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Whispering Sand

Short story By: BITSxOFxKINKY

Explicit Erotica .. Adult readers only ... Where could be more romantic and passionate than two lovers meeting on a beach, only the tide and moonlight to witness the desire between them. As the waves rush to shore and the sea breeze rises, so does the lust between the lovers as they frolic among the sand dunes.

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Adult Readers Only

Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country's Legal AgeWhispering Sand


The waves strength petered out just in front of my bare toes, as the water gently lap around my feet chilling them. It feels good as I wriggle my toes them to keep them warm. Scanning along the expanse of the sandy beach in both direction your not in sight yet, but then I am early. Guess I am to eager to see you, as I turned up well before the rendezvous time that is still over an hours wait.

The moon low and full, shines bright against the inky blackness of the night sky. Its luminance reflects a ribbon of movement across the waves towards me as the ripples of the calm sea gently oscillating the beam of light. The night sea breeze wafts gently across the beach picking up the finer grains of sand as it carries them in swirling eddies that make curly finger like ripples over the dry sand above the waters reach.

The gentle breeze continues on its way as it blows through the long thin grass atop the dunes setting them quivering in a low pitched hum of vibration and that whispering hiss of the sand as it hits the grasses long leaves composing the song of the whispering sand.

The ozone of the nights ocean air assails my nostrils tickling my senses as sea salt mixes in with wet sand and slightly rotted seaweed. The swirling water around my feet has piled the wet sand up and around my ankles. Causing that feeling of slowly sinking deeper and deeper that settles a furrow across my brow. Carefully lifting one foot at a time and placing them on to firmer sand I watch as the lapping water starts slowly undercuts the tiny sand pebbles under my tread.

"Hi Love." Your voice as gentle as a breath of wind that washes over me, causing a shiver of pleasure that ripples across my skin. Slowing your hurried stride to hide your nervousness that is showing so evidently on your face. Moving up next to me, the moon's luminance is not bright enough to show your thoughts that remain in the shadow of your dark eyes.

My hand shakes as I raise it wanting to reach out finally feel the touch of your skin against mine. Scared in case like many dreams before, your body before me is the ghost of an over active illusion of want and need. The thought that it will shimmer and fade like a mirage in the heat of the deserts sun is too much to bare.

You understand my hesitation as you have the same fears. I see the tremble of trepidation in your own hand as you reach out to take hold of mine. Oh, I feel the touch. Your real. Your skin is hot against mine, your grip firm as you guide my hand to you chest holding it over your heart. I can feel the rhythm of your real breaths and the double beat of your racing heart. Your other hand shakes as it wipes away the single tear that trickles its damp trail down my cheek.

Warm fingers cup the line of my jaw as I ease my head around to kiss that hand with tender butterfly kisses. Arms wrap around as our bodies mould together as if we are made for each other like we always knew they were.

Your hair is so soft as I run my fingers through it, fingertips following the curve of your face like I traced so many times on the cold, and inhuman, glass of the monitor's screen. I need to feel you, taste you, have my fingers running through your hair. Easing your head down offering my lips to yours. The soft caress of joined, mouths open, heat of the tongues as they slide over and around tasting that which has been denied to us for so long by miles of cable.

Our hands eagerly pushing and pulling clothes aside so that they can slide over hot flesh. Both searching, learning, touching, what we had seen, but thought we would never actually touch.

"I need you." my hushed voice muffled by your lips so desperate to fulfil that need of want. Leading me by the hand we climb the soft dune sand and down into the shadowed depression between. Your fingers gently removing my clothes, as I help you out of yours. They drop aimlessly around us forgotten as they fall away. We gaze at our bodies in the dimness of the shadowed moon. The song of the sea and the whispering sand the overture to our harmony of love.

Lowering to our knees pulling me down tenderly to lie beside you. My fingers trace the contours of your face loving the feel of you beneath my fingertips. Your hands tracing the path of the ghostly touch we had used to sate our need previously. Following the rounded curve of my breast to the puckering tip as it tightens under your touch. Watching through slitted dark eyes as the nipple hardens and swells. Then that moment, when you finally lower your head and can take that swollen nub into your mouth. As you have yearned to do every time you watched my fingers and lips pleasure my body on line for us.

