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Explicit Erotica .. Adult readers only .. A Very SEXY EROTIC Short Story With A Lot Of SEXUAL CONTENT ... Contains Adult Subject Material

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Adult Readers Only

Please Do Not Read If Under Your Country's Legal AgeBIKE RIDE

The heat of his body kept my hands warm tucked up under his leathers out of the wind. Chilled, though it was a warm summers evening, the speed of the bike made the hairs on my body stand on end and goose bumps appear on uncovered skin. I snuggle my body tighter against his. Not for warmth, but to just feel his body closer against me. I peer over my shoulder at the other biker that is closely following behind us. These two guys looked identical to each other, but I had seen them out of there leathers so I could tell.

The guy on the bike behind I knew to be called snake. He has a huge broad shouldered, barrel chest, with long legs and dark mahogany skin. His big soft eyes filled his smiling face. The back I clung to belonged to skull. He was the opposite of snake. Blonde, almost white sun bleached hair, pale blue eyes, and pale golden skin that covered his tall lanky body. His extremely long, thin legs and wiry body didn't have a spare ounce of fat on them.

I had been stuck in that town for hours trying to thumb a lift. Had given up and started walking down the quiet highway poking out a thumb at any passing vehicle going my way. Stopping at a roadside garage to rest my feet, I had watched these two bikers strip and cool down. They were chattering amicably to each other before heading in to get some food. Sighing deeply I pulled on my shoes and hit the road. I needed to get somewhere safe before the evening set. It will be three more days of travelling minimum before I got to my aunts place and get to sleep in a soft bed again. Last 2 nights I had slept in barns I found along the road. It had been an adventure to start, but now the novelty had worn off, and my feet were sore, legs throbbed, and the heat pounded on my skin. I just wanted to rest and relax.

They picked me up two hours later. I hadn't gone far down the road. Their shouting muffled through the visor the one called skull told me to climb on. They could take me most of the way towards my destination. That night, then they would head off north where I was heading west. I had climbed on into the pillion seat slumping gratefully against his back.

Without noticing, my hands were sliding over the muscles of his chest. Caressing him now, as my legs had seized, throbbing with the pain of walking. A different throbbing had replaced it. The deep continuous roar and throbbing vibrations of the engine beneath me was having a extremely pleasant reaction below waist level. Wiggling my butt so my legs spread wider and my groin lowered deeper down onto the seat, as to better feel the deep vibrations. I didn't see the wicked knowing smile or sudden glint that appeared in skulls eyes as he throttled up the bikes speed so the vibrations increased.

As the miles were eaten up below the bikes wheels, my passion increased mile by vibrating mile. The heat and passion becoming uncomfortable I now was wiggling to try to ease the sensations from between my legs, but every position just seemed to increase the internal fast throb that was coursing through my body. I sighed with relief when skull pulled off the highway, cutting across a dirt track.

Weaving through some trees and shrubs then breaking to a stop behind a large wooden barn next to a small stream. Pulling off his helmet, he speaks to me over his shoulder, "were going to stop here a while. Why don't you stretch your legs." I ease my quivering legs up off the bike and head towards the stream stripping off my trousers and t-shirt. Kneeling down at the waters edge I scoop the cooling stream water up over my hot body, gasping gleefully at the icy sting on my skin. I loved the feel of the cold water as I lean right over and delving my head below the surface, let the water soak through my hair. My head snaps back flicking a shower of spray all around me, it feels so good.

Standing up I turn to face the guys. They were fixed in position, enjoying the view I had given, head down arse up, with just a silky bra and panties hiding my blushes. I grinned at there dropped jaws and swinging my hips with exaggerated motion I walk past them. Turning with a graceful slow motion release of my bra I let my firm breasts bounce free. Hooking my finger in the waist of my panties I pull them down my legs and off. With a little hop I slide my butt up on to the hot bikes seat and spread my legs wide, exposing my self freely to their view.

