Emma's First Kiss

By: blushing beauty 6519

Page 1, A bored housewife seeks entertainment from the internet turns into so much more than she could have hoped for. This story is based on facts although some have been greatly enhanced. However, the final kiss is pretty much dead on.

Emma’s First Kiss…..

     Emma had the potential of enjoying hot love making every evening with the man of her dreams. After all isn’t that the reason they tied the knot, declaring their love for each other before God in a crowded church?  Recently she had an unsettling urge to actively reignite the passion that had slowly left their lives.  Over the past few years Emma and her hubby had all but ceased any romantic pleasures. It seemed natural after all her body still had fifty pounds of baby weight to lose and she was run down and tired.  This was despite the fact that her infant had grown into a young teenager.

     Emma was beginning to become quite bored with being a housewife and all of its little details.  Recently she turned to the internet to try to find some kind of spark to put the passion back into her life.  She stumbled upon an amateur book site that had erotica amongst other wholesome stories.  One writer had offered specific details into his bedroom fantasies with his accepting girlfriend.  As if this was not enough when Emma replied to his story he gave her a heartfelt and incredible feedback to help spark her flame with her hubby. 

This was the type of attention Emma longed for in her life. She was not looking to have an affair, threesome, or hook up with a mysterious stranger.  She just wanted someone to tell her it was acceptable for her to still be a sensual human being who deserved to orgasm with her main squeeze.

In this area Emma had quickly learned to fake the big O over the years and her hubby never seemed to notice.  To her recollection she has only felt her body tingle releasing sweet juices from within her only a handful of times.  Although she was not sure if two of them even counted since, they did not involve a man, just her own hand probing into her swollen lips. Thankfully this online stranger, named John encouraged her to spend time with her hubby and to give him more than she would take.  This would not be hard to do since they only had two positions and Emma would just lie their patiently moaning until a few minutes passed and her hubby was satisfied.  Emma’s hubby was only privileged to this act a few times a year.  Most were in the winter to celebrate their birthdays, once sometime during the Christmas season, and another to celebrate the sexiest holiday of all.  For most people that would be Valentine’s weekend, but for Emma it was the Fourth of July which was such a turn on watching the fireworks light up the night sky.  She always made this a family tradition however; secretly she wanted to know what it would feel like to run off with hubby to a secluded area.  Her desire was to explore each other’s body as the music played into the background and fireworks exploded and the crowd cheered.  Somehow she imagined that every physical sensation would be ignited allowing them both her hubby and her to meet gratification at the same time. 

       Of course this is a fantasy that will forever remain locked inside her soul and not dare shared with hubby.  Over the Valentine’s weekend John, a total anonymous stranger catapulted their sex life into over drive.  Emma followed his directions, even though they made her a little uncomfortable. One of his commands was to grab his butt cheeks during oral sex.  Having hubbies cock in her mouth did not bother her however, she always pulled him out when he was about to blow.  In fact until reading this porn she had never believed woman would want to swallow their man’s load.  However, she was not into judging or condemning people who found odd ways to float their sexual boat. 


       Emma’s insecurities stemmed from her upbringing and lack of ever learning what it meant to become a woman in her heart, mind, and body. Emma was raised to respect herself by steering clear of guys who wanted her only for the nasty deed. This message was basically the only formal training given to her regarding the birds and the bees’ speech.  Emma’s grandparents did their best to instill values, Christian beliefs to this child they raised from an infant to a teenager. Emma entered adolescence by being tossed into her birth mother’s home.  This was indeed a culture shook to Emma, who was not welcomed warmly by her five older siblings.  They blamed Emma for being treated like a princess while they were raised in a ratty old house.  The neighborhood was on the outskirts of a well, to-do upscale environment with an awesome school district.  Emma was out of her elements in her new school and soon learned how difficult it would be to make friends.  Immediately an older girl, a woman really, by legal standards attached Emma to her side.  They mostly hung out and chatted about sex, a topic which Emma was incredibly interested in.  Emma was blithely unaware how much she was being used by this ungrateful whore. 

       Emma stared out her window of her home as her own teenagers slept in their small bedrooms.  Thinking about her teenage years really pissed her off once she realized how much she missed out by skipping proms, dressing stylishly, and more importantly being involved in plays or sports.  She cut Dirty Gertrude out of her life years ago however, regretting the day they met.  “Dirty Gerty” was a nickname she earned after spreading her legs for over forty men in a four year fling of nasty, hard core pleasure. 

Dirty Girty encounters also, included her boys Jack Daniels or Jim Beam interlacing them with snorts of coke.  Emma never took a blow to the nose but by fourteen she had made Jack and diet coke her new buddy during the weekends.  Emma’s mother and siblings never seemed to notice her stumbling in late drenched in the smell of liquor.  Emma’s mom was just relieved that her kids were old enough not to need any attention.  The last thing she wanted was to display any parenting skills on Emma who was an unwanted baby, conceived just before menopause.  No, indeed all Nancy wanted was beer and to watch endless amounts of television shows.    

