Emma Gets Her Anual Grove On

By: blushing beauty 6519

Page 1, Emma has progressed from a lonely housewife into a whore for an evening of pure fantasy. She had to comply to Mystery Man\'s demands.

Emma Gets Her Anal Grove On

Prologue: Mystery Man had been slowly grooming Emma from a frumpy, depressed housewife into the woman she deserved to be.  Over the past two years Mystery Man gently guided her into shedding 70 lbs. of unattractive weight. Sipping coffee Emma absorbed her weekday emails as their conversation effortlessly wafted from the weather into the sexiest ever bedroom talk ever!  Emma was blossoming from a sexually pent-up middle aged nothing into an empowered woman. Emma proudly stood before the mirror admiring her body complete with smooth skin head to toe, new tits that sat firm and high, highlighted with golden brown skin. Emma’s hazel eyes sparkled brighter than ever thinking of her plans for hubby.  Mystery Man had definitely set the assignment bar in high gear tonight.  Emma had pushed Mystery Man’s buttons to the edge by blunting refusing to have anal sex.  An act he requested repeatedly during their time together.  It never crossed her mind to lie to Mystery Man due to their candid honesty.  Then she received this simple message: Sweetie, “Take it up the ass tonight and make it a sexy fuck!” The next email read, “Sweetie I will want hard core details and you know I can tell if you fib to me.”

                                      Emma’s Night of Passion

The door beeped as hubby came back from his run looking hot in his shorts and tee-shirt.  Emma strut her nude body to him stopping the door from shutting with her foot.  In full view of a glass screen door she removed hubby’s shirt and caressed his strong abs.  A neighbor walking his lab caught the full view of Emma as she pressed her tits against the glass while grinding her ass against his hardening cock.  She smiled at the man who was now staring up from the driveway with his mouth open.  Hubby reached forward his strong hands wrapping around her tiny waist in a hurry to head south to slide inside her wet mound.  Hubby’s finger felt wonderful inside her with her muscles clamping him in.  She yanked out his finger and stuck it in her mouth to get a small taste of what is yet to cum!  The dog was pulling hard on the leash to wanting to run but, the man had other ideas as shown by the swelling in his pants.  He moved up the driveway obeying Emma’s come hither motion of her finger.  Hubby had traveled his mouth down the center of Emma’s back stopping to admire, lick, and fondle her tight ass.  The man approached the doorstep and Emma shook her head no mouthing: “I hope you enjoyed your show.” Then she slammed the door and focused her full attention on hubby. 

Emma placed a blindfold on hubby’s eyes and told him to remain silent.  She then instructed him to follow her lead or he would have a price to pay.  Hubby nervously laughed but, stood straight up as a leather whip gently whacked him in the small of his back.  Emma took on a stronger whorish tone as she repeated: “Under no uncertain terms are you to ignore my orders.” She barked. Emma allowed her gyrating wet pussy lips to run up and down her leg to set the feel of the night.  Hubby did not say a word.  Emma whipped him a touch harder and asked: “Do you understand me?”  Hubby quickly replied with a nod.  “Not good enough, you are not being a good subject tonight.”  She playfully growled while licking his ear and pulling back his mouth to drop kiss him hard.  Hubby was lead to the other room not sure what was about to happen he asked: “May I take off my blindfold?”  “I want to view your hot, wet body.” He said smiling.  Crack, crack, crack went the whip over the back of his legs.  “I told you not to say a word.”  “Now do you understand that you are to remain seen and not heard?”  Emma said while her teeth pulled at the lobe of hubby’s ear.  “Yes.” He snapped.  “Not good enough.” Emma said while sliding the whip up and down his body while nibbling on his nipples.  “Yes mam.” He whimpered as Emma’s fingers squeezed his balls. By now hubby was aware that he had no control of the evening.  He remained obedient waiting for instructions.  Steam filled the air as hot water poured out of the double shower heads.  Hubby stepped into the tub forcing back tears as the boiling water turned his skin red. Emma turned on the cold water bringing the temperature to the perfect.  She commanded him to jack off in front of her and cum all over her form figured body.  In the past hubby always rejected this request.

 Thankfully for him he grabbed his large cock and swayed to the motion of Stevie Ray Vaughn that played in the background.  Emma joined him in the tub and gently bit him up and down his back while she watched him growing long and hard.  His breathing was quickening and she knew the signs he was going to cum.  She turned off the water removing his tie that covered his face.  Forcefully she gave him an order to shoot his wad all over her mouth, hair, and face.  “Look down at me.”  She screamed as he released longs ropes of hot, melting juices onto her open mouth.  Emma relished the taste and sucked them within her absorbing the new heights she had reached with hubby.

