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EXPLICIT EROTICA Adult Readers Only Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country’s Legal Age

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Adult Readers Only

Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country's Legal Age

Witch Mirror

As I walk in the door from a long 8 hour day at work and rush hour traffic all I hear is his bellowing, "You stupid, fat, idiot. Why didn't you get this done yet? You're useless, I suppose you want me to do it myself now?" I flinch as his clean work shirt and a few other items hit me from the clean pile. "These should have been ironed and hung by now. What am I going to wear tonight, and where is my dinner? I'm starving."

With head bowed, my hands are shaking, "I have your dinner here." and before I even finish it is snatched out of my hand and he storms off. Tears welling in my eyes I look at the mess on the floor. My dinner had slipped out of my hands when he threw the clothes at me and the Styrofoam container had burst open spreading sauce outward over his shirt and the other once clean clothes. Kneeling I pick up the clothes and while trying to balance them in one arm scoop up the mess of my dinner.

Walking into the kitchen I drop my container into the waste bin, and holding the sauce covered clothes against my body so he can't see. He is ignoring me as he wolfs through the food that I bought with my money so he can go out to his guy club. Knowing it is better not to start anything I Turn away from him and go into the bathroom where I open the bi-fold doors and drop the clothes into the washer, hoping the stains will come out since everything is still wet.

Looking at my own shirt where the stain soaked through I unbutton my shirt and toss it in with the others. Putting in the soap and fabric softener I close the lid and turn to the bathroom mirror. Looking at my reflection I see a worn woman with a slight paunch staring back at me in a ratty bra and pants. This is not the woman that I dreamed of becoming. Wetting the hand towel I wipe off the mess that soaked through and as I leave the bathroom I toss the towel into the washer and close the lid so it will start.

The front door slams shut as I walk out. Thank goodness for small favors. At least he is gone. I hope I am asleep when he gets back so I don't have to hear it again. Opening one of the cupboards in the kitchen I grab the peanut butter jar and a spoon. Guess you are dinner again. A quick look at the coffee pot confirms he didn't bother leaving me any so I grab a tea bag and nuke a cup of water while I am standing there dipping the spoon into the jar.

After a couple of sips and to many spoonfuls of peanut butter I aimlessly wander into the bedroom to strip the bed down. With the shades pulled I step out of my pants and lace panties with the tiny rip in it. I run my finger around the rip wondering how many more times I can wear them. I drop my bra into the pile and kick it all into the corner for the wash. Pulling out a fresh white sheet I spin it around me like a wrap and look at myself in the mirror. Pulling one of the corners up and over my head I stare at myself in the mirror.

This is the woman I wish I were, mysterious, sure of herself, and exotic covered in silks. As I look deeper into the mirror studying myself I hear a noise in the closet. A rattling. The door isn't closed all of the way and as I reach for the door knob it burst open. My straw broom hurls itself at me with the straw end hitting me in the face knocking me back a step. As my legs spread the handle flies up between them and lifts me from the ground. Grabbing on tight I feel myself moving backward.

A cold feeling washes over me starting at my toes and works over my whole body as if I am submerged in water. As the chill subsides I see my reflection in the mirror slowly moving away from me and sliding off the broom handle as I still grip it firmly as I watch my reflection pull the draping hood off of her head. It is my reflection, but then again it isn't. The face and body is mine, but the set of the jaw, and mischievous twinkle in the eyes are what I wish I had. They extrude confidence.

Running her hand up to straighten her already perfect hair my reflection pulls the silk sheet up over her head, making a cowl out of it and with a sly smile spins her back on me and strides out of the room. It is strange how I can still see her as she walks through the house. She walks in her bare feet as if wearing stilettos. That confident sway of the hips of someone on the prowl. Walking right up to the front door, the sheet gaping slightly in front showing well formed skin all the the way down to the slit between her legs.

Opening the door she continues her panther walk up the flight of stairs to the apartment above and knocks on the door. Turning a quick glance over her shoulder she says, "You should have done this months ago." and turns back just in time to see her neighbor open the door. Slightly younger then her, but unlike her husband he is handsome and oh those muscles. He stands there without his shirt on looking at her with a smile starting to spread across his face.

Before he can say a word she steps forward and placing her hand upon his chest eases him back a step so she can step inside and let the door close behind her as she says, "I was wondering if I could have a cup of coffee, but I don't see that you have any made. So I guess I will just have to settle for having You." as she says this a wicked little smile perks up one side of her face and that twinkle that I had lost so long ago shines forth in aces.

He starts to stammer, "But Mrs." and that is all he got out before my arms crawl up his chest and around his neck, giving him a glimpse of heaven before her, my lips silence him. I have always known he liked me, at least my figure, because I would catch him watching me bend over to get things out of my car. My lips are pressed passionately against his. Our tongues exploring each other and then those delicate nips and kisses as they travel from the lips to the neck and shoulders.