"Your turn," I smile encouragingly to Snake not that he needed the invitation. He strips quickly, with no embarrassment, and no wonder. "Oh my, I can see where the name snake comes from." He was a pure mountain of black muscle that stood proud from his body. Ropes of pure power covered him from head to toe, and thinking of head that hung semi hard between his legs, long and full of girth. "Ohhh yes, I want that", mentally noting he gets my pussy he will split me in half if he put that elsewhere.

Calling him to me with a wave of my hand and indicating for him to stand facing me and slightly to one side. My hands stroke down his body, caressing the beautiful curves of his muscles as they slide down his pecks and over the firm six pack as they head down past his hard toned stomach towards his bulging muscle of love. Gently folding my fingers around his growing shaft he slides his hands up my leg stroking my whole body. Then bending his head to my right breast nibbles on the firmly aroused tip.

Dragging my gaze from his now long firm snake like member, I turn my attention to skull. He was showing his eagerness as he stripped out his clothes and stood waiting for me. I slid my eyes slowly down his body, loving the sight of his wiry stature. His manhood stands proud and hard pointing its purple head straight at me, glistening with eagerness. Not wanting to disappoint it I indicate to skull to join us. I grasp his throbbing dick as he comes close and feeling both throbbing shafts in my hands I start pumping slowly on them.

Both are pumped from base to throbbing head. Skull's fingers deftly probe between my spread legs as snake's tongue, teeth, and hands work expertly over my body, sending shivers of pleasure and passion coursing through me. Skull withdraws his throbbing cock from my hand as sheer lust burns in his eyes. He sinks to his knees burrowing he head between my thighs and laps furiously at my sweetness. I moan with lust as my grip tightens on the large snake pulsating in my hand.

My fingers look so small against his massive swollen length. I need it so bad as I tug it towards me. I look into snakes dark eyes. Mine filled with pleading hunger. Reading the need in my eyes he slaps skull on his shoulder to grab his attention. "Mate swing her around." Skull blinks, incomprehension on his face that is glowing with sticky wetness. "Swing her round." Giggling I swivel my butt around on the bike seat. I lift one foot up onto the handgrips, the other leg weaving in the air waiting for skull to finally comprehend. "Oh" he grunts and slides round till he's back between my legs.

Then he immediately dives back down into me, his tongue slurping hungrily, fingers spreading me wider still so he can probe my passion even deeper. Gratefully I wrap my unsuspended leg round his shoulders. I can now lean back down the length of the bike, turning my head towards the large helmeted throbbing shaft Snake offers up to my mouth. I slide my hand down the fullness of his length while my tongue teases at his throbbing hardness. Then I cup his full tight testicles, feeling them quiver under my caresses, shutting my eyes to the heat of pleasure made by the lapping, and probing going on between my legs I sigh.

With a hungry lust I open my mouth as wide as possible, willing to receive this huge member that is built for pure power. He takes me so gently, stroking my hair and face, easing his massive dick in and out of me, pushing only to the extent I could manage without gagging, tenderly taking me towards my climax. Skull is much rougher with me as his fingers dig deep and fast inside of me, thrusting hard and twisting inside. He has many fingers moving deep into my wet pussy and up my tight arse. His tongue slides all over me as the tip of his tongue enter me wherever he wants to taste me.

Oh and taste me he does. I come with pure explosive passion spraying my lust all over his face and arms, pausing momentarily skull watches fascinated as my sweet stickiness drips over our skin. Lowering his head his tongue gently starts to lick up every droplet from both of us. On seeing my fountain of liquid pleasure snake groans. His hands grasp tight knots of my hair pulling me onto him deeper, filling my mouth with his thick hardness hips rocking thrusting faster in and out of me. I take him gladly, loving the feeling of his throbbing dick sliding in and out over my tightly compressed tongue his balls in my hand twitch with need I tighten my grasp on them as I feel the first hot pulse of his seed gush into my mouth. Swallowing greedily at each hot pulse, till he's emptied his full load into me.