My body fills with the desire to taste you, hands on your chest I push you to lie back my body over yours. Tongue tracing a wet slippery course down your body. Your eagerness for love standing proud for me I sigh with pleasure as I take you into my mouth. Caressing you with my tongue, slow and loving probing over the shaft I had desired for so long. Feeling that throb and pulse knowing you needed me to taste you as much as I wanted too.

Sliding my lips up and down your hard cock taking you as far as your fullness will allow. Sucking and flicking my tongue over your swollen head, my long hair brushing your thighs and balls as I move my head up and down. Its silky flowing movement adding to the sensations of my hot mouth and wet probing tongue. Changing speed and pressure I take you to the point of release, holding there.

Just moving and teasing you enough not to send you over the edge into the bliss of release. Like the rolling wave moves towards the shore, but is never allowed to curl over and tumble into the white foam of the broken crest. Enjoying your soft moans and whispers of my name as I pleasure you. Your hands resting ever so gently on my head, wanting to force it down, but would never force your will on me.

Sitting up slightly, I cup the sides of my breasts letting the soft warm mounds settle around your extremely hard shaft. My voluptuous curves all, but encasing your throbbing cock. Just its shiny engorged head peeking out the top, its eye so inviting to me the tip of my tongue slides from between my lips. Your eyes so dark, chest so still holding your breath for that exquisite moment of pleasure. Your groan escapes, as my tongue caresses that so sensitive hole. As if it were one of the waves crashing in on the surf, unstoppable as the wind blown sand that moves and reshapes the dunes around us.

My breasts gently being moulded around your hardness, the hot mounds rippling and gyrating as if they were alive and dancing like wild white horses amongst the surf, bathed in the moonlight. Your hot cum gushes forth from your tongue filled hole, the creamy liquid almost luminous in the light. Pearly white against the dark slippery wetness of my tongue, a second and third gush sprays my lips. Then another as you watch my tongue slide over my lips taking all your creamy richness into my mouth. Eyes fixed on the wicked smile of pleasure that turns up the corners of my lips. My dark eyes filling with the sparkle of sexual lust to finally taste your very essence.

The whisper of my name passes your lips and caresses my heart over and over. Your voice husky and full of passion, carried to me on the winds advance over the waves and flowing up the dunes. Capturing the tendrils of my long dark hair lifting them off my face, wafting them around my head as if they were floating through the tide of the sea. The song of the wind through the grasses around us increasing like the passion intensifying inside me. Our hands reach for each other as you tumble me down to lay on my back, your body over mine. Lips covering me with hot kisses, hot hands stroking and caressing all the places your lips have recently passed over. I stretch my arms over my head, offering my lust filled body completely to you.

Shivering with pleasure I feel your tongue as it slithers teasingly down my body, muscles twitching and back arching with need for you to hurry. To reach the part of my body so hot in its need to be caressed but the more I squirm the slower you tease. Just as the tip of the tongue passes so close, it then retreats back up and away. Tantalizingly close only to deny me, moans of pleasure and annoyance all intertwined with the noise of the crashing waves, the sound of the strong gusts of the wind and the growing rustle of the grass. To form a cacophony of noise.

Oh my breath exhales with a rush and a sigh, with the lovely feeling of your wet tongue sliding over the tingling swollen lips, probing between them. My legs involuntarily spreading wider encouraging you to caress deeper. Sensitive lustful tingles changing to the rhythmic gentle throb matching my heart beat. Or was my heartbeat matching your tongue, as it beats a pattern flicking across the sensitive button snuggled between the swollen hot lips.

Your thumb enters my hot, tight pussy, moving in, and out so gently. Making slow circles inside of me, sliding over the throbbing muscular walls. One finger caressing the tight puckered ring of my ass. Your lips encase my nub sucking it into your mouth as far as the flesh will stretch, releasing only to be sucked back in with increased eagerness. Eliciting moans and gasps of ecstasy as both thumb, and finger, squeeze together trapping the wall of ass and my throbbing pussy between them.

Withdrawing out of me only to plunge back in to repeat. I hear my voice calling out to you the words blurred into obscurity as the waves of passion run through my body. Arching my back so my hips rise allowing me to squirm myself against your face and hand. Throwing back my head while my fingers burrow into the sand around me clutching handfuls with need. As the desire mounts filling my head with its roar of pure passion. Feeling the surge of release as the hot wet gush of my lust floods from my body. Before I can inhale my next breath your tongue laps hungrily at my sweet juice, sending me immediately towards the next peak of climax. As waves of multiple orgasms roll throughout my body.

