Emma's Bedroom Talk (LADIES TODAY YOUR FIRST ASSIGNMENT IS DUE!) Read the first post or you will be lost!

By: blushing beauty 6519

Page 1, Yesterday you were given an assignment to light your mans fire. Today is the day it is due. Trust me it is the perfect way to start off the weekend. Plus lots of states are still snowed in so, take advantaged ladies. Plus I want feedback. I will not humiliate you or judge you. Trust me this is brand new for this mid-aged woman too!


I realize it was late yesterday when I posted your assignment. Well, I am landlocked and it’s 6a.m. here, therefore you have time to get started on your homework. First grab a cup of coffee or tea and relax for a few minutes as you re-read Emma’s first post.  If you are really in my shoes you fit these criteria: At least age 35+, have not had an orgasm in years, love your hubby, not sure if he finds you attractive, want to have fun, hoy , steamy again, (may) suffer from depression, (may) be quite overweight, (most likely) Walmart customer, (may) try self-masturbation in private but, have zero success, have several best friends ex. Chocolate, cookies, candy, cake, EZ cheese and crackers (the best) or lots of pasta and potatoes. Or you may be in shape but, choose to hit a bottle of wine during the day to relax. 

Please trust me until two weeks ago I was majorly depressed with no outlet.  Even if I were financially loaded (I am not) I would never dress well-being 5”2” 180 lbs.  Also, if you are part of the few ladies who are sharply dressed Walmart customers who falls in the obese to morbidly obese range and look impeccable you are already amazing.  These tasks should be a no brainer for you.  If none of the above fits you and you are highly sexually active and cum on a drop of a tongue then this post is not for you.  Although know I am totally envious!

My Mystery Man already has me trained to wake up and shower before hubby so, I may perform specific acts.  Do not worry about that you have about a week before your assignments get down or up to this stage. LOL   My Mystery Man wants you to feel and look good for you! This is the fun assignment.  Trust me you will learn to let go of every negative comment that runs through your mind or nasty looks from passersby.  You will retrain your thought process to say good morning to your beautiful self and mean it.  You are to begin to dress nice and smell good all over.  My Mystery Man likes his ladies smooth and hair free all over their bodies.  Breathe deep, I am not talking about today but, you are going to have to think about going hairless in your lady area.  At first I nearly fell over and like I stated in my last post I was about ready to dump Mystery Man thinking he had secret kiddy porn fantasies.  NO, NOT, NEVER!  We spoke in depth on this topic and the bottom line is it is just flat out sexier.  Trust me after deep throating hubby before work today and dealing with his hair I think his must go to.  If I have not given you a heart attack yet, and you are ready to play meet me in Homework Corner.  

                                                                      Rock Your Hubby’s World, Emma

Homework Corner-

Goal- Get your hubby aroused by having a dinner cooking, clean home, and being showered, dressed, hair done, and act as his sex kitten when he walks in the door within 75% accuracy.

Assignment- you will be busy this morning with cleaning. I want you to do your housework as quickly as possible.  Put on some upbeat music and kick it in high gear.

Next get dinner going early so, the house smells yummy as he enters the door.

This afternoon is a bit harder at first.  I want you to take a long bubble bath (unless you are in a snow storm with little hot water) and soak for at least twenty-minutes. Close your eyes and breathe forget about everything.  If you are as sad as I was you may even cry.  I know I sound crazy but, I was so, depressed before Mystery Man energized me again, that I cried about everything.  If this is a new beginning for you your emotions may overwhelm you and this is a good release of negative energy.  DO NOT THINK SAD THOUGHTS TO CRY. The Bible does not tell us to do that.  I just mean if you are tense you may cry. That is all part of the healing process.

Next dry off thoroughly and stand in front of the mirror.  You are to say: I AM PRETTY!  REPEAT THIS SEVERAL TIMES.  Really look at all of your body (not in a kinky way) but, just like a supermodel admires her beauty.  You are to be the prettiest wife your hubby ever had!!!!! LOL!!! YOU ARE THE PRETTIEST WIFE YOUR HUBBY WILL EVER HAVE!!!!!

Now add perfume under your breast (if they are outdated like mine you may have to hoist them up) and put some near your lady parts.  Yes, I still blush at that assignment too.  Smile and apply your make-up and fix your hair, teeth etc… and repeat the above step again still in the nude.  It should be easier this time around. 

For the harder part if you are like me you have nothing to wear.  Mystery Man likes blouses, and dress clothes.  For now you must make do with what you have. 

Finally the fun part awaits you!  The house is done, you have eaten lighter healthier food today and you look better than you have in years. Move over Walmart you can shine at Target! Please call or text hubby that you are ready for him and love him dearly.  Mystery Man says it is incredibly important for hubby to hear you love him numerous times a day.  If you do this already you are ahead of the game! WAY TO GO! 

HIS ENTERENCE- Meet him at the door you and the house are looking and smelling fantastic.  Step back for a brief moment so, he can soak you in with his eyes.  Then grab his ass and move your hands to his mouth and kiss him gently without a tongue. Whisper “I missed you today” as you guide him over to his favorite seat in the house.  If he begins to speak or laugh put your fingers to his lips and softly say “Hush darling, baby, and honey etc.….whatever your pet name is for him.  Then straddle his legs and gently kiss his lips making no sound, and soft kisses around his neck and ears.  While at his ears whisper: “I want you to make me come alive tonight.”  Then pull your head back again and gaze into his eyes as if you had just known him for a few days with heat burning threw them and move in for a deep French kiss.  Make it good!  Then casually remove yourself by saying: “Pet name, dinner will be in a few!” and walk away.

Once you have set the mood you must comply with sexual intercourse tonight! NO excuses you started this you must comply otherwise that would make you a tease and just turn him off.  Most importantly Mystery Man says you are not allowed to fake your orgasm.  Your main concern is for hubby to cum in you.  Then if he does ask if you had an orgasm you must be truthful.  Try something like: “No, but the night is still young.” (only if you want to put out more tonight).  Or “Oh its alright we will be doing this daily and I will soon be your cum machine.” Yes, Mystery Man encourages dirty talk in the bedroom only! Or “It’s alright (pet name) we will have fun tomorrow.”

Alright I have to run. I have lots to do to. Please keep me posted. Emma! 


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