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I Love my Father Very Much

Short story By: Bittersweet319

A teen boy has his first encounter with his father entering his room during the night and doing somthing he never expected.

Submitted:Jan 31, 2011    Reads: 9,532    Comments: 2    Likes: 7   

My alarm clock shows the red numbers 3:00 when I first hear shuffling outside my door. I hear the knob jiggle, then I see the light from the hallway begin to flow into my room as the door opens and the monster enters. He comes closer and puts his hand on my head. I pretend I'm asleep. Then I feel the sheets begin to lift and his weight pushing down my matress. He lays there for a while just spooning me. His chest pressing against my back. I can feel the bulgde thats in his boxers growing and I feel scared. He moves his hands down my bare back over and over again, up and down until he finally begins to push them down the back of my pajama pants and into my boxers. I began to feel scared and confused.

My body tenses and I tears start to flow down my face. I sob quietly as he begins to kiss my neck while he mutters to me that it's going to be alright. One of his hands is rubbing my nipple and the other is making is way to my fully developed penis. As I feel him grip my penis my body jumps. He moves his hands along my penis teasing the tip with his finger. I start to grow and I feel ashamed. I think about my friends and what they would say if they found out that my own father excites me.

He begins to masterbate me. Gripping my hard penis, pumping his hand up and down, making my breath begin to come out in short spurts as try and contain the feeling of excitment. He kissses my neck more passionately now, making my eyes close and my body start to tingle all over. He then turns me on my back and lays on top of me.

His hands are exploring my body while mine lay by my side. I stare at the ceiling and try to go to another place in my mind. This works for a while until I am jerked back into the real world by the feeling of my pants being pulled down and my hard penis being exposed. He starts kissing my lips and I try my hardest not to kiss back. I feel disgusting. His tounge pushes his way into my mouth and I turn my head. He doesn't like that. He grabs my face by my chin and pulls it back faceing him and jams his tounge with great force into my mouth. I don't know what else to do other then let it happen.

His tounge wrestles with mine while he grinds his hips onto me. I move my hands from down by my sides to gently on his back. He breaks the kissing only to trail his tounge from my chest all the way down to my bellybutton were he dips it in and out of it. He then uses his hands to spread my legs. I don't know what he is going to do next but my body yurns for him to touch me.

He places his head between my legs and viciously begins to suck the inside of my thighs. It only excites me more and I begin to buck my hips and bend my knees. He can sense my excitment so he puts me out of my misery and begins to lick the base of my penis all the way to the tip then he engulfs my now rock solid penis into his mouth. My back arches and I let out a small moan. I know I have to be quiet or else mom will hear.

He sucks my penis bobbing his head up and down. I can't help but grip the sheets, it feels so good. He works his tounge around bringing me to the brink of an orgasm I try and tell him what is about to happen but I can't spit my words out fast enough before I feel my whole body shake and my seed spills into his mouth. I moan loader and I can't control my body. When he is finished lapping up every last bit of my cum he pulls away and kisses my lips again. Softer then before but still passionate enough for me to feel the electricity between us.

He wispers in my ear about how much of a handsome young man I have become and about how everytime he looks at me he gets excited. This talk makes my stomach have butterflies and my heart flutter. Before I hit puberty my father never paid any attention to me what so ever. I would always try and get him to hug me or get him to hold my hand when I was younger but he would always push me away. Hearing him say these kind words and tell me he loves me is the reason why I almost want him to come back to my room tomarrow night. Plus the fact that he made me feel so good. I love my father very much.


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