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Hot Springs

Short story By: Bowen71

A surprise day trip to a natural hot springs. Finally able to get away for a relaxing stay at a natural hot springs. Hope you enjoy, I'd love any feedback. Thanks for reading.

Submitted:Oct 25, 2013    Reads: 1,683    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

Waking up in the morning, we go over options of things to do. We decide that since you brought your bikini to head to the hot springs. After an eventful 2 hour drive in my basketball shorts and no underwear, we pull into Sligers 1000 Springs Resort. The first thing you notice is the hot humid air inside the building. Its cold out and in an instant you feel as though you are on the beach. We head into the locker room to change, I am glad my swimsuit is baggy, if I wore speedos things would be on display. You come out and just as I suspected my jaw drops and cracks the concrete floor. With a kiss I take your hand to lead you to the pool. I used to come here as a kid, its the first time its with a date. Stepping into the water, I can see in your body the instant relaxation the 98° water provides. Sitting in the corner of the shallow end we just talk, kiss, laugh, simply have fun. After a while I challenge you to a log rolling contest, I know you've never probably done this before, so I win quite handily. After playing around for a bit, I take you back to a private jacuzzi. Its hot geothermal mineral water and we have our own tub. Stepping into the water you notice its warmer than the pool, 103° to be exact. In the jacuzzi you are sitting across my lap my arms wrapped around you. It has been years since you have been able to relax like this, your eyes are even closed as you nestle your head into my chest. My lips begin to rain soft silky kisses on your neck, face, and breasts. You can feel my hard cock pressing against your ass as you turn your face to accept gentle kisses on your cheeks and lips. I stroke your slippery skin, my hands covering your breasts squeezing and massaging them, rolling your hard nipples between my thumb and fingers, feeling shivers running through your body. My dick grows harder still with the knowledge that I have the ability to control the intensity of the flames rising inside you. Your hips sway against me, your back arches, trying to coax and maneuver my cock inside you. Your movements aided by my fingers that have settled between the folds of your pussy, teasing your clit. Your hips gyrating in time with the rhythm of the music as I slip between your legs, pushing forward with my hips, the head of my dick, poised at the entrance of your pussy. The movement of our bodies causes the water to lap gently against the sides of the tub, some of it spilling out onto the floor. I pull your hips back against me as I push forward, the head of my cock burying itself in your pussy. You sit up and press back to sink me deeper inside you. I grab your hips and slide you back and forth on my cock. You ride me, faster as the pressure inside you builds; my dick hitting your sensitive g-spot, your excitement builds as you increase your tempo. You can feel my dick swelling even more as my hands push and pull you harder and faster against me. My hips thrusting against you, my cock pushing deeper inside you. Feeling your pussy tighten as you begin to cum, I hold your hips still and give one final deep thrust. The water, now splashing over the edge of the tub in great waves as my orgasm also takes me over the edge, shooting my load deep inside your pussy. Satisfied for the moment, you lie back against me in the tub, releasing my cock from the sheath of your hot pussy. Your skin wet and cooling from the air, prickles with goosebumps, your nipples hard. I hold you lovingly in the hot water, rubbing your arms and body. My lips find yours as I press a kiss hard against them, tongue slipping between them to slide along yours.


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