Kissing your way back up my body lingering for a while teasing the swollen tips on each breast. Wiping my damp essence from your fingers onto each nipple I can see your enjoyment at the taste of me from the hungry way you relish licking and sucking on them loving the taste of sweet juice coating the hard nubs. My hands cup your face as our mouths touch the wet stickiness of my lust tasting sweet on your lips and tongue.

Lifting my legs, I wrap them around your waist, as you raise my hips up to meet your shaft. You enter me so slowly, taking care, making sure I can cope with your thick swollen head as it eases its way into my slippery pussy. Filling me from wall to wall with its engorged throbbing shaft. Flexing my inner muscles onto its fullness, gripping and relaxing, wanting to suck you in deeper and deeper. I feel your head touching the back wall deep in me. My eyes open wide with pleasure at your size, but I want more of you.

Tightening my legs around your body so I can thrust up to meet your own thrusts. Taking that last few centimetres of your thick shaft deep inside of me. Feeling your full tight sacks push up tight against my butt cheeks. The throbbing helmet of your shaft pushing hard and deep, pressure slightly painful, but so intensely sexual. I cry out your name in pleasure, your lips crush against mine consuming the cries of desire and passion, as my gasping breath mixes with yours.

Our bodies moving slowly at first grinding and thrusting together as our tempo builds. Your arms slide under my legs lifting them high onto your shoulders, gaining even deeper penetration. Hips thrusting fast and hard into me, your dick pummelling into my soaking wet pussy. Making that wonderful squelching sound in rhythmic harmony with the slapping of our flesh and the whimpers of my words. Urging you on to a faster rhythm and harder thrusts.

My body shudders moaning between clenched lips, "I'm coming baby." Slowing your strokes, better to feel my pulsing pussy as the hot gush of moisture surges all over your shaft and sprays over our bodies. "Oh my. Your so hot, so wet." your voice quavers with desire. My cunt tightens up, gripping against your throbbing shaft. I whisper out my answer,"Oh yes baby, cum for me, fill me." As you push into me so deep, holding still inside me. Feeling the swollen head twitch, the long thick shaft throb, as your seed pumps into me.

Lowering my legs down your mouth fastens on an aroused, hardened, nipple sucking, and nibbling, on it. In reflex my pussy starts milking your still hardened shaft, drawing my legs together. You move your knees to the outside of my legs, your dick now clamped so tight inside me. Loving the feeling of your hard shaft sliding in and out of me, sticky and slippery with our cum. Stroking the sensitive inner thighs and squeezing between compressed swollen tender lips, pushing hard into my so hot throbbing cum soaked cunt.

Between the pant of your breath the murmur of your voice, almost a command, "cum now, cum all over me do it." The flood of hot cum as it sprays from between my legs answers you. The cry of passion rises deep from within my throat almost a growl, rising in volume as the next hot flow washes over us both. Back arched, body squirming, head thrown back my mouth open wide. A growl turns to smaller whimpers as my pussy continues to ooze sweet hot liquid. Changing your rhythm from slow long strokes, to a hard and fast penetrating fuck.

Laying your body over mine, your hands kneading my soft breasts as you plunge into me. Looking up into your eyes I'm filled with greedy need to orgasm again. My arms wrap around your back holding you tight to me. Body shaking and twitching underneath you,moaning to you "now, take me now, oh yes harder, harder fuck me please." Our body's moving in a frenzy of speed, I shout your name as I start my orgasm, taking you over the top we climax together, our bodies sweet juice of desire mixing inside me.

The moment crashes down upon their entwined body's as waves of emotions and physical release surges over and through them. Wave after wave, almost matching the rhythm of the ocean as it crashes against the beach. The short staccato of breaths drawn in like the caw of the seagulls gliding overhead. Settling slowly down to the small rapid flutter of emotions, like the fast beating fins of a fish trapped in low water. Then slowing to the steady gentle rhythm of lapping water on a becalmed sea.

Our breaths so quite now as lips caress lips muffling any noise from the shadowed dell between the dunes.

Just the soft surging crash of waves as they roll up the beach the wind calmer now as the first tint of a pearlesque sunrise creeps over the horizon. A single last wisp of wind picks up a few grains of sand carrying them through the long sea grass, the last echoing mournful note of the whispering sand.

By Tracey Owen & Brian Rueby

Kinkybits & Bits of Kinky

copyright Jan 2012


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