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EXPLICIT EROTICA Adult Readers Only,Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country’s Legal Age

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Adult Readers Only

Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country's Legal Age


Honey Im Home

Our front door gets kicked shut and your hands release hold of the travel bags letting them drop gently to the floor. With a smile on my face, I slowly approach. Standing before you I rise up on my tiptoes, and running my fingers through your hair, I pull your head down so I can kiss you passionately. As we release our kiss I lower my hands, with a light touch I continue to run my hands along your body as I settle onto my knees before you.

Looking up at your eyes, as they look down upon me I smile. I can see that your taking in my long dark chestnut hair as it frames my face. The ends of my hair, curl around my shoulders to lay dark against the creamy pale skin of my breast. My black low slung t-shirt emphasizing the large well formed breasts that are enveloped in the black lace beneath. That chasm of cleavage so deep and inviting, moving so hypnotically with every breath I take.

Gently I release your semi hard member from its prison of clothes. Just with my fingers encasing your wide shaft he is soon standing proud and eager. I slowly remove my t-shirt, you remain immobile contained within my sexual trance. Lifting my hair in both hands, running my fingers through and shaking it lose. my hands slide down my face, down my neck, slowly caressing my breasts through the lacy material. Finally reaching behind myself as I undo my bra, and releasing the full soft mounds.

You're enchanted as they bounce free. I watch your hard dick throb and twitch in appreciation. I bring my hands around to slide my finger tips over them. Moving slowly towards the erect tips, your lips quiver. When my fingertips reach my nipples they are so hard, so sensitive I swing my palms under to cup the sides of both breasts.

My hands look so small in contrast against the voluptuous mounds. I lift and enclose your large pulsing shaft in the cleavage, burying all, but your swollen head that is left peeking out the top. Moving my hands, I slowly manipulate my breasts, squeezing them down along your hard shaft, and then lifting them in long slow movements.

Holding and rubbing the soft warmth of them against you. I alternate their movements for your pleasure by lifting one breast while the other one descends down your length. Massaging the full throbbing shaft continually, stopping as I arch back, breasts pushed tight together, until just the nipples, swollen with passion tease against your sensitive head.

Wiggling the hard tips over you as I still looking up into your face I see your deep lust filled eyes. You're standing so still, not wanting to move, not wanting this so passionate moment to stop, but I am not ready to let it stop yet. Staying arched back, I take hold of your shaft, pulling you towards me gently by it, until you're standing so close to me.

Easing your cock down, angling it, so that lovely large engorged head rests against my lower lip. My tongue slides out of my mouth and you watch as it slides over you. Hot and wet as it circles around it, caressing, and probing. With a moan you ease that dick deeper into my mouth, my hands slide round till they rest against your ass cheeks, pulling you into me deeper.

Looking down on me you watch amazed as your full length slides into my mouth. You can feel the thickness of it filling my throat. The muscles in the back of my throat contract and relax rhythmically sucking you slowly deeper. You can feel my body begin to tremble and I start making little mewing sounds as the pleasure of having you inside me, filling me, takes hold of my body. Even with the noise of slurping and moaning, you hear that jetting gush of liquid as it sprays from deep within me. Your senses inhale that aroma of my hot pussy juice. Your legs tremble against me, and your knees start to buckle. Hands flex, moving fingers through my hair and wrap in my tresses. Fingers now in a tight grip you pull me even closer onto you, till you feel my lips pushed up tight against your balls and groin.

One hand cups your wonderfully large balls, fingernails digging in to the creases causing a very gentle but very stimulating pain. My other hand slides over your ass cheeks and tickle up and down the crack teasing the sensitive skin. A finger finds and teases your puckered asshole. Your buttocks clench tight gripping my exploring fingers.

As punishment for stopping me, my hand cupping your balls quickly makes a ring of fingers tight around the neck of your balls and like a milkmaid milking a cow I start milking your testicles. Hard enough to make you gasp and moan at the painful, perverted, but very erotic sensation.

I withdraw my mouth from you shaft sucking like a plunger pulls a blockage from a drain. Immediately your helmet pops out of my mouth my lips envelope it again. Plunging right down your shaft pushing your thick head deep down my throat holding it there buried so deep. I start circling my head literally screwing your cock in such a wonderful circling deep throat motion. Balls pulled tight, helmet assaulted by a milking throat, you cannot hold that clench. Your legs spread wide and muscles relax submitting completely to me.

My finger finds its goal, finger tip starts tap tap tapping a beat on the outside of the puckered muscle. Your ass ring twitches to the beat and your hips involuntarily move wanting more. I oblige my lover and oh so slowly ease my thumb and a finger into the middle of that lovely tight hole. Now its his turn to make a beat as the walls in his ass start to milk that thumb and finger.

A gurgled giggle flows over your shaft buried deep in me, the power of sexual control over you excites me. You gasp at the pleasure of that burbling feeling, I start humming the first piece of music that pops into my head. The vibrations within my mouth multiply your pleasure. I start rocking my head up and down on you. Your hands push my head back down onto you, encouraging me to longer faster strokes. Until I'm sliding up and down your full length, head to balls.

My hands copy your rhythm one gently kneading your now very tight balls. the other hand that thumb is knuckle deep inside your ass bending and straitening inside you drumming a tattoo out on your anal wall. The finger is wiggling and making little thrusting movements, rocking my fist against your stretched ring.

You are loosing control, sexual need driving you wild with desire. Your hard cock driving in and out of me, faster and harder fucking my throat like you would normally fuck my cunt. Both our bodies shake with the intensity of our passion. Our moans mingle with our thrusts, pushing so hard into me and me into you. With a sudden deep push, I feel your shaft pulsating matching the throbbing of your ass ring and ball sack. Your hands pull me tight against you holding me still. I start swallowing, trying to suck every last millimetre of your pulsating length deep into me, wanting to consume you, as hot liquid spurts into me.

I see your eyes watching my face intently, then the vision blurs as my eyes roll up and still sucking on your cock like a hungry calf on its mothers teat. I fall into my own intense orgasm. Your cock gushes and pulsates over and over till your body has released its full lust into me. We stayed locked together like that until our climax eases. Gently releasing you from my mouth's embrace, and disengaging thumb and finger gently from the ring. Your knees finally give way. Sinking down to my level your hands now holding my head so gently, I whisper "Welcome home love, I missed you".

By Tracey Owen & Brian Rueby

copyright March 2012


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