Withdrawing from my mouth, his shaft still hard, eager for more of me, he grunts out through ragged breaths to skull, "I need to fuck her now." I sit up as he throws his leg over the rear of the bike and sat there with his long thick shaft so inviting as I swivel around. Skull stands and helping me as I use his body for balance, I climb up into snakes lap. Facing him, shuffling my feet to either side of the bike I find good enough purchase to balance myself. Legs straight as Snakes hands encircle my waist, holding me steady as I bend my knees.

I lower myself down onto him. Even with his large helmeted cock's size my cunt is so wet with passion, his fullness slides easily and deeply into me. He pulls me close against his chest. I hesitate; weary of taking the full length of him into me. His mouth clamps on my mouth forcing my lips apart with his searching tongue; he grabs my waist in his strong hands and pulls me down hard onto the rest of his length, filling me up totally. My groan is muffled by his mouth kissing me. I throw my arms round his neck as his hands physically lifts me up the length of his shaft before pulling me plungingly back down onto him.

By pure strength of arms he drives me over and over again onto him, totally in his control. My hands on his shoulders, head thrown back, and moans of pure pleasure escape from my throat as I'm made to ride this horse sized dick and loving every thrust. Deep into my throbbing pussy he thrusts and then stops without warning. He holds me still his dick buried only halfway in me. I whine with disappointment as I am wriggling on him with displeasure at the lack of movement.

That is when I feel skulls hands on my butt cheeks. He settles himself positioned behind me, spreading my cheeks wide. His hard penis guided by his hand finds my tight puckered ring. He enters me gently as I moan with lust. Wanting to be filled by both these men Skull slides his hands round to my breasts squeezing the mounds. He pulls on the nipples slowly. Snake pulls me down onto to him feeding Skull deeper into me, lower and lower onto their throbbing cocks. I'm speared fully by both of them; pressing my face to snakes chest I slide my tongue all over him, wishing to devour him.

My nails scratching gentle lines down his back trying to goad him on, needing to be taken, fucked hard, wanting them moving deep in me. His hands on my hips moving my lower body in small gyrating circles, both of there heads buried deep inside me. Responding with little, slow movements I whimper with a need. I cannot utter words as my need is so strong I've lost all ability to think, just consumed by pure animal lust.

A small gush of hot cum squeezes out from around Snake's shaft, covering our three groins in my wet love juice. "Now please" almost a scream "Oh yesss!" As finally Snake lifts me up and slams me back down onto them. He repeats it over and over, growing faster and harder. Deep fucking me with a steady deep rhythm while Skull's hands knead my tits. He rides my ass in very fast savage thrusts, faster and faster as I gasp for air between moans of passion. His fingers dig deep into my breasts, his body shudders as a long, deep moan escapes from his throat as cum shoots into my ass. Pulling me away from Snake so I'm leaning back on his chest his throbbing cock still buried deep in me Snake lifts my legs up high by the ankles, spreading them wide, giving both of them a good view of my sopping wet cunt, filled with his thick shaft.

He thrusts it into me, then slowly withdraws, watching as his shaft is revelled, slippery and slimy with my pussy juice. Groaning with pleasure with his dick so wet he thrusts it back in, not pausing this time he pulls out till his swollen head is between my swollen cunt lips. Then thrusts in balls deep sliding in and out of me long deep thrusts urged on by Skull's comments, shouted to him in Skull's growing excitement. The sound of his dirty talk and the thrusts of this massive cock fucking me so deep send me into a full multi orgasm.

My body arches and twists in Skull's arms. I hear myself pleading, begging, and moaning for more. Shouting faster, harder, more, more, more, I almost howl as cum sprays out of me. The pure pleasure of release as the next wave of hot cum gushes out of me, I feel Snake coming with me. His pulsing cock sending his hot seed deep into my pussy with a few final lunges in my ass I feel Skulls cock pulsing his cum into me as he groans in my ear with every spasm.

The three very spent, but satisfied bodies finally mount the bikes. Turning the lights on in the growing darkness, they weave carefully through the trees gaining the safety of the tarmac. The engines throttle up and slowly die away into the distance and deepening darkness.

by Tracey Owen and Brian Rueby

copyright 31 July 2009


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