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Step-Daddy's Naughty Little Girl Part 2

Short story By: Brinn Stevens2

Lizzie wants more and she knows just how to get it...

Submitted:Aug 15, 2012    Reads: 14,217    Comments: 1    Likes: 7   

Talk about sexual frustration. A'll I can think about it is how bad I want to fuck Benny again. It's only been 2 days and I can't wait to feel his cock inside of me again. But he seems to be avoiding me. I know he wants me though because when I walk into the room his hand instantly goes to his cock, pushing down his erection.

I go to bed that night, frustrated as usual when a plan pops in my head to get him to give in. I know my mom is sound asleep in her bedroom, because I can hear her snoring through the walls. I put on LL Cool J's Doing it on my IPod on repeat. I underdress and lay naked on top of my bed, my upper body leaning against my pillows with my legs spread and bent at the knees, giving any body walking by my bedroom door a perfect view of my pussy. I pinch my nipples and they respond by getting hard and a little pinker. I start thinking about that first night that benny fucked me. How his hands on my body gave me goosebumps. I slide my right fingers between my legs finding my pussy plump and wet. Sliding in two fingers I moaned with pleasure. I was caressing my breast with my left hand.

I hear Benny coming up the stairs, walking down the hall and stopping in front of my door that I had left open just enough for him to see in. I keep fingering fucking myself, I imagine his cock growing harder as he watches me fuck myself. I yearn for his cock to be in me. I see Benny shift in the door way, I think he is going to burst in any second and fuck me on my bed. I'm nearing my orgasm and want to wait but I can't stop myself. I pump my two fingers in and out harder and harder hearing the slosh of my juices against my pussy lips. I moan "Daddy" as I orgasm, my body convulsing on my bed. I look up to the door way and he's gone.

I clean myself up and put my pj's back on, saddened that I won't be having any of sugars cock tonight. Night after night this continues, me fingering fucking myself while sugar watches from the doorway, rubbing his hand over his hard cock in his pants. I wonder to myself if he cums in his pants.

On night 5 I decide to try something different. I get undressed and lay naked in my bed. The lights are completely out but I leave my door slightly ajar. I hear Benny come up the stairs and stops as he gets to my door. He waits a moment and heads to his bedroom. I cry myself to sleep wishing Benny would fuck me.

I wake around 2am still frustrated and sad. I decide I need to do something about this. I get out of bed, still naked and tip toe down the hall. I get to my step-dad and moms bedroom door and peak in. They are both sound asleep. I push open the door and drop to my knees to crawl across the floor to my step-dads side of the bed. When I reach his side of the bed his body is facing me. I carefully push back the covers and kneel up so that I am in front of his cock. I slide my right hand around the soft skin of his cock and take the head in my mouth, twirling my tongue around the tip. I feel his cock grow harder in my mouth and smile to myself. I move my hand up and down his cock while my tongue is still circling the tip. I feel him jerk and look up. Our eyes meet and he looks so frightened.

I put my finger to his lips to sshh and point over his shoulder to my sleeping mom. My mouth reached his cock and I take him all in this time, trying to not gag but he's so big. My mouth moves up and down around cock as my right hand twists up around his cock after my mouth. I cup his balls with my left hand, massaging them lightly. I feel my pussy juices dripping down my leg. I want so bad for his hand to touch me. I cant remember ever being this horny. I feel Benny start to tense and suck harder and faster until I feel him explode in my mouth. His salty cum running down the back of my throat. I lick him clean.

I am about to turn and crawl away when I feel his hand on my arm. He pulls me towards him, I'm now kneeling on the floor in front of his chest. He puts one hand over my mouth and the other find my dripping wet pussy. He sticks 2 fingers deep inside me as his thumb is massaging my clit. I bite down on his hand trying to not to scream. My pussy uncontrollably grinding on his hand. I cum, my pussy juices squirting all over his hand and the floor. Ive never felt this before. I dont want it to stop and either does Benny. He is finger fucking me harder and faster, rubbing my clit with such persition. I feel it coming again. I bite down on his hand hard not wanting to scream. I squirt, gushing my juices on his hand and the floor. I loose my train of thought and moan "Daddy"as I fall to the floor.

My mom sits up in bed. Benny lays silently in bed as I do the same on the floor. I hear her shake him "wake up I heard a noise" Benny responds "It's ok honey, it was me. I accidentally knocked my glass of water off my night stand. Go back to bed" I hear her lay back down and look up at Benny and although it's dark I know we are both smiling. I wait to hear her breathing steady and deepen and crawl out of their room.

As I lay bed trying to fall asleep, I think about how hot that was and how I can't wait squirt again.


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