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Getting to Know

Short story By: Bowen71

Tags: Romance, Touch, Skin

I started writing for my girlfriend, she loves it...She never knows when or where she will find a story, a letter, or a poem. This is the lasts that I wrote about taking my time to get to know her body. I would love any feedback positive or negative. Thanks for reading

Submitted:Oct 19, 2013    Reads: 938    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

I want to spend as much time as humanly possible getting to know every inch of your luscious body. I want to get know in great detail every soft sultry seductive frame that had to have been carefully sculpted by God. Only he could design a woman this perfectly sexy, this perfectly hot. Imagining at this very moment lying in bed with you facing each other, on our sides in full view of your perfectly caramel skin. But as my eyes are fixed on your eyes that have the sparkle of the sun, I begin to slowly trace from your forehead, to your face, eventually holding your face in my hands before re convening the journey of this paradise my hands have found. Around your neck tantalizingly slow, your eyes now closed increasing the sensation of my touch. My fingertips like the touch of a feather begin to glide down your back and sides, you begin to breathe a little deeper. My hands sliding down your back begin to travel up your sides, rubbing your arms, up and over your shoulder. Still looking deep into your eyes, my fingers slide down your neck, stopping at your chest. Tracing your breasts with only my fingers, beginning to tease your already protruding nipples. Goosebumps forming on your arms as I ever so lightly draw circles around your nipples before finally brushing the tip of your hardened nipples. As you begin to bite your lower lip, my fingers begin to walk, glide from your breasts to your tummy. I've always found your tummy, bellybutton sexy so I spend some extra time roaming your tummy and tracing around your bellybutton. My hands restart the exploration of your body, eventually finding their way to your ass, rubbing, squeezing, your perfectly shaped butt, pulling you slightly closer to me. My fingertips now gliding down your thighs, it's the first time I have pulled my eyes away from yours, as I am sliding down the bed, my eyes now exploring your hot body with my hands. My hands upon reaching your toes, rub your feet long enough to continue the exploration of your beautiful legs, up your calves to your thighs, your breathing quickens and becomes more intense. Palms comfortably holding your thighs, just before running my fingertips up your inner thigh, temperature seems to be rising as inch by inch I approach your treasure. My fingers now at your slight opening, I can feel the moisture increasing from my touch. Tracing around your pussy teasing your lips you begin to drip. Moans escape your lips when you feel the relief of my fingertips splitting the folds of your pussy. I am careful not to touch your clit, at least not yet. My fingers now penetrating, brushing slightly against your piercing just before my fingers begin to explore. Your sweet nectar beginning to coat my fingers and run down my hand to my wrist then arm. Sliding my fingers out of your pussy only to skate across your natural lube making their way to your clit, circling your now protruding button that is just aching to be touched. Teasing your throbbing clit, circling it, your back arches, pushing into my hand. Sensing you're about to cum, I abruptly stop my exploration. Phase two of my exploration set to begin.


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