so good that I felt my juices flowing from my pussy.
"Turn around." Ron said and I turned around. "Spread your legs." I did what he told me to do.
"Take off your pants Ron." I said "I Want to see that sexy prick of your."
"Oh yeah." He said then took off his pants.
"And your boxers." I demanded. He took off his boxers too and I gasped.
"Fuck." I whispered. Ron had a cock ring. OH MY FUCKING GOD. It was a silver ring and his cock was at least 13 inches. IT was huge and he didn't have hair on his genitals.
"What don't tell me you haven't seen a cock ring before?" He asked me as he took off my bra. Now we were both naked. I reached out and touched the ring.
"Didn't it hurt?" I asked Ron and he shrugged. That has to hurt and bad. Without thinking I pulled his cock into my mouth feeling the ring against my tongue.
"Oh god." Rom said putting his hands in my hair. His cock felt so wonderful in my mouth and I loved the taste of him. I started sucking his cock moving my head up and down and I was fondling his smooth balls with my other hand. It tasted like haven and hell at the same time.
"Watch me." I ordered as his head lolled back. "Watch me suck you into my mouth." I started sucking him taking him into my throat
"Oh god." Rom breathed. "OH Christ, don't stop." I didn't stop. I sucked and sucked him until his seed exploded from his balls in a rush. Ron cried out hoarsely. I swallowed all of his sperm loving the taste.
"Your turn." Ron said and before I could even guess I was flipped on my back. Ron started kissing me on the jaw.
"Ron." I sighed as he moved down south kissing my stomach and playing with my belly button. He took my ankles and pulled my legs apart. My pussy was so wet. I felt Ron's fingers parting my pussy lips before he took a long lick.
"Oh god Ron." I cried out as I gripped the side of the sofa.
"Hmmm, your cunt tastes better then Tina's." He told me as he took another long sweet lick before he pushed his tongue inside me. I gasped at the feel of his sweet tongue. His thumb found my clit and he started rotating it while tongue fucking me. IT felt great and before I knew what was happening I came. Ron sucked all my juices before he came on top of me. His lips met mine and I kissed him with all the passion and lust. I could taste myself as he sucked my tongue.
"I can't wait anymore." Ron said to me.
"Same here Ron, hurry up. I want your prick in my cunt right now." I said
Ron took out his cock and slammed it inside me. I heard myself screaming his names. My legs wrapped around his plunging hips. Ron fucked me with desperation.
"There you go baby." He growled against my lips. "Come for me sweetheart. Let me feel that sweet pussy exploding around me."
"Damn you." My cry was filled with hunger. "Harder, I need you harder."
"I don't want to hurt you." He groaned.
"Do it." I said. "Do it now."
I set my teeth on his shoulder and bit him. He grunted and took me harder. Holding me beneath him, Ron drove into me over and over again until I arched under him and screamed. Hearing me scream Ron exploded under me. My pussy clenched tight on him. Holding him deep. Convulsing around his spurting cock
After we were done Ron rolled to his side taking me with him and without pulling out. I snuggled closer to him.
"Wow that was superb." I purred in his chest.
"Yeah." He said. "Your fucking cut is hot, way better then Tina's
"Let's be together." I told him. " you can be my Boyfriend-in-law." Ron chuckled saying yes and then later we both cleaned up and no one ever knew about this best day.


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