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Deluge of Desire

Short story By: BITSxOFxKINKY

Explicit Erotica .. Adult readers only .. Will You Dance In The Rain With Me ? .....

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Adult Readers Only

Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country's Legal Age

Deluge of Desire

Take my hand, and I will lead you into the beautiful falling droplets of the cooling rain. We will dance in the rain to the beat of the droplets and the throb of our heartbeats will become one with the rain. The rain is everything as it falls upon your body, the patter of its falling beats a rhythm onto everything around us. There is no reason to be searching the edges of the shadowed field for watching strangers, for we are becoming one with the rhythm of the rain. Concentrate on your lover as I stand before you, posing, twirling, and dancing in the rain only for you.

Fix your eyes on my thin silky blouse as it moistens more and more with each droplet that splashes down upon it. The material thirstily drinks in the moisture that splashes over it. The blouse slowly turns more translucent with each additional splash that gets absorbed into it. Watch as the darkness around each nipple slowly forms more vibrant in colour as the white fades away.

The image intensifies even more as the soaked white linen clings to the flesh beneath. Oh yes, stare intently as they move as I move, the cool water and sliding motion of the shirt over my breast stimulates me. You can almost see the aureoles crinkling and puckering as they react. Reach out a finger to brush across the stiffening peak of my nipples, feel the hardness.

The chilled cool breeze encouraging it to swell, the clinging material tickling the tips as they grow harder and larger. Feel the damp of the wet silky material beneath your touch and the burning heat of the skin beneath. Gaze hypnotically upon me as my fingers undo the buttons of my blouse so slowly. Do you feel the seductive tease as each of the buttons are thrown wide before you, allowing my breast to explode outward. Stepping back out of your reach, I sway to the rhythm of the rain and dance with your eyes as I am drawn to them as you are drawn to me.

The smile on my face shows you the promise of my love. With my head thrown back, my chest is thrown outward. Your holding your breath as you can almost make out the tiny patter of the rain as it splatters onto my wet flesh beneath the soaked top. Your eyes follow the trickling water cascading down my pearl white neck, and further onto my chest.

I slip the shirt off my shoulders, and let it fall with a soggy slopping noise onto the grass at my still moving feet. The pearls of water now flowing freely down my chest and arms as they sway with my movements at my sides. Weaving their wayward course downwards, mixing with the droplets of rain falling directly onto each milky mound. Shaking my soaking wet tendrils of hair new droplets form in the air as they fall earthward. I let the long wavy strands fall back over my shoulders clinging to the curves of my breast and back.

The droplets from the dark tendrils slide off to run down over the curves. One single droplet forms on the very tip of a dusty pink rosebud nipple. Move your head closer, hold your breath so as not to dislodge it, and then with the tip of your tongue curl it outwards. Catch the drip and smear the water up over the swollen nub, your hot tongue following back up the damp path the droplet had made.

Suck the next drip off the tip of another tendril that clings so temptingly to the curve of my right breast. Follow the path of the drips down to that nipple. Your wet tongue is so hot against the cool wetness of my rain splattered body. The heat of your mouth as you suck gently on my nipple sends electrical like tingles throughout me. My hands run through the damp short curls of your hair. You watch with pleasure as your fingers caress the taut, stimulated nipples, tweaking, and pulling on them gently.

Your tongue lashes out to follow the rivulets of rain down over the smooth tender skin of my stomach. Tracing the many paths of dampness, chasing after any daring droplet that tries to escape your tongues search. Pausing to suck and probe at my belly button. Checking to make sure that there's no moisture hiding in there. You extract a ripple of a giggle from me at the ticklish sensation you cause.

The tongue continues its slow meander down to the waistband of my soaked thin cotton skirt. Oh yes, you moan as the water soak linen shows pink skin underneath. There is nothing to stop your exploration, except this thin strip of sodden material. Your fingers stop there playful manipulation of my breasts, to gleefully undo the one button that is all that stands in your way.

With your mouth open slightly and your tongue resting on your upper lip you watch as the heavy soaked skirt falls to the wet grass alongside my shirt. There are no hairs to hinder the raindrops from there downward course. I feel them rolling down sensitive skin of the pubis, congregating at the point of the entrance, as if undecided on their next water course. You stare totally engrossed as your fingers gently spread open the lips blocking there passage. Swiftly they're wiped into oblivion as your hot tongue slides over them engulfing the whole maiden head in the process.

Lapping at the new wetness developing between my lips, not the cool heaven sent rain, but the hot internal wetness of heat and passion. My fingers entwine in the wet strands of your hair as my desire and wanton lust mounts. Spreading my legs wider, my hips begin to buck and twitch eagerly against you. My face arches back to the cooling waterfall of the sky. With mouth open wide panting with the joy of your touch I feel the water tapping on my face and tongue.

The rain falls stronger, splattering against my skin vigorously, the sting of the cold droplets adding to the growing sensations. They increase the desire in me if that could even be possible as my hands clutch at you. I pull you up off your knees, as my lips find your mouth kissing you hard and passionately. Eagerly you release your hard throbbing dick from the restraining prison of your trousers. My hand encases its full thick shaft.

Easing it towards me I guide your eager pulsating length into me. The urgency of lust takes over. Hips thrusting, your fullness plunges into me with fast powerful strokes. Our arms wrap around each other, as hot wet lips cling to each others. Lips, and tongues entwine, slurping hungrily at each others. Our body's thrusting in a fast tempo of pounding movement as the rain is all but forgotten.

The cries and moans echoing through the heavy curtain of the deluge sing out the song of our passion. Gasping and panting with the building desires release as we climax together. Kisses changing from urgent need to the gentle sweet loving caresses of two body's joined in one ecstatic moment. The vivid flash of lightning rips through the falling rain, breaking the moment of love. Grabbing up my clothes, we run hand in hand, laughing into the darkness.

By Tracey Owen & Brian Rueby

Copyright sept 2010


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