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A highschool boy shares his story about being raped by his basketball coach

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He pushed me up against the lockers. I was scared that I had made him angry. I really had no idea about what was going to happen next. Coach was in my face holding me by my arms, gripping me so tight I had his hand prints bruised on me the next day. His face was only inches from mine and he was just stairing at me gritting his teeth.

Out of no where he lowers his hands to grab my ass and pulls my hips towards him making my penis rub his. I had my hands pressed up against his chest trying to push him away. "Coach... coach... what. Stop. What are you doing?" I could barley say. He didn't answer me he just began kissing my neck while still grinding our hips together.

I just stood there in aw about what was happening. I had heard that guys somtimes touch boys but I mostly thought they went after girls. The only other time I actually did somthing with a boy was when I was 11 with my neighbor Westly who was 16 at the time. He told me that it feels good when someone kisses your penis. He showed me porn of naked girls doing it to guys and I got excited. He then asked me if I wanted to try and I said sure. Westly began sucking my penis. I remember it felt great but I didn't really understand at that age what he was really doing. We've never done it again and we've never spoken of it since eather.

Coach kept gripping my ass tighter and tighter while he pushed himself on me. His hands then trailed down to my thighs and he grouped my penis through my pants making me almost jump out of my skin. Coach then pushed his hand up the bottom of my basketball shorts and into my boxers where he began carressing my penis.

I tried pushing his hand away but he was much stronger then me. He came up from kissing my neck and started just kissing random places on my face telling me to be a good boy and to be quiet. He brought his other hand up my shirt and ran his fingers along my hairless chest to my nipples. He used his finger and traced circles around my nipples making my body tingle. He was pumping my penis slowly and my knees started to weaken. He went back to kissing my neck but left his hands playing with my penis and nipple. My eyes kept closing on their own and my head would fall back. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't keep my penis from growing.

I don't know why it felt good. It just did. I started fighting back a little less then and just stood there. I was starting to really get into it when he grabbed my by my hips and spun me around so my face was against the locker. He dragged both hands down my thighs, feeling every part my waist while wispering in my ear how handsome I was.

He then pulled my shorts down to my ankles so I was standing against the lockers bare ass. I wanted him to stop then. He still had his body pining me up so I couldn't run away. I was getting scared and tears started to flow down my cheeks. I was positive I knew what was coming next I just kept telling myself that it wasn't and that it was going to be over.

Coach pulled out his penis and began rubbing up and down my butt crack making me shiver. He traced my entrance with the tip of his penis then without warning jammed it into my virgin ass. I let out a load yelp and my crying became sobbing and begging. He brought his hand up and coverd my mouth but you could still hear my muffled screams.

I was barley holding myself up while he jammed his penis in and out over and over again, moaning and every now and then saying things like, "Fuck yes!" and "So tight!" It hurt unimaginably bad. What felt like an eternity later I felt warm liquid fill inside me and Coach's body fell on mine. He stood still with his penis inside me in silence. He took his hand away from my mouth and began kissing the back of my shoulder and my neck. His arm was wrapped around my chest and he just kept quietly shushing me while he rubbed my back.

I was still crying, just not as hard anymore. The pain had stopped. He pulled out of me and I felt some of his warm goey cum drip from my asshole and down the inside of my thigh.

We stood there for awhile until he turned me around again so I was facing him. He tilted my chin towards him and kissed my lips. He then brushed my cheek while stairing into my eyes. He helped me change and then walked me to the locker room door where he grabbed me and kissed me again. Then in a very loving tone said in my ear, " Tell and I'll kill you."


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