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EXPLICIT EROTICA .. Adult Readers Only .. Is There Any Thing More Erotic Than Sharing A Shower ... Maybe This ...

Submitted:Feb 19, 2012    Reads: 5,165    Comments: 10    Likes: 5   

Explicit Erotica

Adult readers only

Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country's Legal Age


I gently undress you as I kiss the hot skin exposed beneath your clothes. Licking and nibbling at the goose bumps that arise on your body from my touch. I lead you into the shower where I soap your body from head to toe. Smooth slippery caressing hands relaxing that body I love so much. Pouring some soap into your hands, I help guide them as they glide over my own body. Over my chest and around as the hot shower's spray beats down upon us.

Leaning into you I run my tongue in ever shrinking concentric circles around a manly nipple, while my fingers match the movement on the other nipple. Pulling on both little nubs one with hot sucking lips, other between finger and thumb. Teasing and tugging until I feel your arousal down lower.

Moving away from you I sit on the shower's shelf, legs spreading wide so until they touch the walls of the shower exposing myself fully. My hair wet,the tendrils cascading a diminishing stream of water down my breast. Nipples so hard and swollen from sensual desire and the chill of the air now that I am out of the showers blast.

Moving towards me, with eyes fixes on my body posed so ready for use. I offer up as a barrier between us, the shaving foam and razor. With a wicked smile you stand still before me. My own eyes taking in your lovely thick twitching, cock eagerly pointing so invitingly in my pussy's direction. Nibbling on my lip in an effort to contain my desire, I proffer you the items again waving them in your vision until your eyes finally focus on this obvious stalling tactic.

You slide to your knees items accepted, the showers water hitting the top of your head and cascading down your body, you look so handsome and very fuckable. There is a slight hiss as foam gushes forth from the nozzle into your palm. Placing the can within easy reach, your fingers dip into the creamy foam and smear it gently around my pubic mound. Foamy fingertips smooth down each crease of my inner thighs.

Pausing only to cover your finger tips with more of the soothing foam, they very slowly slide there way over my spread lips. You exhale a little moan of pleasure mixed with a chuckle, as my lips swell at your gentle touches. Your eyes twinkle as you say, "Oh darn, now I have much more to shave."

Using that last finger coated with shaving foam it slides its way down to my ass ring tickling the hairs from that soon to be shaved area.

"Now stay very still," you warn me as the razor touches my skin. The rasp of the straight edged blade cuts off my reply. Your face so close to me, I can feel the exhaled breath on the cool skin of my thigh. The blade continues to stroke against the hairs as it drifts so delicately over my skin. Just the sound of the shower and hiss of blade slicing through hair. Then the slosh of the razor head being rinsed after every few stroke. Steam fills my nostrils thick with the heady aroma of the shaving foam's smell, slightly heady and intoxicating.

Hot fingers of your other hand touch me, easing my flesh this way and that wherever the blade goes. Down each crease of my legs and sliding between my ass cheeks. The cold edge of the blade passes over a very sensitive area. The need to squirm and wiggle, shudders throughout my body, that gorgeous feel of the razor blade. As it crosses back and forth between my pussy and ass hole.

The threat of that sharp blade keeps me motionless, increasing my passion because I cannot move. That feeling of being tied down and teased with invisible ropes, so very stimulating. A finger and thumb grip a wing of my pussy tugging up and out. So that the razor can catch the little hairs that curl over the ridges of the lips hiding there tips within.

The blade scrapes up along the now very swollen lip and across the tip of skin. So close to my nub that the metal back edge of the razor passes across that ever so sensitive flesh. Making me twitch my fingers into my palms, trying to contain the very sexual heat the razors touch is producing. Fingers release this one swollen flap. Giving me time to catch a quick deep breath, before my other pussy flap is nursed between finger and thumb, so erotic a sensation as this exquisite feeling flows through me and it begins again.

The plunk of the razor being put down, brakes this glorious moment. As he cups his hands together to redirect the water flow a gush of hot water flushes over my groin, rinsing away the foamy remnants and loose pubic hairs. Then another wash of hot water, this one gets poured very carefully from a much greater height. A continual stream pounds down onto my nub nestled between my now smooth pussy lips.

Gasping at this flow of rushing water, I squirm, a moan of passion escaping from my lips at this assault on my senses. Then the flow of water shifts again, directed so it pinpoints the nub perfectly as I lean my head back, panting and gasping for more.

That reminiscent his and then the cool foam is gently applied to my smooth skin again. "I missed a bit," your voice softly murmurs. as you insert a slippery foam covered finger gently into my ass. Slowly its inserted deep to the knuckle. then held still buried within. The razor slides its way back over my pussy lips. "stay still," you repeat.

"Oh that's cheating," I complain, in a drift away voice, as your finger wiggles deep inside me. Suppressing any more words from me. Just tiny whimpers of passion. The razor is closed and set outside of the tub, forgotten by me, as the shower's stream is once more guided so its hot water, pummels its heavy gush down onto my nub. The finger moves slowly inside my ass. The rush of my own hot liquid mixes in with the stream of water.

Unable to hold back, my legs wrap around your shoulders urging your head lower to me. Your tongue replaces the stream of water, teeth and tongue working in conjunction on my nub. Other fingers join in exploring between my lips, seeking the throbbing heat deeper inside as our passion consumes us in lust.

"Damn your so hot," your voice muffled as you slurp at my pussy between words. "We have to stop, your going to get cold soon."

I moan a complaint as your fingers leave my body, but I have to agree the tiles behind my back, now that my mind is away from sex are very cold. Jumping up and out of the shower, I snap the shower to off. Rip the towel your holding to dry me from your hand and dump it on the floor.

"No time for drying," I shout at you. I tug you towards the bedroom, leading you by your very nice hard love handle.

"Anyway we are going to get very much wetter very soon"

By Tracey Owen & Brian Rueby

copyright February 2012


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