Emma soon began hanging around another dysfunctional family moved in a couple of streets over.  It did not take long for these four teens to make their presence known to everyone.  Their dad died a couple of years back and their mom bought this home strictly for the school district.  Once she settled them in she was off to begin a new life with a man in another nearby city.  Anna’s only mothering happened every Friday afternoon as she made her weekly appearance to clean, drop off groceries, and catch up with her kids.  Once her dark blue sedan exited the driveway her kids reclaimed their house as party central.  By late one hot, humid summer Friday night drinks were flowing and Emma soon saw more in her young life than she never forget!

This was July 1979 and the parties intensified to rumors of trains run with Dirty Girty being the center of attention as complete strangers lined up to engorge themselves in her hot, drenched opening.  Emma grimaced at the night she accidently entered the room to see this happening.  By now she was fourteen and had never had even been kissed and was uncertain what was happening.  Dirty Girty was dizzily smiling when she noticed Emma gaping in awe at stranger who was now luring over Dirty Girty’s mouth with rock hard member clearly not wanting to wait his turn in line.  Emma watched as another guy groaned penetrating her sopping wet hole filling it up with his sperm.  Then he nonchalantly zipped his pants, leaving space for another nameless face to shamelessly ram his rod forcefully inside Dirty Girty.  Emma stood back in shook with her beat red face watching this live porn act evolve before her virgin eyes stepping away from the door to let this happily satisfied man exit.   

Another man towards the rear of the line of six men grew impatient waiting for his turn.  He was tall, slender and obviously turned on watching Dirty Girty having two of her holes filled with raw sausage meat.  A man was holding her rear high in the air climbing onto the bed to slide into her.  While another man was fully filling Dirty Girty’s mouth with his cum that she shamelessly swallowed.  By now her tits exposed rock hard nipples that were laced in sweat and juices from her current uninhibited triangle.  Emma’s heart was racing while she clutched the door knob to make her escape.  Before she could move the guy from the back made a verbal statement that scared Emma to her soul.  “Look, boys.” He said in a deep breathy tone.  “We have fresh pussy that has never been fucked in her life.”  He said pointing straight to Emma.

Even though Emma was far from a virgin these days, she still could never repeat out loud what that bastard said to her.  Emma unloaded the dishes while, she fought back tears that always came with this memory.  Emma found this train orgy incredibly degrading and tried never to think of it.  However, this was one of those days that this memory flooded her mind.  Reading the online stories of woman willingly engaging in wild encounters with numerous men sparked this memory.  Emma winced as she replayed this next scene in her head.

This man was clearly in his thirties and not past rocking the cradle of a young pure, not quite fully developed girl.  Emma ran to the door but, it slammed back hard and he ripped off her shirt while this man stared at Emma’s soft pink nipples.  “Ah, yes, girl you’re starting to pop tits.” He breathed into Emma’s ear. Dirty Girty’s mouth was now available for talking.  Emma was certain she would tell him to let her go.  However, Dirty Girty had new plans for her friend.  “Oh boys, she’s never even had a tongue stuck in her mouth, let alone a…..” Dirty Girty paused speaking as she was getting back to the business of the evening. Emma struggled to push this man off of her while he clearly became more aroused by Emma.  She screamed a blood curdling yell that pierced directly into his ear as he picked her up.  “Really, so the bitch likes it rough.” He laughed loudly.  Dirty Girty, moved over to make room for the fresh daily special that was being placed next to her.  “Come on dry those tears. Your world is about to be rocked!” Dirty Girty panted.  Emma cried out again, as she saw his long erect member hovering over her mouth.  “Dirty Girty rubbed Emma’s long blonde hair and said it’s alright just let him ease into you.”  Dirty Girty said offing words of encouragement.  Emma had no choice he plunged into her mouth and all of a sudden her grandma’s voice raced into her mind. 
       “Emma, if a guy wants something and you don’t fight hard and don’t let him take what is not his.” Her grandma’s voice shouted in her mind.  Emma was ready to bite down with all her mite when she felt her legs being pulled down and heard a familiar voice from the guy she adored trying to help her out of this situation.  “Come on baby, I am taking you out of here.” Tom stated as gently as possible, considering the image before him.  The man was raging mad as he pulled out of Emma’s soft wet lips.  “Fine, take the bitch I will just nail her another day.”  He growled and then quickly slammed himself into Dirty Girty.  Emma knew this guy was the leader of the house and the guys would not challenge him.  By now the rest of the horny men had left to seek pleasures else where.   Dirty Girty now was alone with this man who forgot about ripping away Emma’s innocence.  He was suggesting they take a shower to refresh Dirty Girty’s body.  But Tom tossed them their clothes and told them both to get out and not come back.  Tom slid open the nightstand door to reveal a loaded revolver.  “Oh, yes, and if you dare rape Emma, my buddy, Smith and Wesson will have a one sided conversation with you.”  Tom roared, as they both stumbled into their clothes then raced to their cars. 

