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Page 1, Feeling good about yourself. Don\'t worry men after today I am moving out of this section into the G rated area it belongs in.

Good Monday Morning,

                I hope you had a great weekend! DING, DING, DING, WE HAVE A WINNER! I had one person play on Friday and her response was “Hubbies eyes were round as saucers!”  Sounds like she made his day! Way to work it, girl. You win!! Keep playing the fun is only getting started!

I must say my attempt at writing Emma’s (Fantasy) was a little much. That was not the way I speak, act, behave, or anything I have ever even fantasied over. I have just been a little out of my mind lately and dared to try something out there.  Personally I was quite bored writing about something I am not experienced in.  I will let the experts do there writings and keep to the right side of the road so, they can pass.  LOL Also, judging from zero feedback or likes, it obviously was a dud.  Grab your coffee and let’s get started. I will keep the reading short and sweet since, you have to do today’s longer assignment coupled with Friday’s assignment.

Overview of Week 2-18-13,

                I had quite the emotional roller coaster ride this weekend.  It appears that a full week of waking Hubby up grinding my body on his as he just gets up will lead to lots of new beginnings.  Now remember, I am age 47 and Hubby is age 51 with a love life that was pretty much dead emotionally, physically, and certainly sexually.  For a few years he has struggled achieving an erection and I have only had a handful of orgasms in my life.  Therefore even with daily blow jobs (not effective), kitchen table sex, and straddling Hubbies legs while he gets dressed has only achieved one orgasm for him.  Therefore I am going back to square one and working on the foreplay. Have no worries I will never tell you to suck, hump, lick, or probe anything other than the top area.  Instead we will keep it almost PG 13 -R Rated.  You can figure out the X-Rated.  

                Dear Ladies,

                I am hoping you are able to come to see yourself as a middle aged woman who knows how to adapt to it nicely.  I want you to accept your age by treating yourself as the special person you deserve to be.  You must care about yourself.  Please respect your body in the way you eat, carry yourself (aka walk), dress appropriately, and have a great attitude as much as possible.  Remember people everywhere take your physical queues as the way you want to be treated.  I am know that is a very sexist thing I just said, but, no doubt in this world it is true.  I want you to hold your head high and get some clothes that fit (not today), and start feeding yourself nutritional food that feels good on the inside and makes you look fabulous on the outside.

                Another must is exercise.  I know you are shaking your head and grumbling.  But I am not talking about spending money on a gym membership you will never use.  I want you to dance around your living room every morning for 30 minutes to one hour.  This is so much fun and will get you prepared for tonight’s assignment.  I want you to play your favorite up beat music either a fast CD, Pandora, Radio (too many commercials), or Youtube videos.  I like Michael Jackson’s Thriller, Pink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, Grease Soundtrack Greased Lighten, Gun’s and Rose’s Pour Some Sugar On Me and Areosmith Love in an Elevator.  Oh yeah, gotta love the eighties.  Just find something you like and groove until you are a sweaty mess!  No sweat, no gain.  Now meet me in the homework corner for some fun times with hubby!

                                                                                                                                From, Emma

Homework Corner,

       Continue with staying busy by putting the fork down!  Put on your tennis shoes and get your exercise in this morning.  It will make you feel so much better.  You have to eat right and exercise to find your own sense of self.  Then follow through with last weeks assignment of cleaning the house, cooking dinner, and taking a relaxing bath.  Make sure to fix your hair and put on makeup even if it is just a touch of lipstick or gloss.  I want you to stand in front of your mirror and tell yourself you are pretty, worthy, and loveable.  Then I want you to text or phone Hubby and tell him how much you miss him and that cannot wait to see him.  When he walks in the door have his favorite music playing and really grab his shoulders and give him a huge hug.  Soak in a long kiss with your minty fresh breath (from toothpaste and floss) and hold him close. 

Then take him to his favorite sitting area and push him down and straddle his legs.  Now take in his gaze, tell him you love him and he is your world.  Do this by whispering it in his ear.  Very sexy and not embarrassing as looking into his eyes, face to face.  Kiss his neck and move your body on him a little.  When you pull back up take his arms and pull him to his feet.  He may resist a little bit, but stick to your guns.  Then I want you to dance with him.  This is something Hubby and I do all the time but, you may need a slower song if you are not use to this.  Just sway to the music and enjoy his closeness.  If you prefer upbeat music let him twirl you.  Remember no one is watching it is just you and the love of your life.  Do not worry ladies, this is fun.  When the next song starts kiss him in a full French kiss and then casually walk away.  Glance back over your shoulder saying: Dinner will be ready in a few. You must build confidence within you so other people will treat you better.  Keep me posted.  Emma 

Update Corner:

This is not a crash diet but, rather a full lifestyle change.  Mystery Man says it is best to lose1/2 lb. a week.  I would not even tell anyone you are dieting.  That just brings on judgments if you do not lose as much as they think you should.  No this is an attitude change that will bring you confidence too. Please try to get your spirit in tact so, you may live to be healthy in your older age.  Emma  P.S.  I am thinking about starting a new name and posting this section under articles in the Christian Part of this website.   




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