Standing up they showered quietly and then towel dried each other.  “How did you like your time with me?”  Emma shyly asked.  Hubby was relaxed and yet, still embarrassed to see how his lovely woman has turned into this sex kitten.  He once more nodded which irritated Emma to no end.  “Well, well.” She shook her head causing her long wet hair to slap him sharply in the face.  “I was afraid this might happen.”  “Good thing for you I was prepared for you to be a naughty boy.” She smirked leading him into the bedroom.  Darkness filled the room so; hubby took it upon himself to flick on the lights thinking there evening was finished.  He saw Emma dressing in a tight leather outfit perfectly displaying her nipples.  She smacked Hubby’s hand and turned off the light as she peeled up the window blind allowing the moons stillness to light the room naturally.  “Oh, you have done it now.” Emma hissed pointing to the stepstool at the foot of the bed.  Hubby climbed up on the blue stool and waited for instructions.  Emma rubbed her nipples up and down his ass as he stood at full attention. The buttons grazed his anus and she smacked him with a fringed whip that had a more playful tone in its touch.  Speaking for the final time she gave directions plain and clear.  “Listen, this is the last of my instructions for tonight.” She paused gathering her thoughts.  “I want you to listen intently without any reaction from your dirty mind.”  Breathing deeply she told him to nod yes, to the next question regardless of how he felt.  Hubby was beginning to see that he was in over his head and they did not have a safe word signaling them to stop.  He just nodded along hoping he was doing what he was told.  “Good boy.” She smiled and sucked his lips moving her tongue down to his neck.  Emma was thinking of how her face covered in cum would look with them making out together.  This time making she would make drink in his own juices all the while ramming her finger up his little tight hole.  Emma was beginning to feel aroused at the thought of them fucking hard core rolling around in his cum.  She slammed him down face first on the bed and whispered his final task in his ear.  “I am going to do something to your ass and you are to just moan and groan.” She stepped back and looked into his eyes.  He nodded yes and she strapped on a long rod to penetrate his tight ass.  Rubbing her hand in lube she kissed his back and shoulders as she manipulated her fingers around his anus.  He began moaning and let out a groan as her long forefinger rammed straight into his anus.  She settled in and moved it around reaching around to grab his dick she adjusted her head below him and began sucking it as she probed inside his him for the first time.  Rhythmically she kept beat to ZZ Top playing Pearl Necklace and he let his wad go covering her hair, tits, dripping down the leather outfit.  She removed the leather from her steaming hot body and smeared his cum all over her body.  Her plans had just changed and Emma lost the rough whore attitude to fulfill her daydream of rolling around with hubby covered in his juices.

Emma pulled him next to her and softly caressed his hair telling him how hot she is for him.  Hubby relaxed as he could feel his special woman returning to her senses.  They took a new turn in their routine lovemaking as they licked each other dry. They took time to savor the taste by kissing each other all over while rubbing his hair with cum too.  Soon they were wrapped up in each other’s arms and hubby was fast asleep.  She stroked his sticky skin not believing how she behaved to the man of her dreams.  A onetime fantasy of taking him in the ass with a strap on lead to so much more intimacy then she could have imagined.  A little while later hubby woke ready to go.  This time he grabbed her hair and told her they had to clean off in the shower.  This new rough tone turned Emma soaking wet he stuck his finger inside her and brought her to arousal not allowing her to orgasm.  Then he led them to the shower and turned off the water.  Hubby reached for a bottle of chocolate syrup that rested on the tub and dumped it into Emma’s hair, tits, and clean pussy.  They went wild smelling the rich chocolate and roughly smashing against one another.  Hubby turned on the water and they loaded up in bubbles and soon became a mixture of saucy suds that rolled off of their rock hard bodies. 

Once they were clean they hopped out of the tub not bothering to dry each other.  They ran into the kitchen and Hubby rode Emma’s pussy until she came.  This time he enjoyed sucking the mixture of his and hers cum that dripped into his mouth.  Yes, Hubby’s meek little girl had definitely arrived into womanhood. 

Epilogue- Emma followed Mystery Man’s directions of writing him a spicy short story.  She just knew it was off the hook in every way.  She anxiously awaited his reply.  Of course he complemented her for a touch, applauding her efforts and then summed it up in five words.  “That’s a regular Tuesday night.”    The last one said: “When do I get my squeal?”  UGG Emma better get creative!

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