Emma was uncertain what would have occurred if Tom did not rescue her.  Tom was the oldest of the siblings who stayed in the party central home during his leave.  He was twenty-five and had left his house just after his dad died to join the service.  He was in town and always crashed here until while he was waiting to be deployed again.  He slipped Emma’s arms back into her tank top and eased her next to him on the couch.  Emma felt relaxed and safe in his embrace.  Tom had always offered her advice and fortunately for Emma, Tom was not sexually attracted to her. 

Emma yearned to have guidance and nurturing in her life.  Tom handed her a box of Kleenex to wipe her face free of her salty tears.  “Baby” he began gently.  Baby was his pet name for Emma from the day he met her. “If I had not come home you they would have left you needing medical care.” He whispered into her ear.  He continued speaking to her about diseases and unwanted progenies. Something Emma was familiar with and the reason her mom dumped her off at her grandma’s doorstep years ago.  He tried to encourage her to meet friends of her own age. 

Tom gently kissed the top of Emma’s forehead and began a journey of life lessons with her.  He explained to her, she is to dump Dirty Girty out of her life completely. He took on the fatherly role and told her to bring her grades up and so forth.  Finally he let her fall asleep in his arms providing safety she needed.  He clicked on a video and watched a taping of the football game he missed while he was overseas.

By now Emma was beginning to forget her household chores while her mind jumped to the best memory of her teenage years.  A few weeks later Tom called Emma to say he was being sent overseas for a few weeks.  Emma went over to say good-bye to him.  Sure enough another party was starting but, this one only had a keg and no illicit drugs were to be found.  In fact this was a traditional good-bye party with food, cake, family, and friends given by the mom Anna for her oldest son Tom.  Emma knew Dirty Girty and her crew of filthy guys would be unwelcomed here.  Emma had taken Tom’s advice to buckle down in her studies and make friends with girls her own age. 

Emma soon became close with Maria, a girl with Mexican heritage who did not have any experience with the opposite sex.  They just hung out doing homework, shopping at the mall, and chatting about everything and anything found in Teen Magazines.  A few hours passed and soon the only people left were the people who lived at the party central house.   

Emma had once more stayed past her welcome and Anna was leaving.  Emma went back to the other bedroom to grab her purse and avoided looking at the horror room as she now thought of it.  When she came into the hall the youngest guy of the party central house Brad was coming down the hall.  She knew he was aware of how cute she thought he was.  After all Brad was now the hottest guy on the block with his long blonde hair that whipped up at the edges. His steel blue eyes were the amazing and he had intense muscles from pumping iron.  Nonetheless he was still a couple of years older than her and well-seasoned in the area of sexual encounters.  Brad was aiming straight for Emma with his direct attention focused on her glowing tanned body and pony tail that dangled far down her back.  Emma was hoping Brad would be her first kiss and always imagined him teaching her to kiss.  Although all the stories Emma had ever heard of first time kisses were awkward to say the least.  Typically the girl was nervous or they bumped noses and made sloppy unattractive noises. 

Brad did not give Emma time to react he was on her full force and this time Emma welcomed the touches of this guy.  She was not afraid in any way at all.  He grabbed her wrists and slammed her against the wall inserting his against her hers and they began to swirl them in sync with one another. Brad took his time to really let her relish the moment of feeling his rock hard body.  He rubbed his groin into her and she could feel his mouth releasing to suckle on her neck. Emma could not break away even if she wanted too.  She felt his passionate kiss rage throughout her body giving her tingles in places she never knew existed.  He took his time and continued licking her neck and then looked deep into his eyes.  Brad’s eyes are still the hottest pair she has ever seen on any man, including her hubby.  He asked her if she felt alright or wanted to be let go.  Emma shyly smiled and responded, “I have never felt this good in my whole life.”  Brad took that as an invitation to return his tongue inside of Emma’s mouth and released her wrists.  He reached behind her and rubbed his hands up and down every part of her torso to make her know he was there.  Emma just played her role as the submissive virgin who was having the time of her life.  They continued making out for a long time just the two of them attached to each other and not a care in the world.  Finally, Brad pulled back and mouthed to Emma that it was time for her to go home.  Emma took her queue and left.  Before she closed the door she heard the shower water running and smiled.  Yes, this was in fact the best way she could have ever been taught to French kiss. 

Emma was blushing as she remembered this favorite memory of her life.  What a better way to start the week than thinking reminiscing about a time that made her feel oh, so good.  It was years later before Emma lost her virginity to a real man.  Of course living in that wild neighborhood in the early 1980’s it was only a matter of time before it was forced away.  If you are interested I will share Emma’s story another time.  Other than that have a great day and Emma must run to finish cleaning before she tries to get hubby off again tonight.   

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