His arms wrap around me and pull me tight as his muscles flex he feels so good, and that musky sent is so amazingly invigorating. I let my cowl fall back and he loosens his grip so the sheet pools at our feet. He takes the moment to admire me close up and I am now glad I do lose many of my meals due to that ass of a husband. That smile that started on one side of my face has traveled to the other as I say, "Do you just want to look, or are you going to make me scream your name as you take me over and over again?"

With an invitation like that he could only do one thing and it wasn't an offer to make coffee. Guiding me into his bedroom I notice my reflection is gone, but as he sets me on the edge of the bed and drops to he knees before me I don't care. I let my legs be nudged open as his intake of air as he looks upon me brings me to the boiling point . Only to have his tongue push me over the edge and with a moan I flop back onto the bed as my hands grab at his head while his mouth excites me beyond reason. The room darkens as the sun sets and both of us are covered with sweat from the passion of the night.

He finally rolls away from me and offers me a drink. No coffee, but he does have some wine, or a beer. Accepting the beer we walk over to the sliding glass windows in the living room. They look over his second floor deck so I slide it open and step out walking over to the rail. My delicious neighbor steps out a bit more cautiously and reminds me that we are still naked. Wrapping my arms around him I can't help, but kiss him on the spot. Such a wonderful feeling, a kiss, a light breeze blowing over our naked bodies, I don't want it to stop.

A set of headlights shine in the parking lot below as a car that I know all so well slowly weaves through the lines toward us. He stiffens, oh such a glorious feeling, but I just shush him and bury my head into his shoulder biting lightly as I squeeze his firm ass cheeks. Damn he does take care of himself. I watch my husband get out of the car and head toward the building staring up at us the whole way, the horny voyeur has a smile on his face. He is looking right at me, but can't imagine I am the naked honey his eyes are devouring.

My pervert hubby walked so slow, must not have wanted to miss an envious second of our neighbors love life. Eventually he disappears from sight and I can hear our door open downstairs. My hunk of a real man, that I am wrapped around, stirs saying, "Your husband is home, shouldn't you get out of here before your caught with me?"

I lean back from him and looking into those beautiful brown eyes of his, I reply, "Do you really want me to leave? Wouldn't you like to see what I look like as the sun rises and those first rays of light fall across my nude body, in your bed, covered in sweat from our night of passion?"

He just stares back into my eyes. His hands traveling over my body. His body has already said, YES, his mind just doesn't know it yet. I can hear hubby screaming downstairs wondering where I am hiding, and why his shirt isn't hung up yet. I tell my lover to get three beers and sit at the table, I need to use his phone so my idiot husband will stop screaming. Handing me the phone I watch as he turns away from me. My goodness, I will have to take him shopping so he shows off his body better, it is so, fine.

Popping the phone open I click out my ranting husbands phone number. I love the way my nails click on his phone. I smile as I look at my nails, the same ones that moments before were raking my new lovers back. The way he reacted to my touch, my kisses, those nibbling bites, oh my. My finger just hovers over the send button as I look at my lover, bent at the waist as he pull out the three beers. Such a fine ass, and squatting slightly to get the beers off the bottom shelf, what a wonderful vision of his is dangling cock and balls. So full, so, yummy.

With a tilt of my head, I debate about just putting down the phone and devouring this luscious man, but I firm my resolve and hit the dial button as that obnoxious ranting husband of mine yells out again. Doesn't that idiot realize the apartment is small that I would have heard him the first time if I were there? Oh well, ring three, come on idiot boy, pick up the phone. Four rings, and the phone clicks live, with a, "What do you want,"and then the sneering, "Duane?"

I pause for a second and think, hmmm, Duane what a wonderful name for a lover. Wonder how this idiot knew it, but I never found out what his name was. That is when I blurt out, "Why do you have Duane's number on your cell phone?"

Duane looks up and says "A couple of weeks ago I needed him to grab my mail for me when I was out of town. Must have put it in then."

A squawking from the phone brings me back to reality and I say "Hi. Have fun at your meeting?"

I motion for Duane to pop open the beers, and sit this may be a few moments. As he slows to get his breath from yelling, I say, "Hi, you shouldn't yell like that I can hear you up here without the phone and it just makes you out of breath."

Holding the phone away from my ear I walk over and lightly drag my fingertips over his shoulders as he holds one of the beers. He arches his back in response to my touch and I reward him with a kiss on the shoulder, all the time I can hear him bellowing from downstairs at me. Taking one of the beers I take a sip then turning back to the window I stroll out side and raise the phone to my lips and purr into it, "Did you get a good look at me in his arms when you got out of the car? Did you enjoy watching Duane make love to his woman? How long has it been since you made Love to me?" Pulling the phone away from my ear I lean against the railing looking out into the night sky.

Gazing up at the moon and stars as the fluffy strings of clouds float overhead. I feel the cold, wet, of his beer bottle as he places it at the base of my back and slowly slides it up my spine driving a shiver out of me. Turning I wrap my arms around him and feel his cock against my stomach as I pull him in for a long lingering kiss. The droning from the phone finally stopped so when I finish our kiss I make sure it is loud, sloppy with an audible "Oohhhh yes." so he can hear. Holding my new lover back for a second I raise the phone to my lips again.

In a nice breathy voice I say, "That and many more kisses would have been yours if you were nicer to me and were the man you should have been now that is gone. If you think you can be a good boy I may let you watch and learn what a real man can do to me, or more importantly, what I can do to him." Putting the phone on the railing I wrap my arms around him and ease into another kiss. He eagerly accepts and grabbing my ass lifts me onto the railing beside the phone as I wrap my legs around him as I feel his cock press against my cunt lips eager to slide back in where it is warm and wet.

The slapping of his balls on my ass as he fucks me full bore on the railing is amazing. Outdoor sex with the wind and stars as he drives his cock in and out while burying his face into my breast. I just hang on and moan in ecstasy as he pounds into me. The railing is shaking as he has his way and looking toward the phone to see if he can hear us, I catch the phone just before it bounces off the rail. Panting I say "Your missing it. Better make up your mind quick if I am worth it or not."

"If you can behave come on up and learn something from a real man named, Duane, but you have to sit, watch, and not say a word. Otherwise you can wait for me but then if you do don't ever think you will tap this woman again." I close the phone and slide off the rail into his arms as he holds me firm, impaled he slowly walks into the living room where I unfurl my legs as he withdraws. Looking at him in the face I ask, "Are you up for this, or should I just wrap myself up in my sheet and go down to him meekly? In which case it is you that will never see me again."

We stand there looking at each other he doesn't say a word just looks at me as the knock at the door tells us time is up. Duane turns to answer the door. His shoulders square and he, I don't know what happens, but he seems to inflate. Opening the door he seals the entrance with his frame. Taking a lot of the steam out of my pious husband. I smile at his decision and watch amused as hubby huffs and puffs, but can't blow him down, and Duane doesn't move an inch until I see Hubby quiet down.

From the couch I say, "Let him in, he will be OK. Won't you my Hubby?" Stepping back Duane makes room for my hubby to enter, but he stays between us. As he steps through the door I say, "Oh, and please close the door behind you. We don't want the neighbors to see."

With that he begins spluttering about the neighbors already saw me parading around on his deck, and, and then he stops. I am shaking my head back and forth as I look down at him like a disappointed teacher to an errant student. As he quiets I say, "Maybe I didn't make myself clear on the phone. Another outburst and you will be removed from this home, by me, Duane, or the police if need be. At that point you can divorce me, or beg for another chance, but let me tell you now, either one of those choices will cost you dearly."

Taking the step forward to touch Duane's back tenderly as he continues to stand between me and my dear hubby, I say, "I am going to spend the rest of this night being very passionate with this man. You may watch and learn what it is to be passionate or you can leave. If you stay you must stay quiet, and in the corner unless you are invited to join us in some specific manner and then retreat when requested." With that I lean into Duane and say, "Come along lover, we have a mattress we need to test for sturdiness."

Duane never turns fully from my husband, but he does smile and starts to relax as hubby dearest follows at a distance but within the first two steps Duane points at the table where the beer sits open and says, "Its going to be a long night you may need that."

I am already laying on my back moaning as Duane kneels between my legs feasting on my womanhood. Duane has positioned us so that we could watch my dear Hubby come into the room and sit quietly in the chair in the far corner. Soon I am lost to the world and coming over and over again. Duane rolls me over onto my knees and slides in from behind as his thumb rims me. I lift my head and see my husband is rubbing his cock, which makes me smile as I say, "You can pull it out and stroke it if you want, but you better not make a mess."

The sun comes up all too soon in the morning. Hubby still hasn't come yet even though he has had to stop with great willpower many times as he watched. Duane is near exhausted and I think I may walk as if well ridden and put up wet. Rolling off the bed I go over to my hubby as he sits watching me closely. I kneel before him and say "What a good boy you have been. If you behave maybe we will invite you to watch next time.

If you behave you may even participate." with that I reach over and start to stroke his hard cock. Dropping my lips around it I suck it with feeling, and after only a few moments I pull off of him and tip the cock toward him. Making him spew onto his shirt as I pump every drop out of him. Standing I kiss him on his forehead and say, "You are going to clean that mess up and learn to iron your own shirts. Now come along, Duane needs his sleep if I am going to get to play tonight."

By Brian Rueby

copyright